Is Legit or a Scam? Unveiling The Truth

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The internet is filled with websites promising easy money – make $750 in a week just by signing up! But most of these sites turn out to be scams.

A relatively new website, is the website that claims you can earn up to $750 in a week for completing simple tasks. But is it legit or a scam? I decided to dig deeper and get to the bottom of it.

How I Stumbled Upon

I was browsing the internet when an ad popped up with the typical promises of quick cash. The site looked slick and professional, so out of curiosity, I clicked on it. That’s when I landed on

The site promised easy payments of up to $750 for completing simple activities like:

  • Downloading apps
  • Signing up for free trials
  • Making purchases
  • Referring friends

There was no information about who owned or operated the site. No address, no contact details, nothing. Only promises of fast money.

The first red flag popped up – lack of transparency about ownership. Still, the site looked legitimate enough, so I decided to explore further.

Cashappgives Scam

Digging Into – The First Steps

I started by looking into their domain registration details using online Whois lookup tools. Here’s what I found:

  • Domain Registered: July 2023, making the site less than 6 months old when I evaluated it. Most scam sites don’t last long.
  • Registrant: Domains by Proxy, LLC – a service used to hide the true site owner. Shady!

The domain details alone made me suspicious about the site’s legitimacy. Next, I searched online for any reviews or complaints. Reviews – What Users are Saying

There were no reviews on the site itself. So I checked independent consumer review platforms like TrustPilot, SiteJabber, BBB etc.

Again, no reviews existed, likely because the site is new.

But when I searched for the end destination site “,” which Cashappgives redirects users to, I did find reviews. And they were mostly negative!

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On TrustPilot, uplevelrewards had just 2 reviews averaging a poor 1 star rating. On BBB, several complaints existed about failure to pay out rewards.

Essentially, users reported investing time and money into completing offers but did not receive any cash rewards in return.

The lack of transparency on combined with complaints on the underlying rewards site raised even more red flags.

Evaluating – Breaking Down The Warning Signs

Based on my research so far, several warning signs indicated could very well be a scam:

⚠️ Lack of Company Details

No address, contact info, or ownership details provided. Hiding behind a proxy service like Domains by Proxy is highly suspicious.

⚠️ Recently Registered Domain

Young sites less than a year old are higher risk. was registered in July 2023.

⚠️ No Objective Reviews

No third-party reviews existed directly for Cashappgives. And negative reviews for uplevelrewards showed unfulfilled promises. Big red flag!

⚠️ Requires Personal Details

Asking users to handover personal information like name, email, address etc. always poses privacy risks.

⚠️ Redirects to Other Websites

Cashappgives redirects to via another domain. Sneaky tactic that catches users off guard about where they actually end up.

⚠️ Too Good to Be True

Easy earnings over $750 for simple activities? Legit rewards don’t make such exaggerated claims.

With all these warning signs, I became convinced is likely a scam operation.

How the Cashappgives Scam Works

Although I didn’t go through the entire process, here is how this scam typically works based on patterns with similar reward scams:

  1. Bait – Lure people in with promises of easy money
  2. Information Grab – Collect personal details during registration
  3. Redirect – Shuttle users through multiple sites without consent
  4. Bogus Offers – Encourage signing up for questionable free trials, downloads etc.
  5. Fail to Pay Out – Users complete all steps but get $0 in return

In the end, the scammers walk away with your personal information, registration fees, and any commissions from third party offers you signed up for.

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Meanwhile, users receive NO cash rewards despite fulfilling all requirements.

What Real Users are Saying – Cashappgives Reviews and Complaints

While I didn’t find direct reviews for, analyzing complaints for the underlying Uplevel Rewards site paints a troubling picture:

I completed more than 15+ deals following all terms. Yet rewardzone refused to credit me the $750, instead citing that I violated their terms without explaining what term. SCAM!(BBB Complaint)

Completed all tasks, several surveys, and spent almost $200 out of my own money to qualify for rewards. But after submitting the required information for verification multiple times, my rewards continue to show as pending…(Reddit User)

Total bait & switch! Lured with promise of $750 then told to complete Gold Surveys, which required a $1 trial sign up. Did several 40+ minute surveys before realizing it was a complete waste of time.(Consumer Affairs User)

As you can see, users faced consistent problems of not getting paid out rewards owed to them.

The most common Cashappgives complaints on third-party sites included:

  • Failure to receive promised rewards
  • Difficulty verifying identity or submissions
  • Hidden fees for offers or mandatory trials
  • Poor customer service

All these complaints align with typical scam site experiences. Considering the multiple red flags, it’s evident cannot be trusted.

Expert Tips to Avoid and Similar Scams

Based on research into and insights from user complaints, here are some tips to avoid falling victim:

✅ Vet Sites Thoroughly

Don’t take anything at face value. Do in-depth research before providing your data.

✅ Avoid Newly Registered Sites

Be extra cautious with sites created in the last 12 months or less.

✅ Check for Verifiable Contact Details

Legit businesses list real addresses, phone numbers and support channels.

✅ Seek Out Objective Third-Party Reviews

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Independent consumer sites offer the real user experiences with a company.

✅ Don’t Pay Upfront for Rewards

Don’t pay anything until you confirm a site’s legitimacy and actual users have been paid.

✅ Track Redirect Destinations

Use a site mapping tool to see exactly where you end up, avoiding surprise landings.

✅ Look for Exaggerated Claims

If the rewards seem too good to be true, they usually are.

✅ Never Provide Sensitive Personal Data

Avoid handing over things like SSNs or bank account details unless absolutely necessary.

✅ Use Prepaid Cards for Online Offers

Contains the damage if a site turns out fraudulent.

Staying vigilant is key to avoid online scams. Take time to thoroughly vet any website and program before engaging. If anything seems suspicious, trust your gut and stay away!

Scam alert

The Final Verdict – Yes, is a Scam!

After extensive research gathering warning signs and analyzing legit customer complaints for the associated Uplevel Rewards site, I can conclusively classify as an online scam.

All evidence clearly suggests this website baits unsuspecting users with false promises of easy money. In reality, those who participate end up receiving zero payouts after handing over valuable personal information and wasting time on questionable third-party offers.

I advise all consumers to stay far away from and similar money-making schemes. No matter how convincing a website appears, always thoroughly vet it, confirm contact details, read objective reviews, and analyze their promises before ever considering engagement.

Remember, if an offer looks too good to true, it almost always is! Stay vigilant in protecting your data and avoid the headaches of dealing with predatory scams like this one.

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