Is Woot Legit or Scam? Honest Reviews (Buyers Beware)

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Is Woot Legit or Scam? Woot is an e-commerce website that offers daily deals and discounted products. It was acquired by Amazon in 2010. There has been some debate over whether Woot is a legitimate business or a scam.

In this comprehensive review, we will examine Woot’s business model, reputation, and practices to determine if it is a trustworthy company. Let’s dive in.

Quick Woot Review

Woot was founded in 2004 by Matt Rutledge in Dallas, Texas. It started as a daily deals site that offered one discounted product per day. Some of Woot’s key features include:

  • Daily deals model – Woot offers new deals every day at midnight Central Time. Once a deal sells out, a new one takes its place.
  • Focus on overstock and closeout items – Most products on Woot are overstock, refurbished, open-box, or closeout items that retailers are looking to liquidate. This allows Woot to get inventory at extremely low costs.
  • Fun, irreverent voice – Woot’s product descriptions and site content are known for their humorous, informal tone. The site does not take itself too seriously.
  • Loyal community – Many customers are obsessed with checking Woot each day and engage heavily in the site’s community features like forums and comment sections.
  • Accessible returns – Woot offers a 30-day money back return policy for most items. Customers must request a Return Authorization first.

After being acquired by Amazon, Woot has expanded into selling other products like wine, t-shirts, and electronics accessories on spin-off sites like Wine.Woot, Shirt.Woot, and Sellout.Woot. However, the original Woot site remains focused on deeply discounted deals across a variety of categories like home goods, tools, grocery, and more.

Is Woot Legit?

With its daily deals model and focus on off-price inventory, some shoppers may wonder – is Woot legitimate or is it a scam? By looking at a few key factors, we can determine that Woot is most likely a legitimate business:

Owned by a Reputable Company – The fact that Amazon acquired Woot in 2010 lends the site major credibility. Amazon would have thoroughly vetted Woot before paying a reported $110 million to acquire it. If there were anything scam-like about Woot’s practices, a company as large and reputable as Amazon would likely not have bought it.

Positive Customer Reviews – Woot has predominantly positive customer reviews, earning a 4 out of 5 star rating on Trustpilot based on almost 4,500 reviews. On Amazon’s own site, Woot as a seller has 4.6 out of 5 stars. The large volume of satisfied reviews indicates that they are able to consistently deliver what is promised to customers.

Responsive Customer Service – While exact policies can vary based on the specific deal, most customers report responsive, helpful customer service. offers email support as well as a dedicated phone line for support. This shows they stand behind their products and care about addressing issues.

Clear Order and Return Processes – Woot’s ordering process is straightforward and they provide expected delivery timelines. Return policies are clearly outlined before purchase as well. Their policies may be stricter than other retailers since many items are closeouts, but the buyer knows what they are getting into beforehand.

No Indications of Fraud – There are no widespread reports of fraud, misuse of customer data, or other suspicious activity that would lead one to believe Woot is illegitimate. They appear to operate like any other large e-commerce business.

So in summary – yes, based on its ownership, customer reception, service policies, and transparency, Woot seems to be a legitimate business. While the deals may sometimes seem too good to be true, this is part of their business model of passing liquidated and overstocked items on to customers at low costs. There is no strong evidence to suggest Woot is a scam.

Is Woot Legit or Scam?

Beyond just being a legitimate business, most evidence indicates Woot has a largely positive reputation built on offering real bargains to savvy shoppers. Here are some of the key pros associated with Woot as a company:

Excitement of Daily Deals – Many customers enjoy the “thrill of the hunt” of checking Woot daily to uncover exciting new deals. Instead of prices slowly expiring like some daily deal sites, Woot offers a rapidly changing selection that creates engagement.

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High-Quality Overstock Items – While inventory is overstock, closeouts, etc., it is often still brand name merchandise from leading retailers or manufacturers. Customers are often happy with the opportunity to get these items at such heavily discounted prices compared to retail.

Site Community and Humor – Woot has built an engaged community of enthusiastic customers who enjoy the humorous product descriptions and ability to interact on the site. For many, it provides entertainment above just shopping.

Strong Customer Service – As noted above, Woot’s customer service team is known for being responsive and helpful if any issues arise with an order. Their reported responsiveness exceeds expectations.

Accessibility – The site is easy to navigate with clear organization by category. Mobile apps make accessing deals on the go convenient as well.

Transparency – Woot is transparent about item condition (new, refurbished, used), ship times, and other purchase details upfront so customers know what they are getting.

In terms of criticism, some of the most common complaints include:

  • Strict return policy – The short 30-day window and requirement to get a RA can make returns difficult on some items.
  • Inventory limits – Popular deals may sell out quickly. Limited inventory means customers have to act fast.
  • Shipping times – Some deals can take 2-3 weeks to deliver with standard shipping methods.
  • Lack of product details – Some product descriptions lack key details like size dimensions. Pictures may also fail to show items clearly.
  • Repeat and unsold items – Some visitors complain of seeing the same items reappear if they go unsold.

On the whole, Woot enjoys a strong reputation as a legit discount site. While some areas like returns could be improved, they excel at offering authentic closeout deals that appeal to the deal-seeking shopper.

Woot Reviews: Typical Woot Buying Experiences

To further illustrate if Woot delivers as promised, it is helpful to look at some first-hand experiences from actual Woot customers:

Positive Experiences

Jessica M. from Ohio reports:

“I was able to snag a refurbished Fitbit Versa smartwatch for only $79! It arrived in just over a week in flawless condition. The packaging looked brand new. I’ve been using the watch daily with no issues. For such deep savings on a name brand product, Woot delivered an awesome deal.”

Mike D. from Texas explains:

“I recently bought a renewed Apple iPad on Woot for $120 off retail price. I was initially skeptical of the condition, but when it arrived it looked good as new. Having a 30-day period to evaluate it for any issues gave me peace of mind. With prices this low, Woot is my first stop for discounted electronics now.”

Lauren S. from California says:

“I never know what great deal I’ll uncover on Woot each day. I recently splurged on a Kate Spade handbag that retailed for $278 for only $75! It was missing the original dust bag but the purse itself was flawless. I couldn’t be happier with my purchase for that price. Woot offers real deals if you act fast.”

Negative Experiences

James R. from Illinois complains:

“I purchased what was supposed to be a factory sealed iPad Mini but when I received it, the packaging was clearly already opened. The device worked fine but did not match the ‘new’ description. I tried to return it but was outside the 30 day window. Make sure to inspect items quickly when you receive them.”

Sandra P. from Arizona says:

“I ordered an area rug through Woot that ended up having a strong unpleasant chemical odor right out of the box. I contacted customer service about a return but never heard back. Ended up having to throw the rug out. Not very satisfied with the lack of response on their end or the quality control.”

Overall, if you look at most customer reviews, experiences of getting excellent discounted products as described outweigh negative reviews. Issues that do pop up seem centered aroundstricter return policies or lack of responsiveness from customer service in isolated cases. However, the majority of experiences reflect positively on Woot’s ability to deliver legitimate bargains.

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Evaluating Woot’s Business Practices

To gain a deeper understanding of whether Woot is a scam or legitimate business, we should also examine some of their key business practices:

Product Sourcing – Woot works directly with manufacturers and major retailers to source overstock, refurbished, and liquidated items to resell on its site. It leverages these partnerships to get brand name items at extreme discounts. This is a fully legal and legitimate model also used by outlets and other discount retailers.

Advertising – The company advertises in a straightforward manner. Claims about item qualities, conditions, and discounts are typically honest. Much of their advertising centers around creating urgency and excitement over daily deals.

Pricing – Woot’s daily deals are below retail and competitive with other discount sellers for similar items. The business likely acquires inventory at very low cost, allowing them to pass on savings without sacrificing profit margins. Pricing strategies appear designed to liquidate stock quickly.

Payments and Checkout – Woot processes payments through trusted platforms like PayPal, Amazon Pay, and major credit cards. Checkout and payment processes are secured through industry-standard encryption. There are no shady payment practices.

Shipping and Logistics – Products ship directly from Woot’s warehouses or trusted resellers. Shipping costs and timelines are clearly disclosed. Slower shipping options keep costs low. There are no indications of issues with order fulfillment or fraud.

Customer Service – As noted earlier, support channels like email and phone support are available. Response times and resolution quality may vary but overall Woot operates legitimate customer service.

Data and Privacy – The site has a standard privacy policy and terms of use in line with e-commerce industry practices. They collect user data for advertising and analytics like any retailer. There are no reports of misusing data.

Return and Refund Policies – Woot offers clear return windows and processes but they are more stringent than many retailers. This is understandable given their business model depends on liquidating inventory quickly. Refunds typically process in 5-7 business days after returns are inspected.

Evaluating all of these practices, there are no evident red flags to indicate anything illicit. Woot conducts business like any major discount e-commerce operation. They offer legitimate savings through fully legal practices.

Spotting Scam Warning Signs on Daily Deal Sites

Since Woot operates in the daily deals space, it can be helpful to understand what warning signs might indicate an e-commerce site offering deals is actually a scam. Some signals to watch out for include:

  • Unbelievable prices – Super low prices even compared to discounts may indicate scam prices too good to be true.
  • Stock photos – Listings using generic stock photos rather than images of the actual product can signal fraudulent listings.
  • Shady payment processes – Unsecured payment processing or pushy demands for upfront payment before receiving products.
  • No refund policy – Lack of clarity or overly strict limits on returns may indicate a scam operation.
  • Poor reviews – Low ratings and complaints of fraud from customers obviously raise red flags.
  • Grammatical errors – Sloppy grammar and spelling mistakes on listings can be a sign of scam sites operated overseas.
  • No customer service contact info – Make sure seller provides working ways to contact support. Missing info is a warning sign.
  • No seller information – Scam sites often lack company details, contact info, business addresses, or management names.
  • Broken site elements – Missing pages, dead links, broken images, and site errors can signal shady businesses.

Woot avoids all of these typical warning signs of online daily deal scams. It provides legitimate seller information, functional site design, fair refund policies, responsive customer service, and overwhelmingly positive feedback from actual buyers.

Should You Trust Woot?

Given all the above analysis – is Woot ultimately a business that shoppers should trust? A few key points:

  • Woot is owned by Amazon, one of the most reputable e-commerce companies. Amazon’s backing provides strong legitimacy.
  • Indicators like positive customer reviews, responsive service, and transparent policies reveal a trusted brand.
  • Their business model and practices follow standard industry norms for discount retailers.
  • There are no major red flags or widespread complaints to indicate it is a scam operation.
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While any e-commerce shopping carries some risk, savvy buyers can feel confident that Woot is not a scam and deals it offers are legitimate. Woot has earned strong trust and satisfaction ratings by delivering exactly what its name promises – woot-worthy deals.

However, consumers should still be smart shoppers:

  • Review return policies carefully, as they are stricter than some retailers.
  • Note that inventory and sizes are limited for deals.
  • Inspect orders immediately upon delivery before return periods expire.
  • Research seller reviews and item details as you would for any online purchase.
  • Take advantage of buyer protection programs if paying with PayPal or a credit card.

Following these tips when shopping Woot will minimize any risks and allow you to securely snap up the site’s famously hot bargains. Ultimately, Woot stands out as a legitimate and trusted source for daily deals.

Frequently Asked Questions About Woot

Is Woot really owned by Amazon?

Yes, Amazon acquired Woot in 2010 for a reported $110 million. Woot operates as a subsidiary of Amazon but retains its own unique brand identity and culture while able to leverage Amazon’s resources.

How does Woot get such low prices on products?

Woot sources discounted merchandise in a few key ways:

  • Overstock inventory liquidated from major retailers and brands
  • Refurbished, open box, and warranty return items from manufacturers
  • Closeout inventory from companies going out of business
  • Excess inventory that needs to be quickly cleared

Because these items are unwanted at the original companies, Woot can acquire them at extremely low wholesale prices and pass savings on.

Is Woot only electronics?

No, while electronics deals tend to get a lot of attention, Woot features a wide range of products across categories like home, sports, automotive, apparel, and more. The products change daily.

How quickly do Woot deals sell out?

It varies, but many popular deals will sell out within hours or even minutes. Woot often highlights the percentage of stock remaining with a “sellout risk meter” so buyers know if they need to act fast. Setting up an account and payment method can speed checkout.

Can I return items to Woot?

Returns are accepted within 30 days for most items, but you need to request a Return Authorization from customer service first. Returned items must be in original condition with all parts, manuals, packaging, etc. Return shipping costs are not refunded.

Is it safe to use my credit card on Woot?

Yes, Woot uses industry standard encryption to protect transactions. As an Amazon subsidiary, they leverage secure Amazon payment systems. Many customers report safely using credit cards at Woot for years with no fraud.

Conclusion: Woot is Legitimate

In the world of online shopping, savvy consumers know to be cautious about deals that appear too good to be true. But based on its ownership, customer satisfaction, transparent policies, and use of standard e-commerce business practices, Woot stands out as a legitimate and trusted source for scoring authentic bargains. While customers should still exercise prudence with purchases and returns, Woot’s reputation over many years proves it is not a scam and can reliably deliver woot-worthy prices across an array of inventory. For deal hunters, using Woot provides a proven way to save substantially while enjoying the thrill of discovery and community around daily deals.

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