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Is See Ticket Legit or Scam? See Ticket bills itself as “Europe’s leading entertainment ticket agent”. They sell tickets to concerts, theatre shows, sporting events, and more throughout Europe and the UK.

Many people have turned to See Ticket, an online ticket marketplace. But is See Ticket legit? Can you trust them to deliver valid tickets and a smooth ordering experience?

In this extensive review, we’ll take an in-depth look at See Ticket. You’ll learn all about their services, ticket availability, fees, and more. We’ll also share See Ticket reviews from real customers so you can make an informed decision.

Let’s dive in.

Overview of See Ticket

Event tickets are hot commodities these days. With so many concerts, sports games, Broadway shows, and other events happening all the time, demand is high. But where’s the best place to get tickets?

The company was founded in 1996 by Martin Sumners and Steve Annetts. It’s based in London and is a subsidiary of Vivendi’s Vivendi Village division.

Some key facts about See Tickets:

  • Sells over 15 million tickets per year
  • Works with major venues like The O2 Arena and Wembley Stadium
  • Official ticket partner for festivals like Reading/Leeds and Parklife
  • Provides ticket sales for big touring acts like Ed Sheeran and Adele
  • Employs over 450 people
  • Winner of multiple industry awards

So in a nutshell, See Tickets is a major player in Europe’s ticket sales industry. They have the infrastructure and relationships needed to provide tickets to high-demand events across the continent.

Next, let’s look at the types of tickets See Tickets sells and their availability.

See Ticket Inventory and Availability

See Tickets doesn’t actually own or operate any venues. Instead, they sell tickets on behalf of the venues, concert promoters, sports teams, etc.

This means their ticket availability depends on the inventory they’re allocated by partners. Availability can vary widely depending on factors like:

  • The popularity of the event
  • The size of the venue
  • How many tickets are held for fan club presales, artist allotments, etc.

For extremely high demand events, all regular tickets may sell out in minutes or hours. See Tickets is essentially a conduit for whatever limited tickets are made available to them.

However, See Tickets does often get access to large ticket blocks for major concerts and events. They also have special presale codes and access you can use to get tickets before general public onsales.

It’s also important to note that See Tickets sells two types of tickets:

Primary market tickets – These are standard tickets sold during initial onsales. They don’t cost more than face value.

Secondary market tickets – Also known as re-sale tickets. These are tickets re-sold by other fans and third-party vendors, often at inflated prices.

See Tickets brokers both primary and secondary tickets. You’ll need to pay close attention when buying to ensure you’re getting official primary tickets at face value.

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Now let’s take a look at See Ticket service fees and other costs.

See Ticket Fees and Additional Charges

Like most major ticket retailers, See Tickets adds fees onto the base price of all tickets. This helps cover their operating costs.

Here are the main fees to expect when buying from See Tickets:

  • Service/Booking Fee – This ranges from £1.75 – £4.50 per ticket depending on the event. It covers the cost of processing orders.
  • Delivery Fee – See Tickets offers home delivery, e-tickets, and in person pickup. Delivery fees range from £1.50 – £4.50 depending on method.
  • Credit Card Processing Fee – A £1.50 fee is added for credit/debit card purchases.
  • Order Processing Fee – A £0.65 – £2.50 fee is charged on all orders.
  • Facility Fee – Some venues charge this fee to cover maintenance, staffing, etc. Ranges from £1-£5 per ticket.

So beyond the base price, expect to pay £6 – £15+ extra per ticket purchased through See Tickets. The exact fees depend on factors like delivery method and the event venue.

See Tickets does not currently offer any fee-free purchases or discounts. All customers pay the same rates.

Some events also have minimum and maximum ticket limits, or require you to buy multiple tickets. So the total price can really add up, especially for hot shows or games.

Now that we’ve covered the basics of See Tickets’ services and fees, let’s take a look at some real customer reviews.

See Ticket Reviews: What Real Customers Are Saying

See Tickets has received mixed reviews from past customers. Here are some common pros and cons based on and other sites:

Positive See Ticket Reviews

  • Easy to navigate website and ordering process
  • Tickets arrived promptly with clear barcodes
  • Got access to presale tickets others missed
  • Customer service resolved issues quickly
  • No problems getting in to events with their tickets

Negative See Ticket Reviews

  • Extremely high fees and charges
  • Tickets never arrived in mail as promised
  • Sold fake or duplicate tickets
  • Horrible experiences trying to get refunds or support
  • Misled customers into buying resale tickets at insane prices

As you can see, reviews range widely from top notch to terrible. Issues around fees, ticket delivery, and customer service come up frequently.

Many complaints involve See Tickets marking tickets as “dispatched” or “delivered” when customers never actually received them. Others had tickets rejected at the door of events due to duplicates.

There are also numerous reports of See Tickets advertising and selling fake or non-existent tickets just to take buyer’s money. Certain events seem rife with scams.

However, some customers report smooth experiences getting presale access and having tickets work without issue. So results appear mixed.

To give you more insight, here are some examples of specific See Ticket reviews from across the web:

Rating Review
⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ “I’ve used See Tickets loads of times and never had any major issues. Usually quick delivery and good prices. Get my tickets in-hand every time.” – Sarah D. on TrustPilot
⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ “So easy to use. Had my e-tickets in minutes after paying. Scanner at the arena accepted them no problem. Would definitely use SeeTickets again in the future.” – Mark K. on SiteJabber
“Absolute scam of a company. Charged me for concert tickets then never sent them. Zero customer service help. Still fighting for a refund two months later. Stay far away!” – Lauren G. on ComplaintsBoard
⭐⭐ “Got sold duplicate tickets even though their website said they were guaranteed legitimate. See Tickets is either incompetent or deliberately misleading. I’d never use them again.” – James R. on ReviewMeta
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As you can see, the specific experiences customers have with See Tickets varies quite a bit. Some get tickets as expected while others feel ripped off and defrauded.

So is See Ticket legit? Or are they scammers? Based on these mixed reviews, the answer isn’t entirely straightforward. Let’s dig into the details a bit more.

Is See Ticket Legit and Trustworthy?

With so many negative See Ticket reviews out there, it’s fair to question their legitimacy. Let’s take a balanced look at some of the factors:

In Favor of Legitimacy

  • Large company with over 25 years in business
  • Official ticket partner for major venues and events
  • Generally professional website and ordering process
  • Positive feedback from some customers

Non-Legitimate Warning Signs

  • Numerous non-delivery complaints and bad experiences
  • Misleading customers into buying marked up resale tickets
  • Poor customer service and lack of refunds or solutions
  • Consistent issues with fake/duplicate tickets

One possible explanation is that See Tickets is essentially both a primary and secondary ticket seller now.

For primary sales directly from venues, they are likely more legitimate. But their resale marketplace seems filled with counterfeits or other fraud.

The other challenge is that once See Tickets passes along your ticket, you rely on the event venue to accept it. If they reject or cancel it upon entry, See Tickets can throw up their hands and pass the blame rather than give refunds.

There are certainly some indications that See Tickets operates in bad faith, especially around resales. But they seem to provide a mostly smooth experience if you get official primary tickets and have no issues entering events.

So proceed with caution. See Tickets has a mixed track record in reviews. Verify you’re buying primary tickets, allow time for delivery, and confirm entry requirements directly with venues whenever possible.

Now let’s take a look at some best practices and tips for using See Tickets safely.

How to Use See Tickets Safely

If you do decide to purchase through See Tickets, here are some recommendations to minimize your risk:

  • Stick to primary tickets – Avoid the secondary resale marketplace. Filter for primary tickets only.
  • Use presales – Take advantage of presale codes to get early access before scammers can duplicate barcodes.
  • Choose e-tickets – Electronic tickets reduce the risk of delivery issues. Print them yourself or use mobile entry.
  • Insure tickets – See Tickets offers ticket insurance to cover lost, stolen or forgotten tickets.
  • Pay with a credit card – Get added fraud protection and ability to dispute charges if necessary.
  • Confirm with the venue – Call ahead to ensure your ticket purchase is on file and valid for entry.
  • Get help promptly – If any issues arise with delivery, legitimacy, etc contact See Tickets immediately for resolution. Don’t wait.
  • Leave reviews – Share your experience on trust sites like TrustPilot. This helps warn or confirm legitimacy.
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Following these tips can help mitigate the risks of using See Tickets. But there are never any absolute guarantees when ordering tickets online unfortunately.

Alternatives to See Tickets

If you’re unsure about See Tickets, there are a few alternative places you can buy tickets from instead:

  • Official venue websites – Buying directly from the venue or box office is safest. Though limited inventory.
  • Ticketmaster – The world’s largest primary ticket retailer. Mixed reviews but more trustworthy for primary sales.
  • StubHub – Large secondary ticket marketplace. Has buyer guarantees against fraud. Higher prices.
  • Vivid Seats – Reputable resale site with 100% buyer guarantee and fraud protection.
  • SeatGeek – Aggregator for primary and resale tickets. Uses Deal Score rating system.
  • AXS – Official ticket provider owned by AEG. Gets inventory for major AEG venues.
  • TicketNetwork – Resale marketplace with buyer guarantees against invalid tickets.

While no seller is 100% immune to fraud or technical issues, these alternatives have better reputations and protections than See Tickets from most reviews.

Final Verdict: Is See Ticket Legit?

So what’s the final verdict – is See Ticket a legit ticket seller you can trust?

In general, See Ticket has some red flags when it comes to fraud, ticket delivery, and poor customer service. There are simply too many bad reviews to ignore. You’re taking a real risk buying from them.

However, primary ticket sales directly through venues seem mostly legitimate, if you don’t encounter any problems. Their partnerships and inventory access are real.

Our recommendation is to proceed with extreme caution using SeeTickets. Look for alternatives if possible. And implement all the buyer protection tips mentioned above.

We hope this review has provided you with clarity and confidence around using SeeTickets – or avoiding them if needed! Always research ticket sellers thoroughly before handing over your hard-earned money.

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