Is [email protected] Scam or Legit? BEWARE !! Don’t get Fooled

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Is [email protected] scam? [email protected] is an online shipping and delivery service based in Kazakhstan that offers affordable international shipping options. However, some people have raised concerns over whether is a scam or legit company.

In this review, we will take an in-depth look at, analyze customer reviews and complaints, and ultimately determine if is trustworthy or if you should avoid them.

Overview of [email protected] advertises itself as an easy and affordable way to ship packages internationally to and from Kazakhstan. They offer air and ground shipping options to destinations worldwide. Some key services and features offered by include:

  • Air and ground delivery options
  • Shipping to over 200 countries worldwide
  • No hidden fees or customs charges
  • Package tracking
  • Insurance and cash on delivery available
  • Accepts packages up to 30kg

On the surface, seems like a viable choice for affordable international delivery from Kazakhstan. However, we need to dive deeper into customer experiences and business practices to determine if it is a scam.

Is [email protected] Scam? Customer Feedback

One of the best ways to gauge whether Is scam, an online shipping company like is reputable is to look at customer reviews and feedback.

Here is an overview of what people are saying about their experiences using

Positive Reviews

Fast shipping times – Some customers report receiving packages faster than expected. Evripostal claims 3-5 day delivery for most locations.

Good prices – Shipping rates are generally cheaper than major couriers like DHL while still providing tracking.

Professional customer service – Most interactions with customer service are described as quick and helpful. Agents are able to assist in Russian, Kazakh, English.

Negative Reviews

Unexpected customs fees – Some customers claim packages arrived with customs fees higher than estimated or not mentioned by Evripostal agents. This suggests a lack of transparency on actual costs.

Damaged packages – There are complaints of boxes arriving opened or with damaged contents, indicating poor handling.

Bad tracking – Tracking information is not always accurate and packages show delivered before they arrive.

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Delayed packages – While some praise fast delivery, others report shipments taking weeks longer than expected to arrive.

Major Red Flags

Hidden costs – The additional customs fees that some customers report being surprised by is concerning. This suggests the company may not be straightforward about actual costs.

Refund issues – Multiple reviews mention problems getting refunds for late, lost or damaged packages. The company may avoid taking responsibility.

Difficult claims process – Filing damage or lost package claims is described as overly complex and often unsuccessful.

Overall, while there are some positive reviews, the number of complaints around additional fees, tracking issues, damages, and refunds seems disproportionately high for a reputable company. This should raise some immediate red flags on whether is trustworthy.

Key Factors to Consider on [email protected] Legitimacy

Now that we have looked at firsthand customer experiences using, let’s dive into some key factors that contribute to whether an international shipping provider is considered legitimate and trustworthy or not.

Company Background is Opaque

Doing research on when was founded, who owns it, and where it is headquartered yields little concrete information. The website provides no transparency about origins and leadership. This lack of public background should make potential customers skeptical. Established, reputable businesses typically provide more company details.

Vague Legal Terms

The website contains legal pages with shipping terms and conditions. However, close inspection shows these policies use vague, broad language when it comes to damages, losses, and refunds. The company appears to take no real accountability. Reputable businesses have clear, precise legal terms.

Lack of Physical Address

Strangely, seems to lack an actual company address. The website only shows a post office box. This is highly unusual for a package delivery company that should have warehouses and logistics facilities. It raises the question – where are packages actually being handled and shipped from?

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No Third Party Verification

There is no evidence of being accredited by the Better Business Bureau or any independent organizations that verify legitimate operations. Oversight from third parties lends credibility. Lack of verification is a potential red flag.

Website Has Hallmarks of a Scam

While appealing on the surface, a close look shows the Evripostal  website has many hallmarks of a scam operation:

  • Stock photos used instead of real company facilities/team
  • No actual customer service phone number or address
  • Emphasis on payments via bank transfer instead of more secure options
  • Numerous grammar and spelling errors

These shady website elements should give anyone pause before trusting

Pricing Seems Too Good to be True

As the saying goes – if it seems too good to be true, it probably is. Evripostal advertises international delivery, tracking, and insurance cheaper than large couriers. This may appeal to customers, but also suggests the company cannot actually fulfill services as advertised at those low rates.

Based on all these troubling factors, appears much more likely to be a scam than a legitimate delivery service. At the very least, they seem to engage in deceptive practices. We recommend avoiding entrusting them with any item you cannot afford to lose.

What are the Alternatives to

Since looks highly risky, what are some better and more trustworthy alternatives for affordable international shipping from Kazakhstan? Here are a few good options:


DHL is the most established international courier with a strong presence in Kazakhstan. They offer worldwide delivery with reputable handling and tracking. Costs may be higher than Evripostal but deliveries have much less risk.


Similar to DHL, FedEx is a major global brand in shipping with reliable delivery to 220+ countries. Their “FedEx International Economy” option provides budget-friendly rates.

Kazakhstan Post

For domestic and international delivery within Kazakhstan, the official national postal service is a dependable option. They have over 1500 locations across the country.

Door-to-Door Couriers

Local Kazakhstan-based courier companies like Kazzhol and Kazpost JSC provide door-to-door parcel delivery within the country and to some international destinations. Rates are affordable.

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Freight Forwarders

Using a reputable freight forwarder to consolidate and ship your packages can provide significant cost savings while minimizing risks. They handle customs clearing and paperwork.

Any of these delivery methods from established providers are a safer bet than if you want peace of mind that your packages will arrive intact.

Final Verdict: Is Scam or Legit?

In summary, based on lack of company transparency, numerous customer complaints, misleading pricing, shady website, and absence of verification – shows multiple red flags indicative of a scam. We advise against using this company for any important or high-value deliveries. The risk of issues like lost packages, damage, unexpected fees and poor tracking seem too high.

There are affordable delivery options like DHL, FedEx, local couriers and freight forwarders that are more trustworthy alternatives from Kazakhstan. While none can match the rock bottom rates advertised by Evripostal, paying slightly more for reliability and accountability is worth avoiding the stress this dubious provider would likely bring.

In closing, consider unsafe for any delivery you cannot afford to never arrive. Their practices appear unreliable at best and deliberately scammy at worst.

We recommend readers avoid this company, as the small upfront savings are not worth the substantial delivery risks. If still unsure, consult reviews and talk to knowledgeable locals familiar with Kazakhstan shipping before making a decision. But the evidence overwhelmingly suggests that is indeed a scam to steer clear of.

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