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  • Post category:Reviews is an online marketplace that allows people to buy and sell in-game items from popular video games like CS:GO, Dota 2, Rust, and more. The platform uses blockchain technology to facilitate transactions and ensure item authenticity. But is DMarket legit or a scam? In this comprehensive guide, we’ll examine the facts to help you decide.

Overview of DMarket

DMarket was founded in 2017 by Vlad Panchenko and Alexander Kokhanovskyy. The company is based in Cyprus and has raised over $19 million in funding so far.

Here’s a quick rundown of what DMarket aims to achieve:

  • Create a centralized platform for trading in-game items and skins securely using blockchain
  • Give gamers a way to monetize items they’ve acquired by selling them for real money
  • Provide a safer alternative to grey market skin trading sites which are prone to scams
  • Use blockchain to authenticate items and prevent fraud

The platform uses its own ERC-20 token called DMarket Coin (DMC). Sellers get paid in DMC for items they list. Buyers purchase items using DMC or other major cryptocurrencies like ETH and BTC.

DMarket takes a 10% cut from each transaction. The company also makes money from advertising and user data.

Overall, DMarket wants to be the go-to marketplace for trading virtual gaming goods. But does it deliver on that promise or fall short?

Evaluating DMarket’s Legitimacy

When assessing whether an online marketplace is legit or a scam, here are some key factors to consider:

Company Reputation and Track Record

  • How long has the company been around? DMarket launched in 2017.
  • Do they have a professional website and brand presence? DMarket has a clean, modern website and active social media profiles.
  • Have they raised venture capital? DMarket has raised over $19 million to date.
  • Do they have partnerships with well-known brands? DMarket has partnered with large gaming studios like Ubisoft, Konami, and Gaijin.

Verdict: DMarket scores well on reputation factors. It’s a relatively new company but has rapidly grown its user base and business partnerships.

Platform Security and Protection

  • Does the site use encryption? DMarket uses SSL encryption.
  • Are user accounts protected? Accounts require email verification and 2FA.
  • How are transactions handled? DMarket uses blockchain and smart contracts. Sellers are protected until buyers confirm receipt.
  • Can items and users be tracked and verified? All items on DMarket have blockchain certification IDs for authenticity.

Verdict: DMarket implements strong security measures on par with leading crypto exchanges and marketplaces. Transactions are secured via blockchain.

DMarket Reviews: Customer Feedback and Reviews

  • What do independent customer reviews say? DMarket earns consistently positive feedback for security, ease of use, and item selection. Some complaints around site bugs and customer support delays.
  • How many users does the platform have? DMarket has over 1.5 million registered users.
  • Is there evidence of fake reviews or deleted negative feedback? Can’t find indications of censorship or fake reviews. Negative feedback exists.
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Verdict: User feedback indicates DMarket is broadly seen as a legitimate marketplace. But the site isn’t perfect and still has areas to improve.

Operational Transparency

  • Who is behind the company? Founders Vlad Panchenko and Alexander Kokhanovskyy are real verified individuals with LinkedIn profiles.
  • Where is the company located? Registered in Cyprus with public office addresses.
  • Are team members and key staff identified? DMarket’s leadership team and advisors are listed on its website.
  • Are there press releases and media coverage? Many major business and tech outlets have covered DMarket including VentureBeat, Yahoo Finance, and CoinTelegraph.

Verdict: DMarket exhibits a high level of transparency around its operations, team, and regulatory status.

Site Usability and Functionality

  • How easy is it to buy, sell, and trade items? The marketplace has intuitive listings, browse, search, and checkout flows.
  • Are there hidden or dodgy rules? DMarket’s terms of use, fees, restrictions appear standard and clear.
  • How well does the platform and tech function? Site runs smoothly. Some users complain of minor bugs.
  • Is customer support responsive and helpful? Mixed feedback on customer service response times.

Verdict: DMarket provides a streamlined user experience for trading in-game goods. But customer support and bug fixes could be improved.

DMarket Benefits and Drawbacks

Based on the above analysis, here are the notable benefits and drawbacks of using DMarket:

Key Benefits

  • Secure blockchain-powered transactions – All trades use blockchain tech to validate and protect items and payments.
  • Large selection of gaming items– Over 30 games supported with millions of items available. Liquidity is strong.
  • Money-making opportunities – Gamers can sell their in-game gear for real cash.
  • Beginner friendly – Easy to get started buying or selling. Intuitive UI.
  • Low fees – Competitive 10% transaction fee. Free deposits and withdrawals.

Potential Drawbacks

  • Customer support needs improvement – Response times can be slow according to some user reviews.
  • Site bugs – Occasional issues with site UI and performance.
  • Restricted availability – US users cannot buy/sell items currently due to regulatory uncertainty.
  • Volatile cryptocurrency prices – Transactions involve crypto, so values can fluctuate frequently.

So in summary, DMarket offers gamers and collectors a feature-rich marketplace with strong security. But it still needs to refine certain aspects of the customer experience.

Is Dmarket a Scam or Legit? Is it a Recommended Platform?

Based on all the above analysis, here is my verdict on using DMarket:

DMarket is a legitimate marketplace that can safely facilitate transactions if you take the right precautions. The risk of an outright scam is low. However, users should still exercise caution for these reasons:

  • It’s a newer platform still working out some kinks.
  • Decentralized transactions are never 100% foolproof.
  • There may be selective scammers among individual sellers.

As long as you verify sellers, use escrow when possible, and avoid risky listings, DMarket presents a worthwhile option for gaming commerce. It’s an especially strong choice if you want blockchain-backed security.

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For optimal safety, take these steps when using DMarket:

  • Review seller profiles and ratings carefully before buying.
  • Use escrow whenever available to protect funds until delivery.
  • Favor reputable sellers over newly joined accounts.
  • Avoid deals that seem too good to be true.
  • Take screenshots and retain records in case disputes must be filed.
  • Enable 2FA and a strong password on your account.
  • Withdraw coins to your personal wallet after completing trades.

DMarket Compared to Other Marketplaces

How does DMarket stack up against alternatives for trading in-game skins and items? Here’s a brief comparison:


    • Blockchain-powered transactions
    • Large item inventory
    • Competitive fees
    • Customer support lacks at times
    • Some minor site issues


    • Lower overall fees
    • Streamlined design
    • Smaller selection than DMarket
    • No blockchain or escrow


    • Huge selection of items
    • High liquidity
    • Higher total fees vs. competitors
    • Required identity verification


    • Largest NFT marketplace
    • Broad game and metaverse support
    • Very high Ethereum gas fees currently
    • More complex than a dedicated game item site

As you can see, DMarket strikes a solid balance in terms of usability and security. Its blockchain protection stands out from traditional grey market platforms. But CS.Deals may beat it on simplicity and fees for casual users.

Getting Started on DMarket

If you want to dip your toes into trading virtual goods and skins, here are step-by-step instructions for getting set up on DMarket:

1. Create a Free Account

Visit and click Sign Up in the top right corner. Enter your email and password to create an account. Verify your email to complete signup.

2. Secure Your Account

Under account settings, enable two-factor authentication (2FA) for enhanced security. DMarket supports Google Authenticator.

3. Deposit Funds

To trade, you’ll need to deposit cryptocurrency or DMarket Coins (DMC). Click Wallet, then Deposit. Send funds to the provided wallet address.

Note: DMarket does not currently allow fiat currency deposits. You must own crypto to trade.

4. Browse Items and Make Purchases

Use the homepage carousels and menu bar to search for games. Click a game and browse buyable items with sorting and filters.

When ready, click an item then Buy Now. Confirm the details and pay with your deposited crypto to complete orders.

5. Withdraw Purchased Items

Purchased items are viewable in My Items. Click Withdraw to transfer items to your connected game account. Make sure you have ownership confirmation from the seller before withdrawing.

6. Sell Your Own Items

To sell, go to My Items then select Sell Item. Pick the game and item, enter a price, and fill in listing details.

Listings incur a 10% fee when sold. You’re paid in the deposited crypto or DMarket Coins.

And that’s the basic process! You can now start trading in-game goods on DMarket using crypto. Exercise common sense, and you can confidently use the platform to buy, sell, and earn.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Here are answers to some common questions about DMarket and trading virtual items:

Is DMarket fully legal and regulated?

DMarket operates in a legal grey area. Trading virtual goods for money is typically against most games’ Terms of Service. However, many platforms facilitate these transactions with minimal interference. DMarket itself has not faced legal action. But use caution.

Can I get scammed on DMarket?

Any peer-to-peer marketplace carries risk. But DMarket has robust security measures to protect transactions. Screen sellers carefully, use escrow when possible, and avoid suspicious deals to stay safe.

What games and items are available?

DMarket supports over 30 popular games. Some of the most common items include CS:GO skins, DOTA 2 skins, PUBG skins, Warframe items, and CSGO and DOTA 2 stickers/cases.

Is it free to use DMarket?

Buying and selling items incurs a 10% fee. But deposits, withdrawals, and account creation are free. There are no recurring membership costs.

How long do withdrawals and transfers take?

Depending on item type and blockchain conditions, withdrawals can take 5 minutes to several hours in rare cases. Be patient as delays sometimes occur.

Can I sell my DMarket account?

Selling entire marketplace accounts is prohibited by DMarket’s rules. However, people still attempt to sell accounts on black market sites, which is very high risk.

What are DMarket Coins (DMC)?

DMC is the platform’s own ERC-20 token. You can use DMC to buy and sell items. 1 DMC is pegged to $1 USD. The token can be stored in ERC-20 wallets off DMarket.


DMarket aims to be a trusted hub for exchanging virtual gaming goods and skins. The platform offers gamers and collectors a feature-rich marketplace secured by blockchain. Customer feedback indicates DMarket is broadly legitimate, although not perfect.

As with any crypto platform, users need to exercise common sense and caution. But overall, DMarket succeeds in delivering a streamlined experience and strong protections. For gaming and crypto enthusiasts, it’s worth considering – especially if you want blockchain-backed transactions.

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