Is CashTube App Legit or Scam? My Experience Using CashTube

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Like many people, I came across the CashTube app while looking for legitimate ways to earn extra money in my spare time. The app claimed you could earn up to $500 just by watching videos, completing simple tasks, and referring friends.

This seemed almost too good to be true, so I decided to download the app and put it to the test. I wanted to determine for myself whether CashTube was a legit way to make money or just another scam app not worth your time.

Over the past few months, I’ve used CashTube extensively to try and earn real rewards. In this detailed review, I’ll share my experiences using the different earning options and attempting to get paid.

Read on to learn whether this app actually lived up to its promises or turned out to be a waste of time.

Downloading and Signing Up for CashTube

I downloaded the CashTube app from the Google Play store on my Android phone. Installation was quick and simple. Upon opening the app, you’re prompted to either login or register an account.

I entered my email address and created a password to signup. The app then asked for additional details like my birthday and phone number for verification purposes.

The sign up process was smooth and took less than 5 minutes total. I received a verification code at my email which needed to be entered in the app to complete registration.

So far, pretty straightforward and similar to other rewards apps I’ve used. Next, it was time to start earning!

CashTube App

Claiming the Signup Bonus

Once my account was setup, CashTube gave me a signup bonus of 600 coins. This was encouraging, as 600 coins translates to about 42 cents. I hoped this was indicative of the earning potential.

The home screen displayed the available activities to earn coins, including watching videos, playing games, completing offers, referring friends, and more.

Before trying those out, I checked the rewards store to see what cashout options were available. Gift cards from popular brands and cryptocurrency exchanges were redeemable. The minimum cashout was 1,430 coins.

With my signup bonus, I was already halfway to being able to redeem my first reward. Here’s an overview of what I could get for the coin amounts:

1,430 coins – $1 PayPal cashout

7,150 coins – $5 Starbucks gift card

14,300 coins – $10 Bitcoin

71,500 coins – $50 Amazon gift card

Seemed simple enough. Now it was time to start earning coins and see how long it would take to redeem those rewards.

Earning Coins by Watching Videos

The main way CashTube advertises earning is by watching videos in the app. On the home screen, there is a large “Videos” tab that brings up trending clips you can view.

You simply select a video from the feed, watch the entire thing, and are supposed to earn 1 coin. The videos range from music videos and funny compilations to movie trailers and viral clips.

I tapped on the first video, a funny cat compilation, and watched the whole 2 minute long video expecting to earn 1 coin. But after it ended, my balance did not increase at all.

I tried watching another longer 5-minute video of funny news bloopers, again with no coins added. It seemed I was not actually getting paid per video view as advertised.

Instead, I noticed a “Rewarded Video” section at the bottom showing ads available to watch for coins.

This is where I actually earned coins for watching videos. I tapped on an ad for another app which played a 30-second video. After watching that, I earned 10 coins.

I experimented with this further and here were my findings:

  • You can watch up to 10 rewarded video ads per hour
  • Each ad watched earns 10 coins
  • The videos are 15-30 seconds long
  • There is a mix of ads for other apps/games, products, services, etc.

So by watching 10 ads per hour, I could earn 100 coins consistently. Based on this rate, it would take about 14 hours of viewing just to earn enough coins for the minimum $1 PayPal cashout.

The videos tab that claimed “earn 1 coin per video” was misleading. It seems the only way to really earn from videos is by watching lots of short rewarded ads.

Trying Out the CashTube Games

In addition to videos, CashTube has a games tab with various mini-games and quizzes you can play to earn coins.

The games available included trivia quizzes, pinball, brick breaker, and spinning prize wheels.

I tried out a few games to see how well they paid:

  • Quiz Game: Earned 5 coins for answering 10 true/false questions
  • Pinball: Earned 8 coins for hitting all targets
  • Brick Breaker: Earned 3 coins after playing 3 rounds
  • Prize Wheel: Spun and won 15 coins

The games were easy and paid a small amount of coins. It was at least a fun diversion from the videos.

Based on the payouts, I could expect to earn about 30 coins for every 10 minutes of gameplay. That’s a rate of 180 coins per hour from the games alone.

Again, not a lot, but better than only watching videos. The games are a nice supplementary earning method to break up the repetitive videos.

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CashTube Offer Wall Offers

The main tab on the home screen is called “Offer Wall” which features additional offers and tasks you can complete to earn coins.

Offers included:

  • Downloading and registering for other apps
  • Signing up for subscriptions
  • Completing surveys
  • Watching trailers for movies/games
  • Purchasing products/services
  • Referring friends

I focused first on the app download offers since those tend to be easy and pay well with other rewards programs I’ve used.

Here were the payouts for app offers I attempted:

  • Downloaded a slots game app and earned 600 coins
  • Downloaded a puzzle game app for 800 coins
  • Registered for a language learning app for 3,000 coins

These offers paid significantly better than the videos and games! However, I did notice several offers I attempted did not credit at all, even though I fully completed the requirements.

For example, I signed up and deposited $5 into a crypto investing app as required, but did not get the promised 7,500 coins.

The offer walls tend to be glitchy like this, so it’s best not to waste too much time on offers that don’t pay out properly. But when they work, you can earn thousands of coins quickly.

Some other types of offers I tried included:

  • Online survey for 250 coins
  • Sign up for streaming service free trial for 2,200 coins
  • Watch featured movie trailer for 100 coins

Overall the offer wall provided a good earnings boost compared to the passive video viewing and games. However, you have to be selective about which offers you attempt to avoid wasting time on ones that don’t credit.

CashTube Tasks

In addition to the main earning activities above, CashTube has a “Tasks” section with various one-time tasks you can complete each day for coins.

The tasks include things like:

  • Watching a certain number of videos
  • Earning your first coins of the day
  • Spinning the bonus wheel
  • Completing your daily check-in

These tasks pay anywhere from 50 to 500 coins typically. They provide some easy, low-effort coins you can claim daily.

I made it part of my routine to check the tasks and complete the easy ones like watching 3 videos and spinning the bonus wheel. Over time, those add up.

The tasks definitely felt like “busy work” designed just to keep you in the app longer. But hey, more coins!

Referring Friends for Bonus Coins

Like most rewards apps, CashTube incentivizes you to refer new users by giving a bonus when you invite friends.

Each successful invite earned me 500 coins. CashTube also promises you get 10% of the coins your referred friends earn.

I did try inviting several friends. Two of them signed up, earning me 1,000 coins total. However, I did not actually receive any bonus from their earnings.

This makes the 10% referral commissions seem deceiving. It appears you only get the one-time 500 coin new user bonus.

Referrals are an easy way to rack up more coins if you can get friends and family members to sign up under your link. Just don’t expect any recurring commissions.

My Total Earnings After 1 Month Using CashTube

So in my first month using CashTube actively, here is how many coins I earned from each activity:

  • Signup Bonus: 600 coins
  • Videos: 1,500 coins
  • Games: 5,000 coins
  • Offer Wall: 15,000 coins
  • Tasks: 3,000 coins
  • Referrals: 1,000 coins

That came out to a total of 26,100 coins, valued at around $18. Pretty good for just passive playing!

However, the real test would be actually cashing out my earnings, which is where CashTube’s issues emerged…

Attempting to Cash Out My Earnings

After about a month, I had earned enough to redeem a $10 Bitcoin reward (needed 14,300 coins). So I went to “My Wallet” and tapped the “Exchange” button to convert my coins to Bitcoin.

A message popped up saying my withdrawal would be processed within 24 hours and the funds sent to my connected Bitcoin wallet.

24 hours later, I still had not received the Bitcoin payout. My withdrawal showed as “Pending” under transaction history.

48 hours passed and still nothing. After 5 days, the withdrawal was still stuck on pending.

At this point, I contacted CashTube support to ask why I had not received my payout yet. They stated there was an issue verifying my account and that I would need to complete ID verification before my withdrawal could be processed.

This was strange since I was never prompted for ID verification when signing up. I sent a photo of my driver’s license as requested.

A week later, I still had not received the Bitcoin or any update on my stuck withdrawal. Contacting support again provided no help or info.

Ultimately, my withdrawal remained pending indefinitely and I never received my earned $10 in Bitcoin.

I tried cashing out lower amounts, even just $1 PayPal, and those were also stuck on pending forever.

Account Termination After My Cash Out Attempts

Two weeks after I initiated my withdrawal, I opened the CashTube app to find my account had been terminated suddenly.

The message simply stated “Your account has been closed for violation of terms of service.”

This was shocking considering I had followed all rules and was only trying to redeem rightfully earned rewards, not any sneaky tactics.

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Emailing support got no response on why my account was closed. I had heard accounts often get shut down right after first cash out attempts, but wasn’t expecting it to happen to me.

Losing access to my account also meant I lost all the earned coins I was never able to cash out.

Just like that, a month’s worth of earnings gone with no payment to show.

Evaluating Whether CashTube Is Legit or a Scam

My experience trying to cash out confirmed what many reviews have reported – the app ultimately does not pay.

While I was able to actively earn a decent amount of coins during my first month, the app imposed delayed withdrawal requests and vague verification requirements when the time came to redeem those coins.

Ultimately, I never received the Bitcoin payout I requested for the 14,300 coins earned. And soon after, my account was terminated for unspecified reasons.

Here are the signs that point to CashTube being a scam:

  • Imposing withdrawal delays and new ID verification after earning coins
  • Never receiving an approved withdrawal request
  • Account termination soon after cash out attempt
  • Lack of support response on payout issues
  • Inability to find company address or owner information

And most telling – thousands of 1-star reviews complaining rewards are never paid out.

For these reasons, I have concluded CashTube cannot be considered a legitimate app that pays users.

While the app does provide some fun ways to earn coins through videos, games, and offer walls, its failure to deliver on promised rewards reveals its true intentions – profiting off user activity without any real payout.

The inability to cash out earnings, even after hitting the clearly stated thresholds, shows CashTube ultimately cannot be trusted to pay real money or other rewards.

Why Apps Like CashTube Are Considered Scams

It’s understandable why CashTube seems enticing – it offers seemingly easy ways to earn money from your phone. But apps that are too good to be true often turn out to be scams once you dive deeper.

Here are some of the reasons apps like CashTube use scammy tactics:

To profit from ads – The app makes money by serving up video ads and collecting user data. So the more people using it, the more they earn. But they don’t actually share the revenue with users.

To get app downloads – CashTube earns referral commissions when users sign up for offered apps and services. But they have no incentive to reward users.

To gather market research – User responses to surveys, polls, videos, and games provide valuable consumer data they can sell.

To boost social shares – Encouraging referrals is free marketing to get more installs. But the business goal is growth, not paying users.

To raise funding – Apps may push “earnings” to seem hot and profitable as part of a startup funding pitch, even if real payouts are rare.

To distribute malware – While I didn’t experience this with CashTube, some scam apps spreading via ads or offers aim to compromise devices.

The common thread is these apps are designed to take from users, not give. By seeming generous on the surface, they deceptionally attract the masses from which to collect value.

Warning Signs of Reward App Scams

Based on my experience, here are some warning signs that a rewards app like CashTube is likely a scam trying to take advantage of users:

  • Requires excessive activity before cashing out
  • Imposes withdrawal delays and verification requests
  • Provides vague reasons when payments aren’t received
  • Won’t provide company ownership, location, or contact info
  • Gives large referral bonuses but no actual commissions
  • Generates revenue through ads and selling data
  • Has largely negative reviews claiming non-payment

If you spot any of these red flags, avoid spending too much time earning with the app, as you’ll likely never get paid. CashTube exhibited all of these telltale signs during my usage.

Are There Any Legit Apps Like CashTube?

While CashTube turned out to be just another scammy app, there are plenty of legitimate rewards programs you can use to earn real money and gift cards from your phone.

Here are some truly legitimate options to consider:

InboxDollars – Get paid to take surveys, watch videos, play games and more. Lots of earning options.

Swagbucks – Another top rewards site with varied activities to earn rewards. Trusted company.

SurveyJunkie – Earn cash taking online surveys with fast payouts to PayPal.

Fetch Rewards – Scan grocery receipts to earn gift cards to popular retailers. Easy to use.

Nielsen Panel – Get paid to share internet usage data by installing a meter on devices. Open to limited users.

Dabbl – Earn gift cards trying new apps and playing games. Very easy passive earner.

Mistplay – Get paid to play popular new mobile games during your free time.

These are just a few of the many legit rewards apps that actually pay. Look for apps with transparent redemption processes, high user ratings, and reputable companies behind them.

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Also Read:

Is It Possible to Make Real Money with CashTube?

Based on my experience, while you can earn small amounts of coins, you ultimately won’t get paid out by CashTube. So it’s not a viable way to actually make money.

The app makes it seem easy to convert coins to cash after hitting minimums. But they impose barriers and delays when you try to withdraw. Or worse, outright terminate your account.

You may see some positive reviews claiming they got paid by CashTube. However, the overwhelming majority report inability to cash out, leading me to conclude the few payment reports are probably fake or incredibly lucky outliers.

When an app has so many complaints about failure to pay, with no company ownership information available, that says enough about whether earnings are possible or just a mirage.

So in closing, while CashTube does provide some entertainment with videos, games, and offer wall activities, don’t expect to convert your time spent into actual money. For that, I’d recommend exploring legitimate reward apps – CashTube is clearly designed to take more than it gives.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are answers to some common questions based on my experience using the CashTube app:

Is CashTube completely free to use?

Yes, the app is free to download and use. However, it is ad-supported, so you have to watch lots of video ads to earn coins.

How long does it take to earn CashTube rewards?

You can earn coins quickly doing activities in the app. But since cash outs almost never work, you won’t actually get rewards despite earning enough coins.

Does CashTube work on iPhone?

Yes, there is an iOS version available but it has the same problems of not paying users reliably.

Can you get paid via PayPal with CashTube?

PayPal is a cashout option once you earn enough coins. However, users report constantly pending PayPal withdrawals that never get sent.

Is there a guaranteed minimum payout?

No, there is no guaranteed payment since most users are unable to successfully withdraw earnings regardless of how much they earn.

Does CashTube work worldwide?

The app seems to be available worldwide based on the user base. But users from all over the globe report the same non-payment issues.

Is CashTube safe to use?

There are risks sharing personal information given the anonymous owners and lack of clarity around how data is handled.

It’s likely safest to avoid using scam apps like CashTube altogether.

Can you get banned from CashTube for no reason?

Yes, many users report random account terminations after earning significant coins or trying to cash out. This seems to be a tactic to avoid withdrawals.

Does CashTube pay instantly?

No, there is no instant payment feature. You need to earn a minimum amount of coins before you can even request a cash out, which likely will never be approved anyway.

Can you use a VPN with CashTube?

Yes, you can use a VPN with the app. But it won’t help get around the underlying issues of CashTube failing to pay users.

Is there a limit to how much you can earn on CashTube?

There are no stated limits on coins earned. But in practice, the app will either fail to pay you anything or ban your account once you earn too much.

Can you redeem earned coins for Amazon gift cards?

Gift cards for Amazon and popular brands are advertised as rewards. However, users are unable to redeem their converted coins for any actual rewards.

Does CashTube work with iOS?

Yes, CashTube is available on the App Store but has the same problems on iOS as the Android version when it comes to lack of payouts.

Is CashTube a pyramid scheme?

While CashTube itself is not a pyramid scheme, it does try to get users to recruit referrals to keep the app growing, similar to a pyramid model.

Has anyone successfully cashed out from CashTube?

A tiny fraction of users report receiving small gift card payouts. However, the vast majority are unable to cash out at all. Don’t expect you’ll be the rare exception.

Is CashTube trustworthy?

No, CashTube cannot be considered trustworthy given the overwhelming amount of evidence pointing to it being just another scam app failing to pay users as promised.

Can you get paid cash by PayPal from CashTube?

PayPal is listed as a cashout method. But there are virtually no instances of users actually receiving PayPal payments from CashTube despite earning enough coins.

Is CashTube a virus?

The app itself is not malware. However, scam apps sometimes contain hidden spyware or viruses. It’s best not to take the risk.

So in summary, while you can spend time earning coins, CashTube ultimately will not pay out reliably. Don’t waste effort on this scam app – seek out legitimate rewards programs that value your time and activity with real rewards.