Is Ruinsclub Legit or a Scam? An In-Depth Unbiased Review

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Is Ruinsclub Legit or a Scam? Trust is crucial when making purchases online. As e-commerce continues to grow, so do misleading websites attempting to steal people’s money and information. In this comprehensive review, we’ll take an impartial look to answer this question “Is Ruinsclub Legit” and to determine if Ruinsclub can be trusted or is best avoided.

Ruinsclub sells vintage apparel inspired by iconic cities and sports teams. But is the site legit, or should consumers be wary? Let’s look at the evidence.

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Is Ruinsclub Legit? Overview of Ruinsclub

Ruinsclub is an online clothing and apparel store that sells vintage clothing inspired by iconic cities and sports teams. The store was launched in August 2023 and is currently based in Los Angeles, California.

Ruinsclub’s website features various caps, hats, and trucker hats paying homage to cities like Los Angeles, New York, San Francisco, and sports teams like the LA Dodgers and Chicago White Sox. The apparel offered ranges between $10-40, however, many items are currently on sale for just $10 as part of a flash sale promotion.


In terms of payments, Ruinsclub accepts all major credit and debit cards via checkout. They also accept PayPal and Google Pay for added consumer protection. Domestically, shipping within the US is free of cost. International shipping rates vary depending on location and order total.

As a new online store launched less than a year ago, Ruinsclub still lacks key indicators of trustworthiness that established stores have gained over time such as verified customer reviews, company registration details, and certifications.

While they present themselves professionally, several legitimacy red flags need to be addressed to provide reassurance for potential customers.

Let’s take a deeper look into Ruinsclub across important factors like trust and safety scores, customer feedback, payment policies, and contact information to determine if they can be considered a fully legitimate operation or require more validation before engaging with them for purchases.

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The objective here is to evaluate Ruinsclub impartially and help consumers make informed decisions.

Domain Registration & Website Details

One of the first things researchers check is when and how a domain was registered. Ruinsclub’s domain ( was created on August 28th, 2023. This is somewhat concerning since new domains are riskier—scammers often register short-lived sites.

However, newer commerce sites can also be legit if properly built. Let’s dive deeper. Ruinsclub’s website looks professionally designed with product photos and descriptions. It has contact details, delivery policies, and an “About Us” section.

At first glance, these factors don’t necessarily prove or disprove legitimacy on their own. Scammers have been known to emulate real stores, so objective third-party evidence is needed.

Safety & Blacklist Ratings

We analyzed Ruinsclub on multiple independent fraud databases:

  • PhishTank: Not listed (safe)
  • URLhaus: Not listed (safe)
  • ScamAdviser: Rated 19/100 due to new domain (risky)

Several scam blacklists don’t have any reports yet since the site is new. This leaves Ruinsclub’s trustworthness uncertain rather than confirmed safe or not. Newer stores lack the user track record for thorough vetting. Their products, payment processing, and customer service remain untested over time.

Researching unfamiliar websites before transactions helps avoid potential scams down the road. While findings so far are inconclusive, let’s dig deeper:

Customer Reviews & Social Proof

One way to gain more insight is by checking independent reviews from real customers, as they provide social proof of a company’s trustworthiness over time. Unfortunately, Ruinsclub has very little verified customer feedback available.

Common review sites like Trustpilot, Google, and Facebook show no reviews for Ruinsclub specifically. This is another red flag, as legit businesses aim to build review history and credibility gradually through good customer service.

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The lack of reviews means shoppers have no way to gauge Ruinsclub’s reliability based on actual user experiences. Considering the site only launched recently, reviews may appear in time if operations continue smoothly. But for now, potential buyers lack this important data point for forming an informed opinion.

Payment & Shipping Policies

Most reputable online stores clearly state their payment processing methods, refund policies, data security, and delivery timeframes upfront so customers understand transaction risks and expectations. Let’s examine what information Ruinsclub provides in these areas:

Payment Options

Ruinsclub accepts payments via credit card, PayPal, and Google Pay. Using major processors like these provides buyer protection if issues arise. However, translation errors or unclear policies could hamper dispute processes.


The terms promise hassle-free refunds or exchanges within 30 days of delivery with valid reasons. However, actual execution would need to be verified through reviews over time.


Ruinsclub ships worldwide and offers free delivery to the US. Processing is estimated at 3-7 business days with tracking provided. Delivery windows and holidays are addressed. These policies seem standard.

Security & Privacy

The site states it follows standard practices to protect customer data and transactions, using encrypted connections and securely storing private info. However, without a third-party security seal or detailed explanation, buyers can’t thoroughly assess claims.

In summary, Ruinsclub’s disclosures cover key procedural items, but their dependability remains unproven without a track record. Optimal practices will become clearer if the business serves customers well long-term. For now, minor gaps leave open questions. Proceed carefully until more is known.

Is Ruinsclub Legit? Contact & Ownership Details

Establishing a company’s legitimacy also involves checking background information like ownership and physical address. Ruinsclub provides the following details:

  • Phone: +1 213-816-7409
  • Email: [email protected]
  • Address: Los Angeles, California
  • Social profiles: None found
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A California business license search turned up no relevant records. WhoIs data lists the domain registered to an individual, but no corporation name appears.

While a physical address provides some reassurance, lack of registration or social proof of the owners leaves their identity and intentions difficult to fully corroborate—a notable shortcoming. Responsiveness to queries would need validating too.

Final Verdict (Is Ruinsclub Legit or Scam)

To summarize, while Ruinsclub presents professionally and policies align with industry standards, various legitimacy red flags persist due to its new status without customer-sourced evidence:

  • No consumer reviews yet
  • Unverified domain registration details
  • Lack of third-party validation over time
  • Gaps in ownership/registration transparency

With so many online stores to choose from, considering Ruinsclub carries avoidable risks until it builds positive proof of trustworthiness through validated customer service.

Newer merchants still have opportunities to earn reputations, but site longevity, reviews, and credential checks provide needed confidence before purchases currently.

Proceed cautiously if engaging at all, using secure payment methods. But established competitors likely provide comparable products with demonstrable trustworthiness.

Continued tracking may change this initial assessment if Ruinsclub serves users well long-term and gains social validation. Startups need track records to be deemed truly safe choices.

In the absence of overwhelming positive indicators, impartial prudence suggests Ruinsclub has yet to establish itself as a clearly trustworthy outfit deserving of consumers’ sensitive financial and personal data.

Only time and reviews will show if it holds integrity. Verify with care until then. Shoppers’ due diligence helps avoid regrettable consequences down the line.

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