Starfield Londonion Location: How To Reach London in Starfield

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Starfield Londonion Location. Set in the year 2330, Starfield offers players the chance to explore a vast and expansive universe filled with mysteries waiting to be uncovered. One such enigmatic location is Londonion, a nod to the real-world city of London, which has captured the imagination of players eager to discover its secrets. This article delves into everything you need to know about the Starfield Londonion location.

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Overview of Londonion in Starfield

In Starfield, Londonion refers to a landmark location on Earth that players can visit. It is essentially a futuristic version of London, reflecting how the city may have evolved by the year 2330. Londonion contains remnants of iconic real-world landmarks like the Shard, providing players a window into what London looked like centuries ago.

starfield londinion location
starfield londinion location

The Londonion location ties into an optional side activity that directs players to find and explore the ruined city. To unlock access to Londonion, players must first acquire a specific collection of classic English literature books. Once unlocked, Londonion becomes visible on the galaxy map, allowing space explorers to chart a course to Earth and uncover the location’s hidden secrets.

Beyond the nostalgic value of seeing a futuristic take on London, visiting Londonion also rewards players with experience points, unique collectibles, and opportunities for tourism-inspired gameplay like photo mode. Braving the challenges of reaching this abandoned city promises an immersive adventure.

Acquiring Literature to Gain Access to Londonion

To gain access to the Londonion location in Starfield, players must first build up their library of classic English literature. Specifically, obtaining a copy of the Charles Dickens novel Oliver Twist unlocks the side activity that reveals Londonion’s coordinates on the galaxy map.

However, acquiring Oliver Twist alone may not be enough. Some players have reported needing to collect other England-related books first before the Londonion activity becomes available. Helpful books to collect include Hard Times, Nicholas Nickleby, The Pickwick Papers, and The War of the Worlds.

These literary treasures can be found scattered across various star systems, but New Atlantis is a fruitful place to search. The books have been spotted in locations like apartment complexes. Once a player has obtained the right collection of books, the “Visit the London Landmark on Earth” activity gets added to their logs, allowing them to chart a course to the Londonion location.

Navigating to Londonion on the Starfield Map

After acquiring the necessary books, players gain access to Londonion’s coordinates on the galaxy map. However, certain conditions must still be met before space explorers can actually travel to the Londonion destination.

Specifically, the planet Earth only becomes open for visiting after players have progressed to the “The Old Neighbourhood” main mission and recruited Sarah as a companion. Once she is aboard the ship, players can freely navigate to Earth and enter its star system, known as Sol, without advancing the critical path storyline.

When viewing the galaxy map, Londonion is visible as a point of interest on Earth’s surface. Players can zoom into the Sol system, select Londonion as their destination, and then follow the on-screen prompts to traverse through space towards the abandoned city ruins.

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The journey may require fuel, engine boosts, and other resources to successfully reach Earth. But theSol system is accessible to players fairly early on, so visiting Londonion is an exciting possibility before even finishing the main Starfield narrative.

Exploring the Londonion Landmark Ruins

Once players arrive in the Sol system and enter Earth’s atmosphere, they can locate the coordinates of the Londonion site and touch down to begin exploration. Upon reaching the surface, it is revealed that Londonion is centered around the remains of London’s legendary Shard building.

Even after 300 years, The Shard still stands tall as one of London’s last partially intact structures, rising above the barren landscape. Players are treated to a breathtaking view of the futuristic city, with the opportunity to take photos and soak up the ambience.

Scattered around the base of The Shard are the ruins of toppled buildings and deserted streets. Following the Londonion marker leads players to discover a commemorative snow globe, representing a memento from Londonion’s past. Aside from visual nostalgia, the location also rewards exploration with XP for discovering new places.

Unfortunately, the interiors of The Shard cannot be accessed in the game. But wandering the streets of Londonion provides a solemn glimpse into the fate of one of Earth’s greatest cities, realizing that even the most indestructible monuments cannot withstand the sands of time.

Gameplay Rewards for Visiting Starfield Londonion

Making the journey to Londonion and exploring its ruins offers more than just visual splendor. Players are rewarded in tangible ways that benefit their gameplay experience:

Experience Points (XP) – Discovering Londonion earns 20 XP, with an additional 100 XP granted for collecting the snow globe. This XP helps level up characters.

Londonion Snow Globe Souvenir – The unique snow globe found at Londonion becomes a treasured collectible for your inventory. It immortalizes your character’s visit to the abandoned city.

Photo Mode Content – Londonion provides awesome visuals to capture using Starfield’s photo mode. Photos taken can appear during loading screens.

Supports Tourism Gameplay – For players who enjoy low-stakes wandering, Londonion offers a casual tourism vibe. Almost like a virtual vacation on Earth.

While brief, the Londonion location offers rewarding gameplay perks. It also builds up players’ sense of connection to Starfield’s expansive universe.

Fulfilling Prerequisites to Visit Londonion

Before setting a course for the Londonion site, players should ensure they fulfill some key prerequisites to avoid any blockers or frustrations:

Collect the Right Books – As mentioned earlier, acquiring books like Oliver Twist is likely required to unlock Londonion. Ensure you obtain the correct texts.

Reach The Old Neighbourhood Quest – This main story quest unlocks the ability to visit Earth. Make some story progress before attempting to travel to Londonion.

Install Spacecraft Upgrades – Traversing to Earth takes resources, so upgrade your engines, fuel capacity, and other stats to make the journey easier.

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Stock Up on Resources – Have plenty of crafting materials, fuel, food/water, and other supplies before embarking to Londonion in case of emergencies.

Completing these prerequisites gives players the best shot at experiencing everything Londonion has to offer.

Significance of Londonion Within Starfield Lore

Beyond just being an interesting location, Londonion also fits into the broader lore and world-building of the Starfield universe. It hints at important past events that shaped the status of Earth in the game’s current timeline.

Based on data logs found elsewhere in the game, Earth was abandoned by humanity centuries ago as conditions deteriorated, including rising sea levels and resource scarcity. Londonion represents one of humanity’s greatest cities left to decay as people migrated to offworld colonies.

By visiting Londonion, players get to see first-hand the fate of a once-thriving metropolis reduced to ruins. It underscores the cycles of boom and bust that define civilization across galaxies. And it grounds players in the game’s setting by illustrating the human history that led to space colonization and discovery.

So while brief, the lonely and abandoned Londonion landscape speaks volumes about the past, present, and future of exploration in Starfield.

Uncovering Hidden Details of Starfield Londonion Location

For players who enjoy exploring every nook and cranny, Londonion offers some subtle environmental details and clues worth investigating further:

  • Sand Dunes – Vast sand dunes surround Londonion, hinting at desertification or rising oceans. What caused this ecological shift?
  • Damage to The Shard – Cracked glass and eroded materials illustrate the slow destruction even to sturdy structures.
  • No Human Remains – Unlike other ruins, no obvious human remains are seen. What happened to Londonion’s population?
  • Lack of Technology – For an advanced future society, no high-tech artifacts are visible. Scavengers may have stripped away anything of value.
  • Buried Streets – The buried roads suggest time and sand slowly swallowed Londonion whole after it was abandoned organically.

Observing these environmental clues prompts an array of lore-related questions worth diving into through additional content like computer logs or conversations with characters.

Creative Tourism-Inspired Activities in Londonion

For players who really want to roleplay their Londonion visit, there are some fun creative tourism activities you can try while exploring the abandoned city:

  • Photo Mode – Stage unique photos of your character interacting with landmarks. Get creative with poses and filters!
  • Historical Reenactment – Use your imagination to envision and act out what life in Londonion was once like centuries ago at its peak.
  • Scavenger Hunt – Search for artifacts buried in the sand and debris. Document your findings as relics for your ship’s museum or personal quarters.
  • Mapping – Sketch maps of Londonion ruins and label areas, structures, and other points of interest. Get the lay of the land.
  • Journaling – Write diary entries describing your travels through Londonion. Reflect on the sights and what this city once represented.

Let your creativity run wild to get the most immersion and fun out of visiting this unique Starfield destination.

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Reflecting on Starfield Londonion Location

While brief, the Londonion landmark location provides Starfield players with a poignant and intriguing glimpse into the fate of one of humanity’s greatest cities. Exploring the windswept ruins of landmarks like The Shard grounds the game’s far-future setting in our own ancient history.

Braving the challenges to uncover Londonion’s hidden secrets offers more than just material rewards. It builds a meaningful connection and sense of discovery that stays with players long after they leave orbit.

For history buffs and urban explorers alike, Londonion represents the thrill of uncovering the past and writing the future. It may only occupy a small corner of Starfield’s sprawling universe, but this abandoned city tells a story all its own, making it worthy of any star-faring adventurer’s time.

So chart a course, stock up on supplies and uncover the secrets buried beneath the sands of Londonion today. Just mind the Super Mutants ambling Parliament!

Frequently Asked Questions About Starfield Londonion Location

Here are answers to some frequently asked questions about the mysterious Starfield Londonion Location:

Q: Where is Londonion located in Starfield?

A: Londonion can be found on Earth, in the Sol star system. It’s centered around the ruins of The Shard building in London.

Q: How do I get to Londonion in Starfield?

A: You’ll need to collect classic English literature books to unlock it, like Oliver Twist. Then Londonion appears on the galaxy map for you to travel to.

Q: What can I find and do in the Londonion location?

A: You can explore The Shard ruins, take photos, find collectibles, earn XP, and roleplay tourist activities. But you can’t access interiors.

Q: Why is Londonion abandoned and buried in Starfield?

A: The lore suggests Earth became uninhabitable over centuries, forcing humans to abandon cities like London as they migrated to space.

Q: Are there enemies or NPCs in the Londonion region?

A: No, Londonion appears to be devoid of other characters, acting more as an abandoned landmark to explore.

Q: Is Londonion worth visiting in Starfield?

A: If you enjoy exploring and soaking in the ambiance of ruins, Londonion provides a memorable experience rooted in real-world history.

So if you want to find a rare window into the fate of London in Starfield’s far future, be sure to take the journey and uncover Londonion’s buried secrets for yourself. Just watch your oxygen levels underneath all that sand!

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