Is Legit or a Scam? Uncovering the Truth

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When unexpected medical bills show up, it can quickly become overwhelming. You may receive calls from unfamiliar companies like HRRGcollections demanding payment. But are they legit or a scam?

With medical debt being sold to third-party collectors like HRRG, many consumers question their tactics and legitimacy. This guide will uncover the truth about HRRGcollections, the complaints against them, and your rights when dealing with this collections agency.

Understanding HRRGcollections

HRRG stands for Healthcare Revenue Recovery Group, a large medical debt collection agency located in Florida. They use various names like HCFS, Account Resolution Services, and over a dozen more. If you search the Better Business Bureau, you’ll likely find them listed under “ARS” or Account Resolution Services.

This confusing array of names is one reason consumers question their legitimacy. Many lawsuits have accused them of failing to provide their true legal name when making calls.

But despite the different names, HRRGcollections is a real collection agency. They specialize in medical debts that have gone unpaid and been sold to them by hospitals or medical providers. scam

Why So Many Consumers Question HRRGcollections Legitimacy

With a questionable history featuring lawsuits and over 300 BBB complaints, many consumers wonder “is HRRGcollections a scam or legit?”

While they are a real collection agency, here are some reasons consumers often question their legitimacy:

No BBB Accreditation and F Rating

Despite years in business, HRRGcollections has no BBB accreditation. The BBB profile under their alternate name “Account Resolution Services” shows an unstable history, with an F rating currently.

Hundreds of Unresolved Complaints

Consumers have filed over 300 complaints against them with the BBB, most going unresolved by HRRG. Common issues include:

  • Harassment tactics
  • Failure to verify debt
  • Requests to “prove” consumers don’t owe money
  • Attempts to collect already-paid balances
  • Rude staff
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With few responses from HRRG and low 1.3-star customer review average, these complaints raise red flags.

History of FDCPA Violations & Lawsuits

Multiple lawsuits have caught HRRG violating consumer protection laws like the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act.

In one class action case, HRRG left confusing voicemails that didn’t disclose their identity as debt collectors or give consumers proper opt-out information.

Other lawsuits highlight issues like failing to provide proof of debts when requested and reporting consumers to credit agencies without allowing them to dispute entries.

While not outright scams, these cases show a pattern of questionable conduct.

HRRGcollections Tactics to Watch For

Now that you know more about HRRG and why so many consumers are weary of them, let’s cover what questionable tactics to watch out for.

Calls Without Full Disclosure

As seen in the class action case, HRRG may fail to fully disclose their identity on calls. If you receive a call from them, pay attention to whether they clearly state:

  • Full company name
  • Status as debt collectors
  • Contact information

If any details are missing, this violates federal law.

Aggressive Call Volume

While permitted to call regard unpaid debts, collectors cannot harass consumers. If you inform them to stop calling, they must honor your request.

Watch out for repeated unwanted calls after asking them to stop contacting you.

Misrepresentation of Debt Details

HRRG may misreport the age, amount owed, status, or other details around a debt. This shows up often in BBB complaints.

If they contact you, be wary of any information that doesn’t match your records and request written validation.

Lack of Proof

Federal law requires debt collectors like Healthcare Revenue Recovery Group to have proof backing up debts in writing. If asked, they must provide this validation.

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If HRRG contacts you but cannot (or will not) offer written proof you owe the amount they claim, this presents a red flag.

Rude, Threatening, or Abusive Behavior

While collectors can request payment, they cannot use illegal scare tactics or make threats.

Watch out for intimidating language around legal action, warnings that “this is your final notice,” or other bullying behavior. This likely violates collection laws.

Your Rights & Protections Against HRRGcollections

If HRRG contacts you, keep in mind your rights and protections under federal and state law. These include:

Disputing Debts

If HRRG says you owe money but you either paid already or don’t recognize the debt, you can request written proof. This puts the burden on them to validate.

Blocking Unwanted Calls

Inform any HRRG caller you want calls to cease. By law, they must honor your no-contact request.

Filing Complaints

If HRRG violates laws like the FDCPA or uses illegal tactics, report them to consumer protection agencies. This includes the Consumer Finance Protection Bureau, Federal Trade Commission, and your state authorities.

Seeking Legal Action

Depending on the violations, you may have grounds to sue HRRG for illegal debt collection practices. Under consumer law, you can recover monetary damages plus attorneys fees and court costs.

Alternatives to Paying HRRG Directly

If HRRG contacts you for an unpaid medical debt, think carefully before paying them directly or giving personal information. Consider these alternative steps first:

Verify Debt Details

Pull your own credit reports and confirm whether HRRG properly reports the debt. Check if the amount and status are correctly listed.

Pay Original Provider

You can choose to pay back the hospital or medical provider directly, rather than the third-party collector HRRG. This avoids paying their added fees.

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Negotiate Resolution

See if the original medical provider is open to negotiating a lump-sum settlement or payment plan, potentially avoiding dealing with HRRG altogether.

Dispute Mistakes

If HRRG shows erroneous details around the debt on your credit history, launch disputes. This can get mistakes corrected or removed.

Consult Attorney

For more serious FDCPA violations by HRRG, contact a consumer law attorney. False representations or threats may entitle you to thousands in statutory damages.

The Truth About HRRGcollections: Take Complaints Seriously

So is HRRG legit or a total scam?

The truth lies somewhere in between. They are a real collection agency. But their troubling history of complaints, lawsuits for breaking consumer law, lack of transparency, and their documented unethical behavior justifies extra caution.

Don’t ignore calls or letters from HRRG about unpaid medical debts. But approach any claim cautiously, watching for violations of your rights. Always require proper validation before paying them or offering personal information.

Hundreds of HRRG complaints should raise consumer protection alarm bells. Know your rights and carefully examine any contact attempt to catch potential legal violations.

With vigilance, you can determine whether HRRG acts appropriately regarding your case. If not, swift formal action against them can enforce your rights.

Empower yourself and protect your financial reputation from collection agencies using unacceptable practices. Don’t tolerate harassment, threats, or intimidation – or you may have grounds to pursue legal remedies against HRRG.

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