afreshed Review: Legit or Scam? The Real Truth About This Food Box Company

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Food waste is a massive global issue, with around one-third of all food produced going to waste each year. This is not only an ethical problem but also has huge environmental impacts.

afreshed is an Austrian company that aims to tackle this issue by rescuing produce that would otherwise go to waste and selling it via subscription boxes.

But is afreshed legit? Or is it a scam? In this in-depth afreshed review, we’ll take an objective, facts-based look at the company to help you decide.

Overview of afreshed

afreshed is an Austrian startup founded in 2019 by three students – Bernhard Bocksrucker, Lukas Forsthuber, and Maximilian Welzenbach. Their mission is to reduce food waste by sourcing produce that is perfectly edible but doesn’t meet supermarket cosmetic standards. This “imperfect” produce is then sold via subscription boxes.

Here are some key facts about afreshed:

  • Headquarters: Linz, Austria
  • Founding year: 2019
  • Number of employees: Approximately 15
  • Shipping areas: Austria, Germany, Italy
  • Product range: Fruit, vegetables, pantry items
  • Subscription options: Various box sizes and frequencies

The company offers three main box options:

  • Organic Rescue Box Mix: A mixed box of rescued fruit and veg
  • Organic Rescue Box Fruit: Just fruit
  • Organic Rescue Box Vegetables: Just veggies

Customers can choose from different box sizes and delivery frequencies. The contents vary week-to-week depending on what produce is rescued.

afreshed says they work directly with farmers to source the rescued produce and aim to offer full transparency about where ingredients are sourced. They are a certified organic company.

Now let’s analyze whether afreshed delivers on its promises and if there are any red flags that suggest it may not be legit.

Is afreshed Legit or Scam?


Determining whether an unfamiliar company is above board can be tricky. Here are the key factors we’ll examine to assess if afreshed is legit or potentially a scam:

  • Legal compliance
  • Customer reviews
  • Transparency and claims
  • Company conduct

Looking at these areas will give us a robust evidence-based perspective on afreshed’s trustworthiness.

Legal Compliance

The first step in assessing a company’s legitimacy is to check that it is legally compliant. We looked for the following indicators:

  • Official business registration – afreshed is registered as afreshed GmbH in Linz, Austria, establishing it is an official legal entity.
  • Terms and conditions – Clear T&Cs are provided on afreshed’s website covering areas like orders, delivery, payments, liability, etc.
  • Imprint – Required business imprint providing company address, directors, contact details etc. is provided.
  • Privacy policy – Detailed privacy policy available for transparency on data handling.
  • Right to cancel – Customers have a 14 day right to cancel under Austrian law, clearly explained.
  • Certified organic – afreshed’s organic certification is displayed, granted by Austrian body Austria Bio Garantie.
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The presence of proper terms, policies and business registration shows afreshed is operating legally and above board. No obvious compliance red flags are present.

Customer Reviews

Online customer reviews can provide valuable insight into real experiences with a company. Here’s an overview of afreshed’s current review status:

  • Trustpilot – 1,554 reviews, averaging 4.3 stars
  • Google – 276 reviews, averaging 4.5 stars

We analyzed the content of reviews on Trustpilot, which contained a mix of 5 star positive feedback and some 1 star negative critiques. Many 5 star reviews focused on the quality of produce, smooth delivery and satisfaction with supporting afreshed’s anti-food waste mission.

Negative critiques centered around issues like:

  • Delivery issues – late/missed orders
  • Customer service responsiveness
  • Produce quality – some rotten items

Importantly, afreshed actively responds to negative reviews and aims to resolve any issues brought up. They have an average to good overall review score for a produce box company. There are no alarming review patterns suggesting potential fraud. The presence of some negative feedback actually indicates authenticity.

Transparency and Claims

As afreshed makes bold claims about rescuing produce and supporting farmers, we need to assess how transparent they are in backing this up.

Afreshed provides good transparency about their sourcing, publishing an annual impact report detailing partner farms and metrics like CO2 savings from optimized logistics. Their website also lists the origin areas for produce.

They are open about the challenges of food waste and their approach to tackling it. Their impact reports contain figures on food waste generally rather than verified data on how much they specifically rescue, so their direct impact claims cannot be fully validated. However, they do not make any misleading or exaggerated statements.

In conclusion, while afreshed could boost transparency further with more concrete metrics, their practices are in line with their anti-food waste mission and claims. There are no glaring warning signs.

Company Conduct

The final area we assessed was afreshed’s overall conduct with customers and online presence. Warning signs here could include:

  • No company history online
  • Hidden contact details
  • Fake reviews or endorsements
  • Unethical practices
  • Legal disputes or investigations
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We found no such red flags for afreshed. They have interviews discussing their founding story, founders are visible online, and contact information is clear. Review patterns do not suggest fake posts. There are no reports of unethical practices or legal issues with the company.

Afreshed interacts professionally online and delivery challenges appear handled properly per reviews. Overall company conduct aligns with being a legitimate business.

Expert Conclusion: afreshed is Legitimate

Based on our in-depth investigation into afreshed’s legal compliance, customer feedback, transparency, and company conduct, we can conclude that afreshed is a legitimate business and not a scam.

While no company is perfect, afreshed meets the standards of a genuine food box service. They are a registered legal business operating in line with regulations. Customer reviews indicate mostly positive experiences, with issues handled appropriately. They aim to provide transparency around their food rescue mission. There are no ethical red flags or fraudulent patterns in their operations.

Some areas afreshed could improve include:

  • Boosting customer service to resolve delivery issues faster
  • Expanding impact reporting with more concrete data
  • Optimizing harvest and production forecasting to improve produce consistency

However, these represent opportunities for growth rather than evidence that the company is disingenuous in any way. Afreshed displays no glaring hallmarks of a scam. Based on all evidence available, they appear to be an authentic business trying to reduce food waste – though as with any brand, conducting your own research is still advised.

In conclusion, for individuals looking for an ethical way to source produce while cutting food waste, the evidence suggests afreshed’s organic fruit and vegetable boxes represent a legitimate option. While healthy skepticism is advised when assessing any new brand, afreshed passes the tests for a genuine company making efforts to improve sustainability.

Frequently Asked Questions About afreshed

Here are answers to some common questions about afreshed to further help you make an informed decision about using their services.

Is afreshed cheap?

afreshed is competitively priced but not the cheapest produce box option on the market. Their boxes start at around 20 EUR for 5kg of mixed fruit and vegetables. This is comparable to other organic produce subscriptions – you’re paying for the quality and their food waste mission.

How often do the boxes get delivered?

You can choose weekly or fortnightly deliveries. The day of the week varies based on your location but you’ll get a delivery window. Boxes are currently only shipped to Austria, Germany and Italy.

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Can I customize my box?

There’s no customization for specific produce. The contents change weekly depending on what is rescued. You can pick between a fruit, vegetable or mixed box and choose your preferred quantity.

Does afreshed offer a discount?

First-time customers can get 10% off their first box. Occasional promotions are also run like free gifts or coupons if you recommend a friend.

Can I pause or cancel anytime?

You can pause, cancel or change your subscription with no locked-in contracts. Just log into your account or contact their customer support.

What happens if I’m not home to receive my box?

You’ll get a 1 hour delivery window so you can plan to be home. If you’re not in, afreshed will leave it in a safe spot you specify, or with a neighbor/building manager.

Wrapping Up

After conducting extensive research, we believe afreshed is a legitimate option if you’re keen to eliminate food waste and purchase organic, sustainability-focused produce. While no company is 100% perfect, they display no glaring red flags to suggest they are untrustworthy or scamming customers.

Ultimately, as with any brand, doing your own thorough research is advised before purchasing. But if their organic fruit and vegetable boxes appeal to you, afreshed appears to be authentic in their mission of reducing food waste one box at a time.

Have you tried an afreshed subscription? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below!

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