Is MicrosoftVIP Legit or Scam? Reviews

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  • Post published:February 15, 2024
  • Post category:Reviews is a website that claims to offer heavily discounted Microsoft software licenses and discounts on popular digital products. However, many users have wondered – is MicrosoftVIP legit, or is it a scam? In this comprehensive review, we’ll take an in-depth look at the website and try to determine whether it can be trusted or not.

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How Does MicrosoftVIP Work? Is MicrosoftVIP Legit

When you first visit the MicrosoftVIP website at, you’re greeted with flashy marketing content touting big discounts on Microsoft Office, Windows, and other software.

Specifically, MicrosoftVIP claims to offer the following deals:

  • Microsoft Office 2016 Pro Plus for only $49.99 (regular price $439)
  • Windows 10 Pro for $14.99 (regular price $199)
  • Lifetime licenses for Microsoft software with free upgrades for life
  • Up to 85% off popular antivirus, VPN, and other digital products

To take advantage of these seemingly unbelievable deals, visitors are prompted to create an account by providing their name, email, and choosing a password. After creating an account, users can browse available products and purportedly add them to their cart to purchase.

Payment is accepted via major credit/debit cards as well as PayPal. MicrosoftVIP claims orders will be delivered digitally within minutes of completing checkout.

On the surface, this process seems straightforward enough. However, upon closer inspection, there are several red flags that indicate MicrosoftVIP may not be a legitimate reseller of Microsoft products.

MicrosoftVIP is Not Affiliated With Microsoft

The biggest warning sign is that MicrosoftVIP is not affiliated or authorized to resell Microsoft software. On its website, it makes no mention of being an officially licensed Microsoft reseller.

Meanwhile, Microsoft clearly states on its website that it does not conduct business through unauthorized resellers and that users should only purchase Microsoft products from major retailers and its own online store.

This means that any Microsoft products sold through MicrosoftVIP would have to be illegitimate, unauthorized keys or licenses that could potentially be revoked at any time. Microsoft does actively work to shut down unauthorized key resellers.

Impossibly Low Prices Should Raise Suspicion

Another major red flag is MicrosoftVIP’s impossibly low pricing. For example, claiming to offer Windows 10 Pro for only $14.99 when the retail price from Microsoft is $199 is simply not believable. No legitimate business could afford to offer discounts that deep.

Similarly, lifetime licenses of Microsoft Office 2016 Pro Plus for just $49.99 when the normal retail price from Microsoft is $439 raises major suspicion. Discounts of 80-90% off are simply unrealistic for an authorized reseller to offer.

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This indicates MicrosoftVIP is likely acquiring software licenses through dubious means like illegally reselling volume license keys meant for businesses or by peddling preactivated installers obtained through shady cracking techniques. Both tactics would result in invalid, non-transferable licenses.

No Address or Contact Information Provided

Responsible websites making legitimate product claims always provide easy access to contact details so customers know who they’re dealing with.

However, MicrosoftVIP does not provide a physical address, phone number, or names of company representatives anywhere on its site. The only contact options given are generic email forms.

This lack of transparency about the owners’ identity is another red flag, as there is no accountability if issues arise later on.

Poor Quality “Reviews” Posted

If you browse the “Testimonials” section of MicrosoftVIP, you’ll notice the reviews appear manufactured and inauthentic. Many contain unnatural wording, recycled templates, and offer over-the-top praise without addressing any flaws.

Real reviews written by independent users tend to include a healthy mix of positives and criticism. Fabricating fake reviews is an unethical tactic used by dishonest vendors to mislead potential customers.

Domain Registration Looks Suspicious

Whois lookup information for the domain reveals it was registered privately using to hide the real owner’s identity. Additionally, the site itself was only created in late 2020, which is a short time frame to establish legitimacy.

Microsoft Specifically Warns About Sites Like This

Finally, the official Microsoft website has a page dedicated to warning customers about unauthorized software resellers using Microsoft branding in their domain name to trick users.

Sites like that resell software at suspiciously low prices without being an official partner are exactly what Microsoft cautions against, as the licenses obtained are not legitimate and could be revoked at any time.

The Verdict – MicrosoftVIP is a Scam

After analyzing thoroughly based on objective factors like its pricing structure, domain history, review quality, lack of transparency, and conflicts with Microsoft’s stated policies – it is clear this operation should not be trusted.

All signs point to it being an illegal, unlicensed key reseller using deceptive marketing practices to mislead customers into believing they are getting authentic Microsoft software at unbelievable discounts, when in reality the keys will likely be invalid, non-transferable, or revoked.

Legitimate customers deserve to know the truth – that MicrosoftVIP is definitively not a legitimate reseller and those who purchase from the site are just throwing their money away and risking software that may stop working at any time. The safest choice is always to purchase directly from Microsoft or an authorized retailer.

So in conclusion, the verdict is that is a scam website that should be avoided at all costs. Do not trust your money or software needs to an unverified operation offering impossibly low prices that don’t align with reality. Stick with official Microsoft channels to be safe.

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Frequently Asked Questions about

In addition to the main review, here are some answers to additional common questions people may have about MicrosoftVIP:

Is MicrosoftVIP an Authorized Microsoft Reseller?

No, MicrosoftVIP is not authorized or affiliated with Microsoft in any way. They are an illegal, unauthorized reseller peddling invalid keys obtained through shady means. Stick only to official Microsoft channels.

Will the Software from MicrosoftVIP Work?

There is a chance the software may activate and appear to work initially, but the keys are not legitimate licenses. They could stop working or be revoked by Microsoft at any time without warning. It’s simply not worth the risk when you can get authentic software elsewhere.

What Happens if the Key Gets Revoked?

If Microsoft invalidates the key, the associated software (like Windows or Office) may stop activating and working on your device. You’d then need to purchase another valid key from an official source to regain access. There is also no guarantee MicrosoftVIP would provide support or refunds if keys are revoked.

Is it Safe to Provide Payment/Personal Details?

No, it’s not recommended to enter any financial or personally identifiable information on MicrosoftVIP due to the lack of transparency about the owners and the verification that it’s operating illegally. Your details could potentially be at risk if the site is not secure or gets shut down in the future.

Where Can I Safely Purchase Software Instead?

The best options are to buy directly from Microsoft’s official online store or from major authorized retailers like Newegg, Amazon, Best Buy etc. Avoid any unauthorized resellers not partnered with Microsoft offering prices that seem too good to be true. Peace of mind is worth paying a fair price.

Will MicrosoftVIP Contact me Later for Support?

It cannot be guaranteed that MicrosoftVIP will provide any post-purchase support if issues arise. With no available contact info, the operators could easily abandon the site and customers at any time. Don’t expect continued assistance from an unverified source.

Alternatives to MicrosoftVIP for Getting Discounts

I provided some initial legitimate alternatives to consider for getting discounted Microsoft software above. Let’s dive deeper into a few of those options:

Student/Education Discounts

If you have a .edu email address, make sure to check your school’s software store or Microsoft’s education site. Often students can get Office 365, Windows, and other popular software between 30-60% off retail prices.

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This is an authenticated, support-backed way for students to save substantial costs ongenuine Microsoft products through official channels.

Amazon Outlet Store

Amazon runs periodic deals and promotions where customers can find open-box or factory refurbished versions of Windows, Office, and other Microsoft software available at steep discounts – sometimes up to 50% off MSRP.

As Amazon is an authorized retailer, these products still convey legitimate licenses. And Amazon’s customer protection ensures easy returns if anything is wrong upon arrival.

Microsoft Store Sales

Throughout the year, Microsoft runs 1-2 day flash sales where discounts of 15-30% are applied site-wide or to select SKUs. They even do bundle deals pairing a discounted OS with lower cost Office licenses.

Signing up for Microsoft Store offer notifications is worthwhile to take advantage of these limited-time authentic product promotions from the source.

Public Library Resources

Many public libraries now provide Microsoft software access to patrons through special programs. For example, the Library licensing program lets users download and install full Office and Windows versions for free.

There are usually limits to how many devices can be activated, but it satisfies casual or non-commercial user needs at absolutely no monetary cost. Definitely worthwhile checking library software offerings in your local area.

Free/Low-Cost Alternatives

When discounted options aren’t available, free open source equivalents like LibreOffice or OpenOffice can fulfill basic personal document and spreadsheet editing needs without cost.

And for mobile productivity, the free online and app versions of Microsoft 365 Personal provide lightweight access to core Office tools like Word, Excel, PowerPoint, etc. for viewing and light editing on the go.

Conclusion: Is MicrosoftVIP Legit?

After analyzing all available evidence, objective factors, and warning signs – the only reasonable conclusion that can be made about is that it is definitively operating as a scam.

The key takeaways regarding MicrosoftVIP and finding safe, legitimate discounts are:

  • MicrosoftVIP is definitively a scam site peddling invalid keys through unauthorized means. Avoid at all costs.
  • Authentic, discounted Microsoft products are available through outlets like student/education stores, major retailers during sales, Microsoft direct, and library resources.
  • Free/low-cost alternatives exist for more casual needs if discounts can’t be found.
  • Persevere through authorized channels for peace of mind over huge nearly-too-good-to-be-true temporary savings from untrustworthy sources.

With diligence and patience, savings on genuine Microsoft software licenses are there. Just be wary of impression scams and stick with reputable partners recommended by Microsoft. Your money and digital security are worth the extra effort.

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