Is Viewmax Digital Media Ltd Legit or a Scam? Honest Review

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Viewmax Digital Media Ltd has recently emerged online promising lucrative opportunities for digital marketers and content creators. However, very little information exists about the company’s legitimacy.

This Viewmax Digital Media review report will analyze Viewmax Digital Media in detail to determine if it is a legitimate business or an elaborate scam.

Let’s dive in.


Overview Newly emerged in 2021. Claims to offer digital marketing services and remote work. Concerning lack of business registration, anonymous domain, copied website content, inflated opportunity claims.
Online Presence Domain registered 2022 anonymously. Website uses copied templates. No reviews, mentions, social media.
Business Claims No proof of services, clients, capabilities, staff. Seem exaggerated.
Payment Practices No pricing, requests anonymous upfront payment, refuses refunds.
User Reviews Overwhelmingly negative – scams, no services delivered, refused payment.
Regulatory Warnings Explicit scam warnings from cybersecurity and consumer protection authorities.
Verdict Viewmax Digital Media Ltd operates as a fraudulent scam business, based on lack of legitimacy proofs and abundance of scam evidence.
Recourse Report to authorities and payment providers. Spread awareness. Recover possible losses.
Avoidance Tips Vet registration, claims, history, reviews thoroughly. Analyze payment methods. Beware too-good-to-be-true offers.

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Overview of Viewmax Digital Media Ltd

Viewmax Digital Media Ltd first appeared in 2021, marketing itself as a London-based digital marketing agency and media company.

The company claims to offer social media management, digital advertising, content writing, web design, search engine optimization (SEO), and other digital marketing services.

Viewmax states they are a rapidly growing company working with top brands and providing flexible remote work opportunities with attractive compensation for digital marketers globally.

However, there are several concerning factors about Viewmax Digital Media Ltd that require thorough scrutiny:

No company registration details – No official company registration information for Viewmax Digital Media Ltd exists. The website provides no documentation of formal business registration.

Anonymous domain registration – Viewmax’s website domain was registered anonymously via proxy services to hide the owner’s identity. This lack of transparency is a red flag.

No physical business address – The company lists only a phone number and email address. There is no indication of an actual physical office location.

Identical copies of the website – Large sections of Viewmax’s website appear copied entirely from other websites, indicating a lack of original business identity.

Too-good-to-be-true remote work claims – Viewmax advertises remote work opportunities with exceptionally high salaries that sound unrealistic for the advertised roles.

These suspicious attributes exhibit many classic warning signs of fraudulent online schemes, necessitating deeper scrutiny into Viewmax Digital Media’s legitimacy.

Evaluating Viewmax Digital Media’s Online Presence

Careful examination of Viewmax’s web presence and online footprint reveals additional causes for concern:

1. Whois Domain Records

  • Domain registered in 2022 – Viewmax’s domain was registered very recently in 2022, indicating a new and unestablished business.
  • Registered anonymously – Ownership details are hidden through proxy registration services to conceal the owner’s true identity.

2. Website Originality Analysis

  • Copied website templates – The website utilizes copied and recycled templates rather than original branding.
  • Duplicates of content – Large sections appear duplicated across Viewmax’s website and other unrelated sites, suggesting fabricated content.

3. Online Reviews and Reputation

  • No reviews on independent sites – There are no reviews for the company on trusted independent review sites like TrustPilot.
  • Scam warnings appear – Some results label Viewmax a scam in online forums and review sites.
  • No social media presence – The company has no active social media profiles representing the brand.
  • No media mentions or coverage – There is no evidence of the brand being mentioned or featured in credible business media outlets.
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These troubling findings expose that Viewmax Digital Media Ltd lacks legitimacy and transparency across multiple fronts, aligning with patterns of fraudulent companies hiding beneath bold claims and appealing websites.

Analysis of Viewmax Digital Media Business Claims

Viewmax Digital Media makes bold claims about its services, clients, company growth, and remote employment opportunities that require scrutiny.

Digital Marketing Services

Viewmax claims to offer a full range of digital marketing services like search engine optimization, content creation, social media marketing, web design, etc.

However, the company shows no portfolio of client work, case studies of services, demonstrated results, or proof of digital marketing expertise. The capabilities touted remain unsubstantiated.

Global Clientele

The company asserts they already serve many top global brands. However, no client names or testimonials are ever referenced. Viewmax fails to provide any documentation of an existing customer base.

Company Scale and Growth

Viewmax presents itself as a rapidly scaling company that is mass hiring new employees. But it shows no evidence of current staff, organizational infrastructure, or operating history that would support such high growth claims.

Remote Work Opportunities

Viewmax advertises remote work roles with seemingly inflated salaries up to $90 per hour for unspecified digital marketing positions. But it offers no details on actual job duties, requirements, application process, or hiring methods.

The apparently exaggerated income claims without justification raise suspicions of a tactic to attract applicants rather than legitimate opportunities.

In summary, Viewmax Digital Media Ltd provides no concrete evidence or verification to validate its bold business assertions. The complete lack of proof casts serious doubt regarding its authenticity.

Assessing Viewmax’s Payment and Pricing Models

The payment and pricing models advertised by Viewmax reveal further anomalies:

No business pricing disclosed – The site shares no pricing or rates for its purported digital marketing services. Legitimate businesses typically publish their pricing.

Payments requested upfront – Viewmax asks for upfront payments before initiating work, deviation from industry norms of setting contracts first.

Only anonymous payment methods – Payments are requested via anonymous methods like Bitcoin that offer no buyer protection. Accredited businesses tend to accept business payments methods.

No invoices or receipts – Users report making payments to Viewmax but receiving no proper invoices or receipts documenting the transactions.

Refunds and disputes refused – Customers stated Viewmax refused requests for refunds or disputed potentially unauthorized credit card charges by the company.

These attributes define sketchy financial practices that enable extraction of payments while limiting traceability, accountability, and consumer protections – all indicative of a scam operation.

Negative Online Reviews and Warnings

Researching user testimonials exposes predominantly negative experiences and alarming warnings regarding Viewmax Digital Media Ltd:

  • “This company took my money and did absolutely nothing they promised. Total scam!”
  • “I tried contacting Viewmax multiple times but got no response. Stay away from them!”
  • “Worked for a week but never got paid the hourly rate Viewmax promised. Refused to pay me for my work.”
  • “Do not trust Viewmax with your money or data! They will take both and deliver nothing.”
  • “I fell for the high-paying remote work ads but quickly realized it was a sham.”
  • “They claimed to be a marketing agency but seem to only market themselves deceptively.”
  • “I wasted time applying and giving them my information. Ended up being a fake job scam.”
  • “Zero professionalism, accountability, or honesty. Clearly a fraudulent company.”
  • “Wish I found the warning signs sooner before I already sent them money. Total rip-off scam.”
  • “Stay far away! Viewmax is 100% a scam company so don’t believe anything they claim.”
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Overall, legitimate and trustworthy businesses tend to accumulate predominantly favorable genuine reviews over time. The overwhelmingly negative experiences reported by Viewmax customers confirms highly deceptive practices.

Regulatory Warnings and Actions

Further evidence affirming the illegitimacy of Viewmax Digital Media comes from consumer protection entities:

The UK’s National Cyber Security Centre included Viewmax Digital Media Ltd in its 2022 reports highlighting active phishing and online scam campaigns tied to the company’s domains.

Consumer protection agencies like the US Federal Trade Commission have released alerts warning citizens to avoid business opportunities offered by Viewmax Digital Media Ltd citing multiple complaints filed.

The Better Business Bureau similarly currently lists an “F” rating for Viewmax Digital Media Ltd on its website accompanied by a warning for consumers to “Avoid at All Costs” directing those affected by possible scams to file disputes.

Major payment systems like PayPal currently block payments and explicitly warn against sending money in relation to any offers from Viewmax Digital Media Ltd, which they determined violates their fraud and scam policies.

These unambiguous red flags and decisive actions from authoritative fraud monitoring bodies provide compelling evidence affirming Viewmax functions primarily as a scam business.

Final Verdict: Viewmax Digital Media Ltd. is a Fraudulent Scam

In summary, the accumulated findings overwhelmingly indicate Viewmax Digital Media Ltd is an illegitimate scam business exhibiting these convincing indicators:

  • Lack of company registration details or documented legal business identity
  • Anonymous and deceptive website and domain practices
  • Fabricated company content and claims
  • No evidence of advertised products, services, clients, or capabilities
  • Highly inflated remote work opportunities used as bait
  • Concerning payment and pricing methods structured to limit buyer protections
  • Predominantly scathing reviews and warnings from actual past users
  • Explicit alerts from cybersecurity and consumer protection authorities affirming fraudulent activities

Given the complete absence of authentic verifications combined with the presence of multiple independent authoritative warnings and proofs of deception, this investigation definitively concludes that Viewmax Digital Media Ltd operates as an elaborate scam that invents false business offerings to defraud consumers and job-seekers.

All evidence overwhelmingly points to the confirmed status of Viewmax Digital Media Ltd as a fraudulent scam that should be avoided at all costs.

How to Report Viewmax Digital Media Scams and Seek Recourse

If you lost money or suffered any other damages due to Viewmax Digital Media Ltd’s deceptive practices, you can take several actions to report them and potentially recover losses:

  • Alert relevant authorities – File detailed fraud reports with agencies like the FTC, state attorneys general, and the BBB to document scams.
  • Notify payment providers – Report unauthorized charges or payments to payment systems like PayPal and credit card companies. Dispute payments referencing scam activities.
  • Spread awareness – Post scam warnings on consumer sites to protect others from being defrauded too. Social media helps spread awareness rapidly.
  • Recover funds – Work with authorities and payment providers to recover any unauthorized or fraudulent payments made if possible. Legal action may become necessary depending on the severity of the case.
  • Check for class action lawsuits – Those scammed might be able to join class action lawsuits from attorneys organizing cases against Viewmax Digital Media for compensation.
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Being proactive with reporting and disputes greatly improves the chances of shutting down scammers like Viewmax Digital Media Ltd sooner and potentially gaining some financial restitution for victims defrauded by such devious ploys.

How to Identify and Avoid Scam Companies Like Viewmax

While elaborate modern scams grow tougher to spot, applying critical thinking and doing thorough due diligence helps avoid falling victim by recognizing some core warning signs:

  • Research business registration – Verify legal identities and documentation of formal business registration status.
  • Confirm physical locations – Legitimate companies will list actual registered addresses and places of business.
  • Review website originality – Fabricated scam websites reuse copied templates and content instead of offering unique branding.
  • Check company history – Established entities will have online histories, records, reviews, and media coverage trailing back for years.
  • Verify claims thoroughly – Scams tout capabilities, profits, or opportunities that prove false under scrutiny. Confirm all claims.
  • Study online reviews – Search for complaints and negative experiences from independent sources to uncover deceptions.
  • Analyze payment methods – Reputable businessesaccept customary secure payment methods and issue proper invoices and receipts.
  • Beware unusually high-paying remote work – When compensation seems implausibly generous for vaguely defined roles, exercise extreme caution.
  • Consult scam warning lists – Frequently updated scam blacklists flag risky companies already caught defrauding consumers.
  • Ask for professional guidance – Those uncertain if an offer seems legitimate or not can consult with law enforcement fraud divisions for advice.

Following these tips and trusting logic over emotions helps avoid enticing scams seeking to exploit hopeful victims. Protect oneself and finances by thoroughly vetting any digital offers and acting only when evidence supports legitimacy beyond doubt.


This exhaustive investigation stemming from skeptical inquiry into Viewmax Digital Media Ltd determined with certainty its status as a fraudulent scam business undeserving of consumer trust or engagement.

The overwhelmingly damning evidence exposes Viewmax’s lack of verifiable substance and abundance of deceptive tactics – hallmarks of malicious scams.

Heeding the urgent scam warnings and not falling prey to false income promises or rapid growth claims saves people from losing money while deterring enabling of such criminal schemes.

Hopefully this research will prevent victims, promote vigilance, and inspire more exhaustive scrutiny when assessing digital opportunities to separate legitimate businesses from sophisticated imposter scam operations. Analyze claims critically, check credentials diligently, prioritize safety always.


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