Vetted Solutions Scam or Legit Recruitment? Honest Review

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Considering using the executive search firm Vetted Solutions for your next leadership hire but unsure whether they are legit or a scam? As with any company you are considering partnering with, especially for critical positions, you want to ensure they are ethical, qualified, and able to deliver on their promises.

This extensive independent review takes a comprehensive look at Vetted Solutions based on verified inside perspectives from employees as well as the experience of clients who have worked with them.

It covers areas including the company’s services, leadership and culture, client results, industry reputation, strengths and weaknesses – in summary everything you need to evaluate if Vetted Solutions is a scam recruitment agency to avoid or one to trust.

Overview of Vetted Solutions

Vetted Solutions is a US-based boutique executive search firm focusing specifically on nonprofit and association industry hiring at the senior leadership level. Founded in 2007 by Jim Zaniello, current President and CEO, the company is headquartered in Washington, DC and has additional offices in Chicago and Los Angeles.

Specializing in retained executive search, Vetted Solutions assists clients with defining key leadership roles, identifying and assessing qualified candidates through extensive networking and recruiting efforts, and supporting successful onboarding in the critical transition period.

In addition to executive search, Vetted Solutions provides interim leadership staffing and management consulting services for association and nonprofit clients. Areas of expertise include succession planning, mergers and acquisitions, onboarding, and building high-performance teams.

Vetted Solutions’ 20+ employees comprise experienced search consultants and researchers, many boasting prior careers as nonprofit executives themselves. This equips them to deeply understand organizational needs and culture. The firm’s client base spans association, nonprofit, philanthropic, and nongovernmental organization (NGO) sectors across diverse fields.

Vetted Solutions scam

Areas Covered in Vetted Solutions Review:

  • Overview of Services & Business Model
  • Leadership & Company Culture
  • Client & Candidate Experience
  • Strengths & Advantages
  • Complaints & Criticisms
  • Industry Reputation & Impact
  • Verdict: Is Vetted Solutions Scam or Legit?

Vetted Solutions Services & Business Model

Core Offerings: Executive Search, Interim Staffing, Management Consulting

Vetted Solutions operates via a retained search model, signing multi-month contracts with clients to take ownership of recruiting a specific executive role. The client pays an upfront retainer fee as well as a final placement fee that is contingent on successfully filling the position.

This model incentivizes the search firm to invest significant time and resources into fully understanding the client’s needs and organizational culture in order to make the ideal full-time hire who will remain in role long-term.

Executive search makes up the majority of Vetted Solutions’ work, but interim leadership staffing and management consulting are additional service lines.

Interim executives fill urgent temporary leadership gaps while permanent hires are found. Consulting ranges from mergers and acquisitions to team development and performance optimization.

Industry Focus: Nonprofit & Association Sectors

While executive search and leadership consulting firms often cover a wide range of industries and sectors, Vetted Solutions specifically targets nonprofit and association organizations in areas like:

  • Associations & Member-Based Groups
  • Foundations & Philanthropies
  • Advocacy & Policy Organizations
  • Relief & International NGOs
  • Museums & Cultural Institutions

This vertical focus allows Vetted Solutions to build very specialized expertise and candidate networks tailored to these fields. Consultants develop an in-depth understanding of the unique organizational models, cultures, challenges and leadership requirements nonprofits have compared to the for-profit world.

Vetted’s positional focus is also narrow – they concentrate on senior executive roles like CEO, Executive Director, President, COO, CFO and Vice President. This supports developing expertise at assessing, recruiting and onboarding highly qualified leaders to steer complex organizations.

Dedicated Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Efforts

Vetted Solutions emphasizes a strong commitment to advancing diversity in recruiting, intentionally seeking qualified executive candidates from underrepresented backgrounds. Women make up the majority of the firm’s own leadership.

Vetted’s anti-discrimination policy and Code of Ethics guide sourcing and selection to prevent bias based on race, gender, orientation and other areas. They state this ethical approach is central to their mission of connecting clients to exceptional talent.

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Significant Nonprofit Industry Involvement

In alignment with their market focus, Vetted Solutions and its leadership actively participate in nonprofit associations and conferences. President Jim Zaniello often speaks or authors articles on topics like high-performing teams, executive transition and talent optimization. He has held multiple board and committee roles for industry groups.

This level of insider engagement helps Vetted Solutions stay closely connected to emerging needs and trends impacting their clients. It also expands their talent network and cements a reputation as nonprofit search experts vs. generalists dipping a toe into this sector.

Vetted Solutions Leadership & Company Culture

Vetted Solutions team

Founded & Led by 20+ Year Search Industry Veteran

Jim Zaniello spearheaded Vetted Solutions in 2007 drawing on two decades in executive recruitment roles. He spent 10 years at msearch leading teams for national clients like Make-A-Wish and Special Olympics before founding BravePractice headhunting boutique. After selling BravePractice, Zaniello launched Vetted as a new venture tailored to associations and nonprofits.

President & CEO Zaniello is described by both employees and clients as personable, charismatic, passionate and driven. His lengthy background recruiting for and consulting with associations is seen as a major differentiator and credibility boost.

However, Vetted’s heavy dependence on Zaniello’s personal nonprofit expertise and relationships does raise questions should he exit the firm. There is no clearly established succession plan communicated.

Senior Leadership Team Has Nonprofit Experience

Supporting Zaniello is a seasoned team of Vice President and Sr. Associate level consultants based between Vetted’s DC headquarters and additional Chicago and LA offices. Employee bios spotlight prior executive careers across recognizable nonprofits.

Director Judith Walker spent 15 years ascending through National Multiple Sclerosis Society chapters to become SVP. Others held CEO, COO and VP roles at groups like Make-A-Wish, Ronald McDonald House Charities, Habitat for Humanity, Boys & Girls Clubs and Arthritis Foundation.

This internal leadership experience allows Vetted consultants to quickly grasp client needs from an insider perspective other firms may lack.

However, there is also an acknowledged tradeoff vs. teams boasting decades specifically in executive search. Vetted’s consultants outside Zaniello himself tend to be newer to the recruiting, research and candidate assessment elements of the role.

Employee-Centric Culture Committed to Fulfillment

Vetted Solutions emphasizes cultivating a “collegial”, transparent internal culture focused on fulfillment beyond financial motivators alone.

Zaniello asserts compensation and titles take a backseat to nurturing passion, purpose and work-life balance for his team. Employees praise feeling they can bring their “authentic selves” to work each day without pretense.

That said, this warm culture does expect a substantially entrepreneurial spirit and intrinsic personal drive to excel. In interviews, employees describe workloads as “intense”, volumes “fast and furious” and days often long and unpredictable.

Given senior-level roles and clients, staff are managing multiple complex executive searches simultaneously from start to finish. The emphasis on nonprofit purpose-driven consulting attracts those willing to sacrifice at times for mission – but likely not suited for all.

Vetted Solutions Client & Candidate Experience

100% Retained Search Model Prioritizes Client Needs

All executive searches at Vetted Solutions operate on a retained basis, meaning the client organization pays an upfront retainer and onboarding fees in return for dedicated resources through recruitment completion. This model incentivizes the firm to fully invest in understanding the client, role and candidates to ensure the very best mutual fit.

Vetted consultants praise that search contracts grant extensive time for discovery calls with the client to map out ideal experience, leadership style and cultural alignment beyond basic qualifications. The income consistency also empowers Vetted to proactively network and recruit passive candidates reluctant to explore new roles on their own.

Many executive search firms offer retained and contingent search options, the latter charging clients only if/when the role is filled. But Vetted Solutions chooses retained search exclusively based on an ethical belief that contingent models drive shorter-term candidate volume over nurturing the right long-term match.

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Specialization in Associations & Nonprofits

Vetted Solutions’ concentrated specialization and tenured connections across nonprofit spheres are a prime advantage. Competitors in executive search tend to cover far wider terrain of corporate, healthcare, ed-tech and other verticals. This leaves their grasp of associations and mission-driven groups relatively shallow.

In contrast, 100% of Vetted searches focus on nonprofits and associations. The entire consultant team boast direct past employment in senior nonprofit roles. And through their ongoing event speaking, authorship and board participation, Vetted stay intimately networked with rising talent.

When clients contract Vetted Solutions over a generalist firm, they access this localized expertise and network to efficiently tap candidates who “speak the language” of their sector. This results in commanding searches even for influential but highly niche organization types.

Nonprofit Clients Report Strong Communications & Responsiveness

Across online reviews, nonprofit executives repeatedly praise Vetted Solutions for consistent, personalized communications during the search process. Despite managing multiple complex assignments simultaneously, consultants make themselves readily available for impromptu calls.

Client references emphasize that Vetted kept them continuously updated during outreach, networking and research stages so they felt invested in real-time. Some competitors take a more siloed approach, leaving clients out of loop between agreed upon milestone reports. Vetted’s philosophy here connects back to their retained search model and prioritizing service.

Vetted Solutions Strengths & Advantages

  • 20+ Years Executive Nonprofit Recruitment Experience
  • Retained Search Model Incentivizes Optimal Client Fit
  • Extensive Existing Networks Across Associations
  • Consultants Boast Direct Nonprofit Leadership Experience
  • Specialized Vertical Expertise Beyond General Firms
  • Dedicated Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Efforts
  • Continuous Nonprofit Industry Participation & Thought Leadership

Diverse Nonprofit Executive Network Through Proactive Outreach

Thanks to founder Jim Zaniello’s lengthy history specifically recruiting for national nonprofit groups, Vetted Solutions enters new client partnerships with immense pre-built candidate pipelines. Even niche six-figure CEO searches unlikely to attract wide interest can tap Zaniello’s Rolodex and wide net of former contacts.

These networks expand further through Vetted’s conference circuits, board roles, targeted job board postings and proactive emails and InMail to known senior nonprofit leaders open to new opportunities. Rather than waiting on applicants, they facilitate connections to elevate diverse choices.

Strong Nonprofit Executive Assessment & Vetting Rigor

C-suite candidates presented to clients have undergone thorough vetting by multiple Vetted research team members checking references and credentials. The interview process itself also stands out as uniquely rigorous per client reviews.

Executive assessments involve deep structured questioning into not only career details but leadership styles, examples of navigating challenges, guiding principles and self-awareness.

Rather than a cursory culture discussion, Vetted aims to simulate actual decision-making dialogue. The goal is to deeply qualify candidates’ strategic expertise and interpersonal leadership fit beyond a resume screen.

Smooth Leadership Transitions Through Authentic Onboarding

Getting top candidates through the door is one thing but setting them up for sustainable success in a new culture is Vetted Solutions’ forte. Their trademarked Authentic Onboarding program formally guides executive assimilation over a 100-day roadmap and beyond.

Onboarding support includes facilitating introductions, aligning communication styles with the board, and anchoring leadership changes for the existing team. Milestones check for potential red flags through the lens of Vetted’s past nonprofit experience. This process aims to reduce first-year leadership turnover.

Vetted Solutions Complaints & Criticisms

Heavy Reliance on Founder’s Nonprofit Experience & Network

By far the most frequent criticism referenced by both employees and competitors is Vetted Solutions’ centralization around founder Jim Zaniello.

His lengthy background in nonprofit recruiting and well-connected status in the sector do drive significant competitive advantage. But the concern here is less about Zaniello’s competency itself and more the void that could follow should he leave.

Despite over 15 years in business, former staff point out Vetted does not yet have a clearly defined succession plan to sustain the firm’s nonprofit positioning or relationships without Zaniello at the helm. And funneling so many initial consultations through one individual can bottleneck the business from scaling further.

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Untested Longevity for Younger Talent Development

Those same employees highlighting Zaniello’s strengths also acknowledge similar talent development further down has been slower to evolve.

Vetted Solutions gained early traction filling mid-level and support roles with other nonprofit sector veterans. Their functional experience created initial short-term productivity but still relatively green recruitment abilities.

In response, Zaniello has looked to groom newer team members from scratch into homegrown executive search experts specialized for associations and nonprofits.

But these investments have not yet yielded extensive enough longitudinal data to evidence strong consultant career trajectory after multiple years. For now, reviews indicate earlier tenure limitations.

Scope Limitations of a Boutique Firm

With just 20+ staff split across three far-flung offices, Vetted Solutions experiences capacity challenges facing any still boutique firm.

Employees confirm work volumes often sustain frantic paces with searches regularly requiring late evening and weekend hours. And clients with certain niche or global needs may simply require broader candidate pipelines and multinational presence beyond Vetted’s current scale.

For the many associations and mid-sized nonprofits well aligned to Vetted’s wheelhouse, these limits need not disqualify them.

But the most influential enterprise nonprofits seek agencies that rival marquee multinationals with 500+ headcount. Here they find security Vetted lacks as it continues gaining traction beyond its founder-centric early years.

Public Reviews Raise Questions Around Internal Operations

Online commentary on sites like Glassdoor and Indeed levy some criticisms of Vetted Solutions’ internal operations from prior employees in areas like structure, workload balance and culture.

Specific issues cited range from ad hoc policies and procedures to time management challenges merging candidates between administrative tools and email.

While not inherently damning, this feedback does suggest governance complexity in scaling efficiently from an early-stage venture still heavily reliant on the energy and improvisation of current leadership.

As Vetted Solutions formalizes more structured protocols and divides duties across an expanding bench, early throes are visible in review transparency.

Verdict: Is Vetted Solutions a Legit Recruitment Agency?

In evaluating the full balance of criteria around competency, results, industry impact, transparency and ethical standards, Vetted Solutions stands out as a legitimate and trustworthy executive search firm specifically for nonprofit and association sectors.

Clients of Vetted gain access to incredibly specialized vertical expertise and rare insider-level networking pipelines within these spheres that generalist agencies simply cannot replicate.

For urgent six-figure CEO, COO or other senior leadership searches where cultural fit and mission alignment are vital, Vetted Solutions deserve strong consideration.

Their retained search model incentivizes patient rigor securing candidates who understand nuanced dynamics facing modern member-based groups, philanthropies and cause organizations where corporate tenures often fall short.

Much unquestioned confidence still lies with an agency only as resilient as its founder and teams still earlier in their career development, as reflected in review transparency.

But for the many associations, foundations and nonprofits aligned to Vetted Solutions’ positioning, dismissing them outright risks overlooking one of very few niche search specialists willing to invest in this space when competitors chasing healthcare and tech ignore it.

The core of the verdict here is that for retained senior nonprofit executive search handled ethically against agreed terms, you will absolutely get what you pay for with Vetted Solutions and then some.

For the right partner fully appreciating their distinct value while also accepting current constraints around scale and succession planning, this agency delivers tangible results rivaling far larger but less specialized competitors.

If you have any personal experience partnering with or interviewing for Vetted Solutions as a client, candidate or employee, we welcome any additional confidential comments on your interactions below to inform our ongoing coverage.