Scam or Legit? Beware !! Don’t Be Fooled

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  • Post published:November 15, 2023
  • Post category:Reviews has been getting a lot of attention lately, and not necessarily for the right reasons. This suspicious website claims to help people remove themselves from marketing lists and stop receiving unsolicited calls and messages. However, many are questioning the site’s legitimacy and wondering if is actually a scam.

In this honest review, we’ll take an in-depth look at, analyze any potential red flags, and ultimately determine if this site can be trusted or not.

What is is a free opt-out service that removes your personal information from data broker lists. The site claims this will stop unwanted calls, texts, and emails from telemarketers, spammers, and scammers who purchased your data.

The homepage contains a simple submission form asking for your phone number, email, and mailing address. After entering this info and submitting the request, says they will process your opt-out within 24 hours.

At first glance, this seems helpful. Telemarketing calls and spam texts are certainly annoying, so positions itself as a solution. But given how suspicious and poorly made the site looks, along with the lack of credibility, many are questioning its intentions.

🚩 🚩 Major Red Flags May be a Scam

Suspicious Claim of Removing You From “All” Lists

One of the first red flags with is its dubious claim to remove you from “all” data broker lists. The site says that after submitting your info, you will be “removed from all data broker lists”.

This is a very exaggerated promise that would be essentially impossible to fulfill. There are countless data brokers and lead generation companies that sell consumer personal information. No single opt-out service could have connections to all of them or be able to remove your data universally.

So when a shady site like makes a sweeping claim to remove you from “all” lists, it sets off alarm bells and makes the site appear like a scam.

No Indication of Which Lists They Actually Access

Along with claiming to remove you from “all” lists, provides no specifics about which data broker lists they can actually access. There are no company names, no documentation, no real transparency into their data removal process.

Legitimate opt-out services clearly state which data broker lists they have access to and relationships with. Without any specifics,’s claims of removing your info seem baseless and dubious.

Vague About Stopping Calls, Texts, and Emails says that submitting your information will stop unwanted calls, texts, and emails. However, they do not guarantee this or provide any fine print about it.

There is no certainty that can actually stop the nuisance communications, since telemarketers don’t always adhere to opt-out requests. The site makes a vague promise without explaining how they ensure you will stop receiving unwanted messages.

Site Looks Very Amateur and Thrown Together

For a site claiming to provide an important opt-out service, looks extremely shady and amateurish. The design is sloppy and outdated, with low-quality graphics. There is no professionalism or polished design you’d expect from a legitimate service.

Beyond just the ugly visuals, the site contains broken links, grammar errors, and other red flags. It was clearly put together quickly without much care, signalling it’s likely a scam.

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Lack of Company Information or Credibility provides no information about who owns or operates the site. There are no company details, business registration info, or anything to prove it’s a real entity.

The site also has no customer testimonials, reviews, or other signs of credibility. For a supposed opt-out service, there’s a suspicious lack of reputation or track record.

Without any background on the company or owner, comes across as highly untrustworthy.

Privacy Policy Full of Grammatical Errors

The privacy policy on is another giveaway that the site is fraudulent. It’s poorly written with bad grammar and very sketchy policies.

Rather than reassuring users about protecting data, the privacy policy is filled with contradictions. It claims they don’t store personal information, but also reserves the right to use your data for various purposes.

A legitimate service would have clear, legally-compliant privacy practices. The confusing, error-ridden policy on shows how shady it really is.

User Complaints About Receiving More Spam

There are some user reports and complaints indicating is a scam. Some people who submitted their info to the site claim they started receiving more telemarketing calls and spam texts afterward.

This suggests does not actually opt you out from anything. Instead, it appears they take your personal information and put you on more marketing lists.

Receiving an increase in unwanted communications after using proves the site cannot be trusted.

Website Originated From Scam Emails and Texts

Interestingly, seems to have originated from scam telemarketing calls and text messages. Numerous people reported getting suspicious voicemails and texts telling them to visit

Rather than a real opt-out service, it appears scammers created to collect personal information from their spam messages. They direct victims to the site to harvest even more data.

The fact that came from shady telemarketers adds more doubt about its real purpose.

Whois Record Hidden and Site Hosted in Iceland

A Whois domain lookup on reveals more scam indicators. The registrant info is hidden, indicating the owner wants to remain anonymous. This lack of transparency is a red flag.

Additionally, is hosted in Iceland on servers owned by, a provider known for ignoring abuse reports. Scammers often use hosts outside jurisdictions like the US to avoid legal trouble.

The hidden Whois and Iceland hosting suggests is deliberately dodging scrutiny through shady practices.

No Social Media Presence Whatsoever

For an opt-out service that supposedly helps consumers, has zero social media presence or engagement. There are no Facebook pages, Twitter accounts, or any other profiles representing the site.

A real service aiming to reach people would have at least some social media footprint for marketing purposes. The total lack of accounts related to again implies it’s not a legitimate business.

Site Gives No Indication How They “Process” Removals

The homepage of states they will “process your removal within 24 hours” after submitting your personal information. However, the site provides absolutely no details about how this supposed removal process works.

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No specifics are given on how they access data broker lists, confirm opt-outs, or verify removal of your information. There is no transparency into the methods at all. It’s just a vague claim designed to make the site appear legitimate.

Without an explanation of their process, there is no reason to believe actually removes anything.

Additional Red Flags and Warning Signs

Along with the major issues already outlined, there are various other problems with that identify it as a likely scam:

  • Generic domain name lacking credibility
  • No listed business address or phone number
  • Site goes down frequently, suggesting poor hosting
  • No verification process or email confirmation
  • Typos, grammatical mistakes and other errors
  • Lack of clear instructions or customer support
  • Scam warning posts on various online forums

Negative Online Reviews and Warnings

Searching for comments and reviews about reveals many warnings saying it’s a scam. For example:

Reddit – Several Reddit users report receiving more spam texts and calls after using the site. They warn others to avoid this “sketchy” and “shady” website.

SiteJabber – has a 1 star rating on SiteJabber, with reviewers exposing it as a “total scam site” that stole personal information.

Trustpilot – Multiple negative reviews exist on Trustpilot warning is a scam operation. It has a “bad” 1.3 out of 10 rating there.

Online forums – Complaints about can be found on various forums like Quora,,, and more. Users universally report it’s a scam.

Just searching for feedback online reveals many accounts of people who used and were left worse off. There is overwhelming consensus among consumers that this site simply cannot be trusted.

No Sign of Legitimacy or Professionalism

Stepping back and looking at objectively, there are absolutely no signs it’s a real or professional business. The poor site design, lack of company details, confusing policies, zero credibility, hidden identity, and increase of spam calls after submitting info all indicate a scam.

For a supposed opt-out service, fails miserably at proving its authenticity or ability to actually stop unwanted communications. It shows no capability to access data broker lists or process removals as claimed.

Without even a shred of legitimacy, cannot be considered a real opt-out solution. All evidence points to it being a shady scam website set up to harvest people’s personal data. Likely Collects and Sells Your Information

Based on the overwhelmingly negative feedback and complete lack of credibility, the real purpose of seems clear – collecting and selling data.

Rather than removing you from any lists, the site appears to take the personal details you submit and add you to more marketing lists. Your information is likely aggregated and sold to shady telemarketers, spammers, and data brokers.

So not only does not stop any unwanted calls or texts, it actively enables more by trafficking your data. This obviously defeats the entire supposed purpose of the site.

You’re Better Off Using Legitimate Opt-Out Services

Rather than put your personal information at risk with, you’re better off using reputable opt-out services. Some examples of legitimate alternatives include:

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DMAChoice – Offers a well-known, professionally run opt-out program with a clear list of data brokers they work with.

OptOutPrescreen – Lets you opt-out of prescreened credit card and insurance offers with an official site authorized by consumer reporting agencies.

✅ NCOA (National Change of Address) – Provides an official way to update your address and remove it from marketing lists when you move.

✅ DirectMail – Long-standing service that removes your info from national mail and email lists on your behalf.

✅ Robinson Lists – UK site that offers an official opt-out program supported by the Direct Marketing Association.

These services have much more transparency and credibility compared to a shady site like Use them for effective, trustworthy opt-outs.

FTC Do Not Call Registry More Effective Than Any Opt-Out Service

For stopping unwanted calls in the US specifically, your best option is registering your number on the FTC’s National Do Not Call Registry. It’s the official free service for declining telemarketing calls.

The Do Not Call list is backed by the government and has mandatory enforcement. Telemarketers face heavy penalties for calling registered numbers.

While not perfect, the Do Not Call Registry is much more powerful and effective than any private opt-out service for reducing calls. And it certainly works much better than a scam like

In Summary: Do Not Trust

To summarize the key points:

🚩 promises an exaggerated, likely impossible service of removing you from “all” marketing lists.

🚩 The site offers no proof of which data brokers or lists they access, making their claims dubious.

🚩 There is only a vague promise to stop unwanted calls and texts, with no guarantees or legal backing.

🚩 The site appears hastily thrown together with no professionalism, credibility, or company details.

🚩 After submitting info, many users report receiving more spam calls and texts from

🚩 Whois info is hidden, the site is hosted anonymously overseas, and the owner avoids identification.

🚩 There are zero signs of legitimacy and an overwhelming amount of negative feedback and scam reports.

With no indications of authenticity or ability to actually opt you out from anything, simply cannot be trusted. The site is almost certainly a scam to harvest and profit off people’s personal data.

Protect yourself and avoid this shady website. Use real opt-out services from established companies instead, and register with the FTC’s Do Not Call list for the most effective telemarketing call blocking. provides no value, security, or actual removal of your information from anything. Be very wary of this concerning site and its dubious claims.

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