Scam or Legit? Shocking Reviews and Complaints

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  • Post published:January 20, 2024
  • Post category:Reviews bills itself as an online retailer offering huge discounts on home decor and garden supplies. But behind the glossy website lies a fraudulent business scamming customers.

In this extensive investigation, we’ll uncover the truth about, expose key red flags, and help you avoid being the next victim.

Overview of

At first glance, looks like any other ecommerce site. The homepage shows categories like “New Arrivals” and “Best Sellers” with products claiming over 90% off.

The website launched in October 2023 and sells home decor like string lights, planters, and garden gnomes. Social media ads promote the store for unbelievable deals.

But despite the professional layout, exhibits multiple signs of an online retail scam:

  • Copy-pasted policies and stolen product info
  • Fully anonymous owners in China
  • Complaints of wrong, used and fake items shipped
  • Nonexistent customer service

This article will analyze detailed evidence revealing how operates as a fraudulent web store, intentionally deceiving customers. Scam or Legit? Shocking Reviews and Complaints

Dead Giveaways Exposing the Scam

A. No Legitimate Company Information

The “Contact Us” page only shows email addresses like [email protected] and [email protected]. No phone number or business address are provided.

Searching business directories cannot verify as a registered company. And the website gives no information on owners or managers.

Withholding basic company details indicates wishes to avoid legal accountability. Scammers obscure identities to keep running schemes with impunity.

B. Privacy Policy and Terms Copied from Other Sites

Another sign of a scam ecommerce website is finding policies copied word-for-word from other sites.’s Privacy Policy and Terms & Conditions are clear examples. Entire sections are stolen from known fraudulent websites closed by authorities.

Plagiarized policies demonstrate zero original business practices established by Scammers lazily steal policies to add bogus legitimacy.

C. Reviews Filled with Complaints

Independent consumer forums paint an ugly picture. The few reviews submitted detail classic scam experiences:

  • Ordered fairy lights but cheap plastic toys arrived
  • Garden gnome smashed and dirty, not “new” as advertised
  • Never received order despite payment processed
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And the company fails to respond to any complaints. For victims who dispute credit card payments, provides no proof of orders shipped.

While lack of reviews also typifies pop-up ecommerce scams, when all reflect scammed customers, that seals guilty verdicts.

D. Prices Wildly Below Market Value

From fairy lights to doormats, sells every product for 90% or more off retail prices. $500 gazebos offered at $39; $90 solar lights discounted to $9.

These rates deeply undercut any profit margins, a key tactic online retail scammers use to entice victims. Once money is sent, customers receive nothing.

If by chance an order arrives, expect used, counterfeit or completely unrelated items. price fraud sets the bait for swindling customers.

E. Website Recently Created

The domain was registered on October 16, 2023 per Whois domain records. Launching new sites lets scammers fly under the radar before accumulating damaging evidence.

Authorities confirm most counterfeit web stores last less than a year. fits the profile, allowing just enough time to scam consumers before abandoning sites.

Young domain age, especially under a year, signals high fraud risk that demonstrates clearly.

F. Pop-up Spam Tricks Customers

Navigating triggers pop-up spam with misleading claims how visitors “just bought” an item. This plants psychological seeds that prompt impulse orders.

In reality, the pop-ups represent bait traffic tricks. No one is buying; it’s fabricated to manipulate customers. Like the other warning signs, pop-up spam confirms as a scam.

Negative Reviews and Complaints on

Analysis now turns to exposing actual reviews and complaints. These serve as irrefutable evidence from real victims regarding scam experiences.

Deceptive Quality and Used Products

A reviewer named Wendy selected three fairy lights from as holiday gifts. But disappointment ensued:

“Ordered 3 of the fairy decorations. Items that arrived were 2D die cuts, not the 3D decorations that were pictured…I had already discarded the outer shipping box before wrapping the inner box as a present. There was no advice to keep the shipping label in case of return.”

Another victim bought solar pathway lights, expecting genuine quality:

“The lights don’t work half the time and are dim. They sold me used lights but advertised them as new!”

Whether receiving incorrect, faulty or used products, sends anything but the accurate, functional items described online.

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Intentionally shipping inferior goods lets scammers maximize profits. But customers get scammed paying for one thing and receiving another.

Refusing Returns and Ignoring Complaints

When defrauded shoppers demand refunds, outright ignores requests. The company blocks users submitting complaints:

“I ordered a red wagon for my daughter that arrived badly scratched and missing a wheel. Killgoty completely refused my refund request and blocked my account!”

Another reviewer attempted returning incorrect fairy lights:

“They told me if I provided photos and the shipping label, they might take the return. I had discarded the shipping box already so they refused. Terrible company.”

Abandoning dissatisfied customers lets Killgoty operate with impunity. Scam sites shutdown once illegal activity gets exposed.

Stonewalling users serves as the final proof showcasing’s outright deception.

Steps If You Ordered From

Falling for a scam evokes frustration but don’t panic. Here are proactive steps if you ordered from

1. Immediately dispute charges with your bank for refunds

Contact card issuers to explain receiving used, incorrect or no items at all. Provide order details and demand reversible transactions.

2. Report to the FTC

File detailed scam complaints to the Federal Trade Commission so authorities initiate investigations.

3. Warn others by writing reviews

Post your negative experience on consumer forums to help prevent further victims. Include order specifics to showcase the deception.

4. Monitor bank accounts for fraud

When providing payment information, sensitive data enters scammers hands. Check statements routinely to catch unauthorized charges.

5. Learn how to identify scam sites

Study the red flags outlined here like prices drastically below retail value, missing contact information and newly created domains.

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Stay vigilant to help protect yourself and other consumers from crafty scammers.

How to Avoid and Similar Scam Sites

Equipped with inside knowledge of how fraudulent web stores like operate, here are proactive tips to avoid online shopping scams:

1. Verify Company Reputation

Research sellers carefully before ordering. Search the company name plus words like “scam”, “complaint” or “review”. Numerous negative reports indicate likely fraud.

2. Confirm Valid Contact Information

A legitimate business provides working phone numbers, emails, and a real address. Lack of authentic contact details suggests evading accountability from unhappy clients.

3. Price Check Discounts

When deals seem unbelievable, proceed with extreme caution. Responsible businesses hold reasonable sales, not routine 90% off every item.

4. Inspect Website History

Con artists regularly spin up new domains with limited with limited background. Sites active for years suggest more trustworthiness while short-lived ones scream “scam”.

5. Never Wire Untraceable Payments

Scam websites push wire transfers or gift cards to deter refunds. Always pay through merchant sites (PayPal) or credit cards offering buyer protection.

Staying vigilant against retail scams means safely avoiding shady schemes like We must unite to banish these fraudsters permanently.


This intensive investigation provides overwhelming proof that operates as an online retail scam. Evidence ranges from:

  • No real company information
  • Wholesale prices below production costs
  • Flooded with complaints
  • Refusing returns and blocking victims

Such analysis aims to prevent further consumers falling prey. All signs explicitly expose as a fraudulent website intentionally deceiving customers.

Have you experienced issues buying from or similar stores? Share your story in the comments

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