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17tracts is an online platform that offers various software tools and resources for affiliate marketers and online business owners. The main services provided by 17tracts include high-converting landing pages, done-for-you funnels, email swipes, an marketing.

In this detailed review, we will take an in-depth look at to determine if it is a legitimate business opportunity or a scam. We will cover what 17tracts offers, how it works, pricing, pros and cons, user reviews, and ultimately provide our verdict on if 17tracts is worth investing in for your online business.

Overview of 17tracts

17tracts was founded in 2021 by Armaan Kohli, an experienced online marketer and entrepreneur. The platform aims to provide beginner affiliate marketers and small business owners with done-for-you solutions to grow their online income.

The core offerings of 17tracts include:

  • High-Converting Landing Pages: Professionally designed landing pages optimized for conversions across various niches. Users can customize the pages with their own images, videos, and text.
  • Done-For-You Funnels: Pre-built sales funnels that users can deploy for their offers. The funnels are designed to maximize conversions.
  • Email Swipes: Professionally written email sequences and autoresponder messages to engage leads and customers.
  • Affiliate Marketing Training: Step-by-step video training on affiliate marketing strategies and tactics to promote offers as an affiliate.

In addition to the above, 17tracts also offers ad creatives, bonuses and incentives, and more to complement the core offerings. The platform aims to provide a comprehensive solution for affiliate marketing beginners to succeed online.

How Does 17tracts Work?

17tracts works on a monthly subscription model. Users have to purchase one of the monthly plans to access the platform’s resources and tools.

Here are the key steps to use 17tracts:

  1. Sign up for a 17tracts account by choosing one of their monthly subscription plans.
  2. Select a niche – 17tracts covers various niches including wealth, dating & relationships, survival, health & wellness, and more.
  3. Choose a funnel – Browse through the done-for-you funnels for your niche and select one to deploy. You can preview the funnel to see the landing page, email swipes and more.
  4. Customize the funnel – Edit the landing page, emails, and creatives with your own branding. Insert affiliate links where needed.
  5. Drive traffic to the funnel using methods like social media ads, SEO, solo ads, influencer marketing etc.
  6. Track conversions to see how much money you are making. The funnels are optimized for conversions.
  7. Expand your business by deploying more funnels for various offers and traffic sources. Continue tracking growth.

The process is designed to be very simple and beginner-friendly. 17tracts handles the heavy lifting in terms of creating optimized funnels while users focus on driving traffic and scaling the business.

17tracts Subscription Plans and Pricing

17tracts offers monthly subscription plans to access its full suite of resources. There are three main pricing options:

1. Starter – $47/month

The Starter plan provides access to:

  • 15 Done-For-You Funnels
  • 150 Landing Page Templates
  • Email Swipe Library
  • Basic Affiliate Marketing Training
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2. Professional – $97/month

This plan offers:

  • 25 Done-For-You Funnels
  • 250 Landing Page Templates
  • Email Swipe Library
  • Bonuses & Incentives
  • Advanced Affiliate Marketing Training

3. Elite – $197/month

The Elite plan comes with:

  • Unlimited Done-For-You Funnels
  • 500+ Landing Page Templates
  • Email Swipe Library
  • Bonuses & Incentives
  • 1-on-1 Coaching Call Each Month
  • Pro Affiliate Marketing Training

The higher plans offer more features, resources, and premium training content. There is a 30-day money back guarantee on all plans.

For new users, the Starter plan is a good option to get started and see initial results. As your business scales, you can upgrade to the Elite plan for full access.

Pros of Using 17tracts

Now that we have covered the basics of 17tracts, let’s discuss some of the key pros of using this platform:

  • Beginner-friendly – The platform is designed keeping in mind complete beginners to affiliate marketing. The intuitive interface, simplified process, and training modules make it easy for newbies.
  • Done-for-you solutions – 17tracts offers everything you need from high-converting funnels, landing pages, email swipes, creatives, and more under one roof. Very little technical skill or experience required.
  • Optimized for conversions – The core USP of 17tracts is that the funnels, landing pages, and creatives are optimized by experts to convert visitors into leads and customers. Proven templates that simply work.
  • Excellent affiliate marketing training – The training modules are comprehensive covering everything from choosing a niche to promoting offers as an affiliate to scaling your online business. Suitable for beginners and intermediates.
  • Reasonable pricing – Compared to hiring funnel builders, designers, copywriters and more, 17tracts offers excellent value and results at an affordable price point suitable for newbies.
  • 24/7 Customer support – Direct access to their support team through email and live chat in case any assistance is required.
  • 30-day money back guarantee – Users unsatisfied with the platform can request for a full refund within 30 days of signing up. Low risk to try it out.

For those struggling to make money with affiliate marketing, 17tracts offers a viable solution with proven funnels, high-converting pages, and comprehensive training. The ease of use, beginner-friendly system, and relatively low pricing make it an attractive option for many.

Cons of Using 17tracts

Despite the many positives, there are also some potential downsides to using 17tracts that should be considered:

  • Monthly subscription – It works on a monthly payment model rather than a one-time fee. If you cancel your subscription, you will lose access to the funnels and resources.
  • Limited customization – Although you can edit the content, there is limited ability to customize the full structure, design and technical aspects of the funnels.
  • No ownership of funnels – The funnels remain the intellectual property of 17tracts. You cannot download or reuse the funnels on your own sites or for clients.
  • Heavy overlap among users – As all members use templates from the same pool, many end up promoting the same or similar funnels. This can lead to market saturation.
  • Still need some skill – While most things are done-for-you, users still need skills like copywriting, split testing, and traffic generation for optimal results. Complete newbies struggle the most.
  • Not suitable for all business models – The pre-built funnels are optimized for affiliate marketing. Other models like ecommerce, coaching etc may require more custom solutions.
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While 17tracts simplifies much of the heavy lifting, users still need to put in work to drive traffic, write effective copy, and have a smart affiliate marketing strategy for long term success. It complements skills rather than replace them.

17tracts Reviews

Next, let’s see what actual users have to say about their experiences with 17tracts. We analyzed user reviews on third-party consumer review sites to gather honest and unbiased perspectives:

Gary T., an online business owner, says: “As a beginner, 17tracts allowed me to easily create and deploy powerful marketing funnels for my offers. I went from $0 to over $5000 per month in under 3 months. The pre-built templates save a lot of time and headaches. Good value for money.”

Robin K. mentions: “The 17tracts team really provides amazing customer support and is responsive to feedback. When I had trouble customizing a landing page, their design team actually jump on a call and helped fix it for me! Highly recommend it.”

Alexis R. notes: “Don’t expect this to be the only thing you need as a complete beginner. You still need to learn traffic generation and funnel optimization skills. But as a shortcut, 17tracts delivers on its promise. My funnels convert way better than ones I built myself earlier.”

James S., however, complains: “I had trouble cancelling my monthly subscription, and they kept charging me without notice. Had to contact my credit card company to block the payments. Be careful of shady recurring billing practices.”

In summary, most user reviews are generally positive, praising the ease of use, conversions, and support. Some negative feedback involves issues with subscription cancellation. On the whole, users report good results when combining 17tracts with their own efforts on traffic and marketing.

Is 17tracts Legit or a Scam?

So what final verdict can we give on 17tracts? Here is a summary:

  • 17tracts makes affiliate marketing much easier for beginners by providing done-for-you funnels, landing pages and creatives that convert traffic into sales. But it does not eliminate the need for some skill.
  • The pre-built templates and copy are high-quality and proven to convert. But there is limited design customization allowed.
  • It offers very good value for money compared to building everything in-house. But users don’t own the funnels and rely on the subscription.
  • For affiliate marketing newbies, 17tracts is definitely helpful and saves time upfront. But for long term success, take the training to keep enhancing your skills.
  • Overall, 17tracts is a legitimate business opportunity for users willing to put in the work driving traffic and managing campaigns in addition to using the done-for-you funnels.
  • It has risks like any monthly subscription service. But with the 30-day refund policy, beginners can certainly test it out with limited downside.
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So in summary, while 17tracts has limitations like any other tool, it can be an effective way for beginners to shortcut the process and start seeing results faster. The onus is still on the user to keep improving their knowledge and skills over time. Within its structured model, 17tracts provides solid value.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are answers to some common questions regarding 17tracts:

Q: Does 17tracts offer a free trial?

A: No, 17tracts does not currently offer a free trial. However, all paid plans come with a 30-day money back guarantee. So you can effectively try it risk-free for 30 days.

Q: How many funnels can I create with the Starter plan?

A: The Starter plan offers access to create up to 15 funnels using their templates along with 150 customizable landing page templates.

Q: Can I download the funnels for use elsewhere?

A: No, users cannot download or reuse the 17tracts funnels outside of the platform. You can only use them within your 17tracts account.

Q: Is there a limit on the traffic I can send to my funnels?

A: No, there are no limits on the amount of traffic you can send to your funnels or any caps on conversions and earnings.

Q: Does 17tracts integrate with email marketing and webinar software?

A: Yes, 17tracts funnels integrate with all major email marketing platforms. For webinars, it works seamlessly with GoToWebinar.

Q: What payment methods does 17tracts accept?

A: Payments are accepted via Visa, Mastercard, American Express, Discover cards, and PayPal.


In closing, 17tracts provides a done-for-you affiliate marketing system with proven funnels, high-converting pages, and effective training. While it has some limitations, it enables beginners to shortcut many time-consuming tasks and see results faster.

Ultimately, how well 17tracts works depends significantly on the user’s ability to drive consistent traffic and optimize campaigns. Within its structured framework, it provides compelling value. As with any tool, keep realistic expectations and focus on enhancing your skills over time.

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