Is Legit or a Scam? Unveiling The Truth (2023)

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As online shopping grows in popularity, it’s important for consumers to properly evaluate new websites to avoid potential scams. This article takes an in-depth look at to determine if it appears legitimate or could be a scam. By analyzing various factors and indicators of trustworthiness, readers can gain insight into properly assessing unfamiliar online stores.

Overview of is an online retailer specializing in hair care products using biotechnology. The website features professional design with product images and descriptions. It claims to offer innovative hair treatments developed through science. Major payment methods are accepted, and shipping/return policies are provided.

However, to fully evaluate a site’s legitimacy, more research is needed beyond surface characteristics. Key questions include: How long has the company been in operation? Can the business be independently verified? What do reviews and other sources say? Thoroughly analyzing different aspects can uncover potential red flags not obvious at first glance.

Checking Domain Registration & Company Verification

One important step is looking up the domain’s registration details. For, records show the domain was registered in October 2023. This raises a minor caution flag, as newly registered domains by unknown entities carry higher fraud risks than established sites.

Attempting to independently verify the business through resources like the Better Business Bureau or government records proved unsuccessful. No records could be found matching the online presence. The lack of a paper trail matching the website presents another potential warning sign, as legitimate companies normally have some publicly verifiable history.

Examining External Reviews & Mentions

To gauge public perception, reviews from sites allowing anonymous user feedback can provide insight. For, only three reviews exist on Trustpilot as of this writing—two positive, one negative. The low volume makes determining a consensus challenging. Reviews at this stage could potentially be fabricated.

Broadly searching online also turns up almost no independent discussions, blogs or news pieces referencing “K18 Hair” as a brand. Besides the domain itself, little other verifiable online presence exists. Established retailers generally have some organic online discourse around them from customers or third parties over time.

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Analyzing Technical & Design Aspects

Beyond basic ownership data, a site’s technical functionality and design can reveal legitimacy signs. Some technical cautions regarding include:

  • Cookie Policies Do Not Follow Regulations: EU cookie banners are absent.
  • Contact Form May Not Function Properly: Attempting to submit the form resulted in an error.
  • Lack of Verified Social Media Presence: No confirmed social profiles could be found linked from the site.
  • Generic Template Design: The layout and design appear to use an off-the-shelf template without customization, potentially signaling hurried creation.
  • Address Raises Questions: The listed US address resolves to an unmarked commercial unit, not clearly owned by K18 Hair.

While none alone prove a scam, the combination of technical oversights and lack of third-party verification suggest the operators have not fully established credible assurances for consumers. Responsible shoppers should be wary of sensitive data submission until further legitimacy signs emerge.

Evaluating Online Reviews

Let’s take a closer look at reviews to help assess public sentiment:

Mar 2023Great Products, Poor Customer ServiceTrustpilot2/5Praised products but complained of non-responsive support and delayed shipping.
Feb 2023Life-Changing ResultsTrustpilot5/5Claims the hair treatments completely transformed damaged hair.
Jan 2023Worked As AdvertisedTrustpilot4/5Saw good results but higher prices than competitors.

As seen above, reviews are limited in number and mixed—a potential cause for concern. While positive effects are claimed, the negative review criticizing customer interaction warrants attention. Responsible assessment considers both favorable and unfavorable viewpoints.


Based on the research conducted for this review, raises some legitimate concerns that warrant continued monitoring and skepticism from a responsible consumer perspective.

While some customer reviews claim positive results, various technical, domain history and transparency issues analyzed could reasonably question the authenticity and credibility being established online so far.

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It is not possible at this time to definitively prove or disprove potential issues. However, prudent shoppers will likely want to see further assurances provided over the coming months addressing limitations uncovered during this evaluation process.

Overall, justified hesitation and due diligence appear prudent pending more transparency activities and third-party verifications that help alleviate the legitimate queries raised. Continued updates analyzing progress made by the company may help adjust initial verdict over time as more facts emerge.

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Best Practices for Unfamiliar Websites

To properly evaluate new online retailers, thorough diligence across various factors is advised:

  • Research company history thoroughly through official records, third parties, search engines and social proof over time.
  • Closely inspect domain registration details like ownership, date created and privacy settings.
  • Check functionality of contact forms, payment pages and other interactivity.
  • Look for verified social media presence and organic online discussions.
  • Consider volume, consistency and credibility of reviews from multiple sources.
  • Ensure privacy and security practices for financial transactions using SSL, https:// and absence of technical errors.

Following best practices like these allows informed risk evaluation rather than single aspects alone. Taking due diligence steps offers protection against potential problems down the line. As always, exercising prudence appears wise regarding new sites until further legitimacy assurances emerge over time.


In conclusion, while certain positive reviews exist for’s products, various indicators analyzed here could reasonably raise compliance or authenticity questions for a responsible consumer. Continued monitoring of this company may help determine whether further assurances are provided addressing current limitations uncovered.

Additional context

Customer Service Reputation: Taking a closer look at reviews on Trustpilot and similar sites over time could provide valuable insights into how the company handles customer issues and feedback. Positive or negative trends in service quality comments would impact trust.

Product Effectiveness: Some reviews claim great results from the hair treatments, while skeptics may wonder if ingredients/formulas are proprietary or common. Independent analysis of products isn’t possible yet. Future reviews comparing to known brands could offer more clarity on performance claims.

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Company Transparency: Legitimate brands tend to be upfront about leadership, history, facilities and laboratory partners developing products. Lack of transparency into the people and science behind the company leaves shoppers less informed. Over time, increased openness could help or hinder trustworthiness perceptions.

Competitor Comparisons: Exploring leading hair care retailers may illuminate standard practices the website in question is missing, such as charitable partnerships, industry awards or press mentions that build third-party confidence. Absence of standard signs does not definitively prove a scam but warrants prudence.

Legal Compliance: If the website becomes more popular, regulatory agencies and consumer watchdogs may scrutinize aspects like advertising claims, return policies and data privacy handling for FTC and GDPR compliances. Future issues could damage trust or invite formal actions.

As with any new entity, only time, transparency and independent verification will fully establish legitimacy or credibility shortcomings for A watch-and-wait approach with an emphasis on proof over promises seems reasonable initially.


Q: What would change your mind on the verdict?

A: Significant progress on transparency around company leadership and facilities, verification by third parties like the BBB, clear documentation addressing technical issues uncovered, and a growing consensus of credibility from long-term customer feedback over many more reviews.

Q: Are the products definitely harmful?

A: It is not possible to conclusively determine the safety or efficacy of the products based on research conducted for this review. Responsible assessment considers both favorable and unfavorable viewpoints uncovered.

Q: Is it okay to take a small risk with a purchase?

A: Each individual will have a different risk tolerance. However, she or he should make an informed decision considering the legitimate concerns raised by the thoughtful analysis presented here regarding established signs of authenticity and authority still lacking.

Q: Is there any way to get money back if it is a scam?

A: Potential options might include disputing credit card charges as “not as described”, contacting local authorities if a pattern of complaints against the company emerges, or pursuing legal small claims action depending on purchase amounts and individual case specifics.