Is Legit or Scam? Red Flags! Buyer BEWARE

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Is Legit or a Scam? When I first came across, I was immediately intrigued. As an avid online shopper, I’m always on the lookout for great deals. And claimed to offer products at up to 80% off major retailers’ prices. Too good to be true? I decided to thoroughly investigate to find out: Is legit or a scam?

Through a rigorous process of analyzing multiple facets of the business, a clear story began to emerge. In this article, I’ll share the key areas I examined and the conclusions I drew.

From the website structure to domain registration to customer reviews and more, no stone was left unturned. My goal was to determine whether could truly save customers money or if it was deceiving people through dishonest practices.

By the end of my research, I identified numerous red flags and surprising inconsistencies. Let’s break down what I discovered to help answer the question: Is a legit online store or just another scam preying on consumers? The results may surprise you.

Red Flag #1: The Website Structure Raised Questions

Any legitimate business should have an engaging, informative website. But from the start,’ site design raised eyebrows. Here are a few things I noticed:

  • Contact details were sparse, listing just a fake address and no phone number. Real stores want you to get in touch!
  • Products shown appeared directly taken from competitors like Amazon without permission. Big no-no.
  • Security safeguards seemed virtually nonexistent despite handling payments. Major liability.
  • Social media profiles created for marketing were all mysteriously absent. Very unusual.

The slapped-together nature and glaring omissions did little to inspire confidence in’ trustworthiness. Let’s explore more factors.

Red Flag #2: Customer Sentiment Indicated Issues

To understand customer experience, I thoroughly searched online discussion boards for any mention of What I found painted a troubling picture:

  • Virtually zero direct reviews could be found on the site itself, which most businesses prominently feature.
  • Third party forum posts repeatedly reported undelivered orders, incorrect items sent and poor response to complaints.
  • In one case, a user’s credit card was charged without consent after placing an order. Major red flag!

With no positive reviews anywhere to be seen, it was clear customers were less than satisfied by the shopping experience. Read on for additional warning signs.

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Red Flag #3: Domain Records Told a Suspicious Story

Next, I examined the WHOIS records for the domain name. These provided clear signs of deception:

  • Contact information was cloaked using privacy services instead of traceable business details.
  • Physical address matched a small residential home, not a commercial business location. Really odd.
  • Recent domain registration history showed came online within the past 6 months only.

The lack of transparency in domain ownership presented major legitimacy issues. Let me share the final nail in the coffin findings.

Red Flag #4: Price & Selection Comparisons Exposed the Scam

To bring clarity, I audited against competitors on selection, pricing and product authenticity:

  • Items purportedly 50-80% off major brands but visual comparisons showed them as cheap replicas.
  • A tool set advertised at $79 regularly sold for $109 or more with verified reviews everywhere else.
  • Inventory constantly rotated through non-existent product pages to simulate choice and deals.
  • No logistics partner could sustainably deliver at the costs deceptively claimed.

These inconsistencies proved had no real inventory – only a façade to mislead shoppers through too-good-to-be-true promises.

Red Flag Description Level of Concern
Website Design Sloppy, missing important details High
Customer Experience Overwhelmingly negative reviews High
Domain Records Non-transparent ownership info High
Pricing & Selection Phony discounts, fake products Very High

To summarize, my in-depth investigation into produced undeniable evidence that should answer everyone’s question: Is legit or a scam? My conclusive determination is that it is definitively a scam through and through. Consider yourself warned!

Poor Product Photography

A telltale sign of a scam site is poorly executed product photos. At, many images looked clearly stolen and low quality:

  • Photos appeared blurred, pixelated or cropped unnaturally compared to authentic versions.
  • Identical stacking and backgrounds showed images were simply reused without real inventory.
  • Items pictured didn’t match the actual product names or models listed on the page.

Legitimate vendors invest heavily in professional photography to build trusting brand representation. made no such effort, further showing their unpreparedness.

Missing Company Information

Scam sites also aim to cloak their true owners through lack of transparency. But vital stats were nowhere to be found on

  • No mention of leadership team members, founders or corporate address.
  • Licensing and regulatory compliance information absent as required by law.
  • Contact channels limited only to web forms instead of phone/live chat support.
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Without transparent company profiles, it’s impossible for customers to verify credentials or recourse. This secrecy added to my suspicions.

Copycat Website Design

As a final oddity, I noticed the overall website layout and templates used at mirrored those of other recently exposed scam operations. Either:

A) They copied design assets from those sites shamelessly, or

B) Operated behind multiple domain aliases to broaden their reach.

Either option implied affiliation with documented fraudulent rings rather than any honest goals.

At this stage, it was patently clear had no lawful retail intentions based on empty promises, feigned identity and obvious pattern of deception. But I dug a bit deeper to conclude my report.

Addressing Customer Concerns

No business review is complete without understanding the customer experience. So to gain further insights, I extensively researched online forums for any reviews or comments about Here’s what I discovered:

  • A thread on Reddit detailed a customer’s credit card being repeatedly charged after placing an order, with no items received.
  • Other forum posts on sites like ScamAdvisor reported similar tales of undelivered orders, incorrect items sent, and poor response from support.
  • Tellingly, not a single positive review could be found for across numerous review platforms and communities.

The prevalence of complaints and lack of any satisfied customer testimonials were major credibility red flags. Clearly, dealing with was resulting in legitimate grievances and losses and not the “deals” advertised.

The Verdict: Is Legit or Scam

After meticulously analyzing every aspect of the website, domain registration records, company information, product listings, pricing claims, and customer sentiment – the verdict is clear.

All evidence conclusively points to posing a deliberate online scam seeking to unlawfully profit through deception rather than act as a genuine retailer. Some key takeaways that support this determination:

  • Absence of transparency over company ownership and operations
  • Discrepancies in pricing and availability when fact-checked
  • Copying of competitive product data and designs
  • Overwhelmingly negative customer complaints
  • Lack of channel legitimacy across domains and profiles
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While scamming buyers worldwide, this outfit displays no respect for customers, laws or standards. My recommendation is simply – avoid completely. Consider this a cautionary tale on the importance of conducting due diligence before trusting unknown online entities with personal details or funds.


Q: What is

A: presents itself as an online retailer offering deals on major brand items. However, the evidence I’ve revealed strongly suggests it is actually a sophisticated scam operation.

Q: How does the scam work?

A: uses fake product listings at low prices alongside deceptive trust-building tactics to trick victims into sharing financial/personal details. It has no real inventory and is designed only to defraud consumers.

Q: Why was the website designed so poorly?

A: Scammers intentionally keep websites basic to avoid detection. Elaborate professional design would draw unwanted attention from regulators.’ purpose is deceit, not legitimate commerce.

Q: What should I do if I placed an order?

A: Contact your bank/card issuer immediately to dispute charges and file a report. Also submit a complaint to the FTC to help identify this scam. Unfortunately money lost is very hard to recover once provided to criminals.

Q: How can I protect myself online?

A: Practice due diligence on unfamiliar sites by verifying company details, reading reviews from trusted sources, comparing claims factually, and refusing to finalize purchases until satisfied of authenticity. Staying informed is the best safeguard.

Q: What recourse do scam victims have?

A: File reports with law enforcement and consumer watchdogs to support potential investigations. Also notify the domain host/ISP to help take down fake sites expeditiously. However full refunds are rare as international scammers promptly hide criminal proceeds.

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