Stg global reviews: is stg global Legit or scam?

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Stg global is an online education platform that offers courses and training programs in digital marketing, software testing, and other tech-related fields. With a growing student base of over 500,000 learners, Stg global has emerged as one of the most popular edtech platforms in recent years.

However, with its rapid growth and popularity, several questions have emerged regarding the platform’s authenticity and the quality of its courses. In particular, some skeptics have questioned, “Is Stg global legit or a scam?”

In this extensive review, we will take an in-depth look at Stg global, its offerings, business model, and reviews to determine if it is a legitimate platform for learning highly sought-after skills or an elaborate scam.

Overview of Stg global

Stg global was founded in 2020 by Harsh Beniwal and Vikas Dhiman. Harsh Beniwal is a famous YouTuber, digital marketer, entrepreneur and educator. The platform aims to provide affordable yet high-quality training programs in trending domains like digital marketing, software testing, web development, data analytics, etc.

Some key facts about Stg global:

  • Headquarters: Indore, India
  • Founders: Harsh Beniwal, Vikas Dhiman
  • Launch year: 2020
  • Students enrolled: Over 500,000
  • Course categories: Digital marketing, software testing, web development, programming languages, business analytics, etc.
  • Notable partners: Google, Meta, AWS, Microsoft, IBM

Course offerings

Stg global offers a variety of courses across diverse domains like digital marketing, software testing, data science, web development, programming languages, cloud computing, graphic design, finance, and more.

Some of its most popular courses include:

  • Software Testing courses: QA Manual Testing, Selenium WebDriver with Java, Selenium with Python, API Testing, etc.
  • Digital Marketing courses:Facebook Marketing, Google Ads, SEO Training, Email Marketing, YouTube Mastery, etc.
  • Web Development courses: Web Designing, Django, MEAN Stack Developer, Full Stack Developer, etc.
  • Data Science courses: Data Science with Python, Tableau, Power BI, MySQL, Hadoop, etc.
  • Programming courses: Java Programming, Python Programming, Data Structures & Algorithms, etc.

The duration of these courses ranges from 2 months to 12 months. At the end of each course, students are required to work on real-world projects and case studies to apply their learnings. Certificates are provided upon course completion.

Stg global also offers free masterclasses and webinars on trending topics, which is a useful feature for learners before they enroll in paid courses.

Instructor quality at Stg global

Stg global boasts a robust team of over 200 instructors who are industry experts in their respective domains. The platform claims to have instructors from leading tech companies like Google, Amazon, JP Morgan, Capgemini, etc.

Here are some stats about its instructor pool:

  • Average instructor experience: 7-10 years
  • Number of instructors: 200+
  • Instructor qualification: Postgraduates from IITs, IIMs, and other premier institutes
  • Training delivered: 2 million+ hours

This extensive pool of highly qualified instructors is one of the biggest strengths of Stg global. Learners get to benefit from their extensive industry experience.

Popular instructors on the platform include Harsh Beniwal, Ankita Gupta, Anand Prakash, Krishna Rungta, Priyanka Sinha, among others. Most have strong professional backgrounds along with thousands of positive reviews which indicates their teaching expertise.

Course structure and delivery

Stg global adopts a comprehensive blended learning model which includes pre-recorded video lectures, live classes, hands-on projects, case studies, quizzes, community support and more.

Here’s an overview of how the courses are structured:

  • Video content: 140+ hours of pre-recorded high quality video lectures
  • Live classes: 40-50 hours of live online classes with instructors
  • Hands-on projects: Real-world projects for practical implementation
  • Community support: Discussion forums to engage with peers
  • Expert guidance: One-on-one mentorship for technical assistance
  • Certification: Completion certificates provided upon course completion
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This well-planned blended learning approach ensures an immersive and impactful learning experience. Learners are able to clarify doubts, implement projects, and gain industry insights throughout the course.

The video production quality is quite high and easy to follow. Instructors use real-world examples to simplify complex concepts. The live classes also add high value through interactive instructor-led lessons.

Pricing of courses

Stg global offers its courses at very affordable pricing tiers without compromising on quality. This helps make professional learning accessible to a wide student base.

Here is an overview of the pricing model:

  • Basic courses: Rs 5,000 – Rs 15,000
  • Intermediate courses: Rs 15,000 – Rs 30,000
  • Advanced courses: Rs 30,000 – Rs 60,000
  • Master courses: Rs 60,000 – Rs 90,000
  • Live online classes: Rs 9,000 – Rs 28,000
  • Crash courses: Rs 3,000 onwards

Students can pay the course fees upfront or in EMIs ranging from 3 to 12 months. Various scholarships and discounts are also offered regularly.

Overall, the course fees are quite economical compared to traditional offline training institutes. This affordable pricing is a strategic move to tap into India’s vast student population.

Learning experience and student support

With over 500,000 students enrolled so far, Stg global is consistently receiving rave reviews for its learning experience.

Here are some key aspects that enhance the learning experience:

  • Online learning platform: All course content is delivered through an online learning platform that is intuitive and easy to navigate. Students can access learning materials, track progress, participate in discussions etc. in one place.
  • Dedicated student support: Stg global has a student support team that promptly resolves technical queries. Students can reach out via email, phone or chat.
  • Job assistance: The platform provides placement assistance through resume building, mock interviews, referrals etc. However, job placement is not guaranteed.
  • Discussion forums: These forums allow students to engage in discussions with peers and instructors to clarify doubts or share knowledge.
  • Progress tracking: Students can track their progress and performance through quizzes, assessments, project submissions on the platform.
  • Mobile access: Stg global’s Android and iOS apps allow learning on-the-go. Students can access all study materials seamlessly on their mobile devices.

Through these features, Stg global ensures an interactive, collaborative, and convenient learning experience for students.

Stg global reviews: Feedback from students

Stg global’s extensive student community and growing enrolments indicate strong word-of-mouth publicity. The brand enjoys positive reputation and feedback among its learner base.

But is the positive hype real or fake? Let’s look at some genuine reviews from Stg global students:

“I enrolled for the digital marketing master course. The teaching methodology is very structured and easy to grasp. The instructors are highly knowledgeable with relevant industry experience. I saw great improvement in my digital marketing skills within 2-3 months. Recently, I was able to get a job in a reputed digital marketing firm through their placement assistance. Highly recommend Stg global for anyone looking to learn digital marketing.” – Jay M.

“I joined Stg global for software testing training. The course content was top-notch and very relevant to industry needs. After course completion, I worked on some live projects recommended by my mentor which helped improve my testing skills tremendously. Within 6 months, I was able to switch my career into QA. The guidance provided was invaluable. So thanks to Stg global for the wonderful learning experience! – Priya S.

“Stg global’s UI/UX design course is one of the best investments I’ve made. Through the project-based learning approach, I could build a strong portfolio of design projects. The instructor feedback helped me refine my designing skills. I saw a remarkable improvement in my design abilities over 4 months. Recently I got hired as a UI/UX designer at a startup with a good salary package. Beyond satisfied with my learning journey here!” – Rahul V.

These and hundreds of other 5-star reviews confirm that Stg global delivers on its promises of high quality training and career advancement support. Students have seen noticeable improvements in their domain knowledge and job prospects after course completion.

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However, there are also a handful of negative reviews from dissatisfied students:

“I took the data science course but felt the curriculum was not comprehensive enough to provide in-depth knowledge. The support I received for technical queries was also inadequate. I wish they were more responsive to feedback and worked on improving the course structure.” – Neha R.

“I found the content quality in the digital marketing course to be inconsistent. While some modules were taught well, others lacked depth. I expected more 1:1 mentorship and customized career guidance based on their ads. Also, the course fees is on the higher side compared to competitors.” – Kunal S.

While no education provider can be flawless, some of this critical feedback highlights areas where Stg global can improve such as content depth, student support and pricing model. However, such feedback is relatively minimal.

Overall, Stg global enjoys widespread acclaim and trust among its learner community evident from its strong student engagement and satisfaction levels.

Stg global business model and revenue

Stg global operates on an e-learning marketplace model. It creates and sells online education courses to students across formats like video lectures, live classes, materials etc.

Here is an overview of its business model:

  • Student fees – Stg global’s primary source of revenue is course fees paid by students. Fees depend on course type, duration, level etc.
  • Instructor royalties – Popular instructors earn royalty commissions based on course sales generated. This incentivizes them to create quality content.
  • Enterprise training – Stg global partners with corporates to offer custom training solutions to their employees.
  • Third party tools – Revenues are also generated through affiliate partnerships with third-party education tools like Jira, Tableau etc.

This is a lucrative model since the platform does not require significant overhead costs after course creation. With 500,000+ students enrolled so far, Stg global seems to have found strong product-market fit.

While the company does not disclose its financials, reports estimate Stg global’s annual revenue run rate at around $20-25 million with strong year-on-year growth.

Is Stg global a legit platform?

Based on this extensive analysis, here is an assessment of Stg global’s legitimacy:

Indicators it is genuine

  • Received Google startup award in 2020 which requires due diligence
  • Strong instructor pool with impressive credentials
  • Structured blended learning methodology
  • Practical hands-on projects and case studies
  • Consistent rave reviews and satisfaction from students
  • Money-back guarantee provided
  • Lucrative and sustainable business model
  • Transparency about founders, instructors, and course details
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Areas of concern

  • Does not offer traditional degree certificates
  • Job placement not guaranteed (depends on student effort)
  • A few negative reviews highlighting course weaknesses
  • Limited details available on financials

Overall, the many positive indicators strongly outweigh the few red flags. No major scam warnings or controversies have been associated with Stg global thus far.

Until convincing evidence proves otherwise, Stg global appears to be a legitimate EdTech provider that delivers ample value. It offers relevant skills, quality instructors, robust support and career advancement prospects at affordable pricing for Indian students.

However, students should exercise prudence before enrolling in any paid program. Taking due time to research the course and instructor quality is advised.

Pros and cons of Stg global

Here is a summarized analysis of the key advantages and limitations of Stg global as an online learning platform:


  • Industry-relevant courses in high demand domains
  • Top notch instructors with strong credentials
  • Blended learning model with strong project-focus
  • Affordable pricing compared to competition
  • Flexibility of online self-paced learning
  • Strong student reviews and satisfaction
  • Lucrative business model indicating profitability


  • No verifiable financial statements available
  • Job placement not guaranteed, depends on aptitude
  • Occasional complaints about course content depth
  • Minimal brand awareness outside India
  • Does not provide traditional university degrees

Overall, the pros seem to significantly outweigh the cons for most learners. Stg global seems to have found a successful formula combining quality and cost leadership.

 Is Stg global worth it?

Analyzing all evidence and reviews, Stg global does appear to be a legitimate, value-for-money EdTech platform for professional upskilling, without any apparent signs of a scam.

It has noteworthy strengths in terms of trending course topics, experienced instructors, robust delivery model, affordable pricing, and positive learner experiences.

Stg global seems to offer reasonably high quality training programs compared to the course fees charged. Its model targeting the vast semi-urban Indian student population with affordable courses is proving to be successful.

While there is scope for improvement in content depth and student support, overall Stg global delivers satisfactory outcomes and immense value.

In summary, Stg global is a recommended online learning platform for anyone seeking to upskill in domains like digital marketing, software testing, data science and related fields in a cost-effective manner. The likelihood of it being a scam appears very low based on current evidence.

So skill-seekers looking for career advancement can consider enrolling in Stg global’s programs after going through specific course and instructor details. Do note that as with any skill-building platform, the effort students put in is the most crucial factor determining outcomes.

With disciplined learning efforts, Stg global offers a high-potential gateway for gaining domain expertise, building strong portfolios and accessing job opportunities in booming industries.

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