Ticketweb Reviews: Is Ticketweb Legit or a Scam?

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Ticketweb is one of the largest primary ticket outlets in North America, offering tickets to concerts, theater shows, and sporting events. It sells tickets on behalf of venues, event organizers and promoters.

With millions of tickets sold each year, Ticketweb has received its fair share of reviews from customers. This has led some to wonder – is Ticketweb a legitimate business or a scam?

In this comprehensive guide, we will analyze numerous Ticketweb reviews and assess if the company is trustworthy or if consumers should be wary.

Overview of Ticketweb

Before diving into Ticketweb reviews, let’s start with some background on the company:

  • History – Ticketweb was founded in 1996 as one of the first major online ticketing companies. It was acquired by Ticketmaster in 2000 but operates as an independent brand.
  • Primary ticket seller – Ticketweb sells tickets directly on behalf of venues and event organizers. This makes it a primary ticket source.
  • Owned by Eventbrite – In 2010, Ticketweb was acquired by Eventbrite, a prominent event management and ticketing platform. It remains a wholly owned subsidiary.
  • Official ticket partner – Ticketweb serves as the official ticket sales partner for many major venues, theaters, and promoters across North America.
  • Fees – Like most ticket sellers, Ticketweb charges service fees on top of the ticket’s face value. Fees vary based on the event but average around 20%.

This background provides context on Ticketweb’s business before analyzing what customers have to say in reviews. Next, we will look at positive and negative feedback.

Ticketweb Reviews (Positive Reviews)

Despite some complaints, many Ticketweb reviews are favorable. Here are some of the most common positive themes:

Wide Selection of Tickets

With inventory to millions of events, Ticketweb offers a huge selection of tickets spanning concerts, sports, and other live entertainment:

“I was able to buy tickets to a sold-out concert through Ticketweb when other sites showed it was unavailable. They seem to have one of the largest pools of tickets.”

Smooth Purchase Experience

Many reviewers say the Ticketweb website and mobile apps make it easy to find events and purchase tickets:

“I had no problem buying tickets for a comedian’s show. Checkout was simple with no hiccups.”

Reliable Delivery of Tickets

The majority of customers report getting their tickets promptly with no issues:

“Tickets were delivered to my email inbox almost immediately after I completed the transaction. Getting into the venue was seamless.”

Reasonable Fees

While not the cheapest, most find Ticketweb’s fees comparable to competitors:

“I expected higher fees, but they were very fair and on par with what other major companies charge.”

For many ticket buyers, Ticketweb delivers a smooth, convenient experience. But there are also many complaints, which we will cover next.

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Ticketweb Reviews (Negative Reviews)

Ticketweb has its share of poor reviews with several common grievances. These include:

Difficulty Reaching Customer Service

The most frequent complaint is the challenge in reaching customer support:

“I tried contacting support about an order issue but couldn’t get through. No phone number and they didn’t respond to my emails.”

Extra Hidden Fees

Some express frustration with fees added during checkout or surprise charges on their credit card:

“The advertised ticket price was reasonable. But after fees, my total cost was over 40% higher.”

Cancelled Events and Refund Problems

Issues arise when events are postponed or cancelled. Customers report difficulties getting refunds:

“Our event was cancelled and I immediately requested a refund. Months later, I still have not received my money back!”

Lack of Response to Complaints

Beyond no refunds, many reviewers say their complaints go unanswered and unresolved:

“I have tried contacting Ticketweb by every means possible. I have gotten zero response to my problem. Makes me wish I never used them.”

While not universal, these grievances appear frequently in negative reviews. But are they signs of a larger scam or isolated cases?

Is Ticketweb Legit or a Scam? An Objective Assessment

Ticketweb’s mixed reviews raise the question – can buyers trust the company or should they stay away? Let’s weigh both sides of the argument objectively.

Signs Ticketweb is Legitimate

Several factors indicate Ticketweb is a legitimate company, not a scam:

  • Long track record – In business for over 25 years, which is unlikely for a scam operation.
  • Owned by major event company– Eventbrite owns and operates Ticketweb since 2010. Eventbrite is a publicly traded, reputable organization.
  • Official ticket partner for venues/events – Legitimate venues and event organizers would not partner with a scam company to sell tickets.
  • Responsive to some complaints– While not perfect, there are instances of Ticketweb resolving issues for some customers. A pure scam would never do this.
  • Majority of sales go smoothly – Volume of sales makes some problems inevitable. But most Ticketweb transactions happen without significant complaints.
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So while there are concerning reviews, there are also many signs that Ticketweb conducts legitimate business. However, some red flags remain that buyers should consider.

Causes for Concern with Ticketweb

Despite indications of a lawful company, buyers should be aware of the following issues commonly raised in negative Ticketweb reviews:

  • Customer service gaps – Failure to respond to customers and resolve issues quickly erodes trust in the brand.
  • Opaque fees – Service fees can be excessive and ambiguous compared to other sellers. Transparency is lacking.
  • Refund obstacles – Process for getting refunds for changed or cancelled events seems inconsistent and difficult.
  • No phone support – Lack of phone customer service is inconvenient for buyers needing real-time help.

While Ticketweb offers a legitimate service, these areas of recurrent criticism in reviews are concerning for consumers. The company needs to improve in these facets to match competitors.

Best Practices for Using Ticketweb Safely

Despite shortcomings revealed in some reviews, buyers can still securely purchase tickets through Ticketweb with a few precautions:

  • Price shop – Compare Ticketweb’s ticket pricing and fees to other major sellers like Ticketmaster.
  • Use a credit card – Paying with a credit card gives you additional fraud protection and refund leverage.
  • Take screenshots – Capture order confirmation screens and transaction receipts in case you need to dispute charges.
  • Insure valuable tickets – For high-demand events, use a ticket insurance service for further financial security.
  • Act quickly on issues – If there are order problems, start a resolution request immediately before the event occurs.
  • Buy early – Don’t wait until the last minutes to purchase, as sold out events reduce options for exchanges and refunds if plans change.

While Ticketweb has received mixed reviews from buyers, following these tips can help you avoid the pitfalls reported by some and have a successful ordering experience.

Is Ticketweb Trustworthy?

In summary, here are the key conclusions from analyzing numerous Ticketweb reviews:

  • Predominantly legitimate – While not perfect, Ticketweb exhibits the practices of a lawful ticketing service that sells millions of real tickets each year.
  • Areas for customer service improvement – Ticketweb suffers from gaps in customer support and subpar refund/exchange policies that frustrate consumers.
  • Proceed with caution – Responsible buyers can safely use Ticketweb by following best practices, price shopping, and thoroughly reviewing policies.
  • Better for less popular events – For high-demand events with scarce tickets, other sellers may offer buyers less hassle.
  • Legitimacy outweighs complaints – Quantity of serious scandals is low versus Ticketweb’s transaction volume, indicating complaints are outliers.
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In the end, Ticketweb delivers a legal ticket buying experience that suffices for many customers. But buyers should be aware of shortfalls outlined in reviews and adjust expectations accordingly.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) on Ticketweb

Still have questions about Ticketweb? Here are answers to some commonly asked questions:

Is Ticketweb as large as Ticketmaster?

No. Ticketweb sells millions of tickets but its inventory and sales volume is smaller than ticketing giant Ticketmaster. It focuses more on concerts and theater versus sports.

What fees does Ticketweb charge?

Fees vary by event but expect around 10-20% extra fees added to face ticket values. Some customers report even higher fees.

Can I get Ticketweb tickets refunded or exchanged?

Ticketweb’s refund and exchange policies vary by event. Some tickets cannot be exchanged at all. Read policies closely before completing a purchase.

Is purchasing from Ticketweb safe?

Buying from Ticketweb is generally safe, especially if you use a credit card and buy early. But customers should be cautious and use best practices in case issues arise.

What is Ticketweb’s customer service number?

Ticketweb does not offer phone customer service. You can submit support tickets online via email. Lack of real-time phone support is a top complaint.

How do I know if Ticketweb tickets are legit?

While scams are possible, fraud is rare when buying directly from Ticketweb’s website. Still, review your receipt closely to verify event details and pricing before attending.

Following the guidance in this article, you can now make an informed decision before using Ticketweb for your next ticket purchase. While not perfect, Ticketweb is predominantly a legitimate ticket seller that provides adequate service to millions annually. However, be aware of areas of recurrent disappointment revealed in Ticketweb reviews. Using best practices, you can likely avoid major issues and effectively use Ticketweb even with its flaws.

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