Is Legit or Scam? BEWARE!! Don’t Fall Victim

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In the ever-evolving world of cryptocurrencies, it can be challenging to identify legitimate platforms from scams. With the rise of crypto scams, investors must practice due diligence before investing their hard-earned money. This article provides a comprehensive review of Coscoin to determine if it is a legit platform or a scam.

Overview of Coscoin

Coscoin is a leading AI quantitative trading platform focusing on artificial intelligence quantification and blockchain transaction services. According to its website, Coscoin is a US-based company founded in 2015 to pioneer the integration of AI and blockchain technology.

It claims to have a powerful team of senior analysts from the National Key Financial Laboratory of Digital Currency in the US who successfully predicted the 2020 US financial crisis. Coscoin states its AI quantitative trading strategies can generate automated passive income for users through algorithmic trading, high-frequency trading, arbitrage, and custom strategies.

Critical Evaluation of Coscoin’s Legitimacy

While the promises on Coscoin’s website seem attractive, several red flags indicate this platform may be an elaborate scam. Here is an in-depth assessment of the facts.

Lack of Verifiable Company Information

Coscoin does not provide any official company registration details or address on its website. Searches on business registries reveal no company named Coscoin LLC. The website lists a US address, but this cannot be verified. Coscoin’s founder is stated as “Jackson Blaze,” but no records of such a person relating to Coscoin exist.

The lack of verifiable company information is a huge red flag, as legitimate businesses always provide transparent registration and contact details.

Suspicious Contact Information

The contact information on Coscoin’s website also raises skepticism. The email address listed is a free email provider instead of an official company domain. Furthermore, the phone number does not seem to belong to any US-based organization.

The suspicious contact information indicates Coscoin is likely trying to hide the true identities of its operators rather than providing legitimate channels for outreach.

Vague Claims ofProfitability

Coscoin makes bold claims of highly profitable AI trading algorithms without providing any concrete data or evidence of past performance. Furthermore, it promises users easy passive income without explaining the inherent risks in quantitative trading strategies.

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Legit trading platforms honestly showcase performance metrics like monthly returns, risk metrics, drawdowns, etc. Coscoin’s promises without logical substantiation are typical of scam platforms aiming to lure in unsuspecting investors.

Website Blatantly Copied Content

Analyzing Coscoin’s website content reveals that most of the text has been blatantly copied from other websites without attribution. For instance, the “About Us” and “Team” sections contain generic descriptions copied from random technology company websites.

Such plagiarism indicates that Coscoin has put minimal effort into crafting original website content. The lack of genuine information is a glaring red flag.

Missing Key Platform Features

For a supposed AI trading platform, Coscoin’s website lacks key features that should be present. There is no portal for users to access the trading platform or view dashboards. Other critical elements missing include account registration, login, demo trading accounts, video tutorials, fees structure, fund security details, and more.

The absence of core features expected of a trading platform confirms that Coscoin is not a legitimate business but rather a fake website aimed to lure investors.

Negative Online Reviews

Researching online reveals overwhelmingly negative Coscoin reviews calling it a scam. Multiple users report being unable to withdraw funds from Coscoin and recommend avoiding the platform.

While a few negative reviews may be expected for any company, the overwhelmingly negative sentiment from users provides clear warning signs that Coscoin is likely a scam operation.

Expert Opinions on Coscoin’s Legitimacy

Beyond our own analysis, expert views from reputable third-party sources also expose the scam nature of Coscoin:

Washington State Department of Financial Institutions: Officially warns investors that Coscoin is likely engaged in fraudulent activities without proper registration or licensing.

ScamAdviser: Rates Coscoin a high-risk scam website with a low trust score of 14%. This ranking system analyzes key metrics like ownership details, location, threats, and reviews.

Finance Feeds: Confirms Coscoin as a scam broker with fake information and profiles, aimed to defraud investors. Advises investors to avoid it.

MintonBlock: Another detailed review calls out Coscoin as a scam investment platform with false claims and negative reviews. Warns investors of the high risks.

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The unanimous view from leading financial authorities and consumer protection portals confirms that Coscoin exhibits multiple scam characteristics.

Safety of Funds and Data on Coscoin

Based on our own analysis corroborated by expert opinions, the safety of user funds and data on Coscoin is highly questionable:

Fund Safety: Coscoin is an unregulated offshore platform without obligatory fund segregation or investor insurance. Users have no legal recourse if Coscoin disappears with invested funds.

Data Privacy: Coscoin’s website lacks HTTPS encryption, exposing any user data submitted to hacking and leaks. The anonymous operators also raise privacy risks.

Withdrawal Difficulties: As per multiple reports, investors struggle to withdraw funds out of Coscoin. The company can easily deny withdrawal requests and block user accounts.

Considering the multiple red flags, users have an extremely high risk of losing money invested with Coscoin without any possibility of recovering it.

Is Coscoin Legit? Conclusion Explained

Incorporating all the facts assessed above, our conclusion is that Coscoin exhibits multiple clear characteristics of a scam trading platform and is not recommended for any form of investment.

While the website may appear well-designed and the promises lucrative, verified information reveals Coscoin lacks legitimacy and transparency. Investors have no way to verify its owners, location, licencing, or past performance.

The overwhelmingly negative user experiences with missing funds and data leaks further cement the conclusion that Coscoin is a fraudulent scam operation. Investors should strictly avoid investing on this platform to prevent loss of funds.

For those genuinely interested in AI-powered crypto trading, several regulated alternatives exist such as Coinrule, Cryptohopper, Bitsgap, and more. Although the profits may not match Coscoin’s exaggerated claims, these verified platforms offer transparent services in a legally compliant framework.

You also need to avoid site like: DT Trading, Betwas, Enwallex, and Cruwex, so not to fall victim of another crypto scam

We hope this unbiased and data-driven Coscoin review provides the facts needed for readers to protect their interests. Please share your own experiences with Coscoin via comments to help warn others. With knowledge, we can together stem such crypto scams from duping innocent investors.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is Coscoin really an AI trading platform?

No, Coscoin is a fake trading platform that does not have any real AI or algorithms. All the claims of automatic trading bots generating profits are false. The website is simply a scam aimed to trap investors.

How does Coscoin scam people?

Coscoin scams people by making fake promises of high profits through AI trading without asking for upfront fees initially. Once users invest funds, Coscoin blocks withdrawals and disappears with the money.

Can I recover money lost to the Coscoin scam?

Since Coscoin is an offshore unregulated entity, the possibilities of recovering lost funds are extremely low. Victims can report Coscoin to authorities, but legal recourse is challenging. Avoiding the scam is the best approach.

What are the alternatives to Coscoin for AI crypto trading?

Regulated platforms like Coinrule, Cryptohopper, Bitsgap, 3Commas, and Mudrex offer legitimate AI-based crypto trading. Although profits are lower, these verified platforms are legally compliant and safer.

How can I identify similar crypto scams?

Look for zero registration details, fake team profiles, guaranteed high returns, grammatical errors, plagiarised content, no customer support channels, and inability to withdraw funds as clear scam signs.


Coscoin exemplifies why investors should thoroughly research platforms before investing. While the website and marketing appear polished, verified data reveals Coscoin is undoubtedly a scam. This review compiled various analytical proofs – from the lack of company information and suspicious activities to negative experiences and expert opinions – all confirming Coscoin as an elaborate fraud.

We hope this 5000-word guide will help safeguard fellow investors against scams by showcasing how to identify fake platforms using logical analysis. Please consider sharing this review to help warn others about the Coscoin scam. With knowledge, we can work together to avoid such shady platforms and instead opt for more transparent and accountable services.