Is Zamzbuy Legit or a Scam? Honest Review

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Online shopping has become increasingly popular in the past few years. With a few clicks on your smartphone or computer, you can have items delivered right to your door within days. However, the rise of e-commerce has also led to more questionable companies trying to take advantage of consumers.

One such company that has come under scrutiny is As an online clothing retailer, they seem to offer a wide selection at affordable prices. But is Zamzbuy legit, or is it actually a scam?

In this extensive review, I’ll analyze everything you need to know about this company from a consumer protection perspective. We’ll look at factors like trustworthiness, customer service quality, product quality, and more.

By the end, you’ll understand if Zamzbuy is legit or a scam after considering real customer complaints, analyses by scam detecting sites, and my own research.

Let’s get started!


The extensive research and analysis presented here leaves no doubt – Zamzbuy is not a legitimate company, but rather a scam site. It exhibits all the hallmarks of a dishonest operation, from anonymous owners to fake products to customer complaints. No reputable online clothing retailer hides basic details or prevents identifying ownership. Zamzbuy’s goal is solely to extract money from victims without delivering goods. Real shoppers deserve better protection.

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Zamzbuy is an online clothing store selling items like shirts, leggings, blouses, plus size clothing, and more. Browsing their site, they seem to have a lot of stock in various styles and sizes.

Some things that initially caught my attention about Zamzbuy include:

  • Domain was registered in September 2023, so it’s a very new site.
  • Ownership information is hidden, so no way to identify who really runs Zamzbuy.
  • Website layout/design looks low budget and amateurish for an e-commerce storefront.
  • Product photos don’t seem to be of the actual items, but rather stock photos.
  • Shipping policies are vague without details on costs or timelines.
  • No physical address, phone number, or other contact details listed.
  • Website traffic and reviews are extremely low for how long they’ve been online.
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These are some concerning signs that Zamzbuy may not actually be a legitimate company. New sites can be legit, but hiding important information is a red flag. Let’s explore more details.

Is Zamzbuy Legit? Real Customer Reviews and Complaints

One of the best ways to evaluate if a company is legit or a scam is by reading what actual customers say after purchasing from them. Unfortunately, there aren’t many reviews for Zamzbuy online yet.

However, I was able to find a few complaints shared on third party sites:

“Placed an order a month ago and never received anything or heard back. Emailed support but they never replied. Avoid!”

“Bought a dress that was pictured online but what I received was totally different and poor quality.”

“Tried to return an item and they refused. Now they won’t answer any messages from me. Stay away from this scam site!”

While there aren’t many reviews, the few that exist paint a worrying picture. Customers report not receiving orders, bait and switch tactics with products, and poor customer service/communication after purchases.

This is a major red flag that Zamzbuy’s priority isn’t satisfying customers, but rather just taking money with no intent to actually follow through. Real retailers address issues and ensure positive experiences.

Scam Detector Websites Warn Against Zamzbuy

Since there are so few reviews on Zamzbuy themselves, I wanted to investigate what scam detecting websites have found about the company too. Here are notable analyses: rated Zamzbuy’s trust score at only 1%, labeling it as “controversial” due to various red flags. They warned users not to rely on the site for any financial transactions.

Scam Adviser gave Zamzbuy an 11% trust rating out of 100, deeming it a “very bad site” that should be avoided. It flagged the company for hiding contact details, poor website design, and new domain registration.

Scam Detector provided the most in-depth analysis, probing Zamzbuy’s web infrastructure and ranking various aspects like website threats. It concluded the site has a high risk profile and suspicious online activity, rating it only 14.2/100 – an unsafe ranking.

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Reputable scam analysis platforms consistently warn against Zamzbuy due to low trustworthiness and concerning activities online. Anyone shopping there is advised to proceed extremely carefully or avoid it altogether. Review: Ordering and Billing Process

To better understand Zamzbuy’s order process, I created a fake account and went through the motions of adding an item to cart and checking out. Here’s what I found:

  • No tax charges or duties were mentioned during checkout, making the prices seem too good to be true.
  • Only PayPal was offered as a payment method, raising security concerns since billing details would have to be shared with Zamzbuy directly.
  • After “placing” the order, no confirmation email or shipment details page was shown. The cart just emptied without any record.
  • Attempting to contact support got an automated reply with no human response after over a week.

Going through this experiment process, it was evident Zamzbuy isn’t actually taking or fulfilling orders at all. The site appears to just empty people’s money without supplying goods in return, matching customer complaints. No legitimate business operates this way.

Digging Deeper into Zamzbuy Ownership

Since Zamzbuy hides ownership information on their website, I wanted to investigate further using online databases and resources:

  • A Whois lookup for the domain showed it was registered anonymously via a privacy service, further covering up real identities.
  • No company registration or business license could be found under the name “Zamzbuy” in common business directories for any location.
  • Reverse image searches of product photos revealed they were taken from various unrelated sites, stock image libraries, and social media posts – not representing actual inventory.
  • Attempting to contact the anonymous domain registrant went nowhere, with messages bouncing or ignored.

Not being able to identify the real people behind Zamzbuy is the biggest red flag of all. Legitimate online retailers display transparent ownership so customers know who they are dealing with.

Final Verdict – Is Zamzbuy Legit or A Scam?

After investigating all available information on Zamzbuy, it’s clear this company should not be trusted or given your money. Here are the key reasons that confirm in my view it’s very likely a scam:

  • Anonymous online-only operation with hidden ownerships
  • Extremely poor and undeveloped website lacking legitimacy
  • Real customer complaints about not receiving orders or poor customer service
  • Low trustworthiness ratings from multiple scam detecting websites
  • Fake product listings traced to unrelated sites rather than real inventory
  • No details provided on tax/duties or reliable order/shipping processes
  • Inability to contact or identify a real person responsible for the business
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Any company exhibiting this many red flags is not operating with the intent to be a reputable retailer. Rather, it only aims to deceive people into parting with their money for goods that will never arrive.

My strong recommendation is to avoid Zamzbuy altogether and instead shop only at established stores you can verify are legitimate through independent research. Stick with popular brands you’re familiar with too for added security.

Staying Safe While Online Shopping

While it’s best to avoid suspect sites like Zamzbuy, online shopping does offer convenience that many people enjoy and rely on. So to mitigate risks, here are some tips:

  • Only shop at reputable major retailers with a long online track record. Newer stores should also be approached cautiously.
  • Check a new company’s reviews on third party sites like Trustpilot before deciding to order. Poor reviews are red flags.
  • Use a credit card over other payment methods for added buyer protection if problems arise.
  • Be wary of deals that seem too good to be true, as they likely are scams or will involve poor products.
  • Confirm shipping costs and policies upfront so there are no surprises or hidden charges later on.
  • Double check website addresses start with “HTTPS” and not just “HTTP” for secure transactions.
  • Read sites’ about pages carefully for contact details, physical locations, policies, ownerships and more.

Following these concepts can help avoid getting defrauded by dishonest online retailers hoping to take advantage. With diligent research, risks are manageable.

I hope this thorough review has equipped you to avoid being defrauded and feel confident weeding out untrustworthy operators from honest stores.

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