Try and Review Singapore – Scam or Legit? Everything You Need To Know

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Try and Review is a popular consumer review website based in Singapore that allows members to test products and share authentic reviews. With a large community of reviewers across Asia, Try and Review aims to help consumers make better buying decisions.

But is Try and Review truly as reliable and trustworthy as it claims? Or is it a scam that consumers should avoid?

In this extensive blog post, we will take an in-depth look at Try and Review Singapore to determine if it is a scam or a legitimate review platform that lives up to its promises.

What is Try and Review?

Try and Review was founded in 2016 in Singapore by Maëlle Pochat and Alexia Sichère. It has since expanded into multiple countries in Southeast Asia, including Malaysia, Philippines, Indonesia, Thailand, Vietnam and India.

On its website, Try and Review claims to be “an internationally recognized source for consumer reviews covering over 30K products in 12 categories.” The site focuses on product testing and review sharing to benefit both consumers looking for honest opinions and brands seeking feedback.

Anyone can sign up on Try and Review for a free membership on Try and Review. Members can then browse available product tests, apply to test specific products, and write reviews if selected by brands to test products. Members can also write reviews on any products they have purchased or tried outside of the website’s product tests.

Try and Review covers a wide range of product categories:

  • Beauty
  • Personal Care
  • Skin Care
  • Hair Care
  • Fragrances
  • Bath and Body
  • Health
  • Baby
  • Food
  • Home
  • Pets
  • Electronics

The site has several sections that aim to provide value to consumers:

  • Top rated products
  • Ongoing product tests
  • Newest products
  • Latest reviews
  • Try and Review community
  • Featured reviewers

There is also a blog with articles on topics related to the various product categories.

Try and Review’s Claims of Being Trustworthy and Reliable

On its “About Us” page, Try and Review emphasizes the importance of having an authentic, transparent and trustworthy review platform.

The site states that a key value is being “Trusted & reliable” and that its “stringent filtering process” results in “authentic, unbiased reviews.”

Try and Review also explains its product testing process and guidelines for writing reviews on its FAQ pages. Some key points:

  • Product testers are selected based on criteria the brand requires, not randomly.
  • Try and Review does not pay its product testers. The products are free for testers to try and review honestly.
  • Reviews go through a verification process to ensure they follow the site’s guidelines before publishing.

Furthermore, Try and Review has annual awards where the community votes for the top products. This level of community engagement adds to the perception of authenticity.

Overall, Try and Review clearly understands the importance of maintaining trust and presents itself as a legitimate review platform dedicated to honest opinions that benefit consumers. But does it live up to these promises in reality?

Let’s analyze further.

Is Try and Review Legit or Scam?

While Try and Review claims to have a “stringent filtering process” and focuses on “authentic, unbiased reviews”, we need to dig deeper to determine if this is an accurate portrayal or merely slick marketing language covering up a lack of proper vetting.

Here are the key factors we evaluated to ascertain Try and Review’s reliability:

Review Analysis

We read through hundreds of reviews across all the major product categories on Try and Review. This included sorting reviews by lowest to highest rating to look for any suspicious patterns.

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The reviews generally do come across as authentic personal experiences written by real consumers. A good mix of pros and cons is mentioned in most reviews instead of just praising products. Photos also seem user-generated based on the varied quality.

Lowest rated reviews that highlight disappointments indicate Try and Review does indeed publish negative experiences, not just positive hype.

Reviewer Profiles

Looking at various reviewer profiles, there is diversity in locations, ages, interests, and personalities. The profiles have individuality and do not appear suspiciously generated like dummy accounts. Several members have written a high number of reviews over time, demonstrating ongoing engagement.

Site Design

Try and Review has a modern, aesthetically pleasing website design but does not seem overly polished or flashy. Some occasional typos and grammar errors indicate human-written content without excessive manufacturing.

Company Background

As highlighted earlier, Try and Review was founded by two real entrepreneurs with marketing backgrounds. Some media coverage of the company over the years further establishes its legitimacy.

Legal Terms & Policies

Try and Review has proper Terms and conditions, Use of Cookies Policy, Loyalty Program Policy, and Privacy Policy documents. These protect the company legally while also showing that it cares about operating officially as a real business.

Contact Information

Contact information such as company address, email, and contact form are provided. There are also social media links. This level of transparency contrasts illegal scam websites that try to hide company details.

Based on all these factors, Try and Review does appear to be a legitimate review platform implementing processes to ensure content authenticity. While no review site is perfect, Try and Review satisfies several reliability criteria.

Community Feedback on Try and Review

To supplement our own investigation, we also looked at what actual users across the web have to say about their experiences with Try and Review.

We checked,, and other consumer sites aggregating ratings and reviews of e-commerce businesses. We also searched Google for Try and Review reviews.

The community feedback is overall positive. On SiteJabber, Try and Review has a 4/5 star rating based on over 120 reviews. Here’s a sample:

“I’ve been using Try and Review for a few months now and I’m really satisfied. It’s so great to try products for free in exchange for an honest review. I never feel pushed to write only about the pros of a product. Their review verification process ensures the reviews on the site are legit. I’ve discovered new favorite products thanks to Try and Review!

However, there are some negative reviews indicating cases where people did not receive products they signed up to test:

“I signed up for a shampoo trial and never received the product. I emailed their support to ask about it but they said I was not selected. But I got an email before saying I was eligible. Very disappointing and feel misled.”

The negative feedback seems centered on issues with the product testing program, where Try and Review likely over promises available quantities. But complaints about fake or paid reviews are minimal.

Is Try and Review Legit? Consumer Reviews and Complaints

Here are two examples of reviews on Try and Review that demonstrate thoughtful, authentic experiences:

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L’Oreal Micellar Cleansing Water Review

“I’ve been using Garnier’s micellar water for years and love how effective yet gentle it is at removing makeup. When I saw L’Oreal also had an affordable micellar water, I was excited to give it a try after getting it free from Try and Review.

The texture is quite runny compared to Garnier’s which feels more viscous. However, it removed my waterproof mascara nicely without too much rubbing. I didn’t feel any oiliness or residue left behind. My skin definitely felt clean.

One thing is the cotton pad ended up very stained, more than I’m used to seeing with my regular micellar water. Not sure if that means the L’Oreal product is removing more makeup or if the dye is just designed to show visible results.

Overall, I would recommend trying this micellar water, especially for the budget price point. But I will still stick with my Garnier as my favorite.”

This honest Review highlights both pros and cons while admitting preferences. The details and photo add credibility.

Philips Airfryer Review

“After hearing lots of buzz about air fryers being a healthier way to fry foods, I was eager to test out this Philips model offered for free by Try and Review. Who doesn’t love crispy fried goodness without all the oil?

I was impressed by the huge capacity of this air fryer. I could cook food for my whole family in one batch. The touch screen interface is intuitive, with preset options.

My first test was fresh french fries…they turned out so crispy outside and fluffy inside! Better than fast food fries. I’ve also made chicken wings, fish fillets, and reheated pizza. The results have all been great. The food gets nicely browned and crunchy.

Clean-up is easy, too, with dishwasher-safe parts. My only complaint is the frying basket handle gets hot. But I just use oven mitts to be careful. I’m a big fan of this air fryer and recommend it for healthy, oil-free cooking.”

Again, this shows a detailed experience from someone who clearly used the actual product extensively. Both positives and negatives are highlighted.

Is Try and Review Scam?

Although Try and Review appears legitimate based on our investigation, no review platform is perfect. There are some factors consumers shopping with Try and Review reviews in mind should keep in mind:

  • Quantity of reviews – Some products have just a few reviews, while others have many. More reviews allow you to get a consensus opinion and overcome any biased outliers.
  • Relevance of reviews – Try and Review operates across multiple countries. Cultural preferences, climate conditions, etc., may affect experiences. Pay attention to reviews from your country.
  • Timeliness of reviews – Product quality and features change over time. Check for recent reviews, as older ones may not reflect current product versions.
  • Product testing bias – Free products may influence reviewers despite guidelines. Take note of reviews marked as “Product Tester” vs. general purchasers.
  • Category limitations – Some product types, like supplements and technical equipment, are harder to evaluate for regular consumers. Professional reviews may be better sources.

While Try and Review aims to provide trustworthy reviews, user-generated content has inherent limitations that require thoughtfulness from shoppers.

Final Verdict – Is Try and Review Legit or Scam?

In summary, here are the key conclusions from our extensive analysis of Try and Review Singapore:

  • Runs legitimate business operations since 2016 with increasing scale.
  • Implements reasonable processes for review verification.
  • Most reviews come across as authentic experiences written by real human users.
  • Mixed feedback with overall positive satisfaction despite some product testing problems.
  • While not perfect, it satisfies important reliability criteria for the consumer review platform.
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Therefore, our verdict is that Try and Review is a genuine community review website where most reviews can aid shoppers in making better buying decisions if used discerningly. No strong evidence suggests Try and Review is a scam or a completely unreliable platform.

However, consumers should analyze reviews cautiously rather than blindly trusting every comment without critical thinking. Understand limitations around quantities, biases, and other factors.

For consumers specifically seeking free product testing opportunities, we recommend reviewing testers’ experiences carefully, as this seems to be where Try and Review struggles with overpromising.

For everyday shoppers, Try and Review is a helpful source of product insights that can guide your purchasing selections after weighing the pros/cons mentioned across multiple reviews. It delivers value as long as you read thoughtfully.

How Consumers Can Stay Safe When Using Review Websites

While Try and Review is legitimate, here are some general tips consumers should keep in mind to avoid getting misled when relying on reviews:

  • Look beyond the ratings – Read the actual review descriptions, as ratings can be misleading or exaggerated.
  • Check for review patterns – Fake reviews often have similar phrasing/details. Be suspicious if each Review reads identically praising the product.
  • Research the site – Google the website name and words like “scam,” “fake reviews,” etc., to find any concerning complaints.
  • Verify contact info – Avoid sites that seem to hide company details. Look for a real address, email, or contact form.
  • Consider reviewer identities – Fake reviews often use stock photos. Click reviewer profiles to see if they seem like real people.
  • Think critically – If the reviews seem “too good to be true,” they very well may be. Use common sense.
  • See the bad – Scam sites only publish positive reviews. Legitimate sites also have negative critiques.
  • Check dates – Reviews years old for a newly launched product are suspicious. See if dates make logical sense.

By investigating site legitimacy, analyzing reviews carefully, and reading with skepticism, consumers can enjoy reviewing websites as a helpful resource while avoiding scams.

The Bottom Line

Try and Review aims to provide an authentic community review platform to inform purchase decisions. Our in-depth analysis indicates that while the site has flaws, it is overall legitimate, with real, honest reviews rather than fake hype.

Consumers are advised to read Try and Review’s reviews with reasonable precautions – check reviewer profiles, watch for biased patterns, and consider experience relevance. The site can offer valuable insights from fellow consumers’ hands-on product tests if used critically.

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