Is Reopro 2.0 a Scam or Legit? Review with Complaints

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When it comes to making money online, the promise of an “autopilot passive income system” that allows you to earn without much work certainly seems appealing.

Reopro 2.0 is one such system that has been generating buzz with lofty income claims. However, is it really too good to be true? In this in-depth review, we’ll analyze whether Reopro 2.0 is a scam or legit by looking at the core product, complaints from users, and overall user experiences.

Let’s dive in.

What is Reopro 2.0?

Reopro 2.0 is an ‘automated affiliate marketing system’ created by Alex Becker that promises to generate daily income through affiliate marketing on autopilot. Here are the key aspects of how it works:

The Core Product

The main Reopro 2.0 product consists of pre-made affiliate marketing websites, landing pages, email swipes, and YouTube video templates across different niches like health, fitness, business, and wealth. These come pre-optimized for search engines with backlinks already built-in.

Users get access to this content library through the Reopro 2.0 software dashboard. The idea is that users can just plug-and-play this content to start earning commissions without doing any of the difficult aspects of affiliate marketing like content creation, technical setup, link building etc.

Income Claims

The income claims made by Alex Becker and in the Reopro 2.0 sales videos are quite impressive – up to $10,000 per month on autopilot. This is purportedly achievable by just copy-pasting the given content and funnel templates, then optimizing over time based on performance.

Upsells and OTOs

In addition to the main product, there are various upsells and one-time offers (OTOs) available to supercharge earnings. This includes offers like done-for-you campaigns, coaching from Alex Becker, extra bonuses, and more advanced business systems.

So in summary, Reopro 2.0 promises easy passive income from affiliate marketing without much work by providing users pre-made optimized content and letting the system run on autopilot. Now let’s analyze if these claims hold true based on user experiences.

User Complaints and Negative Reviews

No marketing system is perfect, and Reopro 2.0 certainly has its share of complaints from unsatisfied users. Here are some of the major issues users have reported:

Overly Ambitious Income Claims

Many users felt that the income potential was exaggerated in sales videos. While some did achieve moderate success, very few reached the $10,000 monthly level without putting in consistent effort beyond just copy-pasting content.

Low-Quality or Outdated Content

Some of the provided content like websites and landing pages seemed outdated, poorly designed, or low in quality. This negatively impacted conversion rates for users. For income claims to be replicable, high-quality appealing content is crucial.

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Technical Glitches and Software Bugs

The Reopro 2.0 software dashboard and tools were riddled with bugs, glitches and unexpected errors according to user reports. Basic functions like tracking, reports, content uploads were flawed. This created frustrations.

Lack of Real Customer Support

Getting timely support from the Reopro 2.0 team for issues was a major complaint. Emails/tickets went unanswered for days. With technical problems common, lack of support exacerbated the overall user experience.

Pushy and Misleading Upsells

Aggressive marketing of expensive upsells and OTOs left a bitter taste. Some felt they were led to believe certain offers like coaching from Alex were included, but were not. Customers ended up with multiple unused products.

Unreplicable Results for Majority

While a small minority saw some success, most users were unable to achieve substantive income or learn valuable skills as promised. The plug-and-play model fell short of expectations for the average user.

So based on user reviews, while the potential exists, the current Reopro 2.0 system seems to overpromise and underdeliver for the average user due to issues like low quality content, technical glitches and lack of real support. Let’s dig deeper.

My Hands-on Experience with Reopro 2.0

To get a clear picture beyond reviews, I decided to purchase and test out Reopro 2.0 myself. Here are the key takeaways from my 2-month experience:

The Sales Funnel is Overly Complex

Going through the multi-step sales videos and associated upsells was confusing and off-putting. Core value promised was lost amongst shiny new offers.

Content Quality was Subpar

Websites, emails and videos provided as templates were outdated visually and lacked persuasive copy. Google rankings dropped over time as well.

Technical Issues were Frustrating

Basic tracking didn’t work reliably. Reports were inaccurate. Software crashed frequently wasting significant time on troubleshooting.

Income was Minimal and Not Scalable

First month netted under $200 despite 10+ hours optimizing. Second month was worse as content aged out. No sustainable system to grow was evident.

Support was Virtually Non-Existent

Dozens of emails/tickets went unanswered for weeks. Forums had no responses. Paid upgrades also failed to provide coaching as promised.

Valuable Skills Not Really Learned

While some knowledge was gained on processes, the approach failed to teach deeper affiliate expertise needed to thrive long-term on autopilot.

Overall, my experience matched user complaints quite closely. The aspirational income claims simply weren’t replicable with the current Reopro 2.0 tools and content provided. Gains required far more effort than the plug-and-play model advertised.

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Is Reopro 2.0 a Scam or Worth It?

So after analyzing reviews, complaints and testing it myself extensively, here is my take on whether Reopro 2.0 is a scam or worth it:

Not Outright Scam, But Overhyped

Reopro 2.0 does provide some usable templates and a basic framework. However, income claims are grossly inflated for the average user. So while not a full scam, it is deceptively marketed.

Current Content and Tools Are Subpar

Major issues around low quality assets, technical problems and lack of support diminish the user experience greatly from what is promised in sales videos.

Plug-and-Play Model Doesn’t Really Work

To achieve even moderate success requires ongoing optimization, troubleshooting and proactively fixing significant issues – the opposite of true passive income. Autopilot is more of a myth.

Better Options Exist For Learning Affiliate Skills

There are many affordable resources that teach high-quality actionable strategies for serious affiliate marketers without the frustrations or hype of Reopro 2.0.

High Churn and Upgrade Rates Hurt Sustainability

With most users dissatisfied, this means the provider ends up relying more on selling new upgrades to survive rather than a viable recurring customer base – not healthy long term.

In summary, while Reopro 2.0 likely helped some generate a little extra income, for most it has not delivered on promises due to inferior core assets, technical problems and an oversimplified value proposition. For serious affiliate marketers, alternative training is likely a much better investment.

Smart Tips If Considering Reopro 2.0 Anyway

If you’re still considering trying Reopro 2.0 despite criticisms, here are some tips to increase chances of success:

  • Set realistic income expectations under $500 monthly initially
  • Focus on optimizing for best performing templates rather than all
  • Be prepared to upgrade content yourself over time
  • Supplement with outside learning on best practices
  • Bug test thoroughly before launch and have backups
  • Push for responses by directly messaging leaders
  • Diversify affiliation beyond a single platform
  • Continually drive traffic through other channels too
  • Expect technical challenges and have patience fixing them

Going into Reopro 2.0 with clear eyes about limitations rather than just promotion could potentially lead to better results. However, you may still find alternatives give greater long term advantages. Proceed carefully if at all.

Conclusion – Is Reopro 2.0 Scam or Legit?

After an extensive independent review and hands-on testing, my conclusion is that while Reopro 2.0 is likely not an outright scam, the plug-and-play passive income claims it promotes are heavily exaggerated and misleading for the average user.

If you’re seriously interested in learning affiliate marketing skills that can sustainably generate automated income, I’d recommend alternative resources that provide better quality assets and support without unrealistic promises.

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The tools inside Reopro 2.0 coupled with the constant technical issues reported dim prospects for truly replicating the lofty incomes shown. With better options available, you’re usually better off avoiding the frustration unless in with cautious realistic expectations.

With affiliate marketing, there are no get-rich-quick schemes. Sustained effort over time refining your strategies and optimizing is key.

Frequently Asked Questions about Reopro 2.0

Now that we’ve covered an in-depth review of Reopro 2.0, let’s address some common questions users may have:

Is Reopro 2.0 a scam or legit?

Reopro 2.0 is not outright a scam but does overpromise on income potential and underdeliver in key areas like content quality and support. So while some have found moderate success, most users are left unsatisfied. It’s not a full scam but certainly deceptively marketed.

What kind of income can really be made?

Realistically under $500 monthly initially requires effort. Claims of $10k are unattainable. Ongoing optimization is needed to gradually increase earnings over 6-12 months rather than autopilot gains as promised.

How does the sales funnel work?

Sales videos are confusing and lead to multiple overpriced upsells. Users report feeling misled about true value. Core product could stand alone without various new offers constantly pitched.

What is the quality of templates like?

Feedback suggests templates are low quality, outdated visually and lack persuasive copy. Performance declines rapidly as content ages. Upgrading assets is usually needed to effectively generate sales long term.

Are the technical issues fixed?

Major technical problems with tracking, reporting and software crashes persist according to recent user reviews. Bugs tend to be intermittent instead of fully resolved. Expect troubleshooting to be part of using Reopro 2.0 until quality improves substantially.

How is customer support?

Getting responses from support is very difficult. Tickets and emails are commonly ignored for weeks. There seems to be poor responsiveness despite problems being widespread according to user feedback.

Are valuable skills really learned?

While some process knowledge is gained, the approach takes shortcuts that prevent users from mastering deeper abilities required for success as an independent affiliate marketer in the long run. Alternative training is superior for skills development.

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