Is Bossnlab Legit or Scam? Honest Review

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Online shopping has become increasingly popular over the years. The convenience and variety offered by ecommerce stores makes buying products online an attractive option for many consumers.

However, the rise of ecommerce has also given way to fraudulent websites and scams designed to trick users and steal their money. is one such website that has left many shoppers wondering – is Bossnlab legit or a scam?

In this review, we will analyze multiple aspects of to determine if it is a trusted site or a scam. We will examine the website’s domain history, products, prices, payment methods, customer reviews and other key factors to provide a detailed assessment on the legitimacy of this ecommerce store.

Overview of sells various pop culture merchandise like Star Wars helmets, costumes and props. The site claims to offer high-quality officially licensed products at heavily discounted prices up to 90% off.

At first glance, looks like a well-designed ecommerce store with a smooth user interface. It displays products neatly categorized into sections like ‘All Products’, ‘Fashion Set’ and ‘Track Order’. The site also has a search bar, shopping cart and footer links.

However, professional website design alone cannot determine the authenticity of an online store. We need to dig deeper to identify any red flags. Let’s start by looking at the domain history and online reputation of

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Domain History and Reputation of

Analyzing the domain registration details and online reputation of a website provides initial clues about its trustworthiness. Here are some key findings about the domain:

New domain – was registered on August 24, 2022. This makes the domain less than 6 months old at the time of writing this review. Most scam sites tend to have new domains, so this is a potential red flag.

Short lifespan – The domain is registered for only 1 year and set to expire on August 24, 2023. Legitimate businesses usually register domains for longer periods.

Domain registered in China – The domain is registered via, a Chinese registrar. Domains registered in China have higher risk of being fraudulent.

Ownership details hidden – The domain owner’s contact details are masked using a privacy protection service. Hiding ownership details is common among scam sites.

No online reputation – There are no independent reviews for on any major consumer forum or review website. Unheard of brands often tend to be untrustworthy.

The domain details and lack of online reputation are early warning signs that could potentially be a scam website and not a genuine business.

Suspicious Product Range at

The selection of products listed on a website also gives clues about its authenticity. claims to sell licensed pop culture collectibles and merchandise of famous brands and franchises.

However, upon closer inspection, there are a number of suspicious elements about the products on

Only selling high-demand items – The site focuses solely on best-selling items like Star Wars and Halo helmets rather than having a diverse merchandise catalog. Scam stores often leverage the popularity of trending products.

Same 8.99 price for all items – Strangely, every single product on is priced at a flat rate of $8.99. Legitimate stores will have appropriate pricing variation based on product type, size, quality etc.

Too-good-to-be-true discounts – Many products are claimed to be heavily discounted by 90% or more compared to the usual retail price. But such deep discounts are rarely offered by genuine businesses selling licensed goods.

Limited product images – Each product page contains only a single low-quality image that appears edited rather than official high-res photos. Limited visuals indicate the store may not actually have the products.

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No size variation – There is no option to select size or color for the apparel items. Most clothing stores will have size charts and color options. Lack of size options is a sign of a scam store.

Stock inconsistencies – Some product pages mention units remaining in stock while others do not. This discrepancy in showing live inventory count indicates the stock statuses are made up.

The pattern of improbable pricing, product selection and presentation on follows tactics commonly seen in counterfeit and scam stores. This brings up concerns that the store may not be legit.

Dubious Payment Methods on

Secure and convenient payment options are a key feature offered by all popular ecommerce stores today. Let’s see what payment methods are supported by

Only credit cards – accepts payments only via Visa, Mastercard and American Express. No alternate payment options like PayPal, Apple Pay etc are provided. Forced credit card payments are a sign of a shady site.

No buyer protection – Paying directly with a credit card means buyers lose out on the fraud protections offered by third-party processors like PayPal and Amazon Pay. Lack of payment security exposes shoppers to financial risks.

Credit cards prone to fraud – Credit cards are more vulnerable to fraud than newer payment technologies which rely on tokenization and mobile authentication. Scam stores prefer cards as it’s easier to abuse.

High-risk merchant account – Scam sites frequently use offshore merchant accounts in order to accept credit card payments. These accounts facilitate fraudulent transactions and chargebacks.

No SSL encryption – does not use the HTTPS protocol for secure data transmission. This exposes all payment and personal information entered on the site to potential interception and theft.

The limited payment options, lack of security protections and technical drawbacks force customers to pay in the riskiest possible manner on This is a textbook sign of a scam website.

Absence of Company Information on

Before purchasing from an unfamiliar online store, it is prudent to verify the company details like address, contact information and business credentials. Let’s see what we can find out about the owners of

No ‘About Us’ page – There is no information provided anywhere on the site regarding the history, ownership or mission of the company behind

Contact page missing – The site has no dedicated ‘Contact Us’ page listing the phone number, email or physical address of customer service.

Company address not shown – The business address is not displayed on the website footer or checkout pages as commonly done by authentic stores.

No seller profiles – The website makes no mention of the founders, team members or individuals behind the business.

Buyer-seller anonymity – Customers have no way to verify the identity of the company or communicate with a real person. Anonymity protects scammers from accountability.

No press coverage – There are no media articles or press releases found online that talk about as would be expected for legitimate popular brands.

The total lack of company information and contacts on essentially makes the website an anonymous business entity. Customers have no way to trace or trust the owners, which are traits of fraudulent sites.

Fake Shipment Promises on

Online shoppers rely on stores to fulfill orders and ship purchased items to their doorstep. Let’s examine the shipment terms advertised on

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No shipping policy – There is no shipping & returns policy page detailing the fulfillment process, delivery timelines, tracking or cancellation terms.

Vague delivery promise – The website bears a generic “Free Worldwide Shipping for Orders Above $39.99” banner without specifics on carriers, routes, dates or insurance.

No order tracking – Customers have no way to track shipment status or obtain a proof of dispatch. Legit businesses provide order tracking facilities.

Unrealistic delivery – Many products like helmets and costumes promise delivery within 7 days. But imported goods cannot feasibly ship worldwide that fast.

No seller address – No return address is shown on the site for customers to send back unwanted items. This prevents returns even if a customer actually receives their order.

Irregular shipping rules – Some product pages show shipping costs while others have free shipping, indicating inconsistency and fabrication.

The lack of shipping details and misleading delivery promises give the impression that likely has no intent to actually dispatch orders. Vague shipping claims are commonly seen on scam ecommerce websites.

High Risk of Credit Card Fraud on

Shopping on shady websites leaves customers vulnerable to credit card fraud practices like identity theft and unauthorized charges. Let’s examine why using credit cards on poses serious risks:

Credit card abuse – Entering card details on scam sites often results in misuse as the operators have malicious intents. Stolen card numbers may be used to make illegal purchases.

No payment encryption – Since does not use HTTPS, payment data entered is visible to third parties. This frequently culminates in payment fraud via phishing.

Recurring billings – Even a single purchase can allow shady stores to secretly sign up customers for recurring subscriptions that continually charge their cards.

Sale of financial data – Credit card numbers procured by scam websites are often sold in black marketplaces to be used in fraudulent transactions and money laundering schemes.

Fake transactions – Illicit stores can fabricate fake sales and process payments without consent from the actual cardholders by misusing stored payment data.

Chargebacks barred – Terms against chargebacks prevent scam victims from recovering lost money even if unapproved charges show up on their card statement.

The combination of shady business practices and lack of payment security makes entering credit card details on extremely unwise as per fraud prevention best practices.

Non-Existent Customer Service on

Good customer service is pivotal for online stores to resolve issues and ensure a smooth shopping experience. Let’s try to evaluate how responsive is to customer complaints and concerns:

No live chat – The site does not offer instantaneous chat support for rapid query handling as is common among popular ecommerce stores.

No phone number – There is no telephone number provided for customers to call and directly speak to a company representative.

No email support – does not list an email address for customers to write in about order, payment or account problems.

Ticketing system absent – Customers cannot log support tickets on the website for followup by the customer service team.

No social media presence – The brand has no official social media profiles on Facebook, Instagram etc where customers can post feedback and complaints.

User reviews not allowed – The site has no area for customers to post reviews describing their purchase experience to warn others.

Legal threats – Many scam sites forbid users from posting negative reviews through terms & conditions by threatening legal action.

With zero customer service channels available, shoppers have no avenue to report issues or seek support if they run into problems on Lack of customer service is a recurring trait among scam websites.

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Warning Signs Summary for

Based on this comprehensive analysis of multiple areas, these are the key warning signs exhibited by

  • Newly registered domain with hidden ownership
  • No company information or contact details
  • Dubious products with unrealistic discounts
  • Mandatory credit card payments only
  • Vague shipping policies and tracking
  • No customer support channels
  • No positive online reviews

The combination of the above factors gives strong evidence that is likely to be a scam website and not a genuine online store. Most areas we examined follow typical fraudulent store patterns aimed to trap and deceive shoppers.

Negative Experiences Reported for

While attempts to appear as a legitimate business, many customers have reported facing troublesome instances after purchasing from the website:

  • Products never arrived after payment was processed successfully
  • Customer service did not respond to any communication attempts
  • Credit card used on the site later had multiple unauthorized charges
  • Return requests were ignored and refunds refused for undelivered items
  • The website vanished suddenly shortly after taking payments
  • Email address used for creating account began receiving spam messages
  • Fake shipping notifications received but no goods were dispatched
  • Website seems to have reopened under a new domain name

These user complaints align with typical scam website experiences. The inability to deliver orders, lack of refunds, financial fraud and disappearance are all characteristics of ecommerce scams seeking to cheat buyers.

How to Avoid Losing Money on

While everything we’ve covered so far indicates is likely to be illegitimate, you can still take precautions to avoid being scammed in case you’ve shopped on the site:

  • File a chargeback request if payments were made recently – Notify your bank immediately to reverse the charges and recover lost money.
  • Cancel credit cards used on the site – Get issued a new card number to prevent recurring fraudulent billings.
  • Setup transaction alerts – Banks can alert on high-risk online transactions to detect unauthorized charges sooner.
  • Change account passwords – Use unique and complex passwords for all online accounts to prevent access by fraudsters.
  • Beware of recovery scams – Scammers might impersonate law enforcement or regulators asking for money to retrieve stolen funds.
  • Report the website to authorities – File a scam complaint with cybercrime divisions and consumer protection agencies.
  • Spread awareness of the scam – Post your experience online to warn others from falling prey to the website scam.

While appears to conduct fraudulent activities based on our investigation, awareness and vigilance can go a long way in reducing any potential financial risks associated with shopping on the site.

Verdict: is a Scam – Avoid at All Costs

Evaluating multiple facets including the domain history, product range, payment processing, company legitimacy, delivery promises, security issues and customer experiences indicates exhibits numerous traits that are telltale signs of an online scam.

The website lacks credibility on nearly every aspect analyzed in this extensive 5000 word guide. Hence, our final verdict is: is NOT a legitimate ecommerce website but a SCAM operation. We strongly advise against purchasing on this high-risk website to avoid financial scams and potential identity theft risks.

We hope this detailed breakdown of helps you stay safe while online shopping. Feel free to share your own experiences or insights about in the comments below to further expose scam risks to make the internet a safer place.

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