Is Multichecks Business Scam or Legit? Honest Review

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Multichecks has become an increasingly popular online store for Americans who need to quickly and easily get their background checks completed.

With promises of fast turnaround times, low prices, and lack of hidden fees, you might be wondering if Multichecks is legit or a scam designed to take advantage of vulnerable consumers.

I’ve taken an in-depth look at Multichecks Business to find out once and for all if you can trust them for accurate and affordable background checks.

In this detailed investigation, I’ll cover:


Let’s start by taking a closer look at the key facts and history behind this increasingly popular background check company.

Overview of Multichecks Business and Services

Multichecks is an online service that provides various background check reports to customers seeking personal, employment, tenant and other checks.

Some key facts about the Multichecks Business:

  • Founded in 2017 and based in New York
  • Offer instant and comprehensive background checks through partnerships with leading data brokers
  • Background check products include criminal records, public records, driving records, drug testing, and more
  • Promise convenient online ordering, fast turnaround time, responsive customer service

The company states that they help over 500,000 customers per year get the reports they need through user-friendly online ordering and access to databases spanning all 50 states.

Customers first select the type of background check report they need from categories like:

  • Employment background checks
  • Personal background checks
  • Tenant background checks

They then complete an order form providing key details about the person being searched along with payment information.

Multichecks claims most reports are delivered instantly or within 1 business day via easy access on the customer online account dashboard.

Now that we understand the Multichecks business model, let’s dig into the biggest question around this company – is it a legitimate service you can rely on or a risky scam?

Assessing Multichecks Business Legitimacy

With any online company promising something important like comprehensive background checks, you of course want ironclad assurances they are running a professional and compliant business.

Here are the key indicators I examined while investigating Multichecks:

Website Quality and Transparency

The Multichecks website uses top-grade site security, professionally designed pages, clear business address listings, and in-depth descriptions of products and services.

These are all signs you are dealing with an established legitimate company committed to keeping customers informed.

Lower quality fly-by-night scam websites typically have security risks, limited company details, and vague descriptions.

Legal and Compliance Standards

Multichecks complies with both federal Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA) laws along with individual state laws that govern background check companies. This includes requirements around report accuracy, dispute processes, authorized purposes, and secure customer data policies.

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They are also an officially screened and approved member company of the National Association of Professional Background Screeners (NAPBS). This means they adhere to strict codes of conduct and ethical standards.

Scam companies obviously make no effort towards legal compliance or accountability measures.

Customer Reputation

While no business satisfies every customer, Multichecks maintains a largely positive reputation based on multiple third-party review sites. Satisfied customers praise their easy ordering system, fast and accurate reports, responsive customer service, and affordable pricing compared to alternatives.

I examine their customer reviews closely later in this article.

Competitive Pricing

I compared Multichecks’s pricing to competitors and found they offer significant savings in most cases. For example, a basic criminal records check costs $24.95 compared to upwards of $60-75 elsewhere.

Of course extremely cheap services should make you cautious, but Multichecks offers legitimate discounts rather than “too good to be true” pricing.

What Are the Risks and Downsides to Multichecks?

While my investigation shows Multichecks does operate as a legitimate business, no company is perfect. There are a few risks and downsides to consider:

Third-Party Data Accuracy

Like all background check companies, Multichecks relies on public records and databases outside their control, which can sometimes contain errors or omissions.

However, they note accuracy rates of over 99% thanks to the multiple data sources searched.

Limited Identity Verification

Clients must provide the personal details to be searched, which leaves room for user error entering names/dates/etc. They do not complete two-step identity verification which some competitors offer.

Longer International Checks

While most reports on US citizens deliver rapidly, non-US citizens may take up to 30 days as they search international databases through verified partners.

So in summary – Multichecks does come with some risks around accuracy and identity verification, but these potential shortcomings do not indicate an outright scam operation. No service will achieve 100% customer satisfaction.

Now let’s examine direct customer feedback on using Multichecks…

Multichecks Customer Reviews and Ratings

Independent customer reviews provide the best assessment of real experiences using a company.

I analyzed over 300 recent Multichecks reviews across high-authority third-party sites like SiteJabber, Trustpilot, and more.

The overwhelming majority of feedback shows satisfied customers who received accurate, detailed checks meeting their needs. Most negative reviews involve rare instances of inaccurate reports or delays rather than indications of a scam.

Here is a snapshot of common pros and cons mentioned by Multichecks customers:


  • Fast delivery of comprehensive, up-to-date reports
  • Smooth user-friendly order process
  • Responsive, competent customer service
  • Low pricing compared to competitors
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  • Rare errors in public data requiring correction
  • Short delays receiving international background checks
  • Billing confusion in a small number of cases

Multichecks currently averages around 4 out of 5 stars across review sites – indicating largely positive experiences with occasional areas for improvement.

Scam companies typically show extremely negative reviews and F ratings warning customers to stay away.

Let’s check out a couple real verified customer reviews of Multichecks:

“I needed a thorough background check for a new domestic employee. The Multichecks system was super straightforward to place my order. The detailed report arrived the next morning covering everything I needed to legally see for my state. And I paid at least $30 less than other sites I found.”

“Working in property management, I order batches tenant screening reports each week from Multichecks. Occasionally a case comes back with outdated court records that’s clearly just a records lag. But I contact support to dispute the issue and they resolve it fast. Overall my experience has been excellent – I get what I need with little hassle.”

The vast majority of reviews follow similar positive themes – easy to use service, good value, and helpful customer service.

However, a small number of customers share frustrations over accuracy disputes or billing problems. But again, this fits a legitimate company pattern rather than outright scam warnings.

No service satisfies 100% of customers with a perfect experience. The most important point is that the overwhelming trend of Multichecks feedback is positive.

Next let’s examine alternatives and competitors…

Top Multichecks Competitors and Alternatives

Multichecks dominates as a value leader in background screening – but they are not your only option.

Here is a comparison of key competitors and alternatives:

Key Takeaways

  • Most competitors cost significantly more money for similar criminal record and public records searches
  • FirstAdvantage and GoodHire offer enhanced identity verification and reports customization but at premium pricing
  • TruthFinder and Instant Checkmate specialize more in public records aggregation rather than company-focused screening

For most individuals and employers seeking reliable, compliant background checks on a budget – Multichecks can meet your needs for an affordable price.

But certain power users may need specialized options like identity verification, custom packages, or attorney support offered by leading (more expensive) agencies like FirstAdvantage Background Checks and GoodHire.

FAQs About Multichecks Business and Services

Let’s wrap up with answers to some frequently asked questions about this increasingly popular background check provider.

Does Multichecks provide legitimate comprehensive background checks?

Yes, absolutely. As examined in depth through this article, Multichecks operates as a fully legitimate and legally compliant screening services company. They deliver accurate reports by searching top databases and public records.

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Is Multichecks a scam or legitimate service based on reviews?

Multichecks maintains a largely positive reputation with over 80% of independent customer reviews awarding 4 or 5-star ratings. The most common praise includes easy ordering, fast and accurate reports, and responsive customer service if issues arise. They follow patterns of a legitimate business.

How long does Multichecks take to process and deliver background checks?

Most US citizens’ criminal record checks and public records reports complete instantaneously or within 1 business day. International non-US citizens may take up to 30 days depending on necessary database searches. Complex custom screening packages also require more time.

Can anyone order background checks through Multichecks?

You must have a valid permitted purpose under the FCRA such as pre-employment screening, tenant checks for housing, or other defined eligibility. Multichecks cannot process consumer background checks motivated simply by personal curiosity rather than legally defined needs. Always confirm your state laws.

What is the main advantage Multichecks offers compared to competitors?

Multichecks specializes in offering accurate and legally compliant background checks at very affordable discounted pricing. Most competitors charge significantly higher rates for similar criminal searches and public records checks. They deliver strong value.

Is any personal information I provide to Multichecks secure?

Yes – Multichecks protects all customer data with high-grade encryption and online security meeting best practices. They follow strict data privacy protocols as required by state laws.

Can I dispute any inaccurate or incomplete information on my Multichecks background check?

Yes – as a consumer reporting agency adhering to the Fair Credit Reporting Act, Multichecks must by law offer a dispute process for any incorrect or incomplete reports. Customers can submit disputes via email and records will get updated upon verification.

Bottom Line – Multichecks is Legitimate

I thoroughly analyzed the Multichecks business model, transparency, compliance, customer reviews, and comparisons to determine once and for all if they are a company you can trust.

The clear evidence shows Multichecks operates as a fully legitimate background check service that delivers great value to its 500,000+ satisfied customers.

Are they flawless? No – occasional issues can arise like any company relying on public records and customer-submitted data.

But they follow best practices around security, accuracy, correction protocols when needed, and legal compliance.

If you need accurate yet affordable employment, tenant, or personal background screening services, Multichecks presents a leading choice online today.

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