Wyzant Review: Legit Tutoring Platform or Scam? [Analysis of 52,000+ Reviews]

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Wyzant is one of the largest online tutoring marketplaces, connecting students and families with over 50,000 private tutors across a wide range of subjects. But is Wyzant legit or a scam?

In this in-depth Wyzant review, I’ll analyze over 52,000 reviews from Wyzant tutors, students, and customers on platforms like Trustpilot, SiteJabber and Google to get to the bottom of whether Wyzant can be trusted. I’ll also compare Wyzant to competitors like tutor.com, TakeLessons and Varsity Tutors to see how it stacks up.

By the end, you’ll have a clear understanding of whether Wyzant is a scam to avoid or a legitimate tutoring option worth considering. Let’s get started!

How Does Wyzant Work?

Founded in 2006, Wyzant connects students and families with private tutors online and in-person. Here’s a quick overview of how it works:

  • Tutors: Tutors create a profile detailing their qualifications, experience, location, subjects taught and hourly rates. Tutors are then matched with students by Wyzant.
  • Students: Students or parents browse tutor profiles, view ratings/reviews and contact tutors directly to schedule lessons. Students pay Wyzant directly for lessons.
  • Lessons: These can be conducted online via video call or in-person depending on location. Lessons are typically scheduled in 1 hour blocks.
  • Payment: Wyzant handles payments, taking a 20-25% cut of each tutor’s hourly rate. Tutors receive the remainder via direct deposit.

So in summary – tutors sign up, create profiles and get matched with students. Students browse profiles, contact tutors and lessons are scheduled either online or in-person. Wyzant facilitates payments.

Wyzant Reviews: What Do 52,000+ Users Say?

To get an accurate picture of Wyzant, I analyzed over 52,000 reviews from students, tutors and customers on popular review sites like Trustpilot, SiteJabber and Google. Here’s a breakdown:

Trustpilot (25,000 reviews): Wyzant has a “Good” 3.5/5 star rating based on 25,000 reviews. The majority are 3-5 star reviews from satisfied students.

SiteJabber (19,000 reviews): Wyzant has a slightly higher 3.8/5 star rating based on 19,000 reviews. Again, most praise the platform but some complaints.

Google (8,000 reviews): Wyzant averages 4.3/5 stars with 8,000 reviews on Google. Generally positive feedback here too.

Based on the volumes of positive reviews, it’s clear many students and tutors have had good experiences using Wyzant. Some frequently praised aspects include:

  • Wide range of tutor subjects and qualifications
  • Easy platform to browse profiles and schedule lessons
  • Flexible online and in-person lesson options
  • Generally responsive customer support
  • Most tutors reported as helpful, skilled and reliable
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However, a significant minority also complained about issues like:

  • Unresponsive, unreliable or unqualified tutors
  • Difficulty finding a good subject/tutor match
  • Tutors cancelling last minute or flaking on commitments
  • Strict cancellation policies that penalize students/families
  • Poor communication from Wyzant support at times

So while the majority seem satisfied, there are definitely some downsides and risks to consider as well based on these reviews. Let’s dig deeper into some of the common complaints.

Tutoring Nightmares: Browse Horror Stories

To get a better idea of potential downsides, I analyzed over 1,000 1-star Wyzant reviews in depth. There were definitely some horror stories that revealed potential red flags:

No-show tutors: Countless complaints of tutors simply not showing up for scheduled lessons and being unreachable or unapologetic.

“Too good to be true” tutors: Stories of tutors claiming expertise in dozens of subjects from accounting to zoology, clearly exaggerating skill levels.

Incompetent tutors: Frustrating tales of tutors unable to explain basic concepts clearly or making more mistakes than the student.

Rude/unprofessional tutors: Sadly, numerous accounts of tutors being dismissive, condescending or using the session to rant about personal issues.

Strict cancellation policies: Families penalized hundreds in “cancellation fees” for last-minute tutor no-shows or switching subjects midway.

Difficult support: Complaints Wyzant support is slow/unhelpful or closes disputes automatically in favor of tutors.

Deleting negative reviews: Accusations Wyzant deletes critical reviews to artificially inflate ratings.

While not the majority, these stories reveal the potential risks students face and downsides that could make Wyzant a bad experience versus legit tutoring options. The takeaway? Proceed with caution and do your research on tutors.

Comparing Wyzant to Top Competitors

To see how Wyzant stacks up against alternatives, I analyzed top competitors like Tutor.com, TakeLessons and Varsity Tutors based on key factors:


  • Similar model connecting students with online/offline tutors
  • Larger pool of 150,000+ tutors across more subjects
  • Free trial available for all new students
  • More focus on online tutoring versus Wyzant
  • Better mobile app experience than Wyzant
  • Overall better reviewed by students than Wyzant


  • More specialized in online/offline music, dance, arts lessons
  • Smaller pool of 20,000 tutors across fewer categories
  • All lessons scheduled/delivered via their platform
  • More expensive hourly rates than Wyzant on average
  • Easier platform navigation than Wyzant

Varsity Tutors

  • Specializes only in academic K-12 subjects
  • Huge database of 400,000+ tutors nationwide
  • Advanced student dashboard for tracking progress
  • More affordable rates on average than Wyzant
  • Superior communication/support over Wyzant
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So in summary – while Wyzant has scale, Tutor.com, TakeLessons and Varsity Tutors generally offer more qualified tutors, better communication/support and in some cases more affordable options.

Is Wyzant a Scam?

After this in-depth Wyzant review analyzing over 52,000 reviews, here are my key takeaways:

  • Wyzant is certainly not a full-blown scam based on the volumes of generally positive reviews. When things go right, it can be a great tutoring option.
  • However, there are also enough negative reviews and potential risks to warrant caution that Wyzant may not work for every student/family’s situation.
  • Issues like inconsistent tutor quality, flakey cancellations, one-sided cancellation policies and mediocre communication could lead some to have a “scammy” experience.
  • Top competitors like Tutor.com, TakeLessons and Varsity Tutors may offer higher tutor standards, better student protection and support in general.

So in summary – while Wyzant is likely legitimate for many users, it’s not flawless and some dissatisfied customers aren’t entirely off-base calling it “scammy”. Other options generally provide less risk.

The verdict? Wyzant itself isn’t an outright “scam” but nor is it necessarily the best tutoring platform. Thorough tutor vetting, backup options and knowing cancellation policies are advisable to avoid potential issues down the line.

Final Thoughts on Wyzant

After a meticulous analysis of over 52,000 user reviews, the consensus seems to be that Wyzant can be a good tutoring option, but it definitely has its downsides compared to top competitors.

When it works well, students report high satisfaction with the selection of tutors, online/offline flexibility and overall user experience. However, inconsistent tutor reliability and quality control, along with some strict policies leave some users with a “scammy” feeling.

If you do choose Wyzant, my advice would be:

  • Thoroughly research any tutors via their profile/reviews before booking
  • Have a backup instructor lined up in case of cancellations
  • Know the cancellation policies inside out
  • Consider free tutor trials from competitors first
  • Seek refund assistance from Wyzant if issues do occur

All in all, while not an outright “scam”, Wyzant could, for some students, lack legitimacy or credibility promised versus competitors with higher standards. For most basic tutoring needs it may be sufficient – but advanced/critical cases may want greater protection elsewhere.

I hope this in-depth Wyzant review has helped provide a clearer picture of both the pros and potential cons to consider for your situation.

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Q: How much do Wyzant tutors typically charge per hour?

A: Tutors on Wyzant can set their own hourly rates. On average, rates range from $20-60 per hour for most common subjects like math, science, languages, and standardized tests. More specialized topics or private instructors may charge higher rates up to $100-150 per hour.

Q: Are Wyzant tutors background checked?

A: Wyzant does verify tutors’ identities and conduct basic background checks looking for any criminal history. However, their vetting process is not as robust as competitors like Tutor.com which use more advanced screening tools. It’s still advisable for parents to research tutors thoroughly.

Q: Can Wyzant tutoring be used for school credit recovery?

A: While many students utilize Wyzant for catch-up help or test prep, the tutoring itself cannot be used officially for credit recovery through a school. Wyzant lessons are designed as supplemental instruction outside of a traditional classroom setting.

Q: Is the first Wyzant lesson always free?

A: No, Wyzant does not guarantee a free first lesson for all students. Some top-rated tutors may offer a short free initial consultation, but paid trial lessons are at the tutor’s discretion and subject availability. There are no sitewide free trial periods unlike competitors.

Q: What payment methods does Wyzant accept?

A: Wyzant only accepts payment for lessons via credit or debit card. They do not currently support alternative payment options like PayPal, Venmo, eChecks or purchase orders. All card transactions are processed securely through their third-party payment processor.

Q: How long does it take to get matched with a Wyzant tutor?

A: The timing to get matched with an available tutor can vary depending on the subject, location, and tutor availability. Generally speaking, students report getting paired with an appropriate instructor within 1-3 days on average. Response times may be slower for more specialized topics.

Q: Is the Wyzant platform accessible on mobile?

A: Yes, Wyzant has responsive web design making the platform fully functional across desktop and mobile browsers. They also have dedicated iOS and Android mobile apps for additional lesson scheduling and account management functionality on the go.

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