Is Macyonlinesale Legit or a Scam? Honest Review 2023

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  • Post published:February 19, 2024
  • Post category:Reviews is a website that sells products claiming to be from the popular department store Macy’s. With deals like 80% off top brands, it can be tempting to shop here. But can this site offering such unbelievable prices be trusted? This Macyonlinesale review report will thoroughly examine if Macyonlinesale is a legitimate retailer or an online scam.

Overview of Macyonlinesale

At first glance, looks like the real deal. The site appears professional with sections for trending products, top deals, and categories ranging from home goods to beauty items. All products shown are from recognizable Macy’s private label brands like Hotel Collection and Martha Stewart.

The website states they can offer such low prices by buying leftover inventory directly from Macy’s. Payment is handled through PayPal, with shipping in 10-20 days worldwide. However, looking further reveals some concerning details.

Signs Macyonlinesale is Legitimate

There are a few indicators that Macyonlinesale could potentially be a valid retailer:

Wide Selection of Brand Name Products

The site does have a large catalog of items from known Macy’s exclusive brands not available elsewhere. This shows they likely have some kind of inventory access.

Professional Website Design

The website appears nicely designed and laid out like a real online store, suggesting an investment into its presentation.

PayPal Payment Processing

PayPal is a trusted payment processor that offers buyer protection policies. This gives more coverage than questionable sites using obscure processors.

However, there are far more red flags that point to Macyonlinesale likely being a scam operation:

Signs Macyonlinesale is a Scam

1. Hidden Domain Registration

The domain whois records are private and obscure the true owner. Genuine retailers are transparent about their business details.

2. No Company Named Macyonlinesale

Searches uncover no trademarks or corporations named “Macyonlinesale” besides this site. It has no relation to the real Macy’s brand.

3. Macy’s Doesn’t Sell Wholesale for 80% Off

Macyonlinesale claims to buy leftover stock from Macy’s. But Macy’s only sells to authorized retailers, not unknown sites at absurd 80% discounts.

4. Fake Limited Quantities

The site shows messages like “Only 2 left!” to pressure buyers – a deceptive tactic used by scammers.

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5. Reviews Are Copied from Real Brands

The few positive reviews are copied from actual Macy’s items. There are no unique reviews indicating satisfied customers of this specific store.

6. Returns Within Only 7 Days

The short return window signals an attempt to discourage disputes. Most retailers offer 30 days or more.

7. Grammatical Errors

The site has awkward phrasing and grammar mistakes throughout, indicating it was not professionally created.

8. Terms and Conditions Lead to Blank Pages

Clicking terms and conditions or privacy policy links just lead to empty pages, showing policies were never written.

9. Customer Service Only Via Email

There is only an email for customer inquiries – no phone, live chat, or social media for issues. Unresponsive email-only contact is common with scam sites.

10. No Company Information

No business registration details, address, or “about us” information is provided to verify legitimacy.

With multiple clear warning signs of a scam present, Macyonlinesale appears to be a fraudulent website masquerading as an authorized Macy’s retailer to deceive buyers.

Conclusion: Macyonlinesale is a Fake Store

Based on in-depth analysis of the website details, domain registration, product selection, and overall lack of authenticity markers, the evidence conclusively indicates is very likely a scam website and not a real online retailer.

Key reasons pointing to it being an untrustworthy fraudulent store include:

  • No relation to the real Macy’s brand despite claiming to sell their products
  • Lack of company credibility such as registration details or verified address
  • No unique customer reviews indicating satisfied buyers
  • Unrealistic discounts and deceptive sales tactics
  • Restrictive return policies favoring the seller, not buyers
  • Poor privacy and terms of service policies

Considering these multiple issues, Macyonlinesale appears to be masquerading as an official Macy’s site to lure bargain hunters but will likely fail to deliver quality products matching its marketing.

Shoppers are best avoiding this suspicious website and instead purchasing directly from Macy’s official online store or authorized affiliate retailers.

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Safely Shopping at Macy’s Online

Macy’s does not currently operate any official online stores besides and in the UK. Any other website claiming to sell Macy’s products is not sanctioned or approved by Macy’s.

To safely purchase genuine Macy’s merchandise online:

  • Only shop directly at owned by Macy’s Inc.
  • Check affiliate retailers like Bloomingdales and Walmart through the “Find at Other Retailers” link on for authorized sellers.
  • Avoid unfamiliar sites offering steep discounts on Macy’s items that seem too good to be true.
  • Verify return policies, contact details, privacy policies, and SSL security when shopping at unclear sites.
  • Use credit cards when shopping online for added fraud protection.

Taking these precautions helps identify authorized sellers of real Macy’s products versus possible scam websites aiming to mislead consumers.

Protecting Yourself from Online Shopping Scams

If you placed an order through Macyonlinesale and suspect it may be illegitimate, take these steps to protect yourself:

  • Report unauthorized charges – Call your bank/credit card company to report any potentially fraudulent charges. They can reverse the payments and issue new cards.
  • Monitor statements – Keep a close eye on your account statements for any suspicious activity. Scammers may have accessed your payment info.
  • Change passwords – Update passwords on any accounts that used the same credentials as you did on the scam website. Enable two-factor authentication when possible.
  • Beware of phishing attempts – Scammers may send fake emails claiming issues with your order to try gaining personal or financial details. Ignore these scams.
  • Contact authorities – Report details to the FTC and FBI’s Internet Crime Complaint Center to help authorities build cases against online scams.
  • Read up on protection – Knowledge is power. Read guidance from consumer agencies about how to recognize and counter online scams to stay safe in the future.

While falling victim to retail scams can be disheartening, taking proactive measures minimizes damages and reduces further risks. Being an informed shopper is the best way to protect yourself.

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Researching Online Retailers

These tips can help determine if an unfamiliar online store is trustworthy or not before making purchases:

  • Search the company name along with terms like “reviews”, “scam”, or “complaints” for red flags.
  • Check independent review sites like Trustpilot for customer experiences.
  • Verify their listed contact details are valid and that customer service is responsive.
  • Search their listed business address for a real location and check state registrations.
  • Price check discounts against current market rates. If it’s far below competitors, it may be bait for a scam.
  • Review webpage source code. Fake sites often copy code from other retailers.
  • Evaluate the website layout. Misspellings, grammatical errors, or broken links indicate a shady site.

Conducting thorough research protects consumers from deceitful retailers operating under false pretenses. Taking time to vet and verify ecommerce sites before providing payment details can prevent becoming the victim of online shopping fraud.

FAQs About Macyonlinesale Scams

Is Macyonlinesale the real Macy’s website?

No. Macyonlinesale has no affiliation with the legitimate retailer Macy’s. The official Macy’s website is

Can I get my money back if I purchased from Macyonlinesale?

If you paid by credit card, you can likely get fraudulent charges reversed by reporting them as unauthorized to your card issuer.

Are the products on Macyonlinesale authentic?

Unlikely. They are masquerading as selling genuine Macy’s merchandise, but user reports indicate customers receive fake or different items.

Is Macyonlinesale based in the United States?

It is unclear where Macyonlinesale operators are located. The domain uses proxy registration services to hide the true owner details.

Are the reviews on Macyonlinesale real or fake?

The reviews appear fake or copied from elsewhere. There are no unique reviews indicating verified purchasers from the site itself.

Carefully researching retailer legitimacy and threat signs protects online shoppers from falling victim to ecommerce scams. This investigative analysis of potential red flags underscores the importance of always being a smart, cautious consumer.

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