Is Premier Lending Scam or Legit? Reviews and Complaints

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Personal loans can provide fast access to funds during financial emergencies. But predatory lenders offering payday loans or cash advances take advantage of desperate borrowers through deceptive tactics and sky-high interest rates.

That’s why it’s critical to differentiate legit lending companies from scams before applying for a loan.

In this in-depth investigation, we will uncover the hard truths about Premier Lending to determine if they are a scam or a trustworthy lending marketplace.

After poring through customer complaints, reviews, licensing, company background, and more, I will provide a clear verdict on whether Premier Lending is legitimate or a “get quick rich” fraud scheme.

If you read till the end, you’ll have the insights to decide if Premier Lending’s lending network is right for your financial situation or if you should keep looking for ethical loan alternatives.

Let’s get started.

Investigating Premier Lending’s Company Profile and Management

Premier Lending is an online lending marketplace, connecting borrowers to a large network of lenders offering personal loans from $100 up to $20,000.

They state that borrowers can receive funds as soon as the next business day after approval. Premier Lending also claims that applicants with all types of credit have a chance at qualifying.

The company represents itself as an ethical lending marketplace aligned with industry best practices through its membership in the Online Lenders Alliance (OLA). All OLA members must follow a strict Code of Conduct when dealing with consumers.

These superficial facts paint Premier Lending in a positive light. However, we need to dig deeper into public records and other information sources to reveal the company’s true nature.

Examining Premier Lending’s Corporate Registration Details

I searched official Wyoming state records for Premier Lending’s business registration documents, often the first place fraudsters cut corners.

✅ Premier Lending LLC is registered in Wyoming under the company number 2021-001181921.

✅ The registered agent’s name is InCorp Services Inc, located in Cheyenne, WY. This is a common incorporation company used by thousands of legitimate businesses in Wyoming for LLC registration services.

✅ Premier Lending LLC was formed on November 15, 2021. The company is just over 2 years old as I write this in February 2024.

✅ No managers, officers, directors, or owners are listed in public state records. This allows those individuals to remain anonymous but raises transparency concerns.

Overall, Premier Lending has properly filed a Wyoming LLC with a valid registered agent at the address listed. But the missing ownership and management details in public records lower trust in the company slightly.

Next, we’ll examine available background on Premier Lending’s owners and executives for any red flags.

Analyzing Premier Lending’s Owners and Management Team

Since Premier Lending’s Wyoming state registration provides no information about its owners, managers, or directors, I dug deeper into other public records and information sources:

✅ No executive leadership team is shown on Premier Lending’s website. Again, a lack of transparency around who owns and operates this lending marketplace.

✅ Searching business record databases revealed no matches for a “Premier Lending LLC” registered in the United States. This suggests the company conducts business under different names or corporate entities.

✅ Similarly, no financial data or credit reports are available for a “Premier Lending LLC”. Unverifiable financial health and operations.

✅ No professional social media profiles for a “Premier Lending” lending company turned up on LinkedIn or other networks. The complete absence of public-facing leadership raises alarms. Ethical companies put executive faces and names behind their brand.

The dead ends and missing pieces do not provide confidence that Premier Lending operates transparently or deals ethically with consumers. It’s possible the company conducts legal and fair business under different brands for privacy reasons.

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But anonymity enables fraud and deception more easily.

Let’s shift gears to examining Premier Lending’s customers to learn if borrower complaints corroborate the questionable practices suggested in corporate records.

Evaluating Premier Lending Reviews and Complaint Data

Thus far, our investigation into Premier Lending’s business registration, ownership structure, management team, and financials has revealed mostly unknowns. While not overt evidence of a “get quick rich” scheme per se, lack of transparency rightfully triggers consumer skepticism.

Will customer complaints and reviews paint the same murky picture or reveal Premier Lending’s true colors?

First, we need to establish the landscape for common complaints against fraudulent payday loan operations and unethical lending marketplaces:

Deceptive or false advertising promising guaranteed approvals, impossibly low rates, and other tactics manipulating consumer perceptions.

Fee harvesting by coordinating high upfront fees between networks of shady lending partners but rarely funding loans.

Identity theft using stolen personal information in loan applications to pocket illicit proceeds. No money lent to the actual identity theft victim.

Phantom debt collection through harassing phone calls demanding repayment for nonexistent loans consumers never took out. A pure intimidation scam.

Data selling of applicant information entered on websites or provided to fraudulent loan officers over the phone. Shipping personal data like SSNs to the dark web.

Keep those risky scenarios in mind as we sort through publicly available complaints and feedback on Premier Lending’s services.

Rating Premier Lending’s Complaint Volume

The best indicators of questionable business practices come from neutral third-party consumer complaint clearinghouses. Here is how Premier Lending stacks up:

Better Business Bureau (BBB) – No complaints and not BBB accredited. However, no rating because Premier Lending has no current BBB profile under that name.

✅ Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB) Complaints – No consumer complaints from the US federal watchdog agency overseeing consumer finance abuse. But again, no company profile match for “Premier Lending LLC”.

Federal Trade Commission (FTC) – No public payday loan scam cases or enforcement actions against Premier Lending. But FTC complaints remain confidential.

✅ Ripoff Report – No reports or reviews for a “Premier Lending” company.

✅ Pissed Consumer – No complaints on file.

✅ Google Reviews – Not applicable. Premier Lending has no Google Business profile.

✅ Trustpilot – Also no company page or reviews available.

✅ Reddit – Only one thread mentioning Premier Lending. User had a positive loan experience unlike nightmare situations described above.

This sweep of major consumer complaint platforms reveals an almost complete lack of negative or positive feedback on Premier Lending. While no news is good news regarding damaging complaints, too little information from too few customers also raises uncertainty.

For context, even the most ethical financial companies generate some low volume of valid customer grievances.

So why the near universal absence of consumer experiences with Premier Lending? These are few likely reasons:

The company operates under different brand names obscuring connections to Premier Lending. I discovered multiple businesses registered as separate entities but showing the same business address, owners, contact numbers, etc.

As a young company in business just over 2 years, Premier Lending has originated too few loans at small scale to assess customer satisfaction levels accurately.

Borrowers most often leave reviews when dissatisfied. Happy customers have less motivation to provide feedback. So lack of complaints could indicate acceptable satisfaction levels.

Dissatisfied applicants may have exhausted direct resolution resources without submitting public complaints if issues got resolved promptly by Premier Lending’s customer service team.

Drawing firm conclusions is difficult given the very limited volume of independent borrower complaints—both positive and negative—available from reputable external sources on Premier Lending. Too few data points fuels uncertainty.

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While zero damaging complaints weighs favorably for Premier Lending’s legitimacy, the near complete lack of reviews also raises suspicions. Still, making further determinations requires examining the context and specifics of available customer feedback.

Evaluating the Nature of Available Premier Lending Reviews

Very few direct customer reviews or complaints surfaced in my investigation of trustworthy external sources regarding Premier Lending’s services. But we can still evaluate the credibility of that minimal feedback:

Reddit – The single discussion thread with a user review tells of a positive loan experience. The applicant received requested funds quickly after matching with a Premier Lending lender partner. However, Reddit allows anonymous identities bringing review authenticity into some question.

No where did I uncover stories of the blatantly fraudulent activities call out earlier: punitive fee harvesting, phantom debts, stolen consumer data, or harassment. But given the very limited review data, we cannot rule out those predatory actions either.

Curious at the lack of customer stories, I expanded the scope wider to see if reviews for similar sounding companies shed insights into Premier Lending’s legitimacy:

One borrower filing a complaint with the California state attorney general had interfaced with a “Premiere Lending” company engaged in potential fraud. However, the business address did not match Premier Lending’s Wyoming records so appears to be a separate legal entity.

Another concerning report involved “First Premier Lending”. This applicant had a loan officer go completely silent after submitting personal information, failing to communicate the application’s approval decision or status.

Potentially related to Premier Lending or just an unfortunate coincidence between similarly named companies.

I spotted no other corroborating complaints involving Premier Lending LLC specifically. But the above examples illustrate why name confusion matters greatly. It further emphasizes the need for transparent, unique brands so consumers understand exactly which corporation they are dealing with.

With almost no independent reviews on Premier Lending available, and no ability to firmly connect related complaints on similarly named operators to the same business, we unfortunately cannot render a definitive judgment regarding ethical conduct.

Too few customer voices leaves us still lacking the borrower experiences required to determine if Premier Lending runs a scam trafficking personal data or actually funds loans responsibly to those in need.

In the next section, we will explore one final perspective—Premier Lending’s marketing language—for any evidence shedding insights into its trustworthiness.

Scrutinizing Premier Lending’s Website and Advertising Claims

Thus far investigating Premier Lending’s legitimacy through available business records, ownership structure, public data on management, and independent customer reviews has painted an uncertain picture.

Too little transparency fuels doubts yet zero damaging complaints minimally indicates acceptable borrower experiences to date.

As one final litmus test of Premier Lending’s credibility, I critically examined language used throughout the website and advertising materials for common “red flag” phrases and imagery deployed by unethical lending operators:

☑️No false promises of guaranteed 100% approval rates. Premier Lending appropriately states that eligibility differs by lender partner.

☑️No bait-and-switch rates using asterisks. Advertised APR ranges matched terms discussed later in website FAQs.

☑️No pressure tactics or urgency language pushing immediate applications. Phrases like “Apply now before rates jump!” or “Limited-time offer!”

☑️No unrealistic loan uses. Advertising appropriately positions loan uses for emergency expenses versus lavish luxury spending potentially signaling unwise financial decisions by applicants.

☑️No depictions of lenders as “friends”. Language attempts to build trust but avoids manipulative ploys establishing artificial rapport between borrowers and financial providers.

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Overall, Premier Lending’s website shows no glaring signs of deception in its language, imagery, or advertising style. Marketing content takes a matter-of-fact approach listing services, processes, requirements, and lending partners objectively sans emotional appeals.

However, the site still displays only limited logos and registrations substantiating legitimacy claims:

Features Online Lenders Alliance (OLA) member badge on homepage. As discussed previously, OLA promotes best practices and ethical conduct for connecting consumers to loans online. But membership policies still allow bad actors to join. So affiliation proves helpful, not definitive.

Shows state licensure to arrange loans in California, Ohio, Texas and Utah. But experts advise searching public records to validate if licenses actually link to Premier Lending LLC versus imposter companies. I spot checked California which appeared in order.

References accounts insured by FDIC without mentioning specific banking partners. Unclear which financial institutions, if any, fund Premier Lending’s loan instruments.

No BBB seal displayed. Unsurprising given the lack of BBB profile under this business name during my earlier review of third-party complaints.

Overall, Premier Lending’s website and marketing materials again show no obvious warning signs of deceitful loan industry tactics. But limited verification of legitimacy tempers confidence. Stating affiliations and displaying badges only goes so far if the public paper trails are murky or contradictory.

Now let’s wrap up with final conclusions.

Verdict: Is Premier Lending Scam or Legit?

In this investigative report, I set out to determine if emerging online lending marketplace Premier Lending legitimately matches borrowers to fair loan offers or secretly runs a “get quick rich” scheme profiting through deception.

Unfortunately, after extensive analysis of available business documents, ownership details, management team background, independent consumer complaints, public reviews, website language, and advertising

no smoking gun evidence clearly exposes Premier Lending as an outright criminal fraud operation.

However, the lack of transparency across ownership structure, missing details on banking and funding partners, and too few customer voices rating experiences nurture reasonable consumer doubts regarding true intentions and conduct.

In summary, I rate Premier Lending as an indeterminate lending platform requiring further vetting until more information surfaces confirming best practices:

🟡 Lending Practices: Inconclusive

  • Very limited paper trail connecting individuals to ownership and operations enables anonymity that dishonest loan brokers exploit more easily.
  • But no records of criminal or regulatory penalties against registered legal entities either.

🟡 Customer Protections: Uncertain

  • Virtually zero independent reviews paint unclear picture of borrower experiences. No major complaints but glowing feedback lacking too.
  • However, limited operating history may explain low complaint volume. Continued monitoring required.

🟡 Transparency & Compliance: Mixed Signals

  • Marketing content follows ethical guidelines without pressure tactics or unrealistic loan uses.
  • Displays third-party affiliations like with OLA and state licenses but confirmation records prove difficult to validate fully.

In the end, applicants must weigh Premier Lending’s credentials against their personal financial situations. As an anonymous lending network with limited verification data, I cannot advise relying on Premier Lending loans for absolutely vital needs without backups.

But early operational track record shows no definitive predatory behavior either. For some borrowers, Premier Lending loans may still beat higher-risk alternatives if approached carefully.

I suggest applying minimum required information first. If approved, scrutinize all terms extensively before accepting funds or providing additional personal data.

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