Snkrdunk Reviews: Is Snkrdunk Legit or Scam

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Snkrdunk launched in 2018 and has established itself as one of the leading sneaker reselling marketplaces. The US-based company provides a platform connecting buyers and sellers of limited edition sneakers.

One reselling platform that has grown rapidly is Snkrdunk. But is Snkrdunk legit? Can you trust them to deliver genuine sneakers in a timely manner? In this in-depth guide, we’ll assess Snkrdunk reviews and reputation to determine if they are a recommended service for buying the latest sneaker drops.

Overview of Snkrdunk

Sneaker culture has exploded in popularity in recent years. Limited edition drops from brands like Nike, Adidas and Yeezy frequently sell out in minutes. This has led to a surge in resellers who buy up stock and resell at higher prices.

For buyers, Snkrdunk offers early access to sold out or unreleased sneakers without having to wait in line at retail stores. The platform stocks the most coveted models from brands like Nike, Adidas, Jordan and Yeezy.

Snkrdunk has expanded rapidly. They now have over 800,000 users, with 200,000 sneakers listed and $80 million in transactions annually.

How Snkrdunk Works

Their business model is simple. Sneakerheads or tech-savvy resellers acquire limited release shoes, then list them for sale on Snkrdunk at markup prices. Snkrdunk facilitates the transactions, acting as a middleman and handling payment processing and order fulfillment.

Here’s an overview of how Snkrdunk’s reselling platform works:

  • Sellers list sneakers – Individual sellers or companies list sneakers for sale through the Snkrdunk seller portal. They can create listings quickly by entering details like brand, model, colorway, release year, size, price and photos. Sellers ship the shoes to Snkrdunk after purchase.
  • Instant authentication – Snkrdunk authenticates every pair of sneakers as soon as they receive them. This verification process checks for fakes and defects before listing.
  • Buyers browse and purchase – Customers browse sneakers and complete purchases via the Snkrdunk app or website. All transactions are handled by Snkrdunk with various payment methods accepted.
  • Snkrdunk ships to buyer – Once payment is completed, Snkrdunk packages and ships the sneakers to the buyer. Tracking information is provided.
  • Seller paid – Snkrdunk releases payment to the seller minus their fees and commission. This is typically 10% of the sale price.
  • Returns accepted – If customers are not satisfied, Snkrdunk accepts returns and refunds within 3 days of delivery. The sneakers are then sent back to the seller if no defects are found.

This model allows Snkrdunk to act as a trusted intermediary, facilitating transactions without buyers and sellers having to deal directly.

Snkrdunk’s Reputation

Snkrdunk has established a reasonably strong reputation in the sneaker resale industry. Here are some of the pros and cons about their service according to customer reviews:


  • Large inventory – Snkrdunk provides access to an extensive range of the most coveted sneaker drops, including limited releases that are near impossible to purchase at retail price.
  • Legit products – Their authentication process appears reliable at verifying legitimacy and stopping counterfeits.
  • Smooth ordering – The website and app make browsing inventory and purchasing straightforward. Payment and fulfillment generally works well.
  • Good prices – While marked up over retail, pricing is competitive compared to other resale platforms. Deals can sometimes be found for less in-demand models.
  • Fast shipping – Orders ship out quickly, usually within 2 business days of purchase. Express or priority shipping gets customers their sneakers fast.
  • Responsive customer service – Snkrdunk’s customer service responds quickly to queries and helps resolve any issues.
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  • High fees – Snkrdunk’s fees are higher than some competitors, cutting into seller profits. Sellers pay 10% in commission + 3% for processing + shipping costs.
  • Counterfeit risk – While rare, a very small number of fakes can slip through their authentication, especially for newer releases.
  • Lacks seller protections – Sellers have complained about lack of recourse for issues like lost/damaged packages or customer returns.
  • Spotty customer service – While generally responsive, some buyers report extended delays getting support for problems.
  • Website bugs – The website can be glitchy at times, especially during highly anticipated releases when traffic spikes.

Overall, Snkrdunk appears to be a reasonably reliable platform for reselling and purchasing the most sought after sneakers. They still have room for improvement when it comes to protecting seller interests and keeping fees competitive.

How Legimitate are Snkrdunk’s Sneakers?

The biggest concern for buyers purchasing from a reseller is receiving counterfeit sneakers. So how legit are the products sold on Snkrdunk?

Based on our research into their authentication practices and customer reviews, the vast majority of sneakers sold on Snkrdunk are authentic:

  • Snkrdunk employs its own team of authenticators who verify every pair received from sellers. They claim to inspect 15 different aspects on each sneaker to spot fakes.
  • In addition to upfront authentication, some sellers opt to also have their stock verified by third parties like Sneaker Con or Legit Check prior to shipping to Snkrdunk.
  • Snkrdunk offers a money back guarantee if a pair purchased is proven to be counterfeit. This provides buyer protection.
  • Customer reviews predominantly report receiving 100% legitimate, authentic sneakers from Snkrdunk with no issues.
  • There are very few reports of counterfeit sneakers slipping through verification. This suggests an approximate fake pass rate of less than 1%.

So while no secondary marketplace can achieve a perfect record on authentication, Snkrdunk’s practices appear robust enough to minimize the chances of buyers unwittingly receiving fake sneakers. The majority of their stock seems to be legit.

Snkrdunk Review: Pros and Cons for Buyers

For buyers looking to purchase limited release sneakers, what are the pros and cons of using Snkrdunk compared to alternatives?

Pros of Snkrdunk

Selection – Snkrdunk stocks an enormous range of coveted models from the top brands that quickly sell out at retail. Buyers can often find sold out or upcoming releases in their size.

Prices – While marked up over retail, Snkrdunk’s prices are generally competitive with other resale sites for similar condition sneakers. Deals can be found for less popular colorways.

Simplicity – Snkrdunk makes purchasing straightforward through their website or app. Delivery and returns are also smooth.

Reliability – The Snkrdunk verification process provides confidence in receiving legit, authentic sneakers as advertised. Counterfeit risk appears low.

Customer service – Snkrdunk offers responsive support in case any issues arise with orders or deliveries.

Cons of Snkrdunk

High fees – Prices can be marked up over retail by 30% or more in some cases, especially for the most coveted releases. Buyers pay hefty premiums for early access.

Unworn rarity – Finding brand new, unworn (also called deadstock) sneakers is uncommon. Most are used in some capacity.

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Limited sizes – Snkrdunk may lack full size runs for more limited releases, depending on available stock. Less common sizes sell out fast.

No buyer protection – Unlike marketplaces like eBay, Snkrdunk offers no additional buyer protection programs. Users must rely on their authentication and support.

Website issues – Bugs are not uncommon on the website when traffic is high during hyped releases, which can hamper checkout.

Overall, Snkrdunk is one of the better options for buyers seeking legit sneakers at resale prices. But the convenience comes at a premium cost.

Snkrdunk Review: Pros and Cons for Sellers

For resellers, Snkrdunk provides access to a large base of buyers. But how does it compare for sellers versus competitors?

Pros of Snkrdunk

High demand products – Snkrdunk specializes in the highest demand sneaker models that are guaranteed to sell fast. Minimal risk of getting stuck with unpopular inventory.

Instant payouts – Snkrdunk offers instant payouts as soon as sales are made rather than sellers having to wait for funds. Makes reselling more liquid.

No seller fees – Snkrdunk does not charge any upfront fees to list sneakers for sale. Only a 10% commission on completed sales.

Large reach – A huge visitor base increases the odds of sales and maximizing profits on coveted models. Drops sell out fast.

Trusted platform – Buyers generally trust Snkrdunk’s authentication practices, which translates to more sales.

Cons of Snkrdunk

High commission – While no listing fees, Snkrdunk’s 10% seller commission is higher than competitors like GOAT (9.5%) and StockX (9%).

No seller protections – Sellers have no recourse for issues like lost packages or frivolous returns. Snkrdunk favors buyers in disputes.

Strict guidelines – Snkrdunk enforces stringent rules about product condition. Rejection rates for not meeting guidelines runs high.

Returns allowed – Buyers can return sneakers within 3 days of delivery even if legit and as described. Forces sellers to accept.

Subject to bans – Snkrdunk is known for handing out account bans to sellers for minor infractions, with no appeals process.

For the right seller able to source limited release inventory, Snkrdunk represents a solid market for flipping sneakers quickly at low risk. But the platform is tilted towards buyer preferences over sellers.

Comparing Snkrdunk to Other Resale Platforms

How does Snkrdunk stack up against other leading sneaker resale sites like GOAT, StockX and Stadium Goods? Here is a head-to-head comparison:

Platform Pricing Fees Authentication Seller Protections Ease of Use
Snkrdunk Competitive 10% seller fee Verified in-house Low Medium
GOAT Competitive 9.5% seller fee Verified in-house Medium Easy
StockX Market-set 9% seller fee Verified in-house Medium Medium
Stadium Goods Higher premium 20% seller fee Verified in-house Low Harder

Pricing – Snkrdunk offers competitive market pricing in line with GOAT and StockX. Stadium Goods charges higher premiums.

Fees – Snkrdunk charges 10% seller commission. GOAT and StockX are lower at 9.5% and 9% respectively. Stadium Goods is drastically higher.

Authentication – All four platforms use robust in-house verification but occasional fakes get through. Snkrdunk’s process matches others.

Seller Protections – Snkrdunk offers less seller recourse for issues than GOAT or StockX which have better programs and dispute processes.

Ease of Use – Snkrdunk has a straightforward website and app that offers decent usability. GOAT is easiest overall and Stadium Goods most difficult.

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Snkrdunk holds its own against the top sneaker resale competitors. They match GOAT and StockX for pricing, product legitimacy and ease of transacting. Their higher fees and poor seller protections lag behind however.

Is Snkrdunk Legit?

Considering all the above factors, is Snkrdunk considered a trustworthy sneaker reseller? They appear to generally conduct business fairly and transparently.

The vast majority of customer reviews indicate buyers have positive experiences purchasing verified authentic sneakers from Snkrdunk without major disputes. They deliver what they promise.

While their seller protections could be improved, Snkrdunk seems to make good faith efforts to resolve issues when they arise. Their prices also reflect current sneaker market rates rather than gouging.

There are certainly riskier platforms with more red flags in the sneaker resale industry. Snkrdunk does not appear to be one of them.

That said, there are also more seller-friendly options for reselling sneakers. And buyers may prefer marketplaces that offer stronger guarantees and fraud prevention.

But overall, Snkrdunk grades out as an above average option for buying and selling coveted sneakers. They have built a reasonably trusted reputation within the space.

Tips for Spotting Fake Snkrdunk Sneakers

Despite Snkrdunk’s authentication efforts, there remains a small risk of receiving fake sneakers from any reseller.

Here are some telltale signs to look out for when inspecting sneakers purchased through Snkrdunk:

  • Box label – Confirm the size/colorway info matches the shoes and there are no typos or misspellings. Fakes often have label issues.
  • Build quality – Check for cheap or flimsy materials, uneven stitching, sloppy glue marks or other manufacturing defects. Authentic sneakers should have premium craftsmanship.
  • Logo detailing – Closely inspect logos for inaccuracies. Make sure branding symbols, text and graphics are precisely replicated without defects.
  • Color accuracy – Color shades, material textures and finishes should match the genuine sneaker precisely. Fakes often get colors wrong.
  • Serial numbers – Verify serial/style codes match what is expected for that brand and model. Numbers should be clearly printed without smudging.
  • Packaging – Make sure all packaging and included accessories match legit versions. Fakes tend to cut corners on packaging.
  • Odor – Rubber and glue compounds used in authentic sneaker assembly have a distinct odor. Smell is an often overlooked indicator.

If examination under good lighting reveals any suspicious flaws, the sneakers may be counterfeit. Seek a second opinion or contact Snkrdunk support immediately.

Is Snkrdunk Worth Using?

Snkrdunk delivers an above average experience for buying and selling coveted sneakers. Their inventory, verification and fulfillment makes purchasing limited release shoes simpler than competing directly for retail drops.

For buyers seeking the hottest new sneakers, Snkrdunk provides reliable access despite marked up prices. Just be thorough inspecting sneakers upon arrival.

For sellers, Snkrdunk represents a trusted platform to quickly flip in-demand shoes to hungry collectors. But higher fees and lack of seller protections reduce margins.


In summary, Snkrdunk is generally considered a worthwhile marketplace for transacting high-value sneakers. But there are also areas that could be improved to better protect buyer and seller interests.

Hopefully this objective Snkrdunk review provides helpful insight into whether their reselling platform merits your business. Let us know if you have any other questions!

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