Runna App Review: Is This the Fitness Tracker You Need?

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Running is a wonderful way to stay in shape, both physically and mentally. However, keeping track of your runs can be a chore without the right tools. That’s where Runna, a running tracking app, aims to help.

In this Runna app review, we’ll take an in-depth look at everything this app has to offer runners. We’ll analyze the key features, examine how it tracks your runs, consider the available metrics and dashboard, check the community aspects, and evaluate the pricing. Our goal is to help you determine if Runna is the running app for taking your training to the next level.

By the end, you’ll have a complete understanding of what Runna can do and whether its precise tracking and robust analytics make it a valuable option for serious runners. Let’s get started!

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How Runna Tracks Your Runs

One of the most important aspects of any running app is how accurately and reliably it tracks your runs. Runna employs a few key technologies to give you precise metrics:

  • GPS Tracking – Runna uses your phone’s built-in GPS to pinpoint your location as you run. This allows it to monitor your pace, distance, routes, and more with a high degree of accuracy.
  • Accelerometer – In addition to GPS, Runna taps into your phone’s accelerometer. This sensor measures the phone’s movement to detect when you start and stop running. It can also sense your footfalls to track running form metrics.
  • Apple Health/Google Fit Integration – Runna seamlessly syncs with Apple Health on iOS and Google Fit on Android. This allows it to pull in data from other apps and devices to give you a complete picture of your activity levels.
  • Offline Tracking – Even if you lose GPS or cellular signal during a run, Runna continues tracking your activity using the phone’s sensors. It stores the local data and syncs everything once you’re back online.
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So in summary, through GPS, accelerometer data, and health integrations, Runna is able to provide highly precise run tracking whether you’re online or off. This reliable data collection forms the foundation for its powerful analytics.

Runna’s Robust Metrics and Dashboard

Once Runna has tracked your runs, it presents that data in an easy-to-understand dashboard. Here are some of the key metrics and analytics you’ll find:

Distance and Pace – Naturally, Runna shows your total distance and average pace for each session. It breaks pace down by mile/kilometer as well.

Elevation – The app uses GPS data to chart elevation changes on a virtual “map” of your route. This is useful for hill training.

Splits – Runna automatically detects pace changes and logs split times. This helps you spot areas to improve over repeated runs of the same course.

Form Metrics – Advanced metrics like stride length, vertical oscillation, ground contact time give insights into your running technique from the accelerometer.

Weekly/Monthly Summaries – Charts summarize your weekly and monthly mileage, fastest runs, improvement over time, and more. Great for tracking progress.

Personal Records – See your personal best times for common distances like 5K, 10K, half and full marathons directly on your profile.

Maps – Runna generates detailed maps of your routes that you can share or explore later with elevation overlays. Fun to revisit past runs!

Calendar – Plan future workouts and view your complete training history on the calendar view.

So whether you want basic stats or in-depth form analysis, Runna’s robust dashboard delivers actionable insights into your runs. The level of data is impressive for a free app.

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Community Features of Runna

Beyond individual tracking, Runna aims to foster an engaging community around running. Here are some of the social features:

  • Challenges – Runna creates monthly global challenges where you compete against others for mileage. Earn badges as rewards.
  • Routes – Browse routes shared publicly by other users all over the world. Plan new routes by combining sections from different maps.
  • Friends – Connect your account to Strava or manually add friends to see their activities, “like” and comment on each other’s runs.
  • Leaderboards – Competitiveness is human nature. Leaderboards for monthly mileage keep you motivated by how you rank.
  • Groups – Join public groups organized by location, abilities, goals, etc. Interact within these smaller communities.
  • Social Media Sharing – Effortlessly share your running achievements to platforms like Facebook and Twitter to spark conversations.

The emphasis on challenges, leaderboards, and connecting with others through groups and a global network gives Runna a distinct social edge over solitary tracking apps. It taps into our natural competitive and collaborative sides.

Pricing and Available Plans

Runna offers a few different paid tiers on top of the basic free version with limited features. Here’s an overview:

Free Plan

  • Unlimited activity and run tracking
  • Basic metrics and sharing
  • Limited map/route functionality

Runna Premium – $39.99/year

  • All features unlocked
  • High resolution route maps
  • Activity sharing to 3rd parties
  • Priority customer support

Runna Ultra – $79.99/year

  • All Premium features
  • Advanced form metrics
  • Monthly personalized training plans
  • Customizable widgets/themes

Runna Pro – $119.99/year

  • Ultra tier benefits
  • Live coaching/feedback
  • Custom workout modules
  • Dedicated account manager
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So while the core tracking is free, Runna monetizes through annual subscriptions that unlock more advanced and personalized features. The pricing is reasonable compared to dedicated training platforms.

Runna App Review Summary

Now that we’ve analyzed Runna’s key features and functionality in-depth, here are the main takeaways of this Runna app review:

  • Precise Tracking – Leveraging GPS, sensors, and health integrations, Runna provides highly accurate run tracking both online and offline.
  • Robust Metrics – An extensive dashboard delivers insightful stats, forms analysis, records, route maps and calendar views for deep analytics.
  • Engaging Community – Challenges, leaderboards, groups and global routes/sharing fosters motivation through social connections.
  • Scalable Pricing – While basic tracking is free, reasonably priced tiers unlock high-res maps, personalized plans, coaching and more advanced tools.
  • Cross-Platform – Runna works on both iOS and Android, seamlessly syncing data between devices via the cloud.

Overall, Runna hits the mark as an extremely capable running app. Whether you’re a casual walker, dedicated 5K runner or marathoner in training, it has the features, data and community aspects to enhance your training in a fun, engaging way. The combination of precise tracking, analytics and social motivation make it a top choice for serious athletes.

For free unlimited tracking alone, it’s hard to beat. But for advanced stats, customized coaching, and an end-to-end training platform, upgrading to a paid plan is worthwhile. So in summary, Runna earns my recommendation as one of the best running tracking apps available today for most runners’ needs.

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