Is TicketSmarter Legit? Consumer Reviews and Complaints 2024

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Attending live entertainment events like concerts, games, and theater shows can be a fun and memorable experience. However, buying tickets for popular events can sometimes feel frustrating and risky.

Between limited inventory that sells out quickly, fluctuating resale prices, and questionable third-party sellers, fans are often left wondering – where can I safely and easily buy event tickets?

In the world of secondary ticket marketplaces, one name that is growing in popularity is TicketSmarter. As an online ticket reseller, TicketSmarter allows users to browse, purchase, and download event tickets from third-party sellers using a website and mobile app.

But is TicketSmarter a trustworthy and legitimate ticket source? With so many options for buying tickets online, it’s natural for consumers to have some doubts about using new platforms. In this detailed guide, we’ll take an in-depth look at TicketSmarter and answer the key question – Is TicketSmarter legit?

By the end, you’ll understand how TicketSmarter works, what protections they offer customers, their partnerships and credibility, and how their service compares to competitors like StubHub and Vivid Seats.

Whether you’re an avid event-goer or planning to purchase your first set of resale tickets, this breakdown will help you decide if TicketSmarter is the right ticketing solution for your needs.

Let’s start with the basics.

Who is TicketSmarter and how does their online ticket marketplace work?

Founded in 2011 and headquartered in Connecticut, TicketSmarter is a self-described “ticket resale marketplace” that helps buyers purchase tickets from third-party sellers for events like concerts, sports games, theater shows, and more.

Here are some key things to know about TicketSmarter’s service:

Inventory – TicketSmarter does not own or source tickets directly. Instead, independent sellers list tickets for sale on TicketSmarter’s marketplace. This means inventory and pricing will vary based on supply from sellers.

Ordering Process – Customers can browse event listings, pricing, and seating info before selecting tickets to purchase online. TicketSmarter will collect payment on the seller’s behalf and facilitate delivery.

Delivery Options – The seller determines delivery method and timing. Tickets may be transferred electronically, mailed, or held for will call pickup. Digital tickets can be accessed via TicketSmarter.

Fees – TicketSmarter charges service and processing fees that are added to the ticket price during checkout. These fees help cover their operating costs.

Shopper Protections – TicketSmarter offers a 100% ticket guarantee and 247 customer support among other protections that will be discussed more below.

This marketplace model is relatively standard in the secondary ticket sales industry. Now that we’ve covered the basics, let’s take a deeper look at how TicketSmarter works to ensure a safe, reliable ticketing experience.

Is TicketSmarter legit or Scam


Is TicketSmarter legit? To dig into whether or not TicketSmarter is legitimate, we’ll analyze four key areas that impact customer trust and satisfaction:

1. Buyer Protections and Guarantees

When purchasing tickets from a third-party seller, two major risks are getting scammed or receiving invalid tickets. TicketSmarter implements several guarantees and protections to address these concerns:

100% Ticket Guarantee – This guarantees buyers will receive a full refund if:

  • The event is canceled and not rescheduled
  • The order is accepted but tickets not delivered in time
  • The order is accepted but tickets not shipped in time
  • The tickets provided don’t grant event access
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Secure Transactions – TicketSmarter uses encryption, fraud monitoring, and other security measures to protect payments and user data.

Verified Sellers – Sellers must provide ID verification, maintain consistent delivery, and fulfill sales to remain active on the marketplace.

247 Customer Support – Buyers can contact customer service by phone, email, or live chat with Ticketsmarter for assistance with any issues.

Insurance – Optional ticket insurance covers situations like weather cancellations, accidents, and illness that prevent event attendance. This insurance is provided through Allianz Global Assistance.

The combination of protections provide peace of mind that tickets will be delivered as promised and gain entry or you’ll get your money back. It eliminates the risk of losing both your tickets and your payment.

2. Credibility and Partnerships

When evaluating an online ticket marketplace, it’s smart to look at their credentials, credibility, and partnerships as signs of a reputable business. Is TicketSmarter legit? Here are some of the key associations and accolades that back TicketSmarter:

  • Member of National Association of Ticket Brokers
  • Official Secondary Ticket Partner of Pac-12 Athletics and Rose Bowl Stadium
  • Official Partner of more than 20 NCAA Athletic Departments including Maryland and Rutgers
  • TicketSmarter has been rated 4.6 out of 5 stars on TrustPilot based on over 4500 reviews
  • Profiled in Billboard, LA Times, and other major publications

The company’s partnerships with major sports teams, venues, and conferences indicate that key players in the live events industry view TicketSmarter as a legitimate business. Their reputation is further backed by generally positive customer feedback.

3. Pricing and Fees

When buying tickets from a resale marketplace, two of the biggest factors are the ticket price and added fees. Here is a rundown of TicketSmarter’s pricing and fees:

Ticket Price – The independent sellers that list tickets on TicketSmarter’s marketplace set the ticket prices, which are typically based on demand. This means prices may be above or below original face value. During checkout, you’ll see the full ticket prices including decimals.

Service Fees – TicketSmarter charges service and processing fees on all orders to cover their operating expenses. These fees are per ticket and per order. On average, expect to add 10-20% to the subtotal.

Filter By Total Price – TicketSmarter recently introduced a filter that allows buyers to view ticket listings inclusive of the estimated fees. This helps give a more accurate total price before checkout.

Full Pricing Breakdown – During the final checkout process before submitting payment, TicketSmarter provides a detailed pricing breakdown that includes the ticket cost, fees, and total amount owed.

While fees are frustrating for some customers, TicketSmarter does make efforts to provide fee transparency in the shopping experience, especially compared to competitors. Customers ultimately pay the prices set by sellers, not TicketSmarter.

4. Customer Service and Reviews

Good customer service and reviews are essential for evaluating an online ticket marketplace you can trust. Is TicketSmarter legit? Here is how TicketSmarter stacks up:

247 Customer Support – TicketSmarter offers customer support over the phone, via email, and through TicketSmarter live chat. Customers can inquire about orders, deliveries, and ticket guarantees.

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Mostly Positive Reviews – TicketSmarter earns 4.6 out of 5 stars on TrustPilot based on over 4500 reviews. 80% of reviews are 4-5 stars. Satisfied customers praise the great deals, smooth ordering process, and helpful customer service.

Responsive to Feedback – An examination of TicketSmarter’s reviews shows that the company actively responds to customer complaints and resolves issues when their guarantees apply. This responsiveness increases confidence in their policies.

Room for Improvement – Some negative reviews focus on high fees, delayed delivery from sellers, and tickets not being as expected. While TicketSmarter aims to address concerns, buyers assume some risk using resale sites.

So Is TicketSmarter legit? Overall, TicketSmarter provides reliable customer support and earns largely positive reviews from buyers. As with any marketplace, customer satisfaction isn’t perfect. By upholding their guarantees and responding to feedback, they continue building trust.

How Does TicketSmarter Compare to Other Ticket Resale Marketplaces?

Now that we’ve assessed TicketSmarter’s business model and practices in-depth, it’s helpful to compare their service against major competitors in the secondary ticket sales industry. Here is how TicketSmarter stacks up against StubHub and Vivid Seats:


  • Owned by Viagogo
  • Large inventory from pro sellers
  • Slightly higher service fees
  • Partners with teams/artists directly
  • Similar buyer guarantees

Vivid Seats

  • US-based independent company
  • Competitive pricing with low fees
  • FanProtect Guarantee
  • Works with select partners
  • Rewards program for buyers


  • US-based independent company
  • Inventory from indie sellers
  • Average to lower service fees
  • Official partner of 20+ NCAA teams
  • $25 discount for new buyers

In terms of legitimacy and buyer protections, all three platforms offer comparable coverage through guarantees against invalid tickets, event cancellations, etc.

Where TicketSmarter stands out is providing competitive pricing with relatively low service fees. They also actively partner with NCAA athletic departments and conferences, positioning themselves as a go-to for college sports ticketing.

For the widest ticket inventory and brand-name recognition, StubHub may have a slight edge. However, TicketSmarter remains a viable contender that fans should consider using.


Is TicketSmarter legit or Scam? After conducting an extensive evaluation, we can determine that TicketSmarter is indeed a legitimate ticket resale marketplace. They exhibit several traits that support trust and reliability for fans looking to purchase event tickets.

For one, their ordering process and protections give customers confidence that tickets will be delivered and gain event access as expected. The 100% ticket guarantee, seller vetting, security measures, and optional insurance safeguard buyers against common issues like fake tickets and non-delivery.

Additionally, TicketSmarter builds their reputation through partnerships with major organizations like the Pac-12 Conference and prominent NCAA athletic departments. These partnerships signal that key industry players view and trust TicketSmarter as a valid business.

TicketSmarter also provides transparency around their service fees, giving shoppers an accurate picture of the total ticket cost earlier in the purchasing process before checkout. Adding filters to view prices with fees included directly on ticket listing pages improves the buying experience.

Customer service is another bright spot, with responsive 247 phone, email, live chat, and social media support. TicketSmarter aims to address buyer concerns and uphold their guarantees. This attentiveness is reflected in mostly positive online reviews.

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Compared to other established secondary ticket marketplaces, TicketSmarter holds up well in areas like buyer protections, partnerships, and value-based pricing. Football and college basketball fans, in particular, may appreciate their NCAA team and conference deals.

Of course, no resale platform is perfect. Some negatives buyers may encounter are:

  • Varying ticket availability since sellers source inventory
  • Delivery timing delays from individual sellers
  • Above-face-value ticket prices dictating by supply and demand
  • Higher convenience fees compared to primary ticket sellers

However, these types of drawbacks are common across secondary marketplaces. Ultimately, TicketSmarter checks the boxes fans should look for around transparency, security, support, and credibility.

So is TicketSmarter a legit and trustworthy ticket source? Our in-depth evaluation shows that the answer is yes. We can recommend TicketSmarter as a reliable online ticket marketplace using the following summary:

The Good

  • Robust buyer guarantees protect your purchase
  • Official partnerships add credibility
  • Responsive customer service addresses issues
  • Competitive prices and lower service fees
  • Easy-to-navigate website and app

The Could Be Better

  • Availability depends on sellers
  • Delivery timing varies
  • Prices fluctuate above face value
  • Extra fees still present

Our Final Verdict – Is TicketSmarter Legit?

With buyer protections, transparent pricing, and helpful support, TicketSmarter provides a legitimate ticket resale marketplace for fans to consider using. We recommend searching their inventory alongside other top secondary sellers to find the best deals.

Overall, TicketSmarter is a trustworthy option for your ticket needs.

For fans looking for the easiest and most reliable way to buy tickets, purchasing directly from the event venue, team box office, or primary ticket seller like Ticketmaster is ideal.

However, for popular events that have limited or sold-out inventory, TicketSmarter presents a legitimate secondary option to buy from screened sellers at competitive resale prices.

As with any ticket purchase, there is some risk when buying through a resale marketplace like TicketSmarter. Performing due diligence is advised.

Be sure to carefully select ticket listings from highly rated sellers that align with your preferred section, row, and seat locations. Read all listing details and review the seller’s delivery guarantee and return policy before completing your order.

Furthermore, we recommend using a credit card when purchasing tickets through any secondary marketplace for the added security. Only you can determine your personal comfort level when it comes to buying tickets from a resale source.

However, from our extensive evaluation, TicketSmarter provides sufficient buyer protections and credibility to be considered a viable ticket provider for your next concert, game, or show.

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