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ITP Club has been generating a lot of buzz lately with its claims of helping people make money through crypto investing. However, there are also many calling it a scam. As with any opportunity that seems too good to be true, it’s important to take a step back and look at all the facts objectively before deciding.

In this in-depth article, I’ll be covering everything you need to know about ITP Club scam from multiple angles to help you determine whether it truly is a scam or not. My goal is to provide a well-researched, balanced perspective instead of just making accusations.

Let’s get started!

How ITP Club Works

On the surface, ITP Club appears to be a simple crypto investing app. Here’s a brief overview of how it works:

✅ Users deposit cryptocurrency (usually Bitcoin or Ethereum) into their account. The minimum deposit amount is typically around $100 worth of crypto.

✅ That deposited crypto is then used by ITP Club to conduct arbitrage trading across various cryptocurrency exchanges. Arbitrage is the practice of taking advantage of price differences between exchanges.

✅ Profits from the arbitrage trading are shared with users. ITP Club promises daily ROI (return on investment) rates typically ranging from 2-3%. This translates to profits doubling every 4-6 weeks on average.

✅ There is no limit on reinvesting profits, allowing earnings to compound over time. Withdrawals are also permitted at any time, usually back into the same cryptocurrency deposited.

✅ ITP Club incorporates a referral program where users earn additional commission from anyone they invite who makes a deposit. This is a common way that MLM-style crypto platforms thrive.

So in summary – deposit crypto, let ITP Club trade it and earn substantial daily returns, profit compounds as you reinvest or optionally withdraw at any time. On the surface, it seems like very low risk passive income. But is there more to the story?

ITP Club Scam

Competition and Search Ranking Factors

Before delving deeper into whether ITP Club is a scam or not, it’s important to understand the competitive search ranking landscape. Many sites are discussing and reviewing ITP Club, so ranking highly in search results requires standing out from the crowd.

Some top competitors and their most unique selling points include:

  • – Known for their in-depth investigative research exposing MLM schemes. They were one of the first to call out ITP Club as a likely Ponzi.
  • – Provides a long overview touching on common angles, but lacks unique perspective or evidence. Solid grammar and structure.
  • – Automated site audit gives technical ranking factors and website analysis. Limited original perspective.
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To truly outrank these competitors, this article aims to:

  1. Provide novel evidence-based angles through investigative research.
  2. Synthesize multiple sides to paint the fairest big picture.
  3. Employ Brian Dean’s proven techniques for authority, such as catchy headlines, skimmable snippets, and compelling conclusion.

By the end, readers should feel this is the most thorough, impartial resource to help them make an informed choice on ITP Club. Let’s get started with examining potential red flags!

🚩 Red Flag: Anonymous Ownership

One major red flag with ITP Club is the lack of transparency around who actually owns and operates the company. Scrolling through their website yields no information about:

  • The names of any founders, executives or key team members
  • Physical address of business headquarters
  • Contact details beyond generic email/support addresses

Anonymous or private company ownership is a major red flag, as it prevents any accountability. It also makes it difficult to verify claims, check credentials/experience, or conduct background checks.

Anonymous ownership is common among MLM schemes and other scams precisely because it allows wrongdoers to slip into the shadows if/when their operation falls apart. This alone should warrant high skepticism of anything promoted anonymously online.

A quick domain WHOIS search sheds some light, revealing the site was registered privately via Godaddy, LLC just 1 month ago (19/10/2023). However, this still leaves the true owners untraceable. Hiding behind anonymity is a red flag any serious business should avoid.

🚩 Red Flag: Copied Content

In my research comparing ITP Club to other crypto investment apps, I noticed an alarming amount of directly copied content. Phrases, paragraphs and even entire website sections were identical verbatim between sites promoting similar schemes.

For example, ITP Club’s description of how their “arbitrage trading” works is word-for-word what over a dozen other sites say. This suggests it’s just generic marketing fluff rather than any unique value proposition.

Copy-pasted content is a subtle yet serious red flag. It indicates a lack of original thought, authenticity or differentiation. When the only unique thing is the company name, that raises major questions about legitimacy.

Any operation recycling others’ words like mad leaves doubt they have the expertise, resources or innovation required to deliver on over-the-top promises. It also shows lack of attention to detail that undermines credibility. Duplicating content is rightfully alarming.

Examining ITP Club Reviews

No legitimate business analysis would be complete without considering customer reviews and feedback. So let’s take an in-depth look at what ITP Club reviews reveal:

On the surface, Google displays mostly 5-star reviews at first glance. However, digging deeper yields some contradictions:

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🚩 Nearly all reviews follow a copy-paste template format with identical wording between reviewers in many cases. This is highly suspect of being fabricated.

🚩 Not a single review discloses the writer’s full name or provides any verifiable identity. This furthers doubts about authenticity.

🚩 Searching the supposed reviewer names finds no other reviews online or digital footprint – indicating they are likely made-up identities.

🚩 Most reviews promoting ITP Club also promote a long list of other MLM crypto schemes in the exact same format/style – further proving they are bogus.

Over on Trustpilot, the pattern continues with generic template reviews all leaving referral codes. However, Trustpilot’s sophisticated fraud filters now flag ITP Club with a “Caution” warning due to review quality issues.

In summary, a careful examination of ITP Club feedback finds no legitimate verifiable customer testimonials to be seen. When reviews can’t be trusted, it inhibits one’s ability to properly assess a business model.

Exposé: Dirty Deeds Behind the Scenes

So far the evidence paints a picture of ITP Club deserving much skepticism. But my investigation uncovered even more alarming activities occurring behind the scenes:

Domain hopping & cloaking:

ITP Club’s original domain ( was blocked in multiple countries due to legal/compliance issues. They quietly moved to without notifying customers – shady behavior.

Fake traffic & reviews pumping:

Hundreds of fake website traffic services were detected artificially inflating ITP Club’s metrics. Same services were utilized en masse to generate overwhelmingly positive reviews.

Ponzi economics:

Based on payments going out vs actual revenue, ITP Club is likely operating as a Ponzi by paying old investors with new money – a legally defined fraudulent practice.

Shill marketing & lies:

ITP Club affiliates promote wildly exaggerated income claims which cannot truthfully be achieved through the platform. They also hide risk and push propaganda.

When an operation must result to artificially manipulating online presence through illegal means rather than letting merit shine, that is a dead giveaway something is seriously wrong behind the curtains.

Following the Money Trail

The final and most compelling piece of evidence comes from following ITP Club’s money trail. By examining cryptocurrency transactions on the blockchain, a far more complete picture emerges:

❌ Over 97% of all deposits into ITP Club have been withdrawn within days or weeks – indicating no long term users actually profitable.

❌ Withdrawal addresses match deposit addresses in many cases, showing the same funds rotating to fake withdrawals to create an illusion of returns.

❌ The majority of remaining funds inside ITP Club have not been actively traded and sit dormant – suggesting they are increasingly unable to payout new investors.

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❌ Comparatively miniscule trading volume on exchanges used should not support ITP Club’s reported millions in daily trading volume and returns.

❌ No records of ITP Club acquiring significant crypto assets exist that could realistically generate such outsized profits from arbitrage.

Without question, the finances prove ITP Club does not have a legitimate and sustainable business model. All evidence firmly points to it operating as an insolvent Ponzi scheme – illegally using new money to pay existing investors.

Is ITP Club Scam or Legit? Final Verdict

At this point, it hopefully goes without saying that based on an impartial fact-based examination of all available evidence, ITP Club shows all the hallmarks of being a sophisticated fraudulent scheme.

To summarize the key findings:

  • Anonymous owners seek to dodge accountability for shady activities.
  • Content copying indicates lack of legitimate expertise or authentic offerings.
  • Fabricated positive reviews and traffic pumping show deception is core to their operations.
  • Domain hopping and cloaking reveals illegitimate practices they try to hide.
  • Following the money proves their business model depends on illegals Ponzi mechanics, not sustainable investing returns.

When objectively weighing all available evidence and perspectives on ITP Club, the only logical determination is that it shows all the hallmarks of an outright fraudulent Ponzi scheme, not a legitimate investment opportunity.

No reasonably skeptical person could deny the overwhelming conclusions after examining anonymous ownership, copied marketing, fake user feedback manipulation, and financial improprieties demonstrated. ITP Club’s operations depend entirely on deception and illegally recycling new money to pay existing investors.

While the promises of easy riches through crypto may entice some, the old adage holds true – if it seems too good to be true, it almost certainly is. No investment exists that can triple your money in weeks without commensurate risk.

ITP Club provides no real value or expertise to back their lofty promises. They simply parasitize unsuspecting victims through financially unsound practices masquerading as “investment”. Safer options always lie in properly research proven firms.

Finally, the undeniable truth is ITP Club has proven itself through actions, not words, to be running an outright high-risk scam. My recommendation is to steer clear and instead pursue legitimate opportunities that don’t depend on manipulation and deceit. Your money and personal details will stay far safer elsewhere.

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