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You’ve likely come across Arthur Hunt in your search for a reputable recruiting or HR consulting firm. But like any opportunity online, it’s important to verify whether a company is truly trustworthy before working with them.

In this in-depth review of, I’ll share everything I discovered about Arthur Hunt after weeks of independent research. My goal is to help you make an informed decision about whether Arthur Hunt is legit or potentially a scam.

Let’s get started!

A Quick Background on Arthur Hunt

Founded in 2001, Arthur Hunt is a French HR consulting and executive search firm. They have offices located in Paris and other major cities in France.

On their website, Arthur Hunt presents themselves as experts in various HR services including recruitment, transition management, consulting, and change/talent development. Some of the industries they work with include:

  • Consumer goods
  • Industrial goods
  • Banking/finance
  • Healthcare/pharma
  • Technology
  • Non-profit

At first glance, Arthur Hunt seems like a reputable firm with a professional online presence. But as you’ll see below, there are some caveats worth considering before doing business with them.

Possible Red Flag #1: Limited Online Reviews

One of the first things I looked for were independent reviews from actual clients and candidates who have worked with Arthur Hunt. Unfortunately, I found very few reviews for this company online.

Specifically, I only found:

  • 3 reviews on their Trustpilot profile with a “Great” rating
  • 1 review
  • No reviews on sites like SiteJabber or FeedbackGuru

Having so few reviews is a potential red flag, as most reputable companies will have dozens if not hundreds of reviews from clients. Limited reviews makes it harder to verify if Arthur Hunt truly delivers on their promises.

It’s possible they just haven’t been in business long enough to accumulate many reviews yet. But it could also mean they are not very active in recruiting new clients. Overall, the lack of reviews is somewhat concerning and was my first sign this company may not be all it seems.

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Possible Red Flag #2: Vague Service Details

Going through Arthur Hunt’s website, I noticed their service descriptions lacked important specifics. For example:

  • They don’t provide any sample projects or case studies to showcase their work
  • Pricing and packages are not clearly listed
  • Timelines and success rates are vague

Without concrete details, it’s hard for a potential client to understand exactly what they would get for their money. Legit recruitment companies typically share actual client testimonials, pricing tiers, service level agreements, and performance statistics.

The lack of transparency is a red flag, as it can allow a company to promise unrealistic results without backing it up. Prospective clients have no idea what to reasonably expect from Arthur Hunt.

Possible Red Flag #3: Minimal Online Presence

When vetting companies, I like to research their overall online visibility and reputation. But in Arthur Hunt’s case, I found:

  • Only 3 posts on their company blog since 2020
  • No active social media profiles except for LinkedIn
  • Very few backlinks or mentions of the company online
  • CEO/founder profiles sparse on details

A company that’s been in business for over 20 years should have established a stronger digital footprint through blogs, social networks, and industry mentions.

The lack of a meaningful online presence beyond their own website suggests Arthur Hunt may not be as active or successful as they claim. Any company serious about lead generation would put more effort into content/SEO strategies.

Possible Red Flag #4: Questionable Accreditations

On their “About” page, Arthur Hunt lists several accreditations like:

  • Member of Association Française du Recrutement (French Association of Recruiters)
  • Approved supplier on certain government frameworks in France
  • Strategic partner of large HR tech/services providers

However, when I dug deeper:

  • I couldn’t find Arthur Hunt listed as an active member on the recruiting association’s website
  • Some of the government frameworks listed expired years ago
  • The “partnerships” seemed vague and I found no official mentions
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While it’s possible some details got outdated, questionable accreditations are a red flag. Legitimate companies take care to clearly showcase valid partnerships and certifications to build trust with prospects.

Possible Red Flag #5: Very Limited Client List

After combing through their site and other sources, I could only identify 2-3 past/current clients for Arthur Hunt:

  • A mid-sized manufacturing company
  • A French government agency
  • Possibly others they did not disclose

For a 20+ year old firm marketing executive search and consulting services, having such a sparse client roster raised some suspicion. Most reputable recruiters/consultants publicly list dozens of respected companies as past clients to demonstrate their expertise.

The minimal client transparency has “new startup” vibes, not that of an established industry player. Again, this lack of proof points calls Arthur Hunt’s credibility into question.

Breaking it Down – Is Arthur Hunt Legit or a Scam?

After this comprehensive review, here are my key takeaways on whether Arthur Hunt is a legitimate business or potential scam:


  • They have been in business for over 20 years
  • Website/branding seems professionally designed
  • Claims to service major industries


  • Extremely limited online reviews/testimonials
  • No concrete pricing, packages or timelines shared
  • Minimal digital footprint and engagement
  • Questionable/outdated accreditations
  • Very sparse client list despite years in operation
  • Overall lack transparency that raises doubts

While Arthur Hunt presents as an established brand, the evidence suggests they are lacking credibility where it really counts – client/candidate proof points.

Based on my research, the overall impression I get is that Arthur Hunt is unlikely able to deliver top-tier recruitment/consulting services as promoted. At best, they seem like a struggling small business lacking recent success stories.

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But the multiple unanswered doubts, from questionable certifications to an almost non-existent digital presence, lead me to believe Arthur Hunt has a high probability of being intentionally misleading or a potential scam overall.

I cannot recommend prospective clients or candidates work with this company given the lack of transparency and verifiable track record. The risks far outweigh any potential rewards.

In summary, based on my independent review, it is my opinion that Arthur Hunt should be considered illegitimate and potentially fraudulent until proven otherwise with concrete evidence. Proceed with extreme caution or choose another recruiter/consultant.

Conclusion – Protect Yourself From Potential HR Scams

While this in-depth review focused on the specific case of Arthur Hunt, the lessons can help anyone avoid becoming victim to recruitment scams in general. Here are some best practices:

  • Always research companies thoroughly using multiple sources
  • Look for reviews from actual clients, not just the company’s claims
  • Beware of vague promises without pricing/timelines details
  • Check accreditations and partnerships are up-to-date
  • An established brand should have a strong digital presence
  • Legit recruiters transparently showcase past client results
  • If doubts arise, trust your instincts and look elsewhere

Reputable HR consulting/executive search is a lucrative business, which makes it an tempting arena for scammers. Protect yourself by only working with companies you can fully vet and feel confident recommending to others.

With diligence, you can avoid being misled by potentially fraudulent players in the recruitment/HR space. I hope this extensive Arthur Hunt review provides a useful case study and lessons for evaluating any company cautiously before handing over money or personal information.

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