Is Samabooks Legit or a Scam? Buyers BEWARE !!

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Samabooks is an online bookstore that offers a wide selection of books at discounted prices compared to major retailers. The site claims to have been selling books since 2003. But is Samabooks legit? or just another scam.

At first glance, Samabooks looks like a standard online bookshop. It has a professional website design with categories to browse bestsellers, recent releases, and search for specific titles or authors.

However, there are some characteristics of Samabooks that have raised questions around whether it is a legitimate business or some kind of scam. In this detailed review, we will analyze the available information to determine if Samabooks is safe and reliable for purchasing books.

Is Samabooks Legit or Scam

Signs that Samabooks is Legit

Although Samabooks is not a mainstream or well-known brand, there are several indicators that it is likely a legitimate business:

Long-standing domain

Records show the domain was registered in November 2003, which matches their alleged founding date. The domain has remained consistent for almost 20 years, which demonstrates more reliability than a newly established website.

Valid SSL certificate

Samabooks uses HTTPS encryption and has a valid SSL certificate issued by Sectigo. This shows they have made the effort to protect user information submitted online.

Physical address

The contact page displays a Denver, Colorado address that appears to be an actual office building. This suggests Samabooks has legitimate business operations offline.

Positive online reviews

Searching for feedback on Samabooks brings up reviews on Trustpilot and Reddit from customers who successfully received orders. Negative reviews about potential scams are nowhere to be found.

The available information paints Samabooks as aSafe online bookseller that has been reasonably reputable for two decades in business. Next, we’ll look at a few potential red flags to consider.

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Potential Red Flags of Samabooks

Despite the positive signs, there are a few unusual characteristics about Samabooks that customers should be aware of:

Lack of social media presence

Samabooks does not seem to have any active social media accounts on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter. In 2023, this makes them an anomaly compared to most brands and online retailers. The lack of social presence raisesquestions, but does not automatically mean a scam.

Low website traffic

Traffic analytics indicate Samabooks receives extremely low monthly visitors. The Alexa ranking is 0, implying almost no traffic to the site. Again, unusual for an online store, but niche businesses can operate successfully with minimal traffic.

Only sells PDF formats

The book product listings on Samabooks all state they are digital PDF downloads, not physical books. This suggests they are reproducing digital copies without authorization from publishers.

While these potential warning signs should not be ignored, they do not conclusively prove Samabooks is a scam. The remainder of this review will analyze other factors to make a final determination.

Is Samabooks Legit? Buying Experience and Order Process

To better evaluate Samabooks, I placed an order for a chemistry textbook to examine the buying experience from start to finish:

  • Searching for titles – Samabooks has a basic search bar to find books by keyword or browsing categories. Selection seems limited compared to Amazon or other major bookstores.
  • Prices – Prices were extremely cheap, around 80-90% lower than Amazon’s Kindle ebook prices. This is facilitated by only providing free public domain books or pirated copies.
  • Ordering – Checkout process was quick and simple with standard fields for name, address, payment details. Used PayPal to process payment safely without providing card details to site.
  • Download – After placing order, received an instant automated email with download link for PDF file. Download speed was fast on high-speed connection.
  • Book quality – The PDF is a full replica of the textbook with decent print quality. All pages and content fully intact. Clearly an unauthorized reproduction.
  • Customer service – Did not need to contact customer service, so cannot evaluate service quality. No phone number provided, only email.
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Overall, the ordering experience was smooth and delivered the product as promised. However, the exceptionally cheap prices for full textbooks point to piracy rather than an authorized distributor.

Samabooks Compared to Other Bookstores

To better evaluate the legitimacy of Samabooks, it helps to compare it against the major authorized textbook sellers:

AmazonRetail priceKindle, hardcopy500M+ visitorsActive social mediaPhone, email, live chat
Barnes & NobleRetail priceHardcopy, eTextbook76M+ visitorsActive social mediaPhone, email, live chat
Samabooks80-90% off retailOnly PDFsAlmost no trafficNo social mediaEmail only

The lack of traffic, social media, live customer service, and incredibly discounted prices stand out as red flags among authorized textbook sellers. This lends further credence to the idea that Samabooks distributes unauthorized reproductions.

Tips for Safely Buying from Samabooks

If you do choose to purchase from Samabooks, here are some tips to stay safe and get the product you paid for:

  • Use PayPal – Don’t enter your credit card details directly on Samabooks. Use PayPal for secure payments.
  • Check quality quickly – Download and inspect the PDF to verify it is intact with good print quality.
  • Avoid large purchases – For safety, stick to one or two item test orders first before spending hundreds of dollars.
  • Browse safely – Use a modern browser like Chrome with active antivirus software while browsing Samabooks.
  • Avoid sharing details – Do not give Samabooks your phone number or other info not required for purchase.
  • Know the risks – Recognize you are not getting officially licensed products, only unauthorized reproductions.
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Conclusion: Is Samabooks Legit or a Scam?

In summary, here is our verdict on the legitimacy of Samabooks:

Samabooks appears to be a legitimate business, but engages in distribution of unauthorized textbook reproductions.

The company has maintainED operations for many years and satisfies the basic requirements of an online seller in terms of security, providing customer service channels, and fulfilling orders promptly.

However, the incredibly cheap ebook prices compared to major textbook retailers indicates the books are almost certainly not licensed originals, but rather pirated copies reproduced without authorization. This raises legal and ethical concerns for some consumers.

Overall, those who use Samabooks should proceed with caution. While it will likely provide the products ordered, customers should be aware they are not purchasing official licensed textbooks, but illegal reproductions. Whether the advantages of extremely cheap textbooks outweigh the legal risks is an individual decision.

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