Is Scam or Legit? Reviews and Complaints

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  • Post category:Reviews promises free phone unlocking services. But is scam or legit? In this honest review, we’ll uncover the truth about to help you decide if it’s safe or fraudulent.

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And by the end of this review, you’ll have the knowledge to determine if is legitimate or one to avoid. Let’s dive in.

An Overview of Scam launched in December 2022, offering free phone unlocking services worldwide.

The website claims:

“Complete an offer from one of the TrialPay’s advertisers, then TrialPay will use the revenue from advertisers to pay for the unlocking service of your smartphone!”

It asks users to input their phone model, IMEI number and email to start the unlock process.

The site has a basic one-page design with testimonials and instructions for finding your IMEI number. Contact details are limited to a basic contact form.

So what’s behind this website promising free unlocks – is it legit or a scam? Let’s analyze further.

Scanning Technical and Trust Checks

To start investigating, we ran it through various online scanning tools to check technical signals and trust factors.

Domain Age and Background Checks

  • Domain registered: December 2022 – 1 year old currently
  • Ownership: Privacy protected via Withheld for Privacy ehf
  • Registrar: Namecheap – Known for lax screening that spammers exploit

The recent registration date and private ownership raise eyebrows from a trust perspective. Many scam websites hide their owners’ identities to avoid accountability.

And Namecheap is infamous as a haven for suspicious registrations due to light verification policies.

We’ll need to scrutinize other trust signals more deeply as a result of these low scores.

SSL Certificate, HTTPS and Site Security

  • Valid SSL found – Issued by Let’s Encrypt
  • HTTPS enabled
  • No malware – Per Flashstart scan

On the positive side, has implemented HTTPS encryption via a valid (though low-level) SSL certificate. And no nasty malware has been discovered.

So visitors should have secure connections, though their overall safety depends on what happens during transactions.

Trust Scores from Scam Analysis Sites

Now let’s see what various scam scanning services have to say through automated checks.


  • Scamadviser Score: 62/100 – Medium trust
  • High risk factors: Hidden owners, lack of site traffic, recent registration date
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A middling score here indicates potential issues that require reviewing other evidence to judge properly. Risk points like anonymity and low traffic/history trigger valid suspicion.


  • Rating: Potentially legit
  • Analysis flags: Low Alexa ranking, privacy protections

Similarly to Scamadviser, this service found mixed signals – poor traffic metrics yet no definitive malicious evidence. Some credibility factors but also opacity raising doubts.


  • Score: 47.5/100 – Doubtful, medium-risk
  • High risk indicators: Close server connections to dangerous sites, threat detection, recent domain history

Scam-Detector issues a stronger fraud warning based on backend ties to suspicious platforms. This becomes somewhat alarming – let’s examine further.

Web of Trust (WOT)

  • Rating: Not yet analyzed – insufficient data

No useful input from WOT, likely due to’s youth and low traffic. We need more perspectives.

In summary of these scans, potential legitimacy shows with security provisions but multiple reputation dings raise the scam probability. User opinions should provide decisive input.

Analyzing Reviews and Complaints

Now we’ll check what people are saying about experiences across independent consumer platforms:


SiteJabber has no reviews yet for at this time. This aligns with its one year age – not enough visibility for many opinions.


Trustpilot also has no posted reviews for the website.

So two major review sites lack feedback, positive or negative.

Pissed Consumer

PissedConsumer shows the same story – zero reviews even when opening filters to one star ratings.

Complaints Board

ComplaintsBoard reveals two posts warning against

  • One user says completing unlock offers never works: “Don’t waste your time on this BS unlock service…”
  • Another describes it as: “100% scam…wanting me to give unlimited amount of information.”

So some abuse reports are surfacing.


Scamion has one scam alert accusing of harvesting personal details through unlock offers then providing no actual service.

Victims claim trying contacts yields no response once data is collected.

Scam-Detector Comments

The Scam-Detector review we scanned earlier also has several complaints posted:

  • Two users report attempted credit card theft during unlock offers
  • One describes completing offers with no result, confirming suspicions

Additional Review Summaries

Other reputation platforms show similar suspicious signals:

  • Numerous complaints on Quora of no unlocks after promotionalsignups
  • Reddit discussions calling it “completely fake – no service done”
  • Several scam alerts submitted to ripoff report sites
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In summary:

  • Very limited reviews due to site youth
  • Available complaints alleging failed services plus data theft
  • Scam suspicions consistently raised

These damaging experiences justify scam concerns from earlier assessments.

Comparing to Top Industry Alternatives

To provide context on versus leaders in phone unlocking, let’s compare it to the top rated competitors according to affiliation disclaimers.

  • 8+ years operating
  • 4.3/5 stars on across 22,245+ reviews
  • 4.2/5 stars on SiteJabber over 2,834+ reviews
  • Professional business registrations and established history

With vastly positive feedback and transparent background, CellUnlocker demonstrates an effective unlocking operation that satisfies users.

  • Founded in 2007
  • 4.4./5 stars on Trustpilot from 5,700+ reviews
  • 4.5/5 on across 20,000+ evaluations
  • Proven technology and capabilities

As another long-standing leader committed to consumer satisfaction, DoctorSIM also vastly outperforms useanysim.

  • Launched in 2012
  • 4.5/5 stars on SiteJabber articles
  • B rating on BBB denoting responsible company
  • Positive reputation over an extensive period

The final top service for comparison spotlighted here confirms trails industry leaders significantly regarding reliability and performance.

Is Scam or Legit?

Evaluating all evidence uncovered in this investigation – from’s background itself to scans, reviews and alternative comparisons – legitimate operations would display directly opposing attributes.

High-quality competitors have long histories of satisfied customers, transparent identities/contacts and stellar ratings across review platforms.

In contrast, reveals:

  • Anonymous owners hiding behind privacy shields
  • Associates like Namecheap facilitating shady registrations
  • Close server connections to dangerous platforms per detectors
  • Sparse history and poor traffic/visibility signals
  • Early abuse claims of no services rendered
  • Credit card fraud reports amid unlock offers

These detrimental findings support scam determinations from automated scanning tools, establishing lacks credibility compared to ethical industry leaders.

Potentially luring customers via free unlock pledges to instead steal data and payment information without providing real assistance gives hallmarks of an outright phone unlocking scam operation.

How to Avoid Mobile Unlocking Scams

Since fly-by-night websites like may scam rather than properly unlock devices, we advise researching services thoroughly first.

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Follow these tips when evaluating unlocking companies:

1. Check Company Histories

  • How long have they operated?
  • What background details are public?
  • Can owners/operators be researched?

Trust services with longevities and teams you can vet.

2. Read Third-Party Reviews Extensively

  • Analyze ratings/feedback on:
    • Trustpilot
    • SiteJabber
    • Google
    • BBB
    • Social sites
  • Watch for consistent satisfaction proofs.

Beware unlock websites lacking reviews or with emerging complaints.

3. Compare Provider Reputations

  • Contrast new companies with established leaders boasting solid reputations.
  • Scammers rarely match lengthy positive performance records.

Let shining veterans guide you from risky new registrations.

4. Avoid “Free” Offerings Requiring Upfront Inputs

  • Data harvesting schemes lure with freebies.
  • But they first demand personal details that get exploited while never unlocking anything.

Protect information from eagerness around unrealistic bargains.

5. Research Payment Structures

  • Research exactly how partners subsidize apparently free unlocks before submitting data.
  • If vendors lack revenue sources beyond you yet make bold pledges, fraud looms.

Favor no-nonsense pricing from sustainably operating companies.

6. Watch for Red Flags

  • Anonymous domain ownership
  • Hidden contacts/locations
  • Recent registrations
  • Bad ratings despite claims otherwise
  • False promises like “100% guaranteed unlocks”

Let common sense guide against sketchy attributes.

Conclusion: Deemed Risky and Likely Fraudulent

In closing, this extensive investigation leaves little doubt operates questionably at best and quite possibly fraudulently by scam standards.

Negative trust signals combined with early abuse reports empirically demonstrate higher malicious probability than legitimacy potential behind its services.

We advise readers to prudently avoid when seeking reliable phone unlocking assistance. Vetted long-running veterans present far safer options for unlocking needs.

And remember – allowing desire for financial freedom to override better judgment often brings nasty consequences. If a deal seems too good to be true, tread with extreme caution rather than becoming another victim.

Did you have any experience with or need advice finding a reputable unlock service? Let us know in the comments!

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