Procosplay Reviews: Is Procosplay Legit or Scam?

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Is Procosplay Legit or Scam? Procosplay is an online retailer that specializes in selling cosplay costumes, wigs, props, and accessories. The store has become increasingly popular amongst cosplayers in recent years due to its wide selection of products and affordable prices.

However, some customers have raised concerns over whether Procosplay is a legitimate business or a scam. In this comprehensive review, we will take an in-depth look at Procosplay, evaluating key factors such as product quality, customer service, company reputation, and more to determine if Procosplay is legit or a scam.

Overview of Procosplay

Procosplay was launched in 2015 by a team of passionate cosplayers and costume enthusiasts. The company is headquartered in Xiamen, China and has its own manufacturing facilities to produce many of the costumes and props sold on its website.

Procosplay stocks licensed costumes and accessories from popular anime, TV shows, movies, and video games. Some of the major franchises featured include Harley Quinn, Spiderman, Batman, Sailor Moon, Disney, Star Wars, Naruto, and more. In addition to completed costumes, Procosplay sells individual costume pieces, fabric, styling products, and materials for customers to craft their own costumes.

The store ships worldwide and prominently advertises affordable pricing, wide product selection, customized costume design services, and timely delivery.

Evaluating Product Quality

The most important factor when purchasing from an online costume retailer is the quality of the products. Based on customer reviews and first-hand accounts, the overall product quality from Procosplay can be considered medium to good.

The majority of costumes are made from decent materials and construction. For simpler costumes like leggings and leotards, the fit and finish is quite good. More complicated ensembles with armor, props, and extensive detailing tend to suffer some inaccuracies. Materials like pleather, faux leather, and thin vinyl are used instead of real leather in most cases, which reduces durability.

Some customers note that sizing can be inconsistent, so carefully checking measurement charts is recommended. Wigs and props are regarded as lower quality than the costumes, requiring more styling or modifications to look accurate.

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Compared to mass manufactured costume stores, Procosplay delivers better accuracy and materials for the low costs. However, boutique costume makers with higher pricing unsurprisingly offer superior construction, fabrics, detailing, and likeness to source material.

For the affordable pricing, Procosplay delivers decent cost-to-quality ratio, just don’t expect movie replica level perfection.

Procosplay Reviews: Customer Service and Reviews

Procosplay receives mostly positive customer service reviews. They offer phone, email, and live chat support. Their customer service team is based in China, so communication issues can infrequently occur due to language barriers. Overall though, they are reasonably responsive and aim to resolve issues promptly.

The store has an impressive 4.7 out of 5 star rating on TrustPilot based on over 1,500 independent customer reviews. On Google Reviews and SiteJabber, the store also maintains a 4+ star average rating. Negative reviews mention inaccurate product descriptions, low quality materials/construction, sizing issues, and slow customer service. It seems like the majority have positive experiences though and recommend buying from Procosplay.

Reviewers on cosplay forums and subreddits also portray the store reasonably well. Complaints of long processing times and questionable quality control are present, but most agree that Procosplay delivers good value costumes compared to competitors in their price tier. Some cosplayers even exclusively buy from Procosplay due to competitive pricing combined with acceptable quality and selection.

Is procosplay Legit? Company Legitimacy and Reputation

Procosplay has gained substantial word of mouth popularity and brand recognition within the cosplay community. While still considered an up and coming company, they have established legitimacy through years of operation, gross sales, and increasingly high reputation.

The business is fully registered in China and the website owned by Guangzhou Yiheng Trading Co. Ltd. Details about the company headquarters, phone numbers, emails, and business licenses are provided on the website.

User-submitted pictures of the manufacturing facilities reveal a large warehouse and productive teams assembling costumes. Procosplay also exhibits at major conventions like Comic Con to showcase products and interact with customers.

Overall, there is no conclusive evidence from research and background checks that Procosplay engages in unethical business practices or scams customers as some illegitimate vendors do. Certain issues like product misrepresentation or delays may occur, but the company does not appear to be an outright scam.

Pros of Buying from Procosplay

Wide selection: Thousands of different costumes, wigs, accessories from many popular franchises. Lots of variety even for obscure characters.

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Affordable pricing: Costumes prices from $50-$200 for full outfits depending on complexity. Among the cheaper options out there.

Decent quality: Considering low costs, costumes have passable quality and likeness to characters. Durability not outstanding but acceptable.

Good customer service: Support team is responsive to questions and issues. Quicker delivery and resolution of problems compared to buying from China direct.

Reputable business: No major red flags regarding unethical practices. Reasonably high customer satisfaction and order fulfillment rate based on reviews.

Cons of Buying from Procosplay

Production delays: Peak seasons can see costumes taking 3-4 weeks to manufacture and ship. Have to order well in advance.

Inconsistent sizing: Some costumes fit perfectly for customers, others require alterations and modifications to achieve good fit.

Language barrier:Communications can be difficult due to support staff lacking English fluency. Can cause obstacles resolving complex order issues.

Questionable quality control:Some orders have unacceptable defects like loose stitching, tears, blemishes, or pieces missing. Not rampant but QC could improve.

Cheap materials: Costume materials prone to wear like pleather instead of real leather. Durability and realistic appearance suffers for intricate costumes.

Procosplay is Legit, Not a Scam

Based on analysis of numerous customer reviews, business credentials, public records, and shopping experiences, Procosplay can be safely considered a legitimate business, not an outright scam. They have a history of mostly delivering what is advertised on their website.

That said, the company isn’t perfect – production delays, language barriers, and varying product quality remain issues. Customers need reasonable expectations for costs paid. If expecting incredibly accurate, durable movie-grade costume reproductions, Procosplay will likely disappoint.

However for beginner to intermediate cosplayers seeking decent quality ensembles on a budget, Procosplay delivers suitable value and selection. Just order well in advance and don’t expect perfection.

With reasonable precautions like using a credit card for purchases, the risk of getting completely scammed is low and many customers end up satisfied with their affordable Procosplay costumes. They have successfully served thousands of cosplayers across the globe.

Tips for Buying from Procosplay

Follow these tips to maximize satisfaction when purchasing from Procosplay:

  • Check size charts – Measure carefully and read size charts thoroughly since fit can vary. Request custom measurements if unsure.
  • Give ample time – Factor in 3-4 week processing times before conventions or events. Order early to allow for any delays.
  • Inspect photos carefully – Look for any apparent defects or inconsistencies compared to product descriptions before purchasing.
  • Take proper care – Hand wash, air dry, and properly store costumes after wear for longevity. Don’t machine wash or dry clean.
  • Seal with mod podge – Brush mod podge onto armor pieces and accessories to smooth surfaces and prevent cracking or peeling.
  • Ask for fabric swatches – If fabric type and thickness is a concern, request free fabric swatches before order commitment.
  • Utilize customer service – Don’t hesitate to contact support pre-sale for any concerns or post-sale if issues arise for quick resolution.
  • Pay with credit card – For optimal buyer protection in case you need to dispute an order. Avoid risky payment options like bank transfer.
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Frequently Asked Questions

Does Procosplay make the costumes or just sell them?

Procosplay has its own manufacturing operation in China and produces many of the costumes in-house. Some products are sourced from third party partners. Either way, quality control and fulfillment is handled by Procosplay.

Are there extra customs fees ordering from Procosplay?

Customers in the US/Canada don’t normally pay additional customs duties for costume orders under $800. EU customers can incur some import fees that Procosplay has no control over.

Can I return or exchange costumes bought from Procosplay?

Procosplay offers returns and exchanges within 3 days of receiving an order. Customized products cannot be returned. Exchanges are offered for sizing or defects. Follow instructions from customer service for any returns or exchanges.

How do I contact Procosplay for support?

Procosplay can be contacted by email at [email protected] or by live chat on their website during China working hours. Support is responsive but delays can happen during peak periods.

Does Procosplay offer discounts or coupon codes?

Coupon codes are frequently offered on their website and through email newsletter. Codes typically offer modest dollar amount discounts like 5% or 10% off orders. Larger sales happen during holidays or events.


While Procosplay isn’t recommended for perfectionists seeking ultra high-end costume replication, the company delivers solid budget-friendly options for casual and hobbyist cosplayers. If you manage expectations and follow purchase tips, ordering from Procosplay can be a satisfactory experience and valuable costume source. Just confirm quality and fit upon arrival and contact support if any major issues.

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