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Traveling can be one of life’s greatest joys. Exploring new destinations, experiencing different cultures, trying local cuisines – it’s the stuff that memories are made of. But planning a trip can also be stressful. With so many details to organize, costs to consider, and decisions to make, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed.

That’s where working with a travel agent can help. Travel agents have insider knowledge, industry connections, and years of experience that allows them to plan amazing vacations while saving their clients time, money, and hassle.

One travel agency that consistently receives rave reviews is Harr Travel. With nearly 40 years in business and thousands of happy customers, Harr Travel has proven itself as a top choice for cruise vacations, all-inclusive resort packages, guided tours, and more.

But don’t just take our word for it. In this article, we’ll share Harr Travel reviews from real customers so you can get the inside scoop on what it’s like to work with this highly-rated agency.

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A Bit of Background on Harr Travel

First, a quick overview of Harr Travel for those unfamiliar with the company. Harr Travel was founded in 1984 by Ken and Agi Harr in Redlands, California. Originally starting as a storefront travel agency, Harr Travel has grown into a nationally-recognized brand.

The company specializes in cruise vacations, representing major cruise lines like Royal Caribbean, Celebrity Cruises, Carnival, Princess Cruises, Norwegian Cruise Line, Disney Cruise Line, and more. Beyond cruises, Harr Travel books all-inclusive resort vacations, escorted tour packages, Disney trips, and other getaways.

Harr Travel is affiliated with Travel Leaders Network, one of the largest sellers of luxury travel in the US. This gives the agency buying power and access to amenities, upgrades, and exclusive offers that customers may not find booking directly with cruise lines or resorts.

The company’s staff includes over 25 highly-experienced travel advisors along with support personnel. Advisors have specialties and focus areas ranging from specific cruise lines to destinations like Europe, Alaska, or the Caribbean.

Unlike some agencies that outsource their customer service overseas, Harr Travel is proud to conduct 100% of their operations from their headquarters in Redlands, CA. This ensures clients work directly with advisors who understand their needs and can provide knowledgeable recommendations.

Harr Travel Reviews and Compliants from Verified Customers

Harr Travel Reviews

A quick online search shows Harr Travel earns overwhelmingly positive feedback across various review sites. On platforms like Google, Facebook, and consumer review sites, customers consistently give Harr Travel 5 out of 5 stars along with glowing testimonials.

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To give a transparent look at real customer experiences, we’ll highlight reviews from verified travelers who have booked vacations through Harr Travel:

5-Stars on Attention to Detail and Personalized Service

“I cannot recommend Harr Travel enough, going above and beyond to make the trip magical. They have earned my loyalty for all future bookings for sure.” – Scott S.

Scott’s review highlights a common theme seen in Harr Travel reviews – personalized service that exceeds expectations. Customers emphasize that Harr Travel advisors get to know their travel preferences and lifestyle to recommend the perfect vacation match.

Advisors pay attention to the smallest details – even surprising clients with favorite snacks or drinks once onboard a cruise ship. It’s this degree of customization and attentiveness to each traveler’s unique needs that earns rave reviews.

Praise for Expert Guidance and Insider Tips

“My Cruise Consultant Crystal is by far the most professional and more importantly, the most genuinely sincere person ever had the pleasure of doing business with.” – Randall S.

Knowledgeable guidance from travel insiders is another benefit noted across reviews. Advisors at Harr Travel average 15-20 years in the industry and have first-hand experience with the cruises and resorts they book.

This expertise allows them to provide useful tips to prepare for trips and make the most of vacations. Customers say advisors offer insightful packing guidance, shore excursion recommendations, and money-saving advice.

Outstanding Value and Affordability

“HUGE shout out to Crystal with Harr travel for not only finding a cruise that fit both within our time frame but also our budget.” – Susie S.

In addition to expertise and customization, Harr Travel earns acclaim for providing exceptional value. The agency leverages partnerships with cruise lines and resorts to secure upgrades, amenities, and exclusive promotional fares not always available to vacationers booking directly.

Many reviews highlight instances where Harr Travel saved hundreds or even thousands of dollars compared to regular cruise line rates. Advisors are also adept at finding affordable options to fit any budget.

Seamless Problem Solving and Support

“What is amazing with the team, was recently I had an issue with my 2024 Celebrity Cruise and Robert went into actions to resolve the issue. Danny stepped in to help as well. With the both of them, my cruise issues were resolved and just put a big smile back on my face.” – JUC Smiles

While the hope is for problem-free vacations, issues occasionally arise with travel. Multiple Harr Travel reviews praise the company for going above and beyond to resolve problems and ensure smooth sailing before and during trips.

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Customers describe situations where advisors intervened to rebook missed connections, get hospitalized travelers safely home, reimburse unexpected costs, and more. Harr Travel’s 24/7 support provides peace of mind.

Educational and Engaging Social Media Content

“All the information you need to decide what cruise is best for you! For my money Danny does the best ship and room tours on YouTube.” – Mike E.

In addition to working directly with customers, Harr Travel shares cruise tips and inspiration through popular YouTube and social media channels. Videos spotlighting ships, onboard suites, and cruise ports have accumulated millions of views.

Fans highlight how Harr Travel’s videos help them research potential cruises and visualize what the experience will be like. This educational content earns praise for being engaging, detailed, and useful.

Booking with Harr Travel – What to Expect

Thinking about booking your next vacation through Harr Travel based on these glowing reviews? Here’s an overview of what to expect when working with this top-rated agency:

Connecting with an advisor – The process starts by submitting a trip request via Harr Travel’s website or calling their office. You’ll be matched with an advisor based on your destination or cruise line preferences.

Trip planning consultation – Your advisor will then reach out to discuss potential travel dates, desired destinations, budget, travel style, and other details to craft customized recommendations.

Researching options – Your advisor will research current promotions, compare pricing across cruise lines/resorts, and put together a few itinerary options for you to review.

Booking – Once you select your preferred vacation package, your advisor will walk you through the booking process, paperwork, deposits, payment schedules and more.

Pre-trip preparation – Leading up to your departure, your advisor is available to answer questions, make any booking changes, recommend excursions, etc.

24/7 travel support – Harr Travel provides 24-hour phone support in case issues arise during your trip. They’ll even assist if emergencies occur during travel.

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Future vacation planning – Many Harr Travel customers develop long-term relationships with their advisor who becomes their go-to for all vacation planning needs.

While Harr Travel specializes in cruises, their services apply to booking any type of getaway – juried tours, all-inclusive resorts, flights, vacation packages, and more. Their advisors have the experience to handle any travel request.

Why Choose Harr Travel?

What sets Harr Travel apart from other agencies? Based on verified customer reviews, here are the top reasons to choose Harr Travel for your next vacation:

  • Industry Experience – With 15-20+ years in travel, Harr Travel advisors offer expertise that can’t be matched. Customers benefit from their insider knowledge.
  • Personal Touch – You’re not just a booking number. Advisors provide personalized attention focused on each traveler’s unique needs and preferences.
  • Value and Exclusives – Harr Travel leverages industry relationships to secure discounts, upgrades, and amenities you can’t always get booking direct.
  • Problem-Solving – With 24/7 support, Harr Travel has your back if any hiccups occur before or during trips.
  • Education – Reviews praise Harr Travel’s engaging social media content for making trip research and planning easier.
  • Reviews Speak for Themselves – With 95% of customers rating Harr Travel 5 stars, reviews speak volumes about their services.

Still undecided? Check out Harr Travel’s website to browse sample itineraries and vacation packages. Their site also features client testimonials highlighting how they delivered memorable vacations within their clients’ budgets.

You can also watch the company’s YouTube channel showcasing various cruise lines and destinations. With helpful videos that have accumulated millions of views, it’s easy to understand why Harr Travel earns such overwhelmingly positive feedback.

Harr Travel Reviews – In Conclusion

Vacation planning can be daunting, but the right travel advisor makes all the difference. Beyond saving clients time and money, the best advisors become trusted partners that make the vacation experience stress-free and unforgettable.

Based on consistently glowing reviews from verified travelers, Harr Travel fits this description perfectly thanks to their personalized services, industry expertise, and problem-solving skills.

So next time you’re dreaming up your perfect getaway, consider reaching out to the top-rated vacation planners at Harr Travel. Their rave reviews speak for themselves – you’ll return from your trip ready to recommend them to all your family and friends!

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