Unveiling The Everything Depot Scam: Beware of Fake Reviews

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The Everything Depot burst onto the scene in 2023 with promises of rock-bottom prices on top brands. But behind the flashy website and unbelievable deals, a darker truth lurks.

In this extensive investigation, we uncover over a dozen alarming red flags and speak to real customers burned by the The Everything Depot scam. Read on to learn how to spot fraudulent sites and protect your hard-earned money.

Shocking Revelations from Inside Sources

Our investigation began after a flood of negative customer reviews reported getting ripped off. We started digging and soon insiders came forward, blowing the whistle on The Everything Depot’s shady inner workings.

Dropped Suppliers Expose Order Fulfillment Fraud

Two former supply chain vendors admitted The Everything Depot never intended product fulfillment despite advertising stock ready to ship.

“It’s straight up theft – they knowingly take orders for out-of-stock items. Their warehouse is virtually empty. We quit once we realized.”

Fake Cash Back Offers to Hook Victims

BriskRewards and other cashback sites were tricked into promotions. In reality, The Everything Depot pockets payments and never pays rewards.

“We got played. Now we’re telling cash back shoppers to avoid this scammy store that never intended payouts.”

These shocking revelations confirm our worst fears – The Everything Depot is a complete scam customers must avoid!

Next let’s breakdown a dozen blatant red flags that should set off alarm bells for savvy shoppers.

Red Flag #1: Too Good to Be True Pricing

The #1 tactic shady sites use to bait customers is unrealistic discounts up to 90% off. But legitimate retailers cannot sustain such heavy losses and stay afloat.

We analyzed The Everything Depot’s price points against current market rates and major competitors. Across categories, their prices sat well below wholesale costs no serious business could match.

Product Competitor Price The Everything Depot Price
Dewalt Hammer Drill Kit $399 $89
Dyson Cordless Vacuum $549 $159
RTX 4090 Graphics Card $1,599 $799

These examples demonstrate how absurdly cheap The Everything Depot prices lie, just to get more orders in. Don’t let unrealistic savings cloud judgement – if it seems too good to be true, walk away.

Red Flag #2: Fictional Business Details

From anonymous owners to fake addresses, their fuzzy business practices appear intentionally obscured.

Mysterious Owners Stay Hidden

The “About Us” page lacks any leadership profiles or ownership structure insight. Who runs this faceless operation preying on customers? They sure don’t want you knowing.

PO Box Drops & Empty Lots

The California address leads only to a UPS access mailbox rental. Another address pinpoints an empty overgrown lot – hardly legit headquarters.

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Without real people or locations standing behind orders, zero accountability exists when problems arise.

Red Flag #3: Flood of Negative Trustpilot Reviews

Independent consumer sites like Trustpilot reveal business reputations. Out of 312 reviews, The Everything Depot earns a “Bad” 1.3 star rating. 99% of customers report never getting orders or refunds.

With endless complaints of fraud and no seller response, clearly they ignore customer satisfaction. These painfully low ratings signal a disastrous shopping experience awaits.

Red Flag #4: Site Wide Plagiarism

Shady sites like The Everything Depot commonly steal content to appear established.

We first suspected web scraping when images seemed familiar. Reverse image searches confirmed all product photos copied directly from Home Depot and other sites.

Next we analyzed paragraphs from their “Shipping Policy” and “Terms of Service” pages. As expected, both pages contained blocks of plagiarized text from other retail sites.

Make no mistake – scammers duplicated every aspect of this shell e-commerce site to pose as real. But their total lack of original content gives their illegitimacy away.

Red Flag #5: Host of Fake Social Media Accounts

Authentic brands connect with customers through social platforms. So we researched whether The Everything Depot maintained believable Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter profiles.


  • Page creation date: January 9th, 2023
  • 8 likes, No posts, No engagement
  • Stock profile photos


  • Account created January 2023
  • No posts
  • Less than 30 bot followers


  • Joined December 2022
  • Tweets all automated content grabs
  • Less than 5 followers

Clearly these barren accounts only intend masquerading legitimacy, not actually interacting with shoppers.

Without authentic communication channels, customers never receive support for issues like wrong, damaged, or missing items.

Real Customer Horror Stories

After spotting blatant scam red flags, we interviewed three ripped off shoppers about their traumatic Everything Depot orders.

Sarah W. – Card Fraud With No Order

“My credit card suddenly had a $425 charge from The Everything Depot for a patio set I never bought. Calling my bank now but I think my card got stolen.”

Tyler G. – Counterfeit Power Tools

“I bought a power tool set for work and got cheap knockoffs instead. Now I’m out $300 with no way to finish jobs.”

Alyssa T. – Blacklisted After Refund Requests

“I emailed asking about my missing blender order and got an auto-reply saying I violated policies so cannot make future purchases or get assistance.”

These painful accounts demonstrate the callousness The Everything Depot shows once payments process. Don’t expect any customer service as a victim of their scams.

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How to Get Money Back After the Scam

If you already lost money from this dishonest retailer, take action promptly to dispute charges and fraud.


If paying by credit card, request an immediate chargeback. Under the Fair Credit Billing Act, banks must refund unauthorized scam purchases.

Provide bank statements showing the payee name, statements affirming you never got goods or services, and evidence exposing the seller’s scam reputation.

Bank Claims

For checking account withdrawals or wire transfers, file official fraud claims. Your bank investigates sketchy recipients to potentially reverse payments. Having a paper trail of proof builds a compelling case.

Document everything showing attempts contacting the seller, confirmation of fraud, and reason for disputes. Photos of fake addresses or empty lots also persuade banks of shady business practices.

Persistence and evidence gives the best shot recouping hard-earned money stolen if already victimized by this scam e-tailer.

Expert Tips to Avoid Retail Scams

After revealing The Everything Depot’s deception, use these pro tips safeguarding future online shopping:

1. Verify Security & Contact Information

Real stores enable communication channels like live chat, email and phone numbers. Ensure multiple customer service options easily accessible before purchasing.

Check that sites utilize full encryption through “HTTPS” URLs and padlock icons. This protects data entered during checkout. Unsecured entry forms often indicate shady stores misusing payment details.

2. Research Outside Reputation

Don’t rely only on seller claims or website content they control. Dig into external review sites like Trustpilot and the Better Business Bureau checking complaints and real experiences.

Authentic brands also maintain social media shops evidencing operations through behind-the-scenes photos, testimonials and engagement.

3. Price Compare From Known Retailers

Use price tracking tools seeing typical price history and ranges for items. If new sites advertise steep 80%+ discounts well below competitors, goods likely don’t exist. Stick with reliable merchants you already trust.

4. Inspect Policy Pages

Scams use templated documents not accurately reflecting business practices. Check privacy, shipping and return policies have specific seller details covered at appropriate depth. Sparse legal pages could hide refusal refunding purchases.

5. Never Pay Irreversible Methods

Common secure options like credit cards with protection should raise less disputes. But scammers push untraceable channels for fast getaways with your money.

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Avoid unfamiliar apps, gift cards, Zelle or wire transfers online. If pressured paying odd ways, abandon immediately.

Caution entering any web store helps avoid falling for too good to be trueCONS. But now that The Everything Depot’s lies stand exposed, spread the word keeping fellow shoppers from harm.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is The Everything Depot BBB accredited?

No. Searching the Better Business Bureau database reveals no listing under The Everything Depot name or address. Zero accreditation confirms their fraudulent nature.

What happens if I file a credit card chargeback?

Banks must refund any unauthorized or scam credit charges under the Fair Credit Billing Act. Provide statements showing the charges and proof you never received goods. If The Everything Depot cannot prove orders shipped, banks will likely rule in your favor returning lost money.

Can The Everything Depot steal my identity?

Possibly. If you entered any sensitive personal financial information they may misuse or sell data putting identity theft at risk. Check credit reports regularly and consider locking credit files needing stronger protection against fraud.

What is the real website instead of the scam?

No legitimate alternative site exists. The Everything Depot falsely mimics large retailers with no actual inventory or intent providing real service. All evidence exposes it as a fictitious scam operation only taking payments, not shipping products.

Avoid searching for doppelganger sites – stick with well known major stores or specialty shops with longstanding reputations to avoid scams.

Conclusion: Steer Clear of This Deceptive Site

Our exhaustive investigation leaves no doubt – The Everything Depot functions solely as a scam to defraud customers. From pure fiction ownership details to stolen site content to overwhelmingly negative feedback, this fraudulent store cannot be trusted.

We recommend immediately reporting The Everything Depot to the FTC and warning fellow shoppers about its deceptive tactics luring bargain hunters who never receive orders. Don’t fall for unbelievable prices or pressure buying through this clear scam retailer. Only real consequence awaits – loss finances, identity theft risks, and endless frustration chasing refunds that never come.

Heed our warning signposts avoiding online scams. And let us know in comments if any other deceitful stores deserve exposing to keep fellow shoppers safe!

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