Is Novustech Legit or a Scam? Honest Review

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Is Novustech Legit or a Scam? Novustech is a controversial new online platform that has been gaining attention and users rapidly in recent months. The company makes bold claims of providing easy passive income opportunities.

However, conflicting reports have arose regarding whether novustech is a legitimate way to earn money, or an elaborate scam designed to steal from unsuspecting users.

This article will extensively investigate novustech, analyze key factors determining its legitimacy, and provide readers with the information needed to make an informed decision about using its services.

What Exactly is Novustech?

Novustech is an innovative new platform that provides money-making opportunities through simple daily tasks and affiliate marketing. The company claims to utilize advanced digital systems to reward users financially.

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To register on the novustech platform, users must first purchase an activation code directly from a novustech agent. The current cost of this activation code is approximately 5000 NGN. After obtaining a code, users can create an account on the novustech website with their personal and payment details.


Once registered, users can purportedly earn in various ways on novustech:

  • Daily login bonus
  • Performing tasks like watching videos, completing surveys, sharing sponsored posts on social media
  • Referral bonus for inviting new users
  • Profits from selling eBooks
  • Noval games and sports betting

Users accumulate earnings in a novustech-specific currency called “Noval Cash”. This currency can supposedly be withdrawn to local bank accounts after reaching minimum thresholds.

Assessing the Legitimacy of Novustech

There are numerous factors that point to novustech potentially being a legitimate income opportunity. However, various warning signs indicate it may ultimately be a scam designed to prey on unsuspecting users. Analyzing key evidence can shed light on the true nature of this controversial platform.

Signs Novustech May Be Legitimate

Professional website and presentation: The novustech website has a modern design and appears professional at first glance. This gives the impression of a legitimate company.

Availability of contact information: Novustech provides email contacts and a visible business address on its website, unlike many blatant scams.

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Claims of withdrawals being processed: Some user reviews online state they successfully withdrew earnings from novustech. However, these are currently limited.

Innovative concept: The idea behind novustech is creative and taps into popular trends like affiliate marketing. A promising concept is a start, but execution is key.

Warning Signs Novustech May Be a Scam

Registration requires upfront payment: Legitimate sites tend to allow free registration. Novustech requiring paid activation codes appears suspicious.

Heavy focus on referrals: Earning is said to be largely tied to recruiting new members. This is characteristic of pyramid schemes.

Too good to be true claims: Novustech advertises very high potential earnings that are realistically impossible for most members to achieve.

Lack of company history and credentials: There is no evidence of novustech existing as a registered company before recently launching its website.

Little evidence of withdrawals: Aside from a few reviews, there is a lack of proof that novustech processes withdrawals successfully at scale.

Scam accusations: Numerous reviews call novustech a scam and allege it blocks users’ withdrawal attempts.

Inconsistent information: Details on novustech’s website differ drastically from what is shared on its social media channels, raising questions.

Assessing Safety If Novustech is Legitimate

If novustech proves to be a legitimate platform, there are steps users should take to engage safely and avoid unnecessary risks:

– Only invest the minimum amount required for activation. Avoid large deposits.

– Withdraw earnings as early and often as possible rather than reinvesting. Do not leave large balances sitting in accounts over time.

– Use disposable payment methods and unique credentials. Do not provide bank/payment details used elsewhere.

– Perform due diligence on withdrawal processes and limits before investing significant time or money.

– Research the company history and executives outside of provided marketing material.

– Avoid engaging in questionable practices like fake reviews or self-referrals.

Protecting Yourself If Novustech is a Scam

If it becomes apparent that novustech is a scam operation, affected users should take these steps immediately to limit losses:

  • Cease all engagement with the platform. Do not invest any additional money.
  • Report novustech accounts and website to social media platforms to have them removed for abuse. Warn others.
  • Attempt to dispute or reverse any payments made to novustech through your bank or payment providers.
  • File detailed scam reports with local consumer protection agencies and cybercrime authorities.
  • Consult lawyers regarding recovery options through small claims court in your jurisdiction. Group legal action may be possible.
  • Spread warnings about novustech online to prevent others from falling victim too. Share evidence on consumer scam warning websites.
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Unbiased Third Party Resources to Research Novustech Further

So is Novustech legit? More objective research is required to make a definitive conclusion on novustech’s legitimacy. Here are some unbiased third-party review platforms that may provide further insight through user experiences:

  • TrustPilot – Crowdsourced consumer reviews of brands and businesses
  • SiteJabber – Reviews of internet companies and websites
  • Quora – Question and answer platform where novustech can be discussed
  • Reddit – Look for novustech discussions on subreddits like r/scams, r/mlm, and r/passiveincome

Additionally, the following consumer protection websites may reveal more details:

  • FTC Consumer Advice –
  • FBI Scam Alerts –
  • RipOff Report –
  • Scam Detector –

Novustech is still an emerging platform, so there may not be much feedback on these sites yet. But they are worth monitoring for potential novustech reviews and warnings if its popularity grows.

Frequently Asked Questions About Novustech

Here are answers to some of the most common questions people considering novustech may have:

Is registration on novustech completely free?

No, while the platform is free to use, there is an upfront payment required for an activation code to register an account.

How exactly do users earn money on novustech?

Novustech states that users can earn by performing simple daily tasks, playing games, sports betting, selling ebooks, and through affiliate commissions. However, its income potential is unproven.

Can users really withdraw their earnings from novustech?

Some reviews claim successful withdrawals. But a concerning number of users report initiation withdrawals that get rejected or never processed.

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Is novustech considered a legal business?

The legality of novustech is questionable without more transparency on its owners and operations. Relevant authorities should investigate.

What recourse do users have if novustech shuts down suddenly?

Users may be left with no way to recover unpaid earnings in their accounts. As with any risky investment, funds could be lost entirely.

Conclusion: Is Novustech Legit or Scam?

In summary, novustech appears to present a high risk opportunity that warrants extreme caution. Its legitimacy ultimately remains unproven at this time. While some users may indeed earn money, others could lose their entire investment.

Much more unbiased evidence is needed to determine if novustech is a viable income platform or an elaborate scam. Given the concerning signals, most consumers are wise to avoid involvement with novustech until its reputation and practices are better established over an extended period of time.

Novustech does seem innovative on the surface. However, this evaluation reveals too many red flags associated with scam operations for comfort. Any readers intrigued by the platform are urged to thoroughly complete their own impartial research before providing payment information or investing significant time and money.

Approach with extreme skepticism instead of blindly believing marketed claims. If indeed legitimate, novustech has much work to do in proving itself before most cautious consumers would feel comfortable engaging.

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