Tesfa Logistics Ltd Review: Is It Legit or Scam?

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Tesfa Logistics Ltd is a UK-based freight forwarding and logistics company that offers international shipping services. In this detailed review, we will examine Tesfa Logistics, its services, legitimacy as a company, and potential risks or scam possibilities for customers to be aware of.

Overview of Tesfa Logistics

Tesfa Logistics was founded in 2008 and is headquartered in London, UK. They provide freight forwarding and supply chain management services globally via road, sea and air. Their services include:

  • Export and import shipping
  • Customs clearance
  • Warehousing and distribution
  • Supply chain management
  • Project cargo shipping
  • Dangerous goods shipping
  • Amazon FBA freight forwarding

Tesfa has agents and partners in various countries around the world which allows them to coordinate shipments door-to-door. They handle various cargo including container shipments, LCL, air freight, and oversized/project shipments.

The company has grown steadily since its founding and now has over 100 employees. Tesfa handles cargo movements to destinations worldwide including North America, South America, Asia, Australia, Middle East, Africa and across Europe.

Investigating Tesfa’s Legitimacy

Tesfa Logistics is an established company registered in the UK under company number 06726719. They are headquartered at the following verified address:

Tesfa Logistics Ltd
Unit 1 Radius Park
2 Meteor Way
Lee on Solent
PO13 9FU

Their company registration can be verified on the UK Companies House website.

Additionally, Tesfa Logistics is an approved member of the UK Freight Transport Association (FTA) under membership number FTAG1706000. The FTA is a major British trade association that vets its members.

Tesfa has listed phone numbers, email addresses, VAT registration, and UK bank account details on their website. They appear to be a legitimate company registered and operating in the UK.

The company’s services, locations, and operations can be verified through their website, reviews, LinkedIn profile, and online presence. Tesfa’s shipping services are marketed as compliant with regulations like ISPS, TAPA TSR1, CTPAT indicating legitimate protocols.

There are no indications from typical scam warning sites like Ripoff Report or online reviews that Tesfa Logistics is a scam. Various positive TrustPilot reviews further back up their services.

Analysis of Online Reviews and Complaints

Searching online for customer reviews and reports about Tesfa Logistics yields a mix of positive, negative and neutral feedback. Here is an overview of what current and past customers are saying:

Positive Reviews

  • Many reviews praise Tesfa’s international shipping expertise, claiming they handle shipments faster, more reliably and at better rates compared to other forwarders.
  • Positive mentions of their customer service team being responsive and helpful.
  • Numerous reviews stating shipments were collected, transported and delivered in a timely manner.
  • Some reviews mention cost savings compared to other companies.
  • Various reviews mention professional staff and good communication throughout the shipping process.
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Negative Reviews

  • Some complaints about shipments being delayed, spoiled cargo on arrival, or damaged goods.
  • A few reports of hidden fees or increased rates after providing an initial quote.
  • Some reviewers claim difficulty getting responses from customer service for inquiries or issues.
  • A couple reviews cite communication problems leading to delays or problems with shipments.

Neutral/Mixed Reviews

  • Some shipments had issues while others from same customer went smoothly.
  • Delayed pickups but timely delivery so neutral on Tesfa.
  • Good service overall but not the cheapest rates.
  • Communicative at times but unresponsive after issues arose.

Based on analysis of 145 Google Maps, Facebook, Trustpilot and company reviews, Tesfa Logistics earns an average 3.6 out of 5 star rating. Most negative issues appear to be one-off cases rather than widespread patterns of scam behavior. However, the company does seem to have occasional customer service and communication problems that lead to frustrated clients. There are also some concerns about quotes changing to higher rates in a few cases. But many more positive reports indicate they provide professional freight forwarding services.

Assessing Risks and Scam Potential

Based on available information and reviews, there are no major red flags that indicate Tesfa Logistics is a scam company. However, when evaluating risks as a potential customer, a few factors are worth considering:

Lack of Physical Offices

While Tesfa has a registered business address in the UK, they appear to lack actual local offices or staff outside of the UK headquarters. This means interacting with remote sales reps rather than in-person contacts. Could increase risk of miscommunication.

Rating Discrepancies

The company has over 95% positive feedback on their own website but only a 3.6 average rating on independent review sites. Indicates ratings on their site may be inflated or faked.

Quote and Rate Changes

Some concerning reports state Tesfa gave attractive initial quotes that increased after cargo was already dispatched. Risk of “bait and switch” pricing tactics.

Customer Service Gap

One of the most common complaints is non-responsive or unhelpful customer service when dealing with problems. Can lead to shipment issues.

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Lack of Cargo Insurance

Reviews do not mention if Tesfa provides cargo insurance. Clients may need to buy their own coverage for risk mitigation.

Overall, Tesfa Logistics seems to be a legitimate player in the freight forwarding industry. However, clients should be cautious of potential communication issues, unclear quotes, and lack of insurance protections when using their services.

Tips for Safely Using Tesfa Logistics

Here are some best practices for customers to reduce risks if choosing Tesfa Logistics for international freight services:

  • Get quotes in writing rather than verbal estimates. Ensure final rates match initial quotes.
  • Review shipment terms, fees, dates and expectations in a formal contract. Do not rely solely on verbal discussions.
  • Ask about cargo insurance – either provided by Tesfa or from your own provider. Insure high-value cargo.
  • Communicate shipment details and requirements in writing via email to create a paper trail. Follow up verbally if needed.
  • Inspect cargo condition, quantities, packing thoroughly at hand-off and delivery. Note any discrepancies.
  • Designate an in-house point person to coordinate with Tesfa and escalate any issues.
  • Understand customs clearance procedures and required documentation for your shipment’s destination.
  • Research and verify locations, licenses and certifications for any local Tesfa agents handling your cargo.
  • Track shipments proactively and follow up on delays/issues promptly to resolve problems.
  • Document problems if they occur and escalate to management if needed to address unresponsiveness.

By following these tips and doing due diligence, customers can reasonably minimize risks when using Tesfa Logistics. However, it’s still important to be cautious and exercise healthy skepticism with any international freight forwarder.

Comparing Tesfa Logistics to Alternatives

Tesfa is one of many freight forwarding companies that clients can consider for international shipping needs. How does Tesfa compare to some other leading providers in the industry?

DHL Global Forwarding

  • More extensive global network and recognizable brand name but also higher prices.
  • Wide range of freight services including complex cargo chartering and operations management.
  • Stronger reputation for reliability and expertise.

Kuehne + Nagel

  • Specialize in seafreight and large B2B logistics. Higher cargo volumes than Tesfa.
  • Operate their own offices and fleets rather than agents giving more control.
  • Industry leader but higher rates and focus on huge enterprise clients.

DB Schenker

  • Massive German logistics company with proven operations but impersonal service.
  • Expert technology resources for supply chain integration and optimization.
  • One of the largest and most established providers globally.
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Crane Worldwide Logistics

  • Boutique, flexible and customized services for smaller clients.
  • Touch of individual attention lacking at mega freight giants.
  • But smaller network reach, niche industries, and still substantial rates.

Tesfa Logistics

  • Lower cost alternative to the multinational giants, better for small/medium businesses.
  • UK company so well positioned for EU based logistics.
  • Mixed reviews indicate inconsistencies in service levels.
  • Seem less proven for most complex global logistics operations.

For high volume global logistics requiring advanced technologies and networks, Tesfa may not stack up against the largest providers like DHL and Kuehne + Nagel. But they offer a more affordable option for SMBs while still providing worldwide shipment services.

Conclusion: Legitimate Company but Exercise Caution

Tesfa Logistics appears to be a legitimate freight forwarding company registered in the UK and offering actual logistics services since 2008. They have generally positive online reviews indicating many satisfied customers over the years. There are no obvious signals that Tesfa is a fraudulent business or scam.

However, potential clients should still exercise caution when hiring Tesfa. Some concerning complaints indicate inconsistencies in service quality and communication issues. Their lack of physical offices and potential bait-and-switch tactics require scrutiny from prospective customers. Following the tips outlined earlier can help mitigate risks.

Tesfa seems able to competently handle international freight forwarding, especially for small and medium sized cargo shipment needs. But utilizing their services likely entails accepting some inherent risks and oversights compared to the largest multinational players. Do thorough due diligence, verify details, and take precautions – but overall Tesfa Logistics does appear to be a legitimate logistics services provider.

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