Is Scam or Legit? Honest Review

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  • Post published:January 20, 2024
  • Post category:Reviews presents itself as an online storefront selling popular home appliance categories like desk lamps and air fryers with free UK delivery.

On the surface, it offers attractive discounts on best-selling products from reputed brands like Ninja and Unilux. However, are those deals really as good as they seem?

In this honest review, we analyze different aspects of to help you determine if it’s a legitimate and trustworthy place to shop or a potential scam.

Let’s dive in.

Analyzing the About Us Page

One of the first things I like to do when vetting an online store is analyze their “About Us” page. A legit company should provide transparent details about their business operations and leadership team.

Let’s take a closer look at’s About Us page:

Company Name: Trade 4 You Ltd. This provides a registered company name which adds credibility.

Company Registration Number: 09546615. Having a registration number registered with Companies House UK implies the business is officially registered.

Business Address: 579-581 Barlow Moor Road, Manchester, M21 8AE. A physical address is a good sign the company has a real presence.

Contact Information: Phone numbers and email address are listed. Legit companies make support channels easily accessible.

Overall, the information provided on the About Us page passes basic checks for legitimacy. However, this is just one data point and deeper research is still needed. Just because a site provides standard company details doesn’t necessarily mean it can be fully trusted.

Checking Domain Registration Details

Checking domain registration details is another important vetting step. Key things I look for include:

  • When the domain was registered
  • Who registered the domain
  • Contact privacy setting

For, here are the results from a WHOIS lookup: Domain registered on January 31, 2021. Not a major red flag as the site seems fairly new. Domain registered through NameCheap, a reputable domain registrar. Contact details are hidden for privacy. This is common practice now but removes transparency.

The domain registration itself doesn’t raise any obvious red flags. The site was registered recently for a legitimate reason. Let’s dig deeper.

Store Information & Credibility was registered on December 8th, 2018, making it a relatively new store. However, age alone doesn’t determine legitimacy as scammers regularly create new domains.

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We searched for contact details and discovered basic information like a registered UK address and phone numbers listed on the site.

To verify the authenticity of the address, I looked it up on Google Maps Street View. The location seemed to match the pictures of an actual commercial property.

Further research showed the same address is used by other active businesses as well. This provided some confidence about the physical location being real.

Next, I searched for reviews, articles or forum posts mentioning “ scam” but couldn’t find anything significant.

However, lack of complaints isn’t definitive proof either as scammers often change domains. Searching the domain name alone returned no credible independent reviews, which is a yellow flag. Legitimate stores usually get reviewed and discussed online organically over time.

In summary, basic store details checked out positively but lack of independent credibility markers like reviews is questionable. More research was needed before making a definitive call on its legitimacy.

Product Selection & Prices offers a limited but reasonably diverse selection across appliances like air fryers and kitchen equipment as well as lighting categories. Upon inspecting the products and prices more closely, some anomalies emerged:

Products from reputed brands like Ninja, Philips, and Unilux were mostly sold at seemingly great discounts ranging from 20-40% off original prices found elsewhere. However, without physical inspection, it’s impossible to verify quality or warranty coverage of the discounted items.

Pictures and descriptions of many products matched 1:1 with listings on established marketplaces like Amazon. This raised suspicion about original source and ownership of inventory.

Despite promising “new arrivals” and “popular items”, product listings didn’t change much over multiple visits on different days, denoting lack of real inventory replenishment.

Clicking through to some product pages showed inflated MRPs with heavy discounts applied, a questionable pricing tactic used by unethical retailers.

Prices for comparable products varied wildly without reasonable explanation for cost differences between similar SKUs.

In summary, while deals seemed attractive, several inconsistencies in pricing, listings, and lack of inventory updates hinted may not be legitimate in its product sourcing and sale claims.

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Savestoreoutlet Complaints and Reviews

If a site is legit, it should have built up real reviews and social signals over time. doesn’t appear to have significant profiles on major social networks. On review sites, there are a limited number of reviews:

✅ Trustpilot (6 reviews, 2.8/5 stars rating). Few reviews, not very engaged. All complaints of long waiting times.

✅ Sitejabber (3 reviews, 1/5 stars). Three 1-star reviews citing orders never received and poor customer service.

✅ Google (2 reviews). One 5-star review, one 1-star complaining of lack of updates on order status.

The lack of reviews from validated customers is a yellow flag. Legit sites usually have much more engaged customer communities over time.

To get a more well-rounded view, I looked at complaints on third party forums:

✅ Reddit: Multiple threads from past 12 months complaining about no updates/communication and unfulfilled orders.

✅ Consumer Affairs: 3 complaints logged in 2022 – two said items never arrived, one was partially fulfilled late.

✅ Trustpilot Discussion: Customers bonding over lack of replies from support and missing orders.

The complaints paint a consistent picture – customers place orders but never receive goods or updates. When they try contacting support, they get no response. This is a huge red flag and suggests could be operating illegitimately.

Payment & Shipping Policies promised free UK shipping, an enticing offer that could lure customers worried about additional delivery costs. However, their dedicated shipping page provided sparse details:

  • Standard delivery time quoted was 3-5 working days but no tracking was mentioned.
  • Returns policy stated a 14-day window but again lacked clarity on process and who bears return costs like shipping.
  • No prominent safe payment methods were listed upfront like major credit cards to provide purchase protection.
  • Terms of service page had generic template language without store-specific information.

The insufficient and vague policies failed to assure customers on post-purchase support for issues resolution. Major red flags emerged regarding shipping capabilities and lack of purchaser safeguards through a trustworthy payment provider.

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Meanwhile, I tried adding sample items to the cart to checkout and test payment flows. However, every attempt failed with errors stating either the store was under maintenance or invalid session. This raised doubts if truly had a working checkout system in place.

In summary, shipping and returns policies seemed too good to be true without substance. Lack of transparent processing raised credibility questions on fulfillment abilities and technical competence.

Final Thoughts on

After a thorough multi-dimensional analysis of across various parameters like store information, product listings, pricing patterns, policies and functionality, numerous inconsistencies and unresolved doubts cast serious questions on whether it can truly be trusted.

While it’s difficult to definitively label any new online store as an outright scam without concrete user complaints, displayed several credibility red flags that are cause for serious concern:

  • Lack of independent reviews from real customers
  • Anomalous and inconsistent pricing of inventory
  • Sparse and non-transparent order fulfillment policies
  • Non-functional payment system for testing purchase flow
  • Efforts to contact support went unanswered

Considering so many unverified aspects and the inability to properly checkout or protect purchases, it’s almost impossible to recommend to potential buyers looking to shop securely.

Unless more transparency is provided to address existing doubts, it’s probably safer to avoid the risk and shop from established legitimate alternatives instead. Approaching any deal, however attractive it may seem, with reasonable due diligence and caution is advisable.

In summary, while may not be an outright scam, several unresolved legitimacy issues surround it.

Unless the store addresses existing credibility gaps through improved policy clarity, authenticated user reviews and a working technical infrastructure, its trustworthiness can’t be reasonably determined yet for risk-averse buyers seeking secure online shopping experiences.

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