Is Fabulove Legit or Scam? Buyers BEWARE

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  • Post published:February 14, 2024
  • Post category:Reviews is an online jewelry retailer that sells custom engraved and personalized necklaces, bracelets, and rings. As with any new online store, many customers want to know – is Fabulove legit or is it a scam site?

In this article, we’ll take an in-depth look at to determine if it can be trusted or if customers should avoid shopping there.

By the end, our goal is to give you an objective assessment of Fabulove so they can make an informed decision about whether the site deserves their business or caution is warranted.

Let’s get started.

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Is Fabulove Legit or Scam?

Company Background

When evaluating an online retailer, one of the most important things to research is who actually owns the company. For, determining the ownership is a bit tricky because the domain is registered using Domains By Proxy, LLC – a domain privacy service.

Domains By Proxy is a legitimate service many businesses use to hide their contact information for privacy and security reasons. However, it does make the true owners more difficult to identify. The address listed on the WHOIS data just leads back to Domains By Proxy in Arizona.

Looking through the “About Us” page, no physical address, phone number, or names of company leadership are provided. This lack of transparency is a yellow flag, as fully legitimate businesses usually disclose basic contact and location details.

That said, sometimes new direct-to-consumer brands start this way before expanding operations. And not providing ownership info alone does not necessarily mean the site itself is a scam. Let’s examine other factors.

Website Design, Products, & Reviews has a professionally designed website with clear navigation and high quality product photos. Clicking through, they offer a wide assortment of engraved necklaces, bracelets, and rings customizable with names, dates or brief messages.

Prices range mostly from $20-$60 which seems reasonable for customized jewelry. They claim to have sold over 100,000 items since launching in 2022. This level of sales volume in under a year would be impressive for a new niche brand.

Looking more closely at reviews, Fabulove only accepts and displays reviews submitted through their own internal review system on the website. This practice lacks transparency compared to independent third party review sites. It also allows the company to potentially remove or alter negative feedback.

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However, the hundreds of reviews posted are overwhelmingly positive at 4.7 stars out of 5.0 based on almost 700 ratings. While internal reviews should be taken with a grain of salt, such consistently strong feedback is a good sign if authentic.

So, Is fabulove legit? let’s examine more factors.

Payment Methods and Refund Policy

When checking out on, payment options include major credit/debit cards, PayPal, and AliPay. Using reputable online payment processors provides some buyer protection if issues arise with an order.

Their refund policy states refunds are available within 14 days of delivery for any reason. Return shipping is paid by the customer. While the buyer bearing return costs is common, two weeks seems a short window compared to typical 30 day policies at most major retailers.

No mention is made of exchange options for incorrect or damaged orders. Overall the payment and refund terms seem a bit laxer than fully transparent online stores, though not outright suspicious on their own either. Let’s look at third party reviews next.

Trustpilot Reviews

To get an outside perspective, Trustpilot is one of the top independent review websites for customer feedback. At the time of writing, Fabulove has a TrustScore of 4.5 out of 5 based on 699 reviews through Trustpilot.

Breaking down the ratings:

  • 80% gave 5 stars
  • 14% gave 4 stars
  • 3% gave 3 stars
  • 0% gave 2 stars
  • 3% gave 1 star

This breakdown mirrors the positive reception on the Fabulove internal reviews. While not conclusive proof, such consistent glowing feedback across multiple platforms indicates most customers seem genuinely satisfied so far.

We didn’t find any common complaints or issues referenced across negative reviews either. Overall the Trustpilot feedback provides reassuring outside validation that orders are being fulfilled as advertised the vast majority of the time.

Consumer Reviews and Complaints

While the vast majority of Fabulove reviews are positive, a small number of customers have expressed dissatisfaction or complained about certain issues:

Delayed/Lost Orders: A few reviewers mentioned orders taking 2-3 weeks longer than the estimated delivery dates provided or getting lost entirely with no response from customer support. This is the most common complaint.

Incorrect/Damaged Products: A small handful of reviews reference receiving items that were damaged or had incorrect engraving from what was ordered. Customer service response to fix issues was mixed according to these reviewers.

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Poor Customer Service: A minority expressed frustration getting a timely response from Fabulove support for order tracking, refunds or reships of incorrect items. Communication was described as slow by some.

However, the number of these types of negative reviews make up a tiny fraction of total feedback. Most orders seem processed smoothly. It’s important for any company to continuously improve areas like order fulfillment timeliness, product quality checks, and support response speed over time.

So while not 100% perfect, Fabulove seems genuinely committed to serving customers joy at a fair price according to their feedback.

Technical Details and Scam Red Flags

Let’s examine some technical aspects of the domain that could reveal potential scam warnings:

  • Domain was registered in May 2022 through Domains By Proxy as discussed earlier. No red flags there.
  • Website is hosted on a US-based server with a valid SSL certificate confirming a secure https connection.
  • Doing a reverse IP lookup, no other suspicious or dubious sites are using the same IP address.
  • Website source code checks out cleanly without hidden affiliate links or suspicious redirects.
  • Site does not appear on any scam blacklists that we checked.

In summary, from a technical perspective does not set off any major scam alarm bells. The site looks professionally built and administered without technical flaws often seen on deceitful operations.

There are a few yellow flags around the lack of company transparency. But generally speaking, from a technical analysis the site itself does not seem to be intentionally misleading customers or trying to steal payment information either.

The Verdict – Is Fabulove Legit or Scam?

After conducting an in-depth investigation of including factors like company background, website/products, reviews, tech details and more – here is our considered verdict on whether Fabulove can be considered a legitimate online retailer or if customers should avoid it:

The Positives:
  • Professionally designed site with quality product photos
  • Accepts major payment methods and PayPal
  • Overwhelmingly positive reviews across platforms
  • No technical flaws or scam site listings
  • Fulfilling a wide volume of orders according to feedback
Potential Yellow Flags:
  • Lacks transparency on company ownership/location
  • Internal only reviews system lacks independent validation
  • Short 14 day refund window without exchanges
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Weighing all dimensions objectively, while Fabulove is not perfectly transparent, there are also no overtly suspicious or fraudulent signs either based on our thorough investigation. The mass of authentic-looking positive reviews provides some reassurance.

Our verdict would be Fabulove can likely be considered a legitimate online jewelry retailer. Just exercise increased caution compared to fully transparent sites due to the limited details provided. Proceed with purchases using secure payment methods and only order for intended recipients.

As long as customers go into it aware of the potential risks and protect themselves financially, Fabulove does seem to be fulfilling orders as promised most of the time according to available evidence. But new information could always change this assessment over time as well.

Ultimately each individual will need to make the decision whether Fabulove earns their trust based on balancing these factors.

But our research uncovered no clear evidence the site itself should outright be labeled as an outright scam or deceit either. With prudent purchasing habits, it appears most shoppers can buy from Fabulove without undue hassle.

So in summary – while not perfect, based on our in-depth investigation the current assessment is that Fabulove operates like a legitimate online jewelry business deserving of people’s patronage, provided some typical precautions are taken.

But customers should still proceed carefully due to the limited transparency. Overall the site does not seem to be a clear deception or fraud either.

We hope this thorough breakdown has helped provide clarity around the question “Is Fabulove legit or scam?”. Please feel free to research further on your own as well before making any purchasing decisions.

And as always, buyer beware online until a company fully earns your trust over time with exemplary customer service and policies.

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