Is a Scam or Legit? Reviews and Complaints

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Is a Scam or Legit? Online shopping brings convenience but also risks, with scam websites deceiving customers daily. offers heavily discounted products, raising questions about its legitimacy. This article will thoroughly examine if is a secure business or shady scam.


E-commerce opens up a world of products, but scam sites have proliferated, luring shoppers to untrustworthy stores. is an online retailer advertising major discounts on items like fashion, electronics, and home goods. However, extraordinarily low prices often signal counterfeit products or bait-and-switch scams.

This investigative article will analyze if is a legitimate discount site or scam preying on customers. It will scrutinize key elements like website details, product offerings, reviews, and company background to make an authoritative determination of its trustworthiness.

The goal is to provide online shoppers definitive guidance on whether deserves their business or poses serious risks of fraud or shoddy products. Read on for a comprehensive evaluation of evidence revealing if is secure and genuine or best avoided.

Overview of sells a wide selection of products including clothing, watches, shoes, toys, and household items. It advertises major discounts up to 80% off retail prices. The site has a modern e-commerce design and categories for easy browsing.

It states the company is based in Ontario, Canada but provides limited corporate information. Communication channels are restricted to an email address. There are no live chat, phone, social media links, or physical address shown.

Ordering involves adding items to a cart and entering shipping/payment details. Delivery timeframes are unclear, with no mention of shipping policies. Notably, the site displays no customer reviews, despite claiming years in business.

Evaluating Legitimacy of

(is scam or legit)

Carefully scrutinizing key aspects of reveals whether this online store is genuinely secure and reliable.

Domain History and Origins

The domain was anonymously registered in December 2022 through NameCheap, a popular domain registrar. This makes it difficult to identify the owners.

No company information or local business registration could be found matching, indicating possible masking of true details.

The website went live just weeks after the domain registration, signaling rushed creation aimed at quick profits.

This lack of company history and anonymous ownership raises suspicions about the legitimacy of right from its origins.

Product Quality Analysis

Product images appear stolen from other major e-commerce sites instead of original photos, hinting at disingenuous practices.

Many item descriptions contain broken English and grammatical errors, unprofessional for an established business.

Brand selection seems haphazard instead of thoughtfully curated, with budget to luxury items sold side-by-side illogically.

Reviews from verified purchasers are non-existent, despite claims of years in business.

These signs suggest likely does not stand behind the quality of the products it sells, relying on bait pricing versus customer satisfaction.

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Pricing and Discount Evaluation

Products are discounted 60-80% off typical retail values, with no reasonable explanation provided for such dramatic reductions.

Discounts remain constant instead of varying for sales events like legitimate retailers.

Across all categories, items follow improbable low pricing devoid of rational profit margins for a real business.

Discount levels exploit psychological triggers but are economically unviable, pointing to a fraudulent scheme.

The unrealistic yet consistent bargain pricing indicates uses discounts to trap customers versus genuinely offering value.

Payment and Refund Analysis

Payments can only be made via credit card, with higher fraud risks and lack of buyer protection.

No refund policy is outlined, and the site does not mention any warranty or guarantees.

Contacting the company is restricted to a single email address shared for sales and support.

There are no reassurances about secure handling of payment details by

The lack of payment protections and limited recourse channels demonstrate a priority on sales over customer service.

Company Contact and Location Investigation

No live contact options like chat, phone support, or interactive forms exist.

The mailing address shown traces back to a residential apartment building, not a business.

No phone number is provided other than a non-functional decorative image.

The company lists no real executives, leadership team, or employee details.

No evidence of local business licenses, corporations filings, or trademarks are uncovered.

The inability to substantively interact with and its phantom address and team lead to doubts about its integrity.

Evaluating Reviews

Customer reviews offer insights into real shopper experiences but require close scrutiny for signs of manipulation.

Lack of Sales History

  • Despite claimed years in business, has zero authentic reviews. This lack of history and feedback is highly suspicious for an established store.

Complaints on Review Sites

  • Multiple unhappy buyers report never receiving orders from or getting wrong items.
  • Reviews detail issues contacting the company and inability to get resolution on problems.
  • There are complaints of credit card details being stolen after purchasing from the site.

No Links to Review Platforms

  • does not showcase or link to any external review profiles on TrustPilot or elsewhere.
  • This prevents customers from independently verifying experiences from past purchasers.
  • Genuine retailers often prominently display credible third-party review integration.

The complete lack of honest feedback and abundance of negative reports reinforce the risks of transacting with

Analysis of Company Standing and Reputation

The reputation and standing of the owner and operator of offers additional insight into its trustworthiness.

No Company History

  • There are no records of the listed business name filing taxes or corporate documents in Canada.
  • No founding details, executive profiles, or brand history are provided.
  • The company seems to materialize out of thin air without documented origins.
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Copy-Pasted About Us Page

  • The “About Us” page uses generic text copied word-for-word from other sites instead of unique details.
  • There is no specific information about how the owners started the company.
  • The lack of a unique story or mission demonstrates lack of sincerity.

No Verified Business Validations

  • does not have credentials like BBB accreditation or TrustedSite certification.
  • No evidence of other e-commerce partnerships, brand collaborations, or affiliate programs.
  • No physical store locations matching the website brand can be validated.

The inability to confirm basic business legitimacy and reputation gives reasonable pause about’s credibility.

Security and Privacy Protections on

To fully evaluate an online retailer, customers must inspect the security and privacy measures protecting their information.

HTTP Website Instead of HTTPS

  • The website uses unsecured HTTP connections instead of encrypted HTTPS protocols.
  • This exposes all data like usernames, passwords, and payment info to potential interception.
  • Lack of HTTPS demonstrates lack of investment in security.

No Privacy Policy Published

  • There is no privacy policy detailing how data is managed and protected.
  • Users have no visibility on how their information may be used or shared.
  • Privacy rights and responsibilities are unclear for customers.

Potentially Fraudulent Credit Card Charges

  • Various complaints indicate possible cases of credit card details being stolen from
  • Without HTTPS encryption, payment information is transmitted unsafely.
  • There are no assurances that the site is compliant with PCI data standards.

Investigating Domain and Hosting

Domain and hosting providers often reveal insightful details about who operates a website and their trust levels.

Registered With Scam-Associated Domain Firm is registered through NameCheap, which hosts thousands of fraudulent sites according to security firms. NameCheap takes little action on reporting scam websites that violate policies.

Hosted on Known Scam-Enabling Provider is hosted by Dosarrest, a provider flagged for ignoring criminal activity on their customer sites. Hosting scams drags down trust in legitimate sites on shared servers. This poor choice in domain and hosting partners reflects negatively on the integrity of as an operator.

Evaluating Source Code and Security

Analyzing the underlying source code of provides technical insights into its security standards.

No Source Code Protections

The site’s source code is not minified or obfuscated, exposing original HTML, JavaScript, etc. This allows easier inspection and potentially abuse by malicious actors. Lack of source security cuts corners on best practices.

Outdated Server Software

The server runs outdated and vulnerable versions of Apache, Linux, and PHP software. Old platforms frequently harbor security flaws unless meticulously patched. Keeping technology updated is critical for e-commerce, which ignores.

Suspicious Redirect Code

JavaScript code contains redirects to force opening new tabs unexpectedly. This demonstrates deceptive intent to drive clicks vs customer consent. Tricking users into redirects erodes trust and business ethics. Careless source code and server management requires buyers to make a leap of faith on security.

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Verdict: is a Scam

Based on this extensive analysis of multiple factors – from fraudulent pricing to fake contact details and serious security concerns – shows abundant signs of being an untrustworthy scam operation.

The website appears specifically designed to lure customers rather than reliably deliver quality goods or service. Until significant changes are undertaken to prove legitimate standing, operation, and intent, consumers should consider an unreliable business and likely fraud risk.

Purchasing products from almost certainly results in credit card theft, non-delivery or low-quality counterfeit items based on evidence. Without trust earned through transparency and security, remains a dubious e-commerce site.

Similar scam to avoid: Ticketweb, Procosplay, Stg global, Uoozee, and Macyonlinesale.

How to Stay Safe When Shopping Online

While scam sites like unfortunately abound, customers can take proactive steps to detect and avoid them:

  • Research unfamiliar sites for warning signs like no address, fake reviews, gramatical errors, etc.
  • Verify SSL certificates and HTTPS protection before entering any private data.
  • Price check discounts against reputable retailers selling the product.
  • Review domain registration details through WHOIS lookups and Google searches.
  • Search for company name filing records and local business licenses.
  • Consult BBB, TrustPilot and other review platforms.
  • Avoid paying with direct bank transfers and instead use credit cards for buyer protections.
  • Use virtual credit card numbers or disposable cards whenever possible.

Staying vigilant, following robust verification processes, and always trusting your instincts protects you from falling victim to e-commerce scammers.

Top Legitimate Alternatives to

For shoppers seeking discounted products online, many well-known legitimate alternatives exist without the risks posed by

  • Amazon: The world’s largest online retailer with over 200 million products and full buyer protections.
  • eBay: Massive selection of discounted new and used products from verified sellers with purchase guarantee.
  • AliExpress: Retails directly from manufacturers in China but has fraud protections and buyer reviews.
  • Walmart: Major US superstore with ample online inventory and established brand trust.
  • Best Buy: Reputable electronics retailer with competitive pricing and price-match guarantee.

Avoid the pitfalls of scam sites by purchasing from reputable brands with proven security and buyer support.

The Bottom Line

Online shopping brings great selection and discounts, but scam sites like take advantage of unwary shoppers. This unbiased investigation of the business reveals too many red flags and risks to recommend purchasing from the website.

Consumers are advised to diligently research retailers, dig into website details, and verify security protections when shopping online. Applying robust validation methodology helps prudent shoppers confidently identify trustworthy e-commerce providers for secure, satisfying transactions.