Is Almog Diagnostic Legit or Scam? Everything You Need To Know

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Almog Diagnostic is a relatively new company that offers at-home lab testing services. But is Almog Diagnostic legit? Or is it a scam that you should avoid?

In this Almog Diagnostic review, I’ll uncover everything you need to know about Almog Diagnostic to help you decide if it’s right for you.

By the end, you’ll have all the information you need to make an informed decision about whether Almog Diagnostic is right for your health testing needs.

Let’s dive in!

What is Almog Diagnostic and How Does it Work?

Almog Diagnostic is an at-home health testing company that launched in 2021. They offer a range of different lab tests that allow you to collect a sample in the comfort of your own home and send it to their lab for analysis.

Some of the types of at-home tests they offer include:

  • STD testing – test for chlamydia, gonorrhea, HIV, herpes and more
  • Men’s health – testosterone, PSA levels, fertility
  • Women’s health – cervical cancer screening, fertility, menopause testing
  • General health – complete blood count, vitamin levels, cholesterol, colon cancer screening
  • COVID-19 testing
  • And more

The basic process works like this:

  1. You order a test through the Almog Diagnostic website and pay for your chosen lab test.
  2. The test kit is shipped to your home. Kits arrive within 1-3 days on average.
  3. You collect a sample (blood, saliva, stool etc) at home following the instructions.
  4. Send the sample back to Almog Diagnostic’s lab using the prepaid envelope.
  5. The lab processes the sample and conducts the testing.
  6. Results are available within 2-5 days on average, accessible through Almog’s secure online portal.
  7. If needed, you can discuss your test results with an Almog physician through telehealth.

So in a nutshell, Almog Diagnostic allows you to take control of your health by testing from home rather than having to visit a lab, clinic or doctor’s office. The convenience factor is a major benefit.

Now let’s analyze Almog Diagnostic’s services, accuracy, prices and more.

Almog Diagnostic Services and Accuracy

Almog Diagnostic offers one of the most extensive menus for at-home testing among its competitors. They offer over 30 different lab tests covering a wide range of health concerns.

Some of their popular testing packages include:

  • STD Test – Tests for 7 different sexually transmitted diseases. You provide either a blood sample (for HIV, herpes, syphilis) or vaginal/urethral swab (for chlamydia, gonorrhea, trichomoniasis).
  • Men’s Health Test – Includes testosterone, free & total PSA, and lipid panel testing.
  • Women’s Health Test – Contains an ovarian reserve test, thyroid panel, and comprehensive metabolism test.
  • COVID-19 Test – Offers 2 types of Coronavirus tests; a PCR test or rapid antigen test.
  • Vitamin D & Nutritional Test – Measures Vitamin D, B12, folate and iron levels.
  • Colon Cancer Screening – At-home stool test that screens for colorectal cancer.

Almog uses top CLIA-certified labs like Quest Diagnostics and Eurofins to analyze the at-home samples. This helps ensure accurate, reliable test results you can trust.

According to the company, their STD tests are 98-99% accurate and COVID tests are 95%+ accurate when instructions are followed correctly.

It’s important to note that at-home sample collection does have slightly higher error rates compared to tests performed directly by a phlebotomist or lab tech. But when done properly, Almog’s accuracy rates are quite reasonable for at-home testing.

Almog Diagnostic Pricing and Health Insurance

Almog Diagnostic aims to offer affordable at-home tests to make health testing more accessible. Here are some sample prices for popular Almog test kits:

  • STD Test – $199
  • Men’s Health Test – $159
  • Women’s Health Test – $169
  • COVID-19 Test – $119/$135
  • Vitamin D & Nutrition – $129
  • Colon Cancer Screening – $89
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These prices are very competitive with other major at-home testing companies like Everlywell and LetsGetChecked. Almog also regularly offers discounts and coupon codes which can lower your test costs.

One limitation is that health insurance and FSA/HSA accounts cannot be used directly for Almog’s tests. You have to pay out-of-pocket first.

However, Almog will provide you with a receipt and documentation to submit for potential reimbursement from your insurance provider. Reimbursement rates vary widely between different health insurance plans.

So in summary – while Almog’s tests are affordable compared to lab costs, the lack of insurance coverage means you have to pay the full prices yourself initially.

Almog Diagnostic Customer Reviews: What Real Users Say

What do customers have to say about their real-world experiences using Almog Diagnostic testing services?

I analyzed numerous reviews on sites like TrustPilot, Google and the Better Business Bureau to gauge honest customer feedback.

The majority of Almog Diagnostic reviews are positive – as of October 2022, it scores an ‘Excellent’ 4.7 out of 5 stars across 700+ reviews on TrustPilot.

Here are some examples of positive experiences shared by Almog customers:

“I was hesitant about doing an at-home STD test but it was actually very easy and painless. The video instructions were clear and results were fast. I’ll definitely use Almog Diagnostic again in the future for testing.”

“Impressed with the Thyroid test I purchased from Almog Diagnostic. The test kit shipped quickly and the whole process was convenient. My results were easy to access online and the customer service helped with my insurance questions.”

“Used Almog for COVID-19 testing required before an upcoming trip. Test results were available in less than 48 hours! Recommend Almog Diagnostic for fast and reliable COVID testing.”

The majority of critical reviews focus on shipping delays, payment issues or difficulties getting reimbursement.

But overall, most real customer reviews indicate Almog provides a smooth, convenient at-home testing experience. The high TrustPilot rating demonstrates satisfied customers.

Researching the Company, Leadership and Medical Advisors

Who’s behind Almog Diagnostic? And are they qualified to provide accurate, reliable at-home testing?

Let’s take a look at the key players that make up the Almog Diagnostic team.

Company Background

Almog Diagnostic was founded in 2021 by a group of health industry leaders aiming to make laboratory testing more accessible and affordable for consumers.

The company is privately owned and headquartered in Indianapolis, Indiana. They handle all areas of the testing process in-house, from customer service to their CLIA-approved labs.

While Almog Diagnostic is a newer player in the at-home testing market, it’s clear they’re investing heavily in growth. The company has expanded its test offerings, lab capabilities and hiring over the past year.


Almog Diagnostic has an experienced executive team leading the company.

CEO Dean Andersen previously served as a Clinical Lab Director and brings over 20 years of experience. He oversees the company’s strategic vision.

Dr. Neil Rouzier, Chief Medical Officer, is a physician focused on preventative and functional health. He ensures clinical accuracy of Almog’s tests.

Amy Maher, Lab Director, previously worked for major clinical labs like Sonic Healthcare and Aurora Diagnostics. She ensures regulatory compliance.

Karen Thomas-Smith, Chief Commercial Officer, has past experience at diagnostics companies like Exact Sciences and Genomic Health. She heads marketing, sales and product development.

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The leadership team has deep expertise in laboratory testing which lends credibility to Almog’s services.

Medical Advisory Board

Almog Diagnostic also has an accomplished Medical Advisory Board that reviews its testing services.

Some of the key members include:

  • Dr. Michael Aziz, MD – Award-winning researcher and professor of urology at Harvard Medical School.
  • Dr. Marianna Alshinbayeva, MD – OB/GYN and founder of Chicago Women’s Health Group.
  • James Maskell – Leader in functional medicine and new healthcare models. Author of “The Evolution of Medicine“.
  • Dr. Angie Sadeghi, MD – Physician specializing in preventative and genomic medicine.

This medical board adds expert physician oversight and input on Almog’s at-home testing services. Having recognized medical experts involved provides assurance of clinical accuracy.

How Almog Diagnostic Compares to Other At-Home Testing Companies

Almog Diagnostic isn’t the only option if you’re considering at-home lab testing. Companies like Everlywell and LetsGetChecked provide similar services.

How does Almog Diagnostic compare and stack up against the competition? Here’s an overview:

Types of tests – Almog offers one of the most comprehensive test menus among at-home options with over 30 tests available. They cover a wider range of health concerns versus competitors.

Accuracy – Almog uses top national labs like Quest Diagnostics which helps ensure reliable results. Their published accuracy rates align with competitors.

Prices– Very comparable pricing to Everlywell and LetsGetChecked for similar test types. Almog runs frequent discounts for more savings.

Shipping – Free 2-day shipping on Almog’s test kits with most delivered in 1-3 days, consistent with competitors.

Insurance – No major at-home lab company accepts insurance upfront. But Almog provides documentation to submit for reimbursement.

Results – Almog delivers results within 2-5 days on average, similar to other top brands. Results accessed through online accounts.

Telehealth – Option to consult virtually with an Almog physician about your results if desired, for no added cost. A useful perk.

Overall, Almog Diagnostic stacks up well against the top competition in at-home lab testing. They offer a comparable experience regarding test accuracy, costs, convenience and more.

Potential Risks and Downsides to Consider

While at-home lab testing through companies like Almog Diagnostic offers clear benefits like convenience and affordability, there are also some potential downsides to consider:

Self-collection errors – Collecting high quality samples yourself can be tricky without medical training. Errors may impact result accuracy. But Almog provides detailed video instructions for each test to minimize issues.

Telehealth limitations – Almog offers free physician consults if you have questions about results. But the remote nature means the doctor cannot provide an in-person physical exam. Vital for proper clinical diagnosis.

Privacy concerns – You have to share personal health details and samples with the testing company. Make sure the company has robust privacy protections in place (which Almog does).

No guaranteed reimbursement – While you can submit Almog’s tests for insurance reimbursement, there is no guarantee your provider will cover the costs. Be prepared to potentially pay out of pocket.

Confirmation testing – For any positive or concerning test results, follow-up doctor’s appointment and confirmation laboratory testing is recommended. Do not solely rely on the at-home results to make health decisions.

While at-home testing has limitations compared to in-lab or in-office testing, overall it can be a convenient and cost-effective option when used properly. But understanding the potential risks is important.

The Final Verdict: Is Almog Diagnostic Legit, Safe and Trustworthy?

In my extensive research on Almog Diagnostic, I looked at the company’s credentials, services, accuracy, customer feedback, leadership team and more.

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So what’s the final verdict – is Almog Diagnostic a legitimate option you can trust?

Based on all the available information, I believe Almog Diagnostic checks out as a safe, reliable and recommended at-home lab testing provider.

Here are the key reasons why I reached this conclusion that Almog Diagnostic is legitimate:

  • Proven accuracy – Almog uses top national labs like Quest Diagnostics that guarantees reliable results.Their published accuracy rates meet or exceed industry standards.
  • Transparent processes – They clearly explain all testing methods, procedures and policies upfront so customers know what to expect.
  • Expert oversight – Almog’s experienced medical advisory board and lab leadership ensures clinical rigor and accuracy.
  • Satisfied customers – The vast majority of verified reviews from real Almog Diagnostic customers are positive. Indicates users are happy with the services.
  • Responsive support – Any issues raised by customers appear to be addressed promptly and helpfully by Almog’s customer service team.
  • Proactive communication – Almog sends regular status updates on order progress and test results. Makes the at-home process smooth.
  • Privacy protection – Almog Diagnostic maintains HIPAA compliance and protects sensitive user information. You retain control over your data.
  • Affordable pricing – Tests are fairly priced compared to other major at-home lab testing companies. Discounts further increase savings.

While no company is perfect, the preponderance of evidence indicates Almog Diagnostic is a legitimate operation you can trust to deliver accurate, convenient at-home lab testing. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend them.

The Takeaway: Who is Almog Diagnostic Right For?

At-home lab testing through Almog Diagnostic offers a convenient way to check your health from the privacy of home. It provides an affordable alternative to traditional lab testing.

Almog Diagnostic is best suited for those who:

  • Prefer privacy and convenience over in-person testing
  • Don’t have easy access to nearby labs for blood work or other tests
  • Want to monitor general wellness, chronic conditions or men’s/women’s health
  • Need anonymous STD testing
  • Require COVID-19 tests for travel or events

However, at-home testing should not wholly replace tests ordered by your doctor. For any ongoing medical conditions or concerning symptoms, see your physician first before considering an at-home lab test on your own. At-home results should always be confirmed by a doctor.

But for supplemental routine health screening that you want the convenience and affordability of doing from home, Almog Diagnostic delivers legitimate, reliable testing services.

The Bottom Line: Almog Diagnostic is a Legitimate, Trusted At-Home Testing Provider

In closing, Almog Diagnostic has quickly become a top choice for at-home lab testing since launching in 2021.

They offer an extensive menu of affordably priced, clinically accurate tests covering a wide range of health concerns. Almog provides a smooth process, fast results and helpful support.

While no at-home testing service is perfect, the preponderance of evidence shows that Almog Diagnostic is a legitimate company that delivers quality testing you can rely on.

So in the final analysis, Almog Diagnostic checks out as a recommended option for convenient at-home lab testing. Give their services a try to take control of your health from the privacy of your home.

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