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Cashmere Tribe Shop Reviews: Buyer BEWARE. Cashmere Tribe Shop burst onto the online fashion scene in 2021 with promises of high-quality, affordable clothing shipped directly from their fulfillment centers around the world. Their social media pages are filled with beautiful photos of women modeling chic dresses, stylish sweaters, and on-trend accessories.

But behind the gorgeous images lies a company shrouded in controversy. While some customers rave about the great deals at Cashmere Tribe Shop, an alarming number of buyers report receiving poor quality items that look nothing like the website pictures.

In this in-depth review, we’ll take a close look at Cashmere Tribe Shop to help you determine if it lives up to its stylish reputation or is just another online scam.

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Overview: Cashmere Tribe Shop Reviews

Cashmere Tribe Shop launched its website in December 2021. The site advertises women’s clothing and accessories with an emphasis on knitwear and cotton styles. Products are organized into categories like Dresses, Tops, Bottoms, Matching Sets, and Intimates.

According to the website, Cashmere Tribe Shop sources clothing from manufacturers around the world, including Turkey, China, and other unnamed locations. They claim to offer wholesale pricing direct to the customer by cutting out middlemen.

The company lists a business address in Delaware, USA but the site’s shipping information references fulfillment centers in China. Cashmere Tribe does not provide a phone number or company email on their site. Customers must submit an online form to contact them.

Cashmere Tribe Shop’s Reputation at a Glance

Wide selection of stylish clothes and accessoriesRepeated complaints of poor quality items
Affordable pricing, often 50%+ off retailProducts frequently look nothing like photos
Fast shipping times advertisedNon-existent customer service
Accepts PayPal for added buyer protectionRefuses returns and exchanges
Social media pages with happy customersHundreds of negative reviews online

With so many conflicting experiences, it’s hard to get a clear picture of the Cashmere Tribe Shop reviews and customer experience. Let’s take a more in-depth look at the positive and negative aspects of shopping with this company.

Cashmere Tribe Shop Reviews: Pros of Shopping

Huge Selection of On-Trend Items

Cashmere Tribe Shop offers an impressive inventory with new styles constantly being added. Shoppers can browse over 2,500 options at any given time in categories ranging from sweaters and dresses to jeans, jumpsuits, swimsuits and more.

The products focus on current fashion trends like puff sleeves, tie dye, ruched designs, and pastel colors. Cashmere Tribe Shop also sells licensed merchandise like Disney and Harry Potter clothes. This vast selection provides online shoppers plenty of choices for building a stylish wardrobe.

Affordable Pricing

One of the biggest draws of Cashmere Tribe Shop is their low prices. Dresses can be found for $15-$30, tops for $10-25, and bottoms for $20 or less. The company advertises prices up to 80% off retail. Sales and sitewide discounts will frequently slash prices by an additional 10-20%.

For shoppers on a tight budget, these rates are extremely enticing. Being able to buy a whole new outfit for less than $50 is an appealing prospect for many.

Fast Processing & Shipping

Cashmere Tribe Shop promises fast shipping of all purchases. They advertise 3-7 business days for processing time and 7-15 days for delivery.

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Many customers confirm receiving their packages within two weeks. Some have gotten their items in as little as 8 days from order date. This quick turnaround outpaces some other online clothing stores.

The flat rate shipping fee of $8.95-$15 also beats out competitors who charge more or make customers pay exorbitant international delivery fees. Cashmere Tribe offers free shipping on orders $49+.

PayPal Payment Accepted

Cashmere Tribe allows PayPal payment on all purchases. This gives buyers an extra layer of protection beyond credit cards. PayPal’s buyer protection program offers reimbursement if items are not as described or never delivered.

Having a backup plan like PayPal can give shoppers more confidence to take a chance on an unfamiliar company like Cashmere Tribe. It is an advantage not offered by some other stores.

Strong Social Media Presence

With over 18,000 followers on Instagram and over 3,000 on Facebook, Cashmere Tribe has built an impressive social media presence since its launch. Their pages feature beautiful models showcasing the clothing in lifestyle photos.

Happy customers also share selfies wearing their purchases. This provides shoppers with more real-life examples of the clothes than the site alone. The active social accounts depict a thriving brand.

At first glance, Cashmere Tribe Shop checks off many boxes that appeal to online shoppers. Affordable prices, trendy variety, and quick delivery are all things customers want. However, further inspection reveals some concerning flaws.

Cons of Shopping (Cashmere Tribe Shop Reviews)

Repeated Complaints of Poor Quality

The most common complaint about Cashmere Tribe is the poor workmanship and materials used to construct their clothing.Reviews on TrustPilot, SiteJabber, and other sites mention items arriving with:

  • Loose, uneven seams
  • See-through fabric
  • Misshapen silhouettes
  • Poor fit
  • Rough texture
  • Holes, snags, or defects

Rather than the soft, luxurious fabrics described on the site, many report their clothes feeling like cheap cotton or polyester. Some describe the items as worse than discount store quality.

This is very different than the lush fabrics and intricate details shown in the product photos. The subpar quality means the clothes don’t live up to their descriptions or prices.

Products Often Look Nothing Like Photos

Another huge grievance amongst Cashmere Tribe Shop customers is the fact that the products rarely resemble the beautiful marketing photos on the website.

Customers share comparison photos showing the items they received looking like poorly made knock-offs. The differences include:

  • Cheaper looking fabric
  • Lack of embroidered accents
  • Missing lace panels or other details
  • Different prints and graphics
  • Poor fitting shape and silhouette
  • Faded, incorrect colors

The models on the site look like they are wearing expensive boutique items. But the actual clothes ship out looking like cheap imitations rather than the luxurious pieces pictured.

Non-Existent Customer Service

One of the biggest red flags about Cashmere Tribe is their lack of customer service and resolution. There are no phone numbers listed on the site. The only way to contact them is via an online form.

Many unhappy buyers report their emails going unanswered for weeks or months. Some submitted the contact form multiple times with no reply. Those who do get responses say they are robotic autoreplies with no actual assistance provided.

When customers try following up on returns, exchanges, or fixing order issues, they find it virtually impossible to reach a human to remedy the problems.

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Refusing Returns and Exchanges

The difficulties contacting Cashmere Tribe customer service mean it is extremely hard to get approval for returns or exchanges when items arrive flawed or incorrect.

Cashmere Tribe’s official return policy states:

“We do not accept returns, refunds or exchanges because all items are quality checked before shipment, and we can absolutely guarantee there will be no problems with them.”

They make no exceptions for flawed or damaged merchandise. Any instances of customers getting refunds required repeated contacts, threats of complaints to the Better Business Bureau, and in some cases, filing disputes with PayPal or their credit card company. This lack of accountability is troubling.

Hundreds of Negative Reviews Online

Warning signs about Cashmere Tribe can be seen across consumer advocacy sites like TrustPilot, Reddit, and the Better Business Bureau. Out of over 300 ratings on TrustPilot, Cashmere Tribe averages only 1 out of 5 stars.

The most common rating is “Bad” with 83% of reviewers labeling it poor. Only 5% ranked their experience as “Excellent.”

On Reddit forums like r/fashionreps, warnings about Cashmere Tribe appear frequently. One user summed it up saying:

“It’s an extremely shady website that advertise clothes completely different to what they actually sell. Do yourself a favor and stay away!”

Comments like this show buyers are becoming increasingly aware of the problems at Cashmere Tribe. But unsuspecting shoppers continue getting lured in by the beautiful photos.

Investigating Cashmere Tribe’s Bad Business Practices

With so many unsatisfied customers, it begs the question – what is going on behind the scenes at Cashmere Tribe? Why do they refuse returns and exchanges? And how can the clothes look so different than advertised?

Digging deeper into Cashmere Tribe reveals some concerning business practices.

Deceptive Marketing Using AI Images

Product images play a huge role in ecommerce marketing. High quality photos attract buyers and set expectations about the items.

But many Cashmere Tribe pictures appear heavily retouched and unrealistic. Some customers suspect they use AI image generators or steal photos from other brands to create their listings.

Cashmere Tribe also mixes in positive reviews and Q&As that may be fabricated. This facilitates a fake word-of-mouth marketing strategy.

Presenting overly idealized images that misrepresent the true product violates consumer protection laws. But legal action has not yet forced Cashmere Tribe to change its shady marketing methods.

Refusal to Accept Returns Due to Ultra-Cheap Production Costs

For most ecommerce companies, returns and exchanges are expensive. But they’re considered necessary customer service practices.

Cashmere Tribe likely refuses returns because their clothes are produced at extremely cheap wholesale costs. For example, their shirts likely cost $2-$5 to manufacture. The cheaply made clothes are not worth the shipping fees to restock items.

Cashmere Tribe would rather deal with angry customers than pay to restock returns. This may explain their nonexistent customer service. They have no incentive to invest in fixing issues.

Connections to Questionable Companies

Cashmere Tribe’s website lists Briquoa Co Ltd. as the site owner. This company is linked to multiple fashion brands with similar complaints:

  • My972 Store – Reviews mention shoddy quality clothes that don’t match photos
  • Lover Kiss – Accused of selling poor quality knock offs
  • Repsly Store – Multiple complaints about wrong sizes and defects
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These connections raise doubts about Cashmere Tribe’s trustworthiness. The same company seems to be behind multiple stores engaging in similar shady practices.

How Does Cashmere Tribe Get Away with Scamming Shoppers?

Cashmere Tribe manages to stay in business through manipulative marketing and exploiting loopholes in payment processing systems. Their main tactics include:

  • Pocketing profits from first-time buyers who don’t realize they’ve been scammed until it’s too late
  • Deleting negative comments and reviews to keep up appearances
  • Using PayPal’s seller protection since items technically do ship out
  • Going viral on social media and paid ads to attract new victims

New shoppers continue getting tricked while previous customers are left high and dry. Even the most savvy shopper may fall for their slick photos and empty promises.

Tips for Spotting an Online Clothing Scam

Cashmere Tribe provides a valuable case study for identifying shady retailers. Use these tips to spot scammers:

  • Search company name + “scam” – Look for warnings from other buyers
  • Reverse image search product photos – Are the pics stolen from elsewhere?
  • Inspect website closely – Look for grammar errors, hidden contact info, etc
  • Research location – Where is company located? Can they be held accountable?
  • Ask about returns before purchasing – Non-existent policies are a red flag
  • Never pay via bank transfer – Lose dispute options through PayPal or CC company

Following this advice can help you avoid becoming the next victim of an online retail scam.

Should You Risk Shopping at Cashmere Tribe?

The evidence shows Cashmere Tribe has some worrisome issues:

  • Deliberately misleading marketing
  • Severely poor quality and defective items
  • Zero customer service
  • Refusal of returns and exchanges
  • Overwhelming negative reviews

While the low prices may seem tempting, chances are you will end up disappointed, frustrated, and out the cost of your purchase. Better options exist for buying affordable fashion without the headaches.

We recommend avoiding Cashmere Tribe and spending your money with reputable retailers who value customer satisfaction. Don’t let pretty pictures blind you – with companies like this, what you see is not what you get.

Conclusion: Cashmere Tribe Shop Fails to Live Up to Expectations

Our in-depth investigative review revealed Cashmere Tribe does not deserve their reputation as a premier online clothing store. Instead, the company relies on manipulative marketing, substandard manufacturing, and exploitation of shoppers to turn profits.

Too many customers report experiencing bait-and-switch tactics, unreasonable return policies, and nonexistent customer service from Cashmere Tribe. While they promote beautiful high-end clothing, the reality is shoddily made items that do not match advertised photos.

We strongly advise consumers to take their fashion dollars elsewhere. Plenty of clothing retailers exist that offer honest marketing, fair policies, and quality control you can trust. Don’t waste your money or risk the frustrations that so often occur with Cashmere Tribe.

Hopefully this thorough review has provided ample facts and evidence to make an informed decision about Cashmere Tribe’s reputation. Have your own experience shopping with them? Let us know! Weigh in on your opinion of this controversial clothing company.

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