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Farmskins is a third-party marketplace for trading Counter-Strike: Global Offensive (CS:GO) skins and other in-game items. The platform allows users to buy, sell and trade skins securely for real money. However, as an unregulated marketplace, some users have concerns about whether Farmskins is a legitimate and trustworthy site. This article provides an in-depth and unbiased review of Farmskins, analyzing key factors such as security, fees, user experiences and more to determine if Farmskins is legit or a scam.

Overview of Farmskins

Farmskins was launched in 2017 as a platform for CS:GO skin trading. It aims to provide a secure peer-to-peer marketplace for buying, selling and trading in-game skins and items between users. Some key features of Farmskins include:

  • Wide selection of skins – The marketplace supports a wide variety of skins, knives, gloves, stickers, cases and more from CS:GO. Users can find both common and rare skins.
  • Instant sell feature – Users can instantly sell their skins to Farmskins for real money. The site provides instant pricing and purchase of skins.
  • Fair pricing – Farmskins uses real-time market data to provide competitive pricing on skins. Sellers can get good value.
  • Multiple payment options – The platform supports various payment methods including cryptocurrencies, Visa, Mastercard, bank transfer and more.
  • Security features – Farmskins has security measures in place including identity verification, two-factor authentication and HTTPS site encryption.
  • Rewards program – Users can earn rewards on trades and cash them out for balance. There is also an affiliate program.
  • Mobile app – A mobile app is available for Android and iOS for convenient trading on the go.

On the surface, Farmskins appears to offer a legitimate platform for CS:GO skin trading with reasonable fees and security. However, it’s important to take a deeper look into vital factors to determine if the site is truly reliable and safe to use.

Is Farmskins Legit? Assessing Key Factors

Determining the legitimacy of any CS:GO skin trading site involves carefully examining several key factors that indicate safety, security and trustworthiness. Here is an assessment of the most important considerations for Farmskins:

Reputation and User Experiences

One of the first signs of a site’s legitimacy is its overall reputation based on real user reviews and experiences. Farmskins seems to have a fairly positive reputation so far.

Checking third-party review sites like TrustPilot, the vast majority of Farmskins reviews are positive. Out of 440+ reviews, Farmskins scores a “Great” 8.6/10 overall rating. Users mention the easy trading experience, good prices and solid customer support. There are some negative reviews mentioning slow withdrawals, high fees or scam attempts, but this seems limited.

On forums like Reddit, most discussions regarding Farmskins are also largely positive. Users mention good experiences with instant sell, responsive support and fair skin values. Some complaints exist around certain payment methods or verification.

Overall, the predominantly positive user reviews indicate that Farmskins is regarded as a legit and satisfactory platform by most who have used it. Nevertheless, users should still be cautious as no site is perfect.

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Security and Protection

For any skin trading marketplace, having robust security measures in place is essential in determining legitimacy and preventing fraud. Farmskins appears to have made reasonable efforts here:

  • HTTPS encryption – The site uses HTTPS protocol and SSL certificates to encrypt connections and data. This protects user information.
  • Identity verification – Farmskins has an identity verification process in place. Users must provide government ID and address proof to help prevent scams and money laundering.
  • Two-factor authentication – Users can enable 2FA for additional account security beyond a password. This prevents unauthorized logins.
  • Email confirmation – Features like withdrawals and changes to profile require email confirmation as an extra verification step.
  • Anti-fraud technology – The site mentions using sophisticated technology to detect and prevent fraudulent activities. However, specific details are not provided.
  • Security tips – Farmskins provides users tips on keeping their account safe and avoiding scams through their support site.

The security practices seem reasonable, but there are still risks as with any P2P trading. Users should enable all protection options available and remain vigilant.

Site Operator and Registration Details

The legitimacy and reputation of the actual company operating an online trading platform also requires scrutiny.

Farmskins appears to be operated by Farmskins OÜ, a company based in Tallinn, Estonia and registered under the jurisdiction of the Estonian government. The company registration number is 14532901 and they have a valid business license.

Looking up the company information in the Estonian Business Register shows Farmskins OÜ was registered in October 2020. The company reports describe its business activities as “activities of virtual currency exchange platforms and other related activities”.

While the company itself seems to be a registered legitimate business, it is still fairly new having been founded in 2020. Users may want to exercise some caution trading on new unestablished platforms.

Overall, the site operator details check out. Farmskins seems to be run by a legitimate registered company subject to Estonian regulations.

Customer Support

The quality of customer support and service on a trading platform also matters greatly in assessing its standards and practices.

Farmskins does provide customers several support options:

  • Support page – There is an extensive FAQ and knowledge base that covers most common queries on how the site works, trading, security, resolving issues and more.
  • Submit ticket – Users can submit support tickets for any individual issues or questions not addressed in the knowledge base. Tickets can be tracked.
  • Live chat – A live customer support chat is available during business hours for immediate assistance. Chat transcripts are emailed.
  • Social media – Users can also reach Farmskins support on Twitter or Facebook Messenger.
  • Discord – There is an active Farmskins Discord where staff provide support.

User reviews praise Farmskins’ customer service as responsive, friendly and helpful. Support options seem more comprehensive than some other skin trading sites. This improves legitimacy.

However, Farmskins does not provide a phone number for support. Users would need to rely on tickets, live chat or social media which may be inconvenient for some issues.

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Skin Validation and Authentication

Farmskins states they have processes in place to authenticate and verify skins traded on their platform. However, specific details are lacking on how rigorous or effective these processes are.

Some users have reported instances at Farmskins where they received duplicate or fake skins not matching the promised quality, indicating issues can occur.

Without full transparency into their validation procedures, it’s difficult to gauge how well Farmskins verifies items. This may be an area needing improvement.

Fees and Pricing

Farmskins charges certain fees for trades and transactions which appear clearly listed on their fees page:

  • Selling fee – 12%
  • Withdrawal fee – 5% + payment system fee
  • Deposit fee – None
  • Buying fee – None

Compared to competitors, these fees are average if not lower in some cases. Farmskins’ buying fee is less than many sites at 0% compared to 5-15% elsewhere. Their selling fee is reasonable considering they handle marketing skins to buyers.

The pricing model also seems fair overall. Sellers get competitive value for their skins based on market rates. There are no indications of the site manipulating pricing.

One issue mentioned by some users are slightly higher withdrawal fees, but this is typical for third-party skin trading as they pass on payment processor charges.


An important sign of a legitimate business is transparency around key information like ownership, location, fees, security practices and more.

Farmskins does seem to communicate most of these details through their site, Terms of Service, support docs and other information they make public. Their processes appear more transparent compared to some other skin trading platforms.

However, greater transparency specifically around their skin validation methods, company financials/capitalization and anti-fraud technologies would build additional trust.

User Recommendations for Farmskins

If choosing to use Farmskins for CS:GO skin trading, users should keep these tips in mind for a safe, secure experience:

  • Enable two-factor authentication on your account.
  • Only use payment methods you trust – cryptocurrencies have the lowest risk.
  • Cash out your balance regularly vs accumulating large sums.
  • Double check skin details thoroughly before accepting any trade.
  • Be vigilant of scams – don’t click suspicious links sent via chat/messages.
  • If selling expensive rare skins, consider a middleman service for larger trades.
  • Review forum comments and social media to stay updated on any current issues.
  • Avoid depositing more than you can afford to potentially lose.
  • Report any suspicious activities you notice on the site.
  • Keep communication on the platform – don’t discuss trades/payments privately.
  • Be careful sharing account details even with support staff – scammers can pose as helpers.

Is Farmskins Legit? The Verdict

In summary, based on the extensive evaluation across key factors of security, user experiences, operator details and more – Farmskins appears to be a legitimate and generally trustworthy CS:GO skin trading marketplace. They implement reasonable security protections, have a mostly positive reputation, and operate as a registered company.

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However, as with any third-party skin trading platform, users should still exercise caution when buying, selling and cashing out to avoid potential scams or fraud. Legitimacy does not equate to 100% safety.

Farmskins still has room for improvement by beefing up skin validation processes, providing more transparency into their technologies, reducing some fees, and giving users more support options. But compared to many other CS:GO skin sites, Farmskins seems to be one of the better options currently available.

Use common sense precautions on Farmskins but overall, evidence indicates it is not an outright scam and is reasonably safe for skin trading. Farmskins seems to be taking steps to operate as a legitimate business.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Farmskins trustworthy?

Based on security, user reviews and other analysis, Farmskins appears reasonably trustworthy. They implement protections against fraud and scams that most reputable platforms have. However, no third-party marketplace is 100% without risk.

Will I get scammed on Farmskins?

Scams are certainly possible, as on any site, but Farmskins has measures in place to prevent them. Using safe practices like not clicking links or sharing login details can help avoid scams. Overall scam risk seems lower compared to less regulated skin trading sites.

Can Farmskins steal my skins?

There are no indications that Farmskins itself directly steals user skins or assets. Their platform acts as a middleman for trades between buyers and sellers. However, scammers could still operate on the platform.

Is Farmskins Legal?

Yes, Farmskins appears to operate legally as a registered business in Estonia and follows KYC regulations. They have the required licenses to run their virtual asset exchange platform.

Does Farmskins accept US Players?

Yes, Farmskins allows users from the United States. They mention specifically complying with KYC regulations in the US as well. US players can use the site provided they pass identity verification.

What Payment Methods does Farmskins Accept?

Farmskins accepts a variety of payment methods including credit cards, cryptocurrency, bank transfer, mobile payments, gift cards, and third-party payment systems like Epay.


Farmskins is regarded by most users as a legitimate CS:GO skin trading platform, offering a decent marketplace for buying, selling and trading skins securely for real cash. They have reasonable security protections in place and operate as a registered company. While no third-party site is risk-free, Farmskins shows the characteristics of being a valid business rather than an outright scam. However, users should still take precautions when using the platform. Farmskins could benefit from more transparency and improvements in areas like skin verification. But overall, evidence suggests Farmskins is reasonably safe for skin trading as one of the better regulated marketplaces currently available.

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