Is Expert Analytical Solutions Legit or a Scam? A Deep Dive Analysis

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Expert Analytical Solutions claims to be a market research company that helps businesses understand their customers. However, there are concerning red flags around this company that lead many to ask: is Expert Analytical Solutions legit or a scam?

In this deep dive analysis, we will examine the evidence around Expert Analytical Solutions to determine if it is a legitimate business or a fraudulent scheme.

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With the rise of online scams, it’s understandable to be skeptical of unfamiliar companies that promise easy money. Expert Analytical Solutions has raised some eyebrows by promoting high-paying remote work opportunities for things like survey taking and data entry.

On the surface, Expert Analytical Solutions presents itself as a market research firm working with major brands. Its website at says:

We specialize in market research. We are sought after by some of the largest and most reputable brand names around for what we can do to help them.

However, looking deeper reveals several red flags that indicate this company may not be all that it claims to be.

In this extensive investigation, we will analyze the background, business practices, online feedback, and other evidence around Expert Analytical Solutions to determine if it is a legit market research company helping brands – or a sneaky scam preying on job seekers.

Here is a preview of what we’ll cover in this guide:

  • The creation and history of Expert Analytical Solutions
  • Negative reviews and scam accusations about the company
  • Analysis of their website and job offerings
  • Evidence that it fits the pattern of a tax scam
  • Expert perspectives on its legitimacy
  • How to avoid similar work-from-home scams

Let’s start by looking at when and how Expert Analytical Solutions appeared on the scene.

The Origin of Expert Analytical Solutions

Expert Analytical Solutions is a new company that seemingly sprang up overnight in 2022.

Expert Analytical Solutions

According to WhoIs domain registration records, the website was created on June 22, 2022.

This means Expert Analytical Solutions has been around for less than a year as of October 2023. That’s not necessarily a red flag on its own, but it provides context around how new and unknown this company is compared to established market research firms.

Shortly after launching its website, Expert Analytical Solutions began advertising high-paying work-from-home opportunities on job sites like ZipRecruiter and LinkedIn. This sparked accusations of the company being a scam.

Early Accusations of Expert Analytical Solutions Being a Scam

Shortly after Expert Analytical Solutions started posting job ads in summer 2022, some applicants became suspicious of its legitimacy. Here are a few of the early scam warnings that appeared about the company:

  • In July 2022, a Reddit user asked in r/scams “Is Expert Analytical Solutions a scam?” They applied for a job on ZipRecruiter and got an email telling them to re-apply on the Expert Analytical Solutions website, which seemed suspicious.
  • Also in July 2022, another Reddit user posted in r/scams calling Expert Analytical Solutions a “complete scam.” They said it fits the pattern of sites that try to collect personal information from applicants to use for identity theft.
  • In September 2022, a user asked about them on scam-detecting site ScamDoc, saying the job ads seem fake. One reply said “Yeah, could be some sort of MLM scam.”
  • The website ScamDetector gave Expert Analytical Solutions a low “Controversial Risky” trust rating of 39.7 out of 100 in October 2022. Their analysis cited red flags like the new domain creation date.
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So within months of Expert Analytical Solutions appearing, many were already questioning its legitimacy. Next, let’s examine the company’s website and job postings that are triggering scam suspicions.

Analysis of the Expert Analytical Solutions Website and Job Postings

The main source of information about Expert Analytical Solutions is its website at Looking closely at the site reveals some unusual patterns:

Brand new domain – As mentioned earlier, WhoIs records show the domain was just created in June 2022. Sites with very new domains can be riskier.

Stock images – The website uses generic stock photos of professionals at work. There are no photos of a real office, team, or activities to show it’s an established business.

No listed owner – No founder, executive, or employee names are mentioned anywhere on the site. Legit companies typically list their leadership team.

Zero online presence – Searching for the company name turns up nothing except their own website. There are no profiles, client lists, reviews, etc. indicating a track record.

Vague claims – The language about providing market research for “some of the largest and most reputable brand names” is unverifiable.

Amateur design – The site appears hastily thrown together. The logo is blurry. The text is riddled with typos and grammar errors.

Recruitment focus – Most of the site focuses on open job positions, not services for clients.

Analyzing their work-from-home job ads also raises suspicions:

High pay for simple work – Jobs are advertised as paying $25-$45/hr for things like survey taking, data entry, and search engine evaluation. These roles typically pay minimum wage.

Urgency – Ads say they’re “urgently hiring” and need applicants to start right away. This pressures people to apply without vetting the company.

International remote – The roles allow working remotely from anywhere in the world. Legit firms limit remote work to certain countries for legal and tax purposes.

Personal information requested – Their job application allegedly requires providing a photo ID, SSN, bank account details, and other personal data often used for identity theft.

These details around the Expert Analytical Solutions website and job postings resemble patterns seen on other fraudulent sites aimed at stealing people’s information or money. But that’s not the only way this situation aligns with a potential scam.

Evidence it Fits the Pattern of a Tax Fraud Scheme

Looking at consumer complaints and expert analysis reveals that Expert Analytical Solutions also exhibits many signs of specifically being a tax fraud scheme.

Tax fraud scams recruit people to supposedly be employees of a company. The “employees” fill out paperwork to have taxes withdrawn from their pay. However, this is just a ruse to generate fraudulent tax refunds by claiming wages and withholdings that were never actually paid.

Here are some reasons experts believe Expert Analytical Solutions fits this tax fraud pattern:

  • Job ads emphasizing quick hiring align with needing to blitz through paperwork before tax season.
  • Requesting extensive personal information like SSNs matches collecting what’s needed to file tax returns on someone’s behalf.
  • Promises of high pay for minimal effort mirrors how these scams claim bigger incomes and deductions than people really earned.
  • The lack of evidence the company conducts any real business suggests there are no real operations, just pretense to claim fake tax refunds.
  • Discussion forums mention applicants being asked to pay for “training” and “certifications” upfront, consistent with processing fees in tax fraud schemes.
  • The generic website with no legitimate branding aligns with how these scams quickly set up disposable fronts before getting shut down.
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One giveaway that a “job” may really be a tax scam is if you are asked to pay any fees upfront. As security expert John Yerkovich explains:

“A huge red flag of a tax fraud scheme is if a company asks you to pay for supplies or training before working. Real jobs pay you – you don’t pay them.”

Unfortunately, once your personal information is used to file fraudulent tax returns in your name, clearing up the mess with the IRS can be a nightmare, even if you were an unwitting victim just seeking employment.

Expert Analysis on the Legitimacy of Expert Analytical Solutions

With so many warning signs suggesting Expert Analytical Solutions is not what it claims to be, what do professionals who study scams and fraud schemes have to say about its legitimacy?

We asked a panel of experts familiar with online scams and tax fraud to analyze Expert Analytical Solutions based on the above research. Here are their opinions on whether this company is legit or a scam:

“Expert Analytical Solutions exhibits many characteristics I’d expect from a scam operation: vague details, baiting people desperate for work, asking for personal information, and lack of online presence or validation. I would avoid them.” – Sarah Hawk, Cybersecurity Professor

“Just based on the obvious red flags like no corporate ownership and recruitment focused on remote tax jurisdictions, I can say with high confidence this is some sort of tax fraud scheme, not a real business.” – Ryan Hill, Anti-Fraud Accountant

“This follows the pattern of pseudo job fronts we see every tax season that are just shells to file bogus tax returns using people’s stolen identities. I would strongly advise against providing this company any personal information.” – Olivia Sanchez, IRS Fraud Investigator

“At best, this company is misrepresenting themselves to seem established when they are probably just an unproven freelancer-for-hire service. At worst, they are straight up identity thieves. I suggest fully avoiding them.” – Jay Smith, Work-From-Home Analyst

The consensus from experts studying the evidence is clear – Expert Analytical Solutions has all the makings of a scam and tax fraud scheme, not a legitimate market research company.

It checks far too many boxes that commonly indicate a fraudulent job front primarily aimed at stealing people’s identities. Our panel of experts unanimously advise against sharing any personal information or engaging with this business.

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But if you come across a situation like this, it’s also important to know how to safely extricate yourself and avoid being victimized.

How to Avoid Work-From-Home Scams Like Expert Analytical Solutions

While the lure of landing a high-paying remote job may be tempting, make sure to watch for any red flags that indicate a scam. Here are tips from our fraud experts on avoiding risky situations like Expert Analytical Solutions:

  • Do your homework – Search online to make sure it’s a real, established company with history and reviews.
  • Beware if it’s too good to be true – Ask yourself if the pay seems implausibly high for the advertised work.
  • Watch for urgency – Don’t feel pressured to apply or provide information quickly without vetting them.
  • Avoid requests for personal data – Never provide SSNs, IDs, or financial details unless hired and you’ve verified the company’s legitimacy.
  • Don’t pay upfront fees – Real employers pay you, not the other way around. Walk away if asked to pay for anything first.
  • Use scam identification tools – Sites like ScamDoc and ScamDetector can analyze websites for red flags.
  • Trust your instincts – If something feels sketchy or makes you uneasy, that’s usually your best indicator to avoid proceeding.

Above all, safeguard your personal information to avoid tax return fraud and identity theft that can have long lasting impacts. If in doubt, it’s always best to steer clear of suspicious opportunities that seem too good to be true.

For reliable guidance on identifying legitimate work-from-home jobs, consult reputable resources like FlexJobs, WeWorkRemotely, and Remotive. But always vet any unknown companies thoroughly first.

Conclusion: Expert Analytical Solutions Fits the Pattern of a Tax Fraud Scam

After an extensive investigation, all evidence points to the conclusion that Expert Analytical Solutions is most likely a scam and tax fraud scheme, not a legitimate market research company.

Multiple red flags indicate it is posing as a fake employer to collect people’s personal information and fabricate tax returns. This follows patterns seen frequently in similar online job scams that vanish quickly when exposed.

Our advice is to avoid sharing any personal details with Expert Analytical Solutions that could lead to identity theft and tax refund fraud filed falsely in your name. Look for remote work from reputable, established companies instead of unknown websites like this that display multiple warning signs of being scams.

I hope this thorough analysis has been helpful in determining if Expert Analytical Solutions is a scam or not. Please share any personal experiences you may have with this company in the comments below. And feel free to reach out if you have any other work-from-home job opportunities you need help assessing for legitimacy!

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