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Mercari is a popular peer-to-peer shopping app that allows users to buy and sell new or used items easily through their smartphones. The app has grown quickly since launching in 2013, with over 10 million downloads in the U.S. alone as of 2019.

But is Mercari legit? While the app provides a convenient way to make extra money by selling unwanted items, some users have questioned the authenticity and security of the platform. In this comprehensive guide, we’ll take an in-depth look at Mercari to help you decide if it’s right for you.

Overview of Mercari

Mercari is a mobile marketplace that connects individual buyers and sellers directly so they can buy and sell a wide variety of products. The app is free to download on iOS and Android devices.

Some key things to know about Mercari:

  • Product categories: Mercari offers diverse product categories including electronics, fashion, toys, home goods, and more. Sellers can easily snap photos of their items for listing.
  • Pricing: Sellers name their own prices and buyers can negotiate costs via the offer button.
  • Shipping: Item prices include nationwide prepaid shipping labels with tracking. Sellers simply print the label and drop off the package.
  • Payments: Mercari securely handles payments. They don’t release funds to the seller until 3 days after delivery to the buyer.
  • Fees: Sellers pay a 10% Mercari fee on each completed sale. No fees are charged for unsuccessful listings.
  • Ratings: Buyers and sellers can rate each other after transactions to build trust and reputation.

The main advantage of Mercari is convenience. The app makes it simple to declutter and earn cash. However, cost savings and selection may be less compared to other resale platforms.

Is Mercari Legit? Evaluating the Pros and Cons

Mercari boasts millions of active users and boats a 4.7 rating on the App Store. But online reviews are mixed when it comes to assessing the legitimacy and risks of buying and selling on the app. Here we analyze the key pros and cons:

Pros of Mercari

Easy selling process. Mercari makes it simple to quickly post items for sale direct from your smartphone. Just snap some photos, add a description, set your price, and you’re good to go.

Prepaid shipping labels. Mercari provides pre-paid shipping labels for a seamless shipping experience. Sellers don’t have to weigh packages or pay for postage.

Fast payments. Funds from completed sales (minus fees) are direct deposited into your bank account within a few days.

Mobile-first experience. The app provides an intuitive mobile shopping experience. You can easily browse, buy, sell, and chat with other users on-the-go.

Robust rating system. Detailed ratings and reviews help buyers and sellers evaluate reputation. High ratings lead to Mercari’s “Power Seller” status.

24/7 customer support. Mercari offers around-the-clock customer support via email, web tickets, chat, and phone. Representatives can help resolve order issues.

No meetups required. As a peer-to-peer platform, buyers and sellers never need to meet in person. Items are directly shipped.

Cons of Mercari

Counterfeit risk. Some listings sell replica or knockoff items as the real thing. Authenticating luxury goods can be challenging.

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Scams and banned accounts. Scammers occasionally create accounts to rip off buyers. Mercari bans members that violate policies, but new accounts continuously popup.

Limited buyer & seller protections. Mercari provides some protection for shipment issues, but doesn’t guarantee products or fully refund non-deliveries. Users proceed at their own risk.

No return policy. Items are not returnable unless they arrive damaged or fail to match the listing. You must carefully inspect seller photos and descriptions before buying.

Variable seller reliability. While most sellers are reputable, some ship items late, package items poorly, or cut corners to maximize profit margins.

Inconsistent item condition. Seller assessments of “good condition” or “like new” may not align with buyer expectations. Items tend to show more wear than on other platforms.

Quantity limits. Categories like electronics, designer items, and tickets have purchase quantity limits to deter large-scale resellers. Limits can frustrate buyers hoping to purchase multiples.

High selling fees. Mercari takes 10% of each completed sale. Other platforms charge lower commissions. High value items may get better pricing on competitor apps.

off-platform communications. Mercari warns users not to take transaction communications off the app. Doing so increases scam risks and forfeits buyer & seller protections

Mercari Buyer and Seller Experiences: Reviews From Reddit

Mercari boasts generally positive app store ratings. However, user experiences buying and selling through the app seem to vary widely. Let’s take a look at first-hand Mercari reviews from the r/Mercari community on Reddit:

Mercari Buyer Reviews

Mercari buyers on Reddit tend to focus reviews on shipping, seller communication, and product authenticity:

>”Shipping was super fast and item was exactly as described! Would definitely buy from again. Seller had great communication too.”

>”Bought a collector’s item still sealed and it arrived just as described. Really pleased with the purchase overall.”

>”Seller shipped quickly but the item condition wasn’t nearly as nice as it looked in pics. Pretty disappointed but I guess that’s the risk you take buying used stuff online.”

>”I’ve had great experiences finding rare collectibles on Mercari for cheap! Haven’t run into any fakes yet knock on wood.”

>”Had an issue where an item never arrived…Mercari customer support was useless. They basically said I was out of luck.”

>”Be very careful buying luxury brands – lots of super cheap fakes and knockoffs. I learned the hard way.”

The main takeaways from Mercari buyers seem to be:

  • Communicative sellers and fast shipping are pluses
  • Item condition doesn’t always match listings
  • Authenticity issues more likely for luxury/hype items
  • Customer support is hit or miss resolving issues

Mercari Seller Reviews

Reddit reviews from Mercari sellers focus heavily on shipping, fees, scams, and customer support:

>”Shipping is a breeze with the prepaid labels. I just made a huge profit selling some old Lego sets collecting dust in our basement!”

>”It’s nice to clear out closet clutter for extra cash without dealing with sketchy Craigslist folks.”

>”I love using Mercari but the 10% fee definitely eats into my profits. More than eBay and Poshmark for sure.”

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>”Had a buyer claim an item was damaged on arrival. Mercari refunded them instantly without question. Felt like I got scammed.”

>”A buyer opened a return request claiming the item was fake…even though it was 100% authentic. Mercari’s team did nothing to help.”

>”Be super diligent about packaging and shipping items properly. I’ve gotten poor ratings for damage caused by postal mishandling.”

Key takeaways from Mercari sellers include:

  • Prepaid shipping makes fulfillment simple
  • High fees cut into profits, especially on high-value items
  • Scams and claims are concerningly common
  • Customer support often sides with buyers in disputes
  • Packaging diligently is crucial to avoid shipping damage claims

Is Mercari Safe for Buyers? Avoiding Scams and Fake Products

Safety is often the number one concern for buyers new to Mercari. Here are some tips to shop the app safely:

  • Vet sellers carefully – Review seller ratings, reviews, photos, and listings closely. Consistency and volume of positive feedback is reassuring.
  • Ask questions – If something seems off, ask the seller clarifying questions before purchasing. Legit sellers will respond promptly.
  • Avoid too-good-to-be-true deals – Excessively low prices on coveted items likely indicate knockoffs. Extremes raises red flags.
  • Beware category limitations – Luxury brands in categories like handbags have higher fraud rates. Counterfeits slip through the cracks.
  • Inspect upon arrival – Carefully inspect items immediately and file claims if anything seems amiss. Act quickly.
  • Pay with credit card – Payment via credit card provides an extra layer of protection via chargebacks for fraud.
  • Never pay outside Mercari – Any request to pay via external apps or wire transfer is an instant scam.
  • Report suspicious activity – If you suspect funny business, report the user to Mercari immediately.

By following these tips and trusting your gut, you can shop Mercari safely as a buyer. Remember to thoroughly review listings rather than impulse buying. If something seems risky, it’s best to avoid the purchase altogether.

Is Mercari Safe for Sellers? Avoiding Scams and Fraudulent Claims

For sellers, safety largely comes down avoiding fraudulent claims and ensuring shipments arrive intact. Here are some best practices:

  • Take detailed photos – Thoroughly document any flaws plus overviews of the item(s) from multiple angles.
  • Describe items meticulously – Disclose and capture any wear, defects, flaws, or signs of use accurately. Under-promise and over-deliver on condition.
  • Package items securely – Use ample bubble wrap and packing material to avoid damage. Reinforce boxes if needed.
  • Ship quickly – Process orders and ship out items ASAP. Faster fulfillment equals more positive experiences.
  • Add tracking – Always ship with tracking to verify transit. Uploading the tracking number provides protection.
  • Communicate proactively – If any issues come up, immediately notify buyers. Transparency reduces complaints.
  • Claim refunds properly – For truly lost or damaged packages, file claims with Mercari before refunding from your own pocket.
  • Raise suspicious issues – If a return request seems fraudulent, raise the issue with Mercari for additional investigation.
  • Block troublesome buyers – If a buyer harasses you or seems dishonest, block them from purchasing your items again.
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Following these precautions helps sellers minimize headaches and maximize profits on Mercari. Keep documentation and act according to policies when problems arise.

Success Tips: How to Maximize Profits Selling on Mercari

Once comfortable with Mercari legitimacy and safety, many sellers want tips to boost earnings. Here are some strategies to optimize your Mercari sales:

Tactic Description
Price competitively Research going rates for your item(s) and price accordingly. Undercutting draws eyes while overpricing pushes buyers away.
Offer promotions Mercari allows limited-time promotions on your listings to spark interest. Discount items 10-15% to incentivize buyers.
Cross-list items List items simultaneously across Mercari, eBay, Facebook, Craigslist etc. to expand exposure.
Specialize in niches Build a reputation as an expert seller in categories like electronics, sneakers, gaming, or jewelry.
Build brand recognition Craft branded packaging and thank you notes to stand out. Aim for buyers to remember and return to you.
Provide free shipping Offer free shipping by baking costs into your item pricing. This entices buyers to pull the trigger.
Upsell bundling Suggest add-ons to buyers like related accessories, care products, or bonus items for bundled sales.
Promptly improve listings Re-list stale items with new photos and descriptions. Lower prices if needed.
Follow up on abandoned carts Message users who added your item to their cart but didn’t purchase. Personalized nudges can convert sales.
Offer combined shipping Provide bundled or discounted shipping when a buyer purchases multiple items to increase order values.

Implementing tactics like this consistently can help sellers get more eyes on listings, drive more sales, encourage repeat purchases, and maximize profits over time.

Should You Use Mercari? Our Final Verdict

So, is Mercari ultimately legit and safe to use? Our verdict is yeswith some reasonable precautions.

For buyers, be selective, ask questions, consult reviews, and report any issues promptly. This allows safely navigating the diverse selection and scoring great deals.

For sellers, transparency, documentation, and secure shipping are key. This minimizes headaches and maximizes profits.

While no online marketplace is 100% foolproof, Mercari rivals competitors in usability and protections when used wisely. The low fees and prepaid shipping capabilities are major perks.

With millions of active users and products exchanged, Mercari has absolutely earned legitimacy. However, establishing trust, being selective, and doing due diligence is still important. By following the tips outlined here, both buyers and sellers can thrive!

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