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Commense Clothing is a new streetwear clothing brand that has been making waves in the fashion world recently. With its edgy and modern designs, Commense has quickly developed a cult following among young fashionistas and hypebeasts.

But is Commense Clothing legit clothing brand that lives up to the hype? In this in-depth review, we’ll take a close look at Commense, its reputation, and whether its clothing is worth buying.

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Overview of Commense Clothing

Commense Clothing was founded in 2022 by a group of streetwear veterans who wanted to bring a fresh perspective to the industry. Based in Los Angeles, Commense makes men’s and women’s ready-to-wear clothing with a street goth aesthetic.

Some of the brand’s most popular items include oversized graphic t-shirts, cargo pants, corset tops, moto jackets, and statement hoodies. Commense uses high-quality fabrics like velour, leather, and cotton to craft its garments.

In just a short time, Commense has already been worn by rappers like Travis Scott and NBA players like Shai Gilgeous-Alexander. It has also gotten social media co-signs from influencers like Bella Hadid.

Assessing the Legitimacy and Reputation of Commense

When a new clothing brand pops up out of nowhere and starts getting hype, it’s reasonable to question its legitimacy. So is Commense a legit brand that’s here to stay, or just another fly-by-night streetwear startup? Let’s evaluate.

Commense clothing is legit for several reasons:

It’s run by industry veterans. The founders have 20+ years combined experience working for streetwear brands like Stussy and UNDEFEATED.

The designs are unique but wearable. Commense clothes walk the line between edgy statement pieces and staples you can wear every day.

The quality is excellent. From the fabrics to the stitching, Commense makes high-end garments.

Celebrities genuinely wear it. Big names like Travis Scott and Bella Hadid organically discovered and have been photographed wearing Commense.

It has a clear brand identity. From the name to the distinct goth-streetwear aesthetic, Commense has carved out a specific lane.

In summary, Commense is a clothing brand with real industry knowledge and fashion credentials behind it. The clothes are thoughtfully designed and well-made. Plus, the brand has received organic hype and praise – this isn’t just manufactured marketing buzz.

Commense’s Product Offerings and Versatility

One key factor in determining if Commense is worth buying is understanding exactly what clothes they offer, and how versatile the pieces are. Let’s check out some of Commense’s core product lines:


Commense is known for their graphic t-shirts, which come in various oversized cuts. Some feature manga-inspired prints, while others have the “Commense” name boldly splashed across the front. They use very soft fabrics like velour and fleece for a luxe feel.

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In addition to statement tees, Commense makes long-sleeve shirts, crop tops, and hoodies with an avant-garde spin on streetwear silhouettes. For example, their signature Venus Hoodie has a cinched waistline and cropped length.


The brand’s bottoms include cargo pants, jeans, shorts, and skirts. Many feature interesting deconstructed details like raw hems, asymmetric cuts, and convertible legs.

Like the tops, the bottoms walk the line between everyday wearability and edgy fashion statement. For instance, their cargo pants have baggy fits and utilize fabrics like ripstop that are both comfortable and on-trend.


While known mostly for separates, Commense also makes some strappy, futuristic dress options. Like a lot of Commense clothes, the dresses have unique touches like lattice cutouts and convertible straps that let you style them in multiple ways.


To complete its dystopian streetwear vision, Commense Clothing designs outerwear like oversized denim jackets and faux leather moto-style jackets. Many of the jackets include extra zippers, buckles, and other metal hardware details for an edgier feel.


Beyond clothes, Commense sells select accessories like graphic socks, sleek sunglasses, and patterned durags. These extras help complete the sci-fi street goth look.

Overall, most Commense pieces are casual enough for everyday wear but unique enough to add flair to any outfit. Customers can build a head-to-toe look with their versatile assortment of tops, bottoms, dresses, outerwear and accessories.

Commense Clothing’s Price Point and Value Assessment

Commense’s pricing sits at the high end of typical streetwear brands but lower than designer luxury brands. Let’s break it down:

  • Tops like graphic tees range from $60 – $100. Hoodies and crewnecks are $80 – $120.
  • Bottoms like cargo pants and jeans run $100 – $180. Shorts are $60 – $80.
  • Dresses cost between $100 – $160.
  • Jackets and coats run from $180 – $280.
  • Accessories like socks, sunglasses and durags are priced $30 – $60.

At first glance, these prices are steep compared to mall brands like Zara and H&M that sell t-shirts for $20. But Commense’s quality and design details help justify the higher price point.

When you consider other coveted streetwear brands charge over $100 for a t-shirt or $200+ for a hoodie, Commense offers a similar look and quality for less. So you ultimately get great value for the originality, fit and construction.

For shoppers on a budget, Commense still offers iconic statement pieces at more affordable entry-level prices like graphic tees for $60. This makes the brand accessible for new customers, while premium pricing on select drops caters to serious hypebeasts.

Commense Shipping, Return Policy and Customer Service

Before you buy from a brand, especially a newer one, you’ll want to understand their policies around shipping, returns and service in case you need to exchange an item or have issues.

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Commense offers standard shipping and returns to the United States and Canada. International shipping is currently limited.

Standard shipping takes approximately 5-7 business days within the continental US. Expedited and overnight shipping options are unavailable at this time.


Commense allows returns and exchanges within 14 days of receiving your order. Items must be unused, unwashed, and have all original tags still attached.

You can initiate a return request through the Commense online return portal and print a prepaid return label. Refunds are issued once the returned items are received and inspected by Commense’s warehouse.

Customer Service

The brand provides customer service via email and phone. Their team is still small as a startup, but customers report quick response times and satisfactory resolutions to issues.

Potential delays may occur right after new product drops since demand spikes and inventory needs restocking. But in general, Commense’s shipping, returns and service standards meet fashion industry norms.

5 Key Things to Consider Before Buying Commense

Before pressing checkout on Commense’s website, keep these tips in mind to set expectations:

1. Sizing tends to run large. Many pieces are intentionally oversized. Size down for a more tts fit. Check exact measurements.

2. New drops sell out quickly. Buying within the first 24 hours ensures you grab sought-after colorways and prints before they disappear.

3. Limited international shipping. Commense currently ships only to the US and Canada. International customers need a proxy shipper.

4. Dry clean or hand wash exclusively. Commense’s delicate fabrics and prints require special laundering. Don’t machine wash or dry them.

5. Mind care instructions. Certain materials like leather jackets require proper storage and cleaning methods. Follow Commense’s care guidelines closely.

Keeping these considerations in mind will ensure you buy pieces you’ll love from Commense the first time around.

Should You Buy from Commense Clothing?

After reviewing Commense’s background, products, pricing, and policies – is the brand legitimate and worth buying from?

Here are the pros of buying Commense clothing:

  • Accessibly priced for the quality
  • On-trend futuristic street goth aesthetic
  • Celeb and influencer co-signs add hype
  • Industry veterans with proven fashion expertise behind it
  • High-quality fabrics and construction
  • Versatile pieces for everyday or statement wear

The only potential cons to consider are:

  • Limited international availability
  • Some delicate care and wash requirements
  • Sell outs for popular drops within hours

In summary – Commense is absolutely a legit clothing brand worth buying from. They make unique statement pieces out of quality fabrics, with thoughtful design details at reasonable prices.

The brand has the substance, reputation and hype to stick around in the long run. Commense is set to become a major player in futuristic streetwear alongside names like Fear of God and Vetements.

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Jump on the Commense train early to score their latest debut drops, porque we have a feeling this brand is about to blow up big!

Frequently Asked Questions About Commense Clothing

Is Commense clothing worth the price?

Yes, Commense clothes are worth the price for the original style, quality fabrics and construction, versatile silhouettes and strong brand hype surrounding the label. The value is on par with other coveted streetwear brands.

How does Commense clothing fit?

Commense clothes fit oversized and baggy. Most customers need to size down for a closer to true size. Check the exact garment measurements before ordering.

What fabrics does Commense use?

Commense uses luxe fabrics like 100% cotton velour, lamb leather, ripstop nylon and Japanese denim to make their clothes. These high-quality materials justify the steeper pricing.

Where can I buy Commense?

Currently, Commense is only available on their own website The brand does not sell their clothing through any third-party retailers or department stores yet.

Is Commense true to size?

No, like many streetwear brands Commense tends to fit at least one size large. Size down from your normal size for the best true to size fit.

Does Commense offer discounts or promo codes?

No, Commense rarely offers sales, discounts or promo codes even during the holidays. The only exception is sometimes offering 10% off for email list signups.

When does Commense restock items?

Sold out pieces are usually restocked 4-6 weeks after selling out. High demand items can take even longer to restock. Sign up for stock notifications on the product page.

The Verdict: Is Commense Clothing Legit?

After analyzing the facts objectively – Commense scores very high marks in terms of legitimacy, quality, value, style and brand reputation. Early hypebeast adopters have given it the seal of approval for good reason.

While the high demand and low stock can be frustrating initially, it’s part of the allure of any coveted fashion brand. The brand’s small supply and big buzz builds the perception of exclusivity.

Overall, savvy shoppers should consider Commense a legit player in the streetwear space that’s worth buying into. Their unique, goth-infused take on casual high fashion looks poised to win over even more fans.

Jump on board the Commense train now by scoping out their latest releases online. Then set your stock alerts and cross your fingers you score some of-the-moment Commense gear before it sells faster than you can say “hypebeast.”

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